$1,000 Camera VS $8,000 Camera!!

  • Published on Apr 8, 2017
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    Today we're looking at comparing a $1,000.00 camera VS an $8,000.00 camera. Specifically, the 80D vs the 1DXMK2. I have seen the 80D on sale as low as 999.99 which is why I went with that comparison price. Keep currency conversions in mind.
    2 MASSIVELY different cameras. You may be saying, why would you compare 2 cameras on such a drastically different scale? That makes no sense and no one would ever compare those two - Yes and No. I wanted to go over a few of the features that MAKE a camera 8,000.00 opposed to those that don't. The quality difference is also incredibly evident.
    Check out the video and let me know what you guys think, or what camera you are using in the comments below! Thanks for watching!
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  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnon  2 years ago +2230

    If you had to choose....8,000.00 Camera OR.. 1 Week anywhere you wanted to go in the world.. GO!

    • Mydiemai
      Mydiemai 9 days ago

      i will chose the camera

    • Baseball 101905
      Baseball 101905 3 months ago

      Camera then sell it and go for 2 weeks

    • Richard Loesener
      Richard Loesener 4 months ago

      gear to get lots of money to go for a week anywhere I want hahahahaha

    • Cereal Pirate
      Cereal Pirate 5 months ago

      I would take a week in Hawaii !! as a poor man I view that as my unicorn. I already have the parrot Anafi so the shots,video and 360s would make my day for sure. not to mention if I knew for a fact that I was going I would do everything in my power to nab a 80d before I left ;)

    • PowerL1N3
      PowerL1N3 5 months ago

      Peter McKinnon This video only goes up to 1080p...Yet he said the standard when the video was made was making 4K videos.....and even today in 2019 people still upload videos at 1080p 30 fps and 60 fps.....no one does 120 fps for vlogs because it just looks weird.....

  • Yelawolf Catfish
    Yelawolf Catfish 2 hours ago

    Only difference is 79 D

  • Review Ben Vlogs
    Review Ben Vlogs 8 hours ago

    Great video 👍🎥

  • Evan Whitis
    Evan Whitis 5 days ago

    You're the man

  • zali 2270
    zali 2270 5 days ago +1

    Keanu Reaves made a riview about camera?

  • Areeb Durani VLogs
    Areeb Durani VLogs 6 days ago

    Well i can't afford both :P ... I'm just gonna wait until i earn enough :p

  • little llama
    little llama 9 days ago

    Phase one ftw

  • Jayathissa Vitharana
    Jayathissa Vitharana 10 days ago

    1D camera is dreame to me .

    MAS BUTONG 10 days ago

    Give away pls :')

  • •
     11 days ago +1

    Guess what, *I can’t afford either of them*

  • Ronald Hromadka
    Ronald Hromadka 11 days ago

    Great video Peter! Do you have a tutorial on how to shoot pleasing B roll? Tips? Thanks

  • Ale abogado
    Ale abogado 12 days ago

    can you talk about the canon 77d. i mconsidering buying one

  • Brocoli Bio
    Brocoli Bio 13 days ago


  • Sangram Mukherjee
    Sangram Mukherjee 14 days ago

    Sone A7r IV
    Had come to kick all the asses

  • Buchanan Games
    Buchanan Games 14 days ago

    i want the EOS M50 but it doesn’t have 120fps in at least 1080

  • DS Gameplays
    DS Gameplays 14 days ago

    5:58 Canon? *more like a rifle!*

  • James Good
    James Good 17 days ago

    Cannon be like... how paid this man to advertise our product.... no one?

  • maytham ali
    maytham ali 17 days ago

    thanks canon, for making cameras that we can't afford

  • maytham ali
    maytham ali 17 days ago

    that means the next
    7 frames of pictures or 60 frames of videos cost you +7000$
    bruh, not idle

  • Ghassane Football
    Ghassane Football 18 days ago

    Peter why dont you react to JR Allis films

  • Deepak RM
    Deepak RM 18 days ago +2

    1000 dollar is still expensive for me 😂😂

  • Ender Shard
    Ender Shard 18 days ago

    You say £1000 like it's cheap and shit... Haha I do not have that much money for anything ever

  • Karim
    Karim 21 day ago

    3 years in, just copped a 1D C with just a lil over double that of the 80D at the time this was recorded ;) Excited to see what the two combined would look like!

  • john-jude garvey
    john-jude garvey 24 days ago

    Am I the only idiot that doesn’t use or care about 4K video ... I’ll wait for 9 k I hear it looks better than the human eye can see )

  • Nandan V
    Nandan V 25 days ago

    In reply to Peter's question, I'd choose the $8k camera. After using it for a looong time to make films that make me happy, I'd use the money I earned from making those films to fly myself to anywhere in the world... then make a film there too. Eat. Sleep. Film. Repeat.

  • Gerald Phiri
    Gerald Phiri 28 days ago

    I'm from Africa, off course you know about our economy here, am having about $800 USD to invest in a camera so I can kick start my photography career but I'm scared of making a choice cuz I have no idea what camera to get, I feel like I can get an affordable one but in turn get no customer at the end of the day which will hence lead to frustrations and mental retardation if possible 😏,, am seeking an honest advice and or sale me something within my budget that I will be grateful for and am gone try my best to use the crap out of it. A give away can totally change life🙏

  • TheShrimpLegend 2
    TheShrimpLegend 2 Month ago

    Does it really matter? I can’t afford either

  • Naufal Faishal Hanif
    Naufal Faishal Hanif Month ago +1

    Indonesia Like

  • Olexandr S
    Olexandr S Month ago +1

    Hello, Peter. Is 80d good for photos?

  • Matt Cilia
    Matt Cilia Month ago

    Would you still suggest a Canon 80D for a beginner (both videos and photos) even after 2 years from uploading this video?

    • Hexen Jager
      Hexen Jager 15 days ago

      Yo my guy the 90 d is coming out in 2 weeks go buy that or wait for it to be on shelfs so they cut the 80ds price . Also look at the 77d

  • chigglywiggly
    chigglywiggly Month ago +2

    Could you do a 2min version without the hype?

  • Random RimRock // TripleR

    Proper cameras costs so fking much man

  • Ehart💖34 MOTO💀TRiPP

    I like your videos but can you side by side the comparisons? Please! 😁

  • Leonardo Tambornino

    Yeah, show us your tats! 😎

  • Roel JC Chavez
    Roel JC Chavez Month ago

    Your ideas are always brilliant sir Peter, your insights are so practical that we can make use of it. Thank you so much.

  • Fuzzy Ewok
    Fuzzy Ewok Month ago

    Why am I watching this knowing this doesn’t pertain to me because I’m poor af

  • NoZrA 3
    NoZrA 3 Month ago

    I have the a7III :P

  • Anandhu A.B
    Anandhu A.B Month ago +5

    This makes me feel poor for having a 500 dollar canon eos250d

  • A EmmanuelH
    A EmmanuelH Month ago

    your getting old brother

  • jackay k
    jackay k Month ago

    Can't they use Photoshop on one thousand camera picture

    • jackay k
      jackay k 29 days ago

      @Saikat Patra new Photoshop easily work with thousand dollar camera picture with ai features even mobile phone pictures .

    • Saikat Patra
      Saikat Patra 29 days ago

      photoshop cant do shit if the source doesnt have enough raw data to work with

  • Daniel Courtemanche

    He God i m happy with my small Lumix G80, i will take the travel !

  • msbrownbeast
    msbrownbeast Month ago

    Doesn't auto-focus performance also depends on the lens? i.e. if using a cheaper Canon EF lens, the AF would be both noisy and slow, a lot of hunting, whereas the high-end L series lenses would be quiet and very quick with the AF

    • Omar Fierro
      Omar Fierro Month ago

      New Cannon kit lens are really quite and fast

  • Sathiya seelan Seelan

    My favorite camera Canon

  • Neymarjr Status
    Neymarjr Status Month ago

    malayalies like here👍

  • efrain meraz
    efrain meraz Month ago +1

    Hey @PeterMcKinnon, I recently started watching your channel, and I really enjoy what you do. I also have a passion for photography and film making. I wanted to know what's a good camera for me to start with my budget is $1200.

  • viajer m
    viajer m Month ago

    2 years later I am wondering if paying $8000 dollars for a camera for its video capabilities is still worth it considering that Panasonic GH5 is cheaper than $8000 and it seems to be the videographers dream. It seems to me that it is much better to buy a 5D and a GH5 for less than $8000.

  • Flat Water Films
    Flat Water Films Month ago

    No one talks about walking around carrying pro sticks (heavy) in 95 degree heat. Doing pans in contorted positions throwing the back out. Talking to interesting passerby's, creating the story, editing the dang footage which may take weeks. I've been doing all this with a 5Ti using a lens one step up from kit. I've been filming all summer and have never seen any other hobbyists using a tripod. Many people think you just walk around with this 'thing' around your neck and take GREAT shots all at horizontal position. Remember people, FULL FRAME means spending a ton of money.

  • 동해tv
    동해tv Month ago


  • Joshua Werdan Harrison

    You my hero, you are the reason I'm into Photography now, thank you

  • Maria
    Maria Month ago

    What about Olympus for speed?

  • Rishard Louverture
    Rishard Louverture 2 months ago

    What a great video haven’t even watched it yet

  • Double I Tech TV
    Double I Tech TV 2 months ago

    How much gigabytes do you have on your camera

  • GamerZoneArmy
    GamerZoneArmy 2 months ago +1

    What's the difference? One's bigger then the other?

  • Kamil Lisowski
    Kamil Lisowski 2 months ago +2

    I'm not Sony user but Sony A9 eat that canon for a breakfast and for less than half of the price :)
    It's hard to realise what they gonna bring in future We only at beginning of mirroless life

  • Graham Sherrington
    Graham Sherrington 2 months ago

    Just bought a used Nikon N90S and accessories same setup I had in the 90's $120 my canon m6 will now sit in darkness for months.

  • Jay Roberts
    Jay Roberts 2 months ago

    Peter i DARE you to reply.. whats the song called 9minutes in?

    • Jay Roberts
      Jay Roberts 2 months ago

      @Just Don't Just stop trying to be smart, the website costs money, also has millions of songs so i'm obviously going to ask for the song alone. didn't need your comment. Have a good day!

    • Just Don't
      Just Don't 2 months ago

      @Jay Roberts no, but the description has the site where he got it so that's a start

    • Jay Roberts
      Jay Roberts 2 months ago

      @Just Don't If you read the description you would realise it don't have the actual song link.

    • Just Don't
      Just Don't 2 months ago

      Read the description. It has a link to the songs.

  • Justin Persad
    Justin Persad 2 months ago

    I'd take 1 week anywhere because even though people would love high-quality videos/ pictures, I think that they'd appreciate great content from some awesome location! Not to mention that the $8000.00 camera would still require some awesome glass, a microphone and some very expensive cards to be fully operational!

  • Akshit Guleria
    Akshit Guleria 2 months ago

    Which camera should I buy under 2000 dollars

  • A S photography
    A S photography 2 months ago


  • SGC Advertising
    SGC Advertising 2 months ago

    Nice one