Binging with Babish: Parks & Rec Burger Cookoff


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  • Jora Garner
    Jora Garner Day ago

    Baby Babish

  • Lilynova Fleming
    Lilynova Fleming 2 days ago

    Yep totally Oliver babish,

    we love you babby

  • Renee Bingham
    Renee Bingham 3 days ago


  • Apexx27
    Apexx27 3 days ago

    watching this video after seeing a lot of your more recent stuff, something is very very different, other than the location, and its obvious that is different but i cant place it.
    maybe its your editing style? and def something about the way you commentate or narrate . cant place it though

  • victor martone
    victor martone 3 days ago

    How is that aioli with no garlic? u.u

  • Micah Moss
    Micah Moss 5 days ago


  • The Channel of Wonders

    In this case, the turkey burger's better than the beef burger

  • Fedmeister
    Fedmeister 5 days ago

    what a show

  • TerraMerc 73
    TerraMerc 73 5 days ago

    That is NOT how you cut papaya but ok

  • Attempt-YT
    Attempt-YT 6 days ago +1

    *O L I V E R*

  • Dylang King
    Dylang King 6 days ago

    This guy has to be jewish

  • Reynaldo Bernal
    Reynaldo Bernal 6 days ago

    A god is born.

  • King Cola
    King Cola 6 days ago

    “Film maker” we all know you were a visual effects artist lol

  • Kennedy KiZan
    Kennedy KiZan 6 days ago

    Dang found the first video

  • Sweaty Skeleton
    Sweaty Skeleton 6 days ago

    💖✨🥰~Baby Babbish~🥰✨💖

  • zomongo
    zomongo 8 days ago

    This guy gets to make money just by cooking bomb ass food and eating it 🤨🤙🏽

  • Michael Pearson
    Michael Pearson 8 days ago

    He's been freshly grounding pepper since the beginning

  • Rudy Luzietti
    Rudy Luzietti 8 days ago

    I am proud of you my son

  • Spencerthegolfer
    Spencerthegolfer 8 days ago

    3 year anniversary!!!!!!!

  • Mc Cookie
    Mc Cookie 8 days ago

    And here is where it began...

  • KJ Gisherson
    KJ Gisherson 8 days ago

    Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

  • casual complaints
    casual complaints 8 days ago

    Happy 3rd birthday

  • The life of Cyan
    The life of Cyan 9 days ago

    30 years later
    My son: hey dad did you know that the greatest chef was Gordon Ramsey
    Me: *pulls him close* no son let me tell you a story of a man named Oliver Babish
    *explains the whole bwb story* now son if you disagree with me it’s ok just know if you do disagree you’re dead to me

  • Wyvos
    Wyvos 10 days ago

    you didn't add any saffron didn't you

  • Xameto
    Xameto 11 days ago

    Looooooove the show, I've learn sooooo much !
    But, as a french guy, I can tell you that this is not Aioli, it's mayonnaise ;)
    Aioli contains "Ail" (Garlic, a metric ton of it) and Olive oil = Ai-oli, without it, it's just maillonaise

  • Taylor-mae Manley
    Taylor-mae Manley 11 days ago

    Awwwww baby babish

  • Nat is my Name
    Nat is my Name 11 days ago

    And after that 6 year break the star of cooking was born

  • Otis the Cow
    Otis the Cow 13 days ago

    I’d smash

  • n cnsnnts
    n cnsnnts 13 days ago

    Baby babish!

  • Sojourn
    Sojourn 18 days ago +1

    It's remarkable that someone can go from being a self-proclaimed 'wannabe chef' to a culinary icon on this platform. You're awsome, Rea

  • Sojourn
    Sojourn 18 days ago

    where it all began.

  • GhostBlazerX
    GhostBlazerX 18 days ago

    Woah, this brings me back. The first time I watched this video his channel name was still his name. Did anyone else notice his voice got a lot deeper since then?

  • Laz
    Laz 18 days ago

    And he STARTED with Parks and Rec? My man.

  • Abdul Stuart
    Abdul Stuart 18 days ago

    A slice of bread with strawberry jam and honey

  • ThatOneFriendlyDude
    ThatOneFriendlyDude 20 days ago

    I honestly didn’t even realize this was the first episode until the intro; I’ve been binging these videos, looking for recipes.
    Neat stuff.

  • Geometrical Warrior
    Geometrical Warrior 21 day ago

    If I ever have a tv show or anything like that imma make something that is obnoxiously complicated.

  • The spooktacular Donut 000000

    The first in a long and fabulous journey

  • Silence is dead inside

    I still dont belive that a normal burger is better then that turkey burger

  • The Sorceress Kath
    The Sorceress Kath 23 days ago

    OlIvEr BaBiSh

  • JEM 1218
    JEM 1218 24 days ago

    Where’s the saffron babish?

  • Little Talks
    Little Talks 25 days ago

    I prefer turkey burgers because beef ones give me horrible stomach aches. I will eat one once a year max, but they usually do outclass turkey ones (but not just plain old boring ones like Ron's. I dont like those. I need tomato, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and for total perfection bacon)

  • Teenage Vibes
    Teenage Vibes 25 days ago

    ahhhhhhh his voice was so different oml

  • Lunch
    Lunch 27 days ago

    Some “wannabe chef”, you’re just as good as anyone who has their name on their jackets

  • Lunch
    Lunch 27 days ago



  • me self
    me self 27 days ago

    Hey baby I hear the blues-a callin. Tossed salad and scrambled eggs!

  • Flavvs Da Silver
    Flavvs Da Silver 27 days ago

    So this is why Cinemasins stopped making movie-based meals...

  • Sans The skeleton
    Sans The skeleton 29 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • EmptyWalletMultimedia

    4:50 i almost died

  • Julius Lindhardt Krabbe

    2019 anyone

  • Lovely Sunshinee
    Lovely Sunshinee Month ago

    When banish didn’t have his giant ass pepper grinder lol

  • hanscombe72
    hanscombe72 Month ago

    Did you get your hamburger meat from Food and Stuff? Where you get most of your food and most your stuff.

  • mister Moody
    mister Moody Month ago

    "Wana be chef"

  • Dade Murphy
    Dade Murphy Month ago +19

    the fact that his first episode was so good should've been a sign...

  • asdasd dada sd sdknw ad

    I had no idea this is where it all started

  • Gavin Hickson
    Gavin Hickson Month ago

    Binging with baby

  • Gabriel Mutombo
    Gabriel Mutombo Month ago

    How to make Ron’s burger

  • Xenon VH2
    Xenon VH2 Month ago

    2:28 ... lies...

  • ARL Jonaghir
    ARL Jonaghir Month ago

    Poor Kyle

  • Chaz Allen
    Chaz Allen Month ago

    I miss the music

  • Shadefern
    Shadefern Month ago

    Man was this the first episode jeez

  • Ace Victory
    Ace Victory Month ago

    Sexy man

  • Terence Hikawai
    Terence Hikawai Month ago

    Love it!!

  • Aaron Frechen
    Aaron Frechen Month ago

    I was today years old when I found out this was his first episode haha

  • Regan Clark
    Regan Clark Month ago

    Aweee baby babish

  • Samantha Abeyllez
    Samantha Abeyllez Month ago

    I first started watching your videos on Facebook and now I can't get enough you are too good!!

  • Clément De Brouwer

    Funny how few things have change over those 2 years. Keep up the sauce babish :D

  • Max H.
    Max H. Month ago

    Little did we know how powerful this one man would become

  • Mountaineer Actual
    Mountaineer Actual Month ago

    The music omg

  • ReggieBeegus
    ReggieBeegus Month ago

    Coming back from 2018 and seeing this it's amazing how much everything changed

  • Parable
    Parable Month ago

    Glad You've Come So Far, Your Vids Always Make My Day Better!

  • InsaneTacoz
    InsaneTacoz Month ago

    How have I never watched Parks and Rec when it was on!?

  • Diesel
    Diesel Month ago


  • Will Fitton
    Will Fitton Month ago

    Every hero needs a backstory

  • AintItJay187
    AintItJay187 Month ago

    2:27 Babbish you liar!

  • J P
    J P Month ago

    WHOZ HERE 2019

  • Seif Farag
    Seif Farag Month ago

    Fraiser Crane

  • thiccc burrito
    thiccc burrito Month ago

    make a resturant

  • Karma
    Karma Month ago

    Anyone else here in 2019

  • randomfangirl25 - youtube edition

    you ever go back to where it all began, just to see how far you’ve come? to think about how excited past you would be at your current progress? to realize that every problem you had is a distant, wonderful memory now?
    it’s why i crave the invention of time travel. one day, i want to tell myself that it was all worth it, that everything i went through was worth the mountains of success. i just want to let myself know that it will all be okay. because it will.

  • Ronnie D
    Ronnie D Month ago

    I miss these old intros and background music

  • Trunks Vegeta Briefs

    Papaya is real!?! I thought I made that word up (and no I do not know what the hell lead me to that)

  • The Big Dawg
    The Big Dawg Month ago

    Back when he thought his name was “Oliver Babish”

  • Andrew Kjorlaug
    Andrew Kjorlaug Month ago

    Back when Babish still tried to keep Kayfabe by using the name "Oliver"

  • Ryan Gnabasik
    Ryan Gnabasik Month ago

    Babi's first binge

  • -Aevis
    -Aevis Month ago

    whats the opening song ?

  • Kumori Kid
    Kumori Kid Month ago

    Black peppa

  • prateek rameshkumar

    No cross section !....who cares they are burgers...Nom nom nom

  • Rookie
    Rookie Month ago +1


  • Daria H
    Daria H 2 months ago

    His voice is so endearing for some reason

  • xXalohaXx
    xXalohaXx 2 months ago

    Wow, blast to the past. You did well for yourself babs

  • taprackbang88
    taprackbang88 2 months ago

    "didnt show it here but add some saffron threads"
    Meaning... I didnt want to spend a stupid amount of money on saffron. so if you want to, do it.

  • Thetwentythree87
    Thetwentythree87 2 months ago

    I don't remember him wearing a wedding ring in later vids

  • milky redcast
    milky redcast 2 months ago +1

    This is going to be a great series one day

  • Ragz Rocco
    Ragz Rocco 2 months ago

    Rob lowe

  • Maddey Kenn
    Maddey Kenn 2 months ago

    Oh man.... he sounds so young

  • Thomas Worden
    Thomas Worden 2 months ago

    ratatat yo

  • Gabby Louallen
    Gabby Louallen 2 months ago

    And i have officially watched every single episode of Binging with Babish minis all live streams. This has been an adventurous two weeks of TheXvid-ing. Thank you for your services.

  • Joey Meyer
    Joey Meyer 2 months ago

    Was he married/engaged? Or is he and originally didn’t remove his ring? Basically why is he wearing a ring on his finger??????

  • Tyler Gordon
    Tyler Gordon 2 months ago

    This is where it was all born

  • Rogue_K 2
    Rogue_K 2 2 months ago

    Man, how much you've grown/changed since then. Had a great time watching your channel through all this time