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  • apexerman1
    apexerman1 11 hours ago

    Nealon to Short: "You're so funny.... you're like a kid... especially for someone in his 50's." LOL!

  • Anita Roth
    Anita Roth 20 hours ago

    I love Kevin & Guests hikes, but I am always afraid that huge branch the guest got so close to is going to knock them on their ass. Lol. I loved SCTV. I was lucky to have a Mother with a great sense of humor. Now in her 70's, I make her laugh till she has to run to the restroom. Thank you Kevin! & Laughter. 😜

  • casper2yall
    casper2yall Day ago

    Hey Kevin, can I come for a hike with you.. it’s worth asking, you never know lol.

  • A Green
    A Green 10 days ago

    Marty has been the funniest guest so far. Love this show!

  • Jassara Wong
    Jassara Wong 12 days ago


  • Dwight Lollar
    Dwight Lollar 13 days ago

    This is the greatest idea. You should end with a 40 yard dash

  • Let’s Get Goin’
    Let’s Get Goin’ 13 days ago

    Marty Short love that guy. Loved captain Ron. Thanks for doing these hikes Kevin!

  • Frankie McGill
    Frankie McGill 18 days ago +1

    How can Martin Short still be so youthful like damn

  • Fixed Axle Vision
    Fixed Axle Vision 20 days ago

    I’m glade that things got back to normal. Including the fact that you always have the best guests. Despite the circumstances.

  • Candice Young
    Candice Young 21 day ago

    This made me lol, ive been a fan of Martin Short since i was a very young kid trying to stay up late,after snl to watch sctv,hes brilliant, thank you for this❤

  • mike carr
    mike carr Month ago

    martin that shirt is fire!!

  • Glenn Davis
    Glenn Davis Month ago

    I forgot about WEEDS - love that show Kev - you were awesome!

  • native america
    native america Month ago

    Marti is a legend

  • lydia1234567
    lydia1234567 Month ago

    Yay Marty Short!

  • The Town Waites
    The Town Waites Month ago

    Evades the "who didn't you like" question like the plague. lol

  • Junior eightOeight
    Junior eightOeight 2 months ago

    "The guy from night court" had me dying!

  • Jason Melo
    Jason Melo 2 months ago

    why does everybody forget about the GOAT,,,,,kristin wigg!

  • William Reitinger
    William Reitinger 2 months ago

    Martin Short is brilliant

  • Trust In The Universe
    Trust In The Universe 2 months ago

    You forgot to ask him if he wears cologne ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Devbo Slice
    Devbo Slice 2 months ago

    That Jimmie cricket impersonation was on point.

  • fr1nkly
    fr1nkly 2 months ago

    I paused this before watching to say that I expect this to be the best hike ever.

  • MikefromQueens
    MikefromQueens 2 months ago +1


  • Nicholas Schuyler
    Nicholas Schuyler 2 months ago

    This hike makes me want to request "Billy Crystal" - so here goes...
    Can we get some Billy Crystal? These interviews are as entertaining as Bob Costas' "Later".
    Please keep them coming and try to get more Diana Nyads and other unexpected gems.
    This is really fantastic.

  • Walter Burton
    Walter Burton 2 months ago


  • Misfit
    Misfit 2 months ago +2

    Wow! Martin Short's cricket impression is awe inspiring. :P 12:04

  • Knot Good
    Knot Good 2 months ago

    Great hiking trail & hi king buddy... “Doo, Doo, Doo Do , Doo ~~~~~> I’m lovin it ( McDonald’s commercial can be heard)

  • Knot Good
    Knot Good 2 months ago

    *head bowed for all the victims of the California Fires & newly homeless *

  • Eric Sirianni
    Eric Sirianni 3 months ago

    Will Ferrell at 6:38

  • Grok Effer
    Grok Effer 3 months ago

    I remember laughing so hard at Gilda Radner's Let's Talk Dirty to the Animals that a tear squirted out of my eye. I miss Jan Hooks, too.

  • Pat Hamer
    Pat Hamer 3 months ago

    Soooo, I'm recouperating from a "humorous proximity fracture" at 60 years old, and I have a lot of time. I have to sleep verticle, as I can't wear a cast, so any movement allows my free hanging bone to grind against the other bone. Dr's have an odd sense of humor! The told me it was a tough break! Ohhh! They're laughing all the way to the bank: hence "Humorous fracture?" It's been two weeks on the prescribed pain killer, and I tried to stop taking it, and I notice when I go about 12 hours without it, weird scary sensations bombard my brain, so I take another, and I'm okay. I think eventually I will be able to get to where there are months between doses without withdrawel. So, there may be irrational thought in this video observation. Subconsciously, the led zep song t.n.u. . . and so on, to finish the acronym, spiked my curiousity as a youth, as we would spin 33s [ or was it 78s back in 71?] backwards to find those hidden messages. You, "john lenon's dead" things in beatles tunes you would hear reversing the recordings. So, I noticed that a tree @ 2:43 in this video shows a shape of a rabbit, or a squirrel figure sniffing the ridge of a roof! This is the first time I've looked for these anomolies, but it is more evidence of something, than the last millenia of finding evidence for sasquach or UFO tangible evidence. All this is tangible evidence of too much time on my hands. Clouds are cool to find things in. For instance the other day I was setting in a brook, about mile away from where I crashed my ATV, and I was videoing the peacefullness of he burbling brook. I pointed the camera up to the sky, and next to a jet con trail, I mean what's the purpose of the baseless rantings of so-called chem trails. If you follow a quote unqoute 0.0 chem trail, it leads to MK-ultra, and then my friend you are nothing but toast. Where was I, oh yeah: next to the con trail is a clould shaped into a heart! It was so assurring to know nature loved me. Now I can't seem to distinguish why on Dec. 14 if there is any significant meaning to my discovery of a tree -- shaped like a bunny or a squirrel, in between Nealon and Short.
    "I must say," on two occassions, these observations have paid off several times. One observation allowed me to discover a secret code in the bible, apparantly only understood by non-religious skeptics that allows those who follow the advice to increase ones personal wealth 2 to 10 times during global economic crisis' that occur. The other event I discovered in the constitution is the law that allows government officials to be considered "non-inferior" citizen's so they don't have to be punished as criminals "equally" under the 14th amendment because SCOTUS ruled in 1795 that they are a "superior" race, but without the press noticing for 200 years, except for one news cast, and they still didn't get it: lol. Thank you universe! There is still hope for humanity to live without corrupt manipulation, but I doubt it will happen in our time!
    I'll take responses off the air. Hunn?! I think its time for another oxy!!!!!

  • guitdoc
    guitdoc 3 months ago

    Its hard to tell where Martin Short ends and his characters begin. He is a funny man. He sure can turn a remark around right at the end.

  • Doctor DingDong
    Doctor DingDong 3 months ago

    Capt Ron... best movie ever.

  • Won Honglo
    Won Honglo 3 months ago

    That's a trip that no matter how far you walk it all looks the same.

  • david webb
    david webb 3 months ago

    don't ever quit this club of hiking

  • PunishThemMetal
    PunishThemMetal 3 months ago

    Martin short is the greatest . Just so funny

  • barrybadranath
    barrybadranath 3 months ago


  • Vico von Hoppenstedt
    Vico von Hoppenstedt 3 months ago

    Thank YOU! ;)

  • yourontheair
    yourontheair 3 months ago


  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve 3 months ago

    Martin didn't have an issue with Apartheid?

  • Curt Brooks
    Curt Brooks 3 months ago

    I miss Ed Grimley

  • EL B
    EL B 3 months ago +1

    Kevin, I wanted to be on Saturday night live. Always been a dream of mine. I wanted to be right there with you and all the 90's staff. Today SNL is making fun of my values without equally making fun of the other side. I would have a hard time working with such pompous asses. my dream will remain a dream. I had to stay poor and get a job with insurance to support my family. Peace brother, glad you made it. :)

    • chickadee
      chickadee Month ago

      See, if you support a Progressive Democrat, (NOT a Corporate Democrat), your family would all have health care, education and a living wage, instead of giving billions of $$$ to billionaires and endless wars.
      Then you and your family could pursue their dreams.

  • dat_gye_joe_daddy
    dat_gye_joe_daddy 3 months ago

    “Do you follow sports at all? I follow Canadian Football” that’s a no!

  • Troy Walker
    Troy Walker 3 months ago

    i like when he interviews his good friends, i enjoy the personal jabs only good friends can make

  • Fuzz Cous
    Fuzz Cous 3 months ago

    Fantastic, Martin was one of my favorite performers.

  • Becky Lynn
    Becky Lynn 3 months ago +3

    Love Martin Short!! 😄

  • byront
    byront 3 months ago

    Too short. I wanted more.

  • tedwilson79
    tedwilson79 3 months ago

    Starts interview with odd passive aggressive comment. Confused about Martin's follow up Rickles digs.

  • William Jones
    William Jones 3 months ago

    The shot with Nealon's head cut off was really funny.

  • Pano P
    Pano P 3 months ago

    By far my favorite. He is so quick witted and kind.

  • Dachdog
    Dachdog 3 months ago

    Marty you're such a butt. Lol. It's called smack talking. And yes, he's hilarious.

  • Gracie Ambrósio
    Gracie Ambrósio 3 months ago

    Love this guy!

  • Pat Fitzgerald
    Pat Fitzgerald 3 months ago

    The official toilet companion.

  • Vinny Angell
    Vinny Angell 3 months ago

    Kevin got Short to laugh

  • Anne Meads
    Anne Meads 3 months ago

    Martin Short is adorable.

  • Cesar Saucedo
    Cesar Saucedo 3 months ago

    Don’t understand why he only has 86k subs 🤷‍♂️

  • pahrahinc
    pahrahinc 4 months ago

    I swear to God a hungry Bear could sneak up on these guys and not know what hit them.!!! you're outside guys look around once in awhile.

  • garry G Ballard
    garry G Ballard 4 months ago

    You guys should do a Laurel and Hardy skit.

  • Eoghan O Flaherty
    Eoghan O Flaherty 4 months ago

    How come everyone is getting Irish passports? We must be a popular one to have in the drawer!

  • Scott Bennett
    Scott Bennett 4 months ago

    I think its like a roast that he is doing to you...

  • Joshua Griffin
    Joshua Griffin 4 months ago

    you should have someone with a drone film the hike and then do a sped up lapse of the hike and include it with each episode. just hire someone to sit in a set location and have them tail the hike with the drone far enough away it doesn't bother the hike. you could get some great shots and would make the entire video more dynamic.

  • Scott Persson
    Scott Persson 4 months ago

    Dude, this one was brilliant.

  • baytownbert2
    baytownbert2 4 months ago +1

    I find your videos very refreshing.

  • maddymud
    maddymud 4 months ago

    Kevin: what's your laff sound like?
    Marty: Well, you wouldn't know

  • evolutionaryTom
    evolutionaryTom 4 months ago

    Love these hike interviews Kevin. Great idea. Here's another great idea. GoPro 7 WITH Stabilization. ;-) I've got a lot of these to binge watch and I'm going to get dizzy.

  • Anita Russum
    Anita Russum 4 months ago

    So happy to have found you! I met you many years ago when you were on SNL . You used to come into the salon where I worked. Jon cut your hair. I remember thinking how you were about the only one from snl that had self confidence, and you have not changed.

  • Matt Bond
    Matt Bond 4 months ago

    Kevin, you need a GoPro Hero 7 with Hyper Smooth. Your camera shake is what tutorial "before and after" videos are made of. Love everything else though. Thanks for sharing these conversations with the world.

  • Robert Denham
    Robert Denham 4 months ago +1

    First thought, Martin Short, this is gonna be awesome.

  • John Ajac
    John Ajac 4 months ago

    comedic morale erosion?

  • Skinnys Cool Videos
    Skinnys Cool Videos 4 months ago

    Get Traveling Tyler next

  • Robert Benedict
    Robert Benedict 4 months ago

    Been meaning to watch these and haven’t until now. I picked the one with Martin Short to kick me off because I like the both of you and I knew you’d talk SNL a bit. Really enjoyed this! I’m hooked! I’ve subscribed and now I’m off to binge watch more!

  • storytime118
    storytime118 4 months ago

    Way better then comedians in cars getting coffee. I wish Kevin would invite me on a hike. I'd fly all the way to walk with him. Love it. You rock

  • Paul Ouellette
    Paul Ouellette 4 months ago

    Does Martin have ANY idea how large the following is, in the sailing community for "Captain Ron" ?? Why no sequel ??? Such a shame !!! Pls Martin...take us sailing again...we need to get back to Ted's !!!!

  • Celso Gattaz
    Celso Gattaz 4 months ago +4

    Martin Short is one of the most likeble guys ever!

  • Lotus
    Lotus 4 months ago

    Subtle...loved it. You're a fungi Kev.

  • troll ahole
    troll ahole 4 months ago

    I like when Jiminy coughs and barfs and farts all the time.

  • troll ahole
    troll ahole 4 months ago

    Marty let me sail over to Ontario for a quiet chat sometime. From the frosty chores of Lake Superior. Love,Kurt.

  • Alan Malcheski
    Alan Malcheski 4 months ago

    he acts that young at his age because he loves to... dance. That is, when the dance is not in violation of any copyright laws.

  • Alan Malcheski
    Alan Malcheski 4 months ago

    Canada can't war with America because they're both owned by great Britain, just. like. Ireland.
    I'm surprised he doesn't have Greek citizenship.

  • Stiflle Sun
    Stiflle Sun 4 months ago

    Hiking with a halfwit 🤣

  • Ben
    Ben 4 months ago

    I wonder if Norm McDonald watched this episode

  • Brian LaFeve
    Brian LaFeve 4 months ago

    I dont know a single refrence Martin Short is making

  • Chaddons Chaddons
    Chaddons Chaddons 4 months ago

    Hey Kevin, can I please recommend that you hold the stick higher so that it's slightly lookng down to you both? Not much more than you have now, just a bit more. Check me on this by asking a few others if they'd agree but I think it'd be more comfortable to watch as we can see further into the back path and not just a lot of sky. Thanks.

    IXI KNIVES IXI 4 months ago +1

    Indeed we don’t get enough Marty time.

  • Brett Bricker
    Brett Bricker 4 months ago

    The ability to make people laugh at what is offensive is what separates great comedians from comic actors.

  • newname363
    newname363 4 months ago

    Kevin .. black shirts please... the moobs are too distracting

  • Nanaz4Mz
    Nanaz4Mz 4 months ago

    OMG I just LOVE Martin!!!! TY for having him

  • Chris Universe
    Chris Universe 4 months ago +1

    I really like whatever this is Kevin. I find myself very relaxed when watching your hiking videos. You seem like a very kind and genuine human being, seems more and more rare these days. The same compliment goes to Martin. Anyway, keep it up, I subscribed and look forward to your future hikes. Stay true

  • B. Scott Farthingsworth

    Martin Short is one of the best ever, one of the top 10 people I'd like to meet. Very smart, quick witted, clean and honest. Always positive, and never angry.

  • rustybuttpate
    rustybuttpate 4 months ago

    Dig that Martin is such a good human being they let him be a citizen in 4 countries.

  • trapper kcmo
    trapper kcmo 4 months ago

    i love you, marty. youre the best.

  • Max Lake
    Max Lake 4 months ago

    these people you interview are my favourite people on the planet :)

  • Max Lake
    Max Lake 4 months ago +3

    loved martin short from inner space.

  • Brian In Fingal
    Brian In Fingal 4 months ago

    America should go to war with Canada on the basis that Scott is a dick.

  • GandaIfTheGreen
    GandaIfTheGreen 4 months ago

    I didn’t get enough marty time

  • Shea Sowell
    Shea Sowell 4 months ago +1

    I will watch anything with Marty in it... Even if everyone is out of breath and sweaty.

  • Frankincensed
    Frankincensed 4 months ago +8

    Marty Short is one of the funniest guys on earth and a great actor. He’s also a nice guy. Trifecta

  • Hiram Rios
    Hiram Rios 4 months ago +2

    steve martin has been 60 years old for about 70 years now

  • Nancy Jones
    Nancy Jones 4 months ago

    Im gonna film my next root canal..now thats way more riveting!!

  • Douglas Sturges
    Douglas Sturges 4 months ago

    Hey Kevin, love the show. I'm not all that famous yet but I'd love to go hiking with you soon. When you or your assistant book my flight, I do prefer 1st class. Cheers

  • KjempeIde
    KjempeIde 4 months ago +1

    Next time, you should interview Jimminy Glick!!