Trying to answer stupid job interview questions | The Ranganation - BBC

  • Published on Jul 1, 2019
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    A recent study suggests brain teasers in interviews are signs of a narcissistic and sadistic boss. How would The Ranganation fair with these questions?
    Romesh Ranganathan, joined by celebrity guests and the Ranganation, his very own focus group of 25 members of the public, takes a funny, topical look at modern Britain.
    The Ranganation | Episode 6 | BBC
    #BBC #Ranganation
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 253

  • George Henry Moore
    George Henry Moore 5 days ago

    I'd fill the bloody hole with water and make sure I wasn't around when it's filled up.

  • Jonathan Plaster
    Jonathan Plaster 8 days ago

    Hippo in a hole. Send an apprentice for a sky-hook. Brew a cuppa to think.

  • Evil Clever Dog
    Evil Clever Dog 10 days ago

    If I was a kitchen appliance, I'd be a toaster. The first thing I'd do is take a bath.

  • Charmaine F M
    Charmaine F M 12 days ago +1

    Gutsy!!!! "Who wrote this, You?"

  • PtolemyJones
    PtolemyJones 15 days ago

    The person in the top left of the audience looks like Alice from the Brady Bunch from a distance.

  • Marc Stock
    Marc Stock 24 days ago

    I have to say, i was in the audience on this episode, and it was absolutely hilarious.

  • Gangsta Nerd
    Gangsta Nerd 25 days ago

    I know the answer to the first question. Hippos are swimmers. So I'd fill up the hole with water. People on this show are not so smart.

  • Darren
    Darren Month ago

    Shoot the hippo in the head, eat it and walk away.

  • Coruption12
    Coruption12 Month ago

    Employers are retarded these days, even for the shit jobs they recruit like its the Apprentice.

  • Azim Ismail
    Azim Ismail Month ago +3

    Snapchat the hippo, go viral.

  • Sam T
    Sam T Month ago

    First question: cordon off the hole to prevent escape, fill it with water. It’s a hippo it’ll swim to the surface.

  • shifty
    shifty Month ago

    That first question did my head in. Dig a slope towards the hole

  • Owen Moores
    Owen Moores Month ago +1

    Hippo Question answer: fill the hole with water and let it rise
    Refrigerator answer: the door will be open if it’s on. The light turns off when it shuts

  • Hasib Mohebzadeh
    Hasib Mohebzadeh Month ago

    Add subtitles!!!

  • Sue B
    Sue B Month ago

    Is this comedian a Muslim? I've never seen or heard of him … until now.

  • Fin's Lounge
    Fin's Lounge Month ago +11

    If I see a hippo in a hole .... maybe those mushrooms I picked in the field weren't meant for a fry up

  • Zakiry
    Zakiry Month ago +1

    Tf is an arga

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay Month ago +2

    Where do you see yourself in 1 year..

    Dunno mate, I don't have 2020 vision

  • D
    D Month ago

    Green turban. Brilliant.

  • Greg Dundee
    Greg Dundee Month ago

    Why did you apply for this position? BECAUSE I NEED MONEY!!
    ALSO, shoot the hippo, fill the hole in

  • Jake RS
    Jake RS Month ago

    So i could of wrote it...
    In percentages?
    Probably 100%i wrote it...😂🤣😂🤣

  • A Q
    A Q Month ago

    Hahahaha romesh’s mum wins!

  • Andy P
    Andy P Month ago

    fill the hole with water

  • I Am Invictus Destiny

    Fill the hole with water 😂

  • Harsh Parekh
    Harsh Parekh Month ago

    Hippo: Fill water into the hole.

  • daniel anderson234
    daniel anderson234 Month ago +1

    Isn't the point of saying one million sold worldwide the point of persuasion?, Gillette the best a man can get.....but is it though?, Poundshop razer's are better

  • Just Some Guy
    Just Some Guy Month ago +1

    "Where do you see yourself in 5 years"
    Me: "On the other side of this desk"

  • Gumardee coins and banknotes

    I would just say I have better things to do then answer stupid questions.

  • KingRhysBrown
    KingRhysBrown Month ago +1

    Dont see the point in a interview why not just tell them what they gotta do if they can do it gold star ur employed if not yeet

  • Ben Dev
    Ben Dev Month ago +1

    Just tell the Hippo that the hole has got a STD...

  • T J
    T J Month ago

    6 min 50 secs of dumb ass horse shit.

  • Ghufran Uddin
    Ghufran Uddin Month ago +1

    I had a job interview, and I ended up at the wrong one, it was quite awkward, because everything they asked, forced me to bullshit a level I've never done before.

  • hyndscs
    hyndscs Month ago +1

    Hippo falls in a hole? Depending on situation is either dig it out or lift it out bearing how dangerous they are in mind. Take appropriate actions

  • P8Fred
    P8Fred Month ago

    i dont understand these biritish 'comedy' talkshows....all the colors gayness hapiness excitement going on...but no real substance...its awful and disgusting

    • Steve Ross
      Steve Ross Month ago

      I may well be incorrect......but I'd say you're American.

  • Malcolm Abram
    Malcolm Abram Month ago

    Perhaps the stupidest interview question is 'Why have you applied to us?' Of course the plain fact that one needs a job and money never ever comes into the answer.

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66 Month ago

    Just when I thought this programme couldn't drop any lower this is on it

  • experiment54
    experiment54 Month ago +17

    Interviewer "if a hippo fell down a hole how would you get it out?"
    Me "fill the hole with water. Hippos can swim. And on a more serious note I'd close facebook and get on with my work"

    • Amanda Cor
      Amanda Cor 7 days ago

      @Darren barbaric and unnecessary. Hippos lives matter!

    • Darren
      Darren Month ago

      Shoot it in the head, eat it and leave. Easy.

  • Matt Gray
    Matt Gray Month ago

    Question one: Fill hole with water let hippo swim out

  • Tom Gallagher - Second Hand Media

    when asked about the one million sold line on amazon he should have just said "that was a marketing tactic, and it worked."

  • Narowe
    Narowe Month ago +7

    Where do you see yourself in five years?
    Hanging from my ceiling fan if i have to hear this stupid-ass question one more time in that period...

  • the babymomo
    the babymomo Month ago

    Ex banker is right

  • Gonxp Vids
    Gonxp Vids Month ago +1

    Holy diversity qouta, muslims, gays, black, white, brown, male, female, what else did they miss?

  • Recorrupted
    Recorrupted Month ago +1

    Why does wheeler dealer look like a racially insensitive Rob Schneider character lmao

  • eansba 88
    eansba 88 Month ago +1

    Fill the hole with water.
    Take the lightbulb out, then you know the light is always off.
    Personally I'm a coffee pot, cuz my energy's contagious, but the best and obvious answer is the fire extinguisher, because of your ability to put out any "fires".
    Do I get the job?

    • eansba 88
      eansba 88 Month ago

      @Rhiannon Millar hippos swim, homie. Plus any attempt at me personally getting close to the thing would result in my imminent death. Filling it up with water and letting it find it's own way out is much safer.

    • Rhiannon Millar
      Rhiannon Millar Month ago

      So you're going to drown it?

  • H B
    H B Month ago

    Who's "small town girl"?

  • Ellie Martinelli
    Ellie Martinelli Month ago +1

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Uhm... Well, if you hire me, hopefully still working for you, DUH!!!!! 🤯 I hate this question 🙄

  •  Month ago

    The real answer to the first question is:
    You get your collection of loyal friends (who follow you everywhere) to help you take the hippo out of the hole.
    First, your friends who're vets get their dart rifles out and dart the hippo until it's taken enough sedative for it to be down for a few hours, then, you get the rest of the collection to get their shovels, wheelbarrows and spades out so they can dig a trench for the hippo to escape from. Of course, in the time your men are digging, your vet friends are watching the hippo carefully so it doesn't wake up and kill anyone.
    Once the trench is dug out, and the vets are happy the hippo will wake up soon, you walk away to a safe distance and watch as it runs off into the wilderness.

  • Lucretius
    Lucretius Month ago +7

    "Where do you seen yourself in 5 years time?"
    If i could tell the future i won't be looking for a job. (I could never find enough courage to say that)

    • KILLERxPRO99
      KILLERxPRO99 Month ago

      Lucretius I’m definitely saying that 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pasha Hart
    Pasha Hart Month ago +5

    The answer is fill the hole with water and turn it into a pond, put up a fence, charge people to come to your zoo.....

    • tinylilmatt
      tinylilmatt Month ago

      @Pasha Hart
      Haha I was thinking the same since they can swim

  • Fractal
    Fractal Month ago

    Fill the hole with water. The hippo can escape

  • Mr Corndog
    Mr Corndog Month ago

    If you're a foreigner, you'll take the British guys job because you're probably better educated.

  • Thomas Heylen
    Thomas Heylen Month ago +2

    Just get in the fridge and shut the door

  • GICking
    GICking Month ago +3

    Romeshs mum just acts like his mum. 😄

  • MC 0_0per
    MC 0_0per Month ago +4

    Hippo answer ' fill it with water' ffs!

    • tinylilmatt
      tinylilmatt Month ago

      @MC 0_0per 😂
      I wonder if he’d get the job with the “FFS” attitude

    • MC 0_0per
      MC 0_0per Month ago +1

      @Guitarstaraces What a muppet. They live in water, float on water and thats the bloody answer! What a melt

    • Guitarstaraces
      Guitarstaraces Month ago

      Hippos don't walk on water! FFS!!

  • A Jones
    A Jones Month ago

    Why's Tom's head look so big?

  • Paul B
    Paul B Month ago +50

    If I see a hippo in a hole, ill stop paying attention to distractions and keep doing my job.

  • Gander Suffiane
    Gander Suffiane Month ago +1

    Hippo in hole : fill hole with water

  • James Butler
    James Butler Month ago

    Tom Allen, massive head or tiny body?

  • Vivian Couper
    Vivian Couper Month ago +58

    I would never send a thank you email after an interview. I would not presume to waste their time with trivial nonsense. I would thank them for the interview at the conclusion of the interview and leave the ball in their court. The manager who would not hire someone who did not send the email (eager=desperate, organised= irrelevant busywork , well mannered= time-waster) has probably missed out on many good candidates. Who wants an inbox full of irrelevant pap?

  • palmeristo
    palmeristo Month ago +2

    I would've filled up the hole with water so the hippo had a home. Boom problem solving lol

    • palmeristo
      palmeristo Month ago

      @IDOWU and a cocktail with the umbrella.

    • IDOWU
      IDOWU Month ago

      @palmeristo oh yeah good point, could give them some big armbands too

    • palmeristo
      palmeristo Month ago

      @IDOWU yes they can if they hold their breath

    • IDOWU
      IDOWU Month ago

      @palmeristo they cant float lol

    • palmeristo
      palmeristo Month ago

      @IDOWU should float to the top and have it's own little pool.

  • Kenny McCormick
    Kenny McCormick Month ago

    First one is fill it with water id say.

  • Dogsdanglers
    Dogsdanglers Month ago

    I’d fill the hole with water....

  • FingerPickinGood _
    FingerPickinGood _ Month ago

    Fill the hole with water

  • william basaral
    william basaral Month ago

    what is the female celebrity guests name?

  • Russell Sharpe
    Russell Sharpe Month ago +2

    What's with all the exaggerated laughing? Be natural ffs!

  • WDJS22
    WDJS22 Month ago

    Fill the hole with water

  • montagne
    montagne Month ago +9

    Hippo in a hole how do you get it out. Fill the hole up with water boom!

  • Emma j
    Emma j Month ago +9

    i think if you email someone after a job interview saying thank you it seems like you’re trying to make yourself known to them. you should thank them at the interview and then in your acceptance/rejection email

  • Rasmus n.e.M
    Rasmus n.e.M Month ago +1

    Drill a bloody hole in that fridge mate!
    Also, what kind of hole are we talking? Cuz once that boy goes beyond the event horizon you would need a correct Stephen Hawking to get it out.

  • pixel girl
    pixel girl Month ago +1

    Fridge question is absurdly easy. Just close the door slowly. Most if not all fridges switch their light off just before the door closes. Otherwise, assume the bulb's possessed by demons and smash the shit out of it, salt and burn the remains, and it's definitely off now. Problem solved.

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom Month ago

    there's a hippo in a hole.... fill it with water?

  • Xalxo Clarice
    Xalxo Clarice Month ago +3

    Romesh's mom 😂👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Claire Olivia
    Claire Olivia Month ago +48

    I literally had to do a logic quiz before they would even interview me. My family was helping me and we still couldn’t figure some of the questions out. I was just mad after taking the ridiculous quiz.

    • Rob G
      Rob G Month ago +1

      Any examples of a question they asked?
      If you understand logic, the answers should have followed quite easily.
      Some people just dont understand logic.

    • Claire Olivia
      Claire Olivia Month ago +3

      AbdLondon cool but I am in Arkansas

    • AbdLondon
      AbdLondon Month ago +2

      @Claire Olivia unless you've been trying to get into the top banks, blue chip companies, accounting/legal firms it should not be that hard to get over the first hurdle.
      If you are still looking for a job try the fintech industry. It's a growing industry, so a lot of recruitment taking place. Companies like Starling bank, Monzo, TransferWise, Revolut...or you can also check out the financial services regulators (FCA, PRA, Bank of England, FSR and others) if you want to take on something challenging.

    • Claire Olivia
      Claire Olivia Month ago +1

      AbdLondon it was a PR assistant job.

    • AbdLondon
      AbdLondon Month ago +1

      Very true for many interviews in professional positions. What job did you try to apply for?

  • Emily Herbert
    Emily Herbert Month ago

    These are like Oxbridge questions! Well supposedly, my interview wasn’t really like that, but this is the kind of shit you have to prepare for...

  • Alfie J
    Alfie J Month ago +361

    “I think you’re mistaking an Aga for someone black”
    *cuts to only black guy on the panel*

    • L C
      L C 21 day ago

      Incase you don't know what a black guy looks like, thanks BBC

    • Bob Loblaw
      Bob Loblaw Month ago

      terencelaoshi yep. Especially the folks using the TheXvid comments section to cry about the world. Dark skinned announcer. Dark skinned lady directly before the comment and a dark and light skinned person after comment. Y’all are seeing what you want to see.

    • 2CR
      2CR Month ago +5

      terencelaoshi have a day off mate 😂

    • terencelaoshi
      terencelaoshi Month ago +2

      That's standard now. They have to cover their arses by showing that the black / gay / woman / (insert group here) hasn't taken offense at some totally innocuous bit of banter. It's pitiful ... but that's the nature of the great unwashed these days. They live for a pile-on in the name of being 'woke'. Human beings are ridiculous.

    • Adel A.
      Adel A. Month ago +3

      DV M that was funny 😅