Donae'O - Whole Life ft. Fredo

  • Published on Jun 20, 2017
  • Donae’O - Whole Life (ft. Fredo)
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    Music video by Donae'O performing Whole Life. (C) 2017 Donae’O, under exclusive license to Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited
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  • Deepozz
    Deepozz 4 years ago +29

    Donae'o is UK's most under-rated Producer
    He needs to be getting 1mil+ on his vids

    • DoYa Dirty
      DoYa Dirty 4 years ago

      hes not cause every wave n trend that comes about from garage n jungle days he always been on it n is appreciate every time

  • I Studio
    I Studio 4 years ago +19

    Donae'O is putting in work. Salute from above.

    • Euroeuro Hitzbangerz
      Euroeuro Hitzbangerz 4 years ago +3

      This a hit or banger call it how you want to call it.. big up Donae'O.

  • Malik G
    Malik G 5 years ago +154

    this track is hard, been playing it since they dropped it couple of months ago, shame its not getting the views it deserves

    • M.K.H 31
      M.K.H 31 3 years ago

      should be getting more views

    • manifergi
      manifergi 4 years ago

      Fredo's approaches every song the same. sounds boring sometimes. He needs to learn how to adjust to the vibe of the chune

    • Stanz
      Stanz 4 years ago

      Feels like rollout of this song really fucked those views up. It first dropped like a year ago, with Skrapz on the verse, everybody already knew it was a Banger. But its just not new enough anymore, probably gonna struggle for the views it deserves imo.

    • John Varso
      John Varso 4 years ago +1

      Ki Ghb that's how I feel it is like to be honest

    • Ki Ghb
      Ki Ghb 5 years ago +8

      King MG everyone needs to release videos before the audio because they get less views when it should be the other way round

  • scarzwr
    scarzwr 4 years ago +46

    Nah Donaeo been killing it, his new sound is live! 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • bigNANting
    bigNANting 5 years ago +2

    easily one of the best producers! every tunes a banger!!

  • Smol Pupper
    Smol Pupper 4 years ago +2

    This tune bangs! keep up the work man.

  • Bandz
    Bandz 5 years ago +17

    Donae'O is too much sauce!

  • RavB40
    RavB40 5 years ago +201

    Fredo's facial expression is always the same. When he's having sex probably the same, taking a shit the same, eating the same, sleeping the same Ffs lol

  • Kbdbdhdhhxhx Pnxndjdndnd
    Kbdbdhdhhxhx Pnxndjdndnd 4 years ago +3

    It's mad how Fredo just dropped a quick verse 😂 #lightwork

  • jide sade-akinlade
    jide sade-akinlade 3 years ago +1

    Deneyo tracks are on another level back2back fire tunes 🔥

  • BassJunkiie
    BassJunkiie 4 years ago +3

    fredo is hard.. hardly ever hear something shit off my man.. bars are cold 💯💯💯

  • The Travelling Composer
    The Travelling Composer 4 years ago +1

    You should upload something about your process when you are making music. A lot of us that are newer to the game would like to see how you come up with so many wonderful ideas. 🖤

  • ツTookaツ
    ツTookaツ 3 years ago

    Love this

  • Nathan Farnham
    Nathan Farnham 4 years ago +1

    fredo goes hard on every song

  • Kung-Fu Kenny Family
    Kung-Fu Kenny Family 4 years ago +1

    Who Else Replied Fredo's Verse more than 5 Times??
    This song is lit! 🔥 Fredo's music is turnt asf.

  • naomi gamble
    naomi gamble 5 years ago +25

    song starts at 2.15

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo 3 years ago +1

    dude, how the ff are you not on telly and radio all the time! this is my new workout track

  • Che Amuta
    Che Amuta 4 years ago +7

    Donae made the track sick

  • lastking
    lastking 4 years ago +1

    songs starts at 2:15

  • Fatoş Bedel
    Fatoş Bedel 4 years ago

    Wow i like this song😍😍

  • 214Chris
    214Chris 4 years ago

    from the states keep doing yo shit this shit bangin.🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  • K3NNY K3N
    K3NNY K3N 4 years ago +105

    donae'o thinks he's the of grime

    • M.K.H 31
      M.K.H 31 4 years ago +5

      black was a grime/garage song

    • H 1925
      H 1925 4 years ago +3

      Rajveer Ghuman he's everything tbf, versatile af

    • Rajveer Ghuman
      Rajveer Ghuman 4 years ago +1

      MrKendogg1985 hes garage

  • D A
    D A 4 years ago

    Absolute a banger a mill next week

  • Amrit Singh
    Amrit Singh 4 years ago +1

    This video is 🔥🔥🔥

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 years ago +1

    If this track was done by an American Artist it would be a hit... Facts!!

    DEN76MARK 4 years ago +8

    Me Too.... My Whole Life... I Want The Whole Pie The Whole Pie

  • Azuranth ツ
    Azuranth ツ 5 years ago

    You are a legend.

  • Heritage MABUNDA
    Heritage MABUNDA 3 years ago

    You're always too ahead of your time Donae'o man smh. They fully🛌 on you.

  • UNKNOWNJABS london
    UNKNOWNJABS london Year ago +1

    Wish we could go back to the days where things were normal and listen to this banger with a icy glass of cirocc

  • Mr T
    Mr T 4 years ago +1

    Fredo goes harddd on this

  • Dominik J
    Dominik J 5 years ago +1


    DJ MUZIIKA 4 years ago

    D O P E!! On Da Lock DOH!!

  • chris malone
    chris malone 4 years ago


  • Project B - AudioZ
    Project B - AudioZ 4 years ago

    sheeeeeeeeez, this is serious, Fredo's bars are eep

  • Suhail Khan
    Suhail Khan 4 years ago +3

    Donaeo's track but listning to it feels like fredo is spitting and donaeo is on the hook lol.

  • Chontz Hunter
    Chontz Hunter 4 years ago


  • You Are What You Eat
    You Are What You Eat 4 years ago +1

    Fredo the trapper that raps

  • Windz
    Windz 4 years ago +31

    I just clocked hat Donaeo looks like that guy from the matrix

  • Mcquien Joseph
    Mcquien Joseph 2 months ago

    YESSSSSS !!!

  • I am Afghanii
    I am Afghanii 4 years ago +131

    fredo need to Holla nines and make a tune

    • What’s Pappin
      What’s Pappin 2 years ago

      Tony Soprano ever heard of Zion he has more bodies then sk put together lol

    • G k
      G k 4 years ago

      Beef .. never will happrn

    • Paul Waterhouse
      Paul Waterhouse 4 years ago

      S Capone i like iz music beta than nines n cbiz n tha rest but got a feelin hes jus a music gangster can any1 tell me if im rite

    • humbleDon96
      humbleDon96 4 years ago

      they dont

    • I am Afghanii
      I am Afghanii 4 years ago

      chris malone trust buhhh boss belly needs to come home

  • jj green
    jj green 4 years ago

    sick !!

  • Bhvillaman
    Bhvillaman 4 years ago

    Donae'o's on the same vibe on every tune he makes, just the same noise but on a different song

  • manifergi
    manifergi 4 years ago


  • Hakim A
    Hakim A 5 years ago +180

    Fredo is the coldest, only reason i watched this tbh

    • M.K.H 31
      M.K.H 31 3 years ago

      you need to do your research on Donae'o

    • M.K.H 31
      M.K.H 31 4 years ago +6

      Fredo lyrics are generic

    • M.K.H 31
      M.K.H 31 4 years ago +10

      Donaeo is a legend

      LIMA MIKE 4 years ago

      +The Zilv could of been here 2 lifetimes never be as ardddd as fredo. Fredo a real g

    • The Zilv
      The Zilv 4 years ago +13

      Donaeo has been in the game before Fredo learnt to speak. Pay some respect g

  • fridge freezer
    fridge freezer 4 years ago

    fredo is is like 21, life has been hard on him jesus.

  • Jim Lawler
    Jim Lawler 4 years ago +1

    If this was on link up its have atleast x3 amount of views

  • Cliff B
    Cliff B 5 years ago

  • DaZo JoeY
    DaZo JoeY 4 years ago +2

    Anybody know where I can listen to the instrumental?

  • Russ Whitmore
    Russ Whitmore 4 years ago

    both these man r fireee

  • Ray Thompson
    Ray Thompson 4 years ago

    big tune

  • Iron Jobi
    Iron Jobi 4 years ago

    Fredo is the coolest

  • Cër3!
    Cër3! 3 years ago

    Every donaeo is fire

  • Craig Gee
    Craig Gee 4 years ago

    that beats cold

  • Daniel Jellicoe
    Daniel Jellicoe 4 years ago

    Hands up if you were there in the DIY days.

  • Western Spy
    Western Spy 4 years ago


  • Lee Mays
    Lee Mays 4 years ago

    My whole life

  • IAM MK
    IAM MK 3 years ago


  • bonesy p
    bonesy p 4 years ago

    This track bangs fredo an doneo smash it but doneo needs to switch it up a bit from track to track

  • Purple Aki
    Purple Aki 4 years ago

    Fredo doing a tune with k koke would be too hard

  • Alex 07
    Alex 07 4 years ago

    omg good

  • Sander Banda
    Sander Banda Year ago

    SICKEST video

  • Shahid Hussian
    Shahid Hussian 3 years ago

    The Weekend and DONAE'0 NEED TO link

  • Alex W
    Alex W 4 years ago

    fredo put on that prison muscle

  • Jamie Byfield
    Jamie Byfield 4 years ago +1

    fredos a fuckin G

  • Boxing Mafia
    Boxing Mafia 4 years ago

    3:00 .. How to bait your self out!

  • Outchea Tv
    Outchea Tv 4 years ago

    #jhezzz this is so #Wavy

  • h q
    h q 4 years ago


  • Stonka
    Stonka 4 years ago

    I came back to this expecting at least 1m views not 300k+ wtf?

  • Suhail Khan
    Suhail Khan 4 years ago +1

    C'mon with the last bar Fredo.Belly gave u your first burner and now u gonna give the ygs their first gun lol sly.

  • Bright Tordzroh
    Bright Tordzroh Year ago +1

    who is still
    listening August 28th 2020?

  • YouTube Viewer
    YouTube Viewer 4 years ago +1

    Donae'O looking like Laurence Fishburne

  • Snap Jaxx
    Snap Jaxx 4 years ago +1

    I think donnie should make a collaborative album

  • Da Vinci
    Da Vinci Year ago

    Yeah you see me you can't blame me you got a talent you best display it ride and die with it call me crazy for not wanting money for it but getting in this game is a hassle better off chilling in the kitchen whipping up suma you know them candy wraps i don't even need say nothing cause a 9 to 5 ain't gonna make my pockets fat and booty drop you know how i like that hennessey on ice rolex a shine necklace a reflect light smelling fresh all night teeth all white i see you mans hating like they better chill cause i sneak in my stainless thing i have no problem getting my hands bloody you don't know me prison ain't a ting cause i going so sit back and watch these gals sweat me get me

  • AllUrbanMusic
    AllUrbanMusic 5 years ago +1


    • forty chirz
      forty chirz 5 years ago

      AllUrbanMusic absolute fire🔥fortygees👌🏾

  • Sam Amos
    Sam Amos 4 years ago +16

    Donae'O songs always sounds the same, sounds exactly like lock doh

    • kols3332
      kols3332 4 years ago

      did u just realize? all these songs sounds same...

  • Wezz
    Wezz 4 years ago

    fredo too much g

  • Elite_stikerz
    Elite_stikerz 4 years ago

    Rt I just fast forwarded to fredos bit

  • aya sh
    aya sh 4 years ago +2

    fredo kills this he is so sick

  • I P
    I P 4 years ago +2

    all i hear is this guy saying my whole life whats he tarking bout ?

  • whoshotya92
    whoshotya92 4 years ago +8

    fredo is a real drilla ese

  • a k
    a k 4 years ago

    Skip to 2.17 thank me later

  • Ciaran Hurst
    Ciaran Hurst 3 years ago

    Mans doing American music now rah

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  • hbo obd
    hbo obd 4 years ago

    why did he remake this track with out big boy skrapz!

  • unknown
    unknown 4 years ago

    this would have been a tune if it was just fredo.

  • tamoi j uni
    tamoi j uni 4 years ago

    fredo look like carribean version of Ard ards

    FMG_MADLOO87 4 years ago

    tell fredo to stop putting his chocolate prices up bruv

  • Fahy dos Santos
    Fahy dos Santos 4 years ago +2

    Fredo can't be a feature he jumps on and the song becomes his

  • Pro4TLZZ
    Pro4TLZZ 4 years ago

    Lol man took the tune with skrapz and put fredo on it

  • scott mountain
    scott mountain 4 years ago

    Chriissky doing this song fredo is init

  • Jack
    Jack 4 years ago

    The only good thing about this tracks is fredos bit

  • Mr Montanna
    Mr Montanna 4 years ago +2

    skrapz version was colder

    SERVICE EKB 5 years ago


  • FWyine Magazine
    FWyine Magazine 4 years ago


  • Im Blitzz
    Im Blitzz 4 years ago +1

    First I thought it was giggs lock doh

  • Jeng
    Jeng 4 years ago

    Why Donae'O sound exactly the same on every track, very dead.

  • 10k
    10k 3 years ago

    Why you look like my Dad

  • Rhea Francess
    Rhea Francess 5 years ago +2

    Charlie sloth told me to come. #bbc1Xtra

  • je ff
    je ff 4 years ago +3

    fredo moving on to bigger things yana man went from 5p to 25p real quick

    • Bilal
      Bilal 4 years ago +3

      je ff dead joke

  • yonigga tyrone
    yonigga tyrone 4 years ago

    Am I the only person who thought about skrapz Army wen listening to this