PUBG Mobile + Mouse & Keyboard = GODMODE (1000% serious video)

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • This must be what it feels like to be Shroud
    The emulator I used:
    PUBG Mobile:
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  • CptnSkittles
    CptnSkittles 8 months ago +1085

    Lol, I played today and used my toes and got 69 kills. I am also blind even tho I was only against bots.

    • Ghoul Blinkyツ
      Ghoul Blinkyツ 11 days ago

      +Benji Said Yo lmao how could you not tell I was joking damn you must be retarded

    • Benji Said Yo
      Benji Said Yo 11 days ago

      +Ghoul Blinkyツ in your dreams bud

    • Ghoul Blinkyツ
      Ghoul Blinkyツ 11 days ago

      +Benji Said Yo Bot I got 69 with 1 bullet ha

    • Charan Tej
      Charan Tej 14 days ago

      Why r u lieing u made 69 kills in one match and that with toes and u r blind i hate these comments u just play ome match with me and i will show u the real game and let me see can u even kill bots atleast

    • Kepo aja sih
      Kepo aja sih Month ago +1

      Pleaseeeee play Again but, play it on Asia server..... Wish you good luck :)

  • Killerdocz xx
    Killerdocz xx 2 days ago

    East or West Shivaxi is the best!! 😀

  • David MacLure
    David MacLure 3 days ago

    now only wasd works and you have to click the screen for all the other buttons

  • James The Toad
    James The Toad 4 days ago

    Who played PUBGM in S1?

  • Reaper Death
    Reaper Death 4 days ago +2

    I took your name😂😂

  • Eclipse XD
    Eclipse XD 6 days ago

    Tht bot

  • XLEM
    XLEM 7 days ago

    Playing with bots and talking shit idiot

  • Goal Or Goals
    Goal Or Goals 7 days ago

    First match are only bots in the game btw and to get a good gameplay get in a better rank

  • I m O k a y
    I m O k a y 9 days ago

    this gameplay is too lag btw ..

  • Joel Green
    Joel Green 10 days ago

    Yo blustacks is way better it has everything setup for it

  • Andrie FitraWibowo
    Andrie FitraWibowo 10 days ago

    Just use.Tencent Gaming Buddy...More easy to control than the other Emu.

  • Gareeb Gamer
    Gareeb Gamer 11 days ago

    All enemies are bots

    EVIL PATHAN 14 days ago

    Bro you need to create virtual bottons in your nox player lol

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson 17 days ago


    BOXMAN CZ 17 days ago

    Do u know its hack when u play on pc

  • Ascent
    Ascent 17 days ago

    18:37 well actually... I think this is cheating xD

  • Itmac Shortey
    Itmac Shortey 18 days ago

    Reach Ace tier and you see 1/2 bot only, and other are goddamn pro player😅

  • Dark King
    Dark King 19 days ago +1


    MINGSO 想 SAMA 21 day ago

    3:56 triggered

  • Chris Henty
    Chris Henty 24 days ago

    all about pubg version vpn.1.0 ;)

  • Sebastian Brown
    Sebastian Brown 24 days ago

    This video was published on my birthday!!!!1!!

  • Aaron Strong
    Aaron Strong 25 days ago +1

    All bots😂😂

  • Almaden gaming
    Almaden gaming 26 days ago

    There is bots when u play for first time

  • Deo Balinos
    Deo Balinos 28 days ago

    You have some good editing and you are very funny. Why do you not have more subscribers?

  • WG Vo¡D
    WG Vo¡D 29 days ago

    Dude u could jzt install the tencent gaming buddy emulator ,the official one by tencent themselves

  • Ranm Six
    Ranm Six 29 days ago

    Shivaxi killing bots :v
    Thats great

  • Yashas
    Yashas 29 days ago +6

    U r using 8x with akm. 😂😂😂

  • Kim
    Kim Month ago

    Actually now there's an official emulator for pubg mobile with better controls

  • nigga higga
    nigga higga Month ago

    Song in the beginning plz

  • Chico Loco
    Chico Loco Month ago

    Oh my god x8 in akm alot of change

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith Month ago

    better than paying $30 lol

  • Ορφεας Τσακος.

    Heh, I kill 20 people on iPad.
    Who needs mouses and keyboards.
    (Don’t hate me pls.)
    100% serious.

    • Ορφεας Τσακος.
      Ορφεας Τσακος. 28 days ago

      Lol I have lost my skill due to the long time I have to play PUBG.
      Feel free to help me train back.

    • Prodigy.408
      Prodigy.408 29 days ago

      Ορφεας Τσακος. I believe u I do that on my iPhone what’s ur gamer tag ?

  • Longkiller 6
    Longkiller 6 Month ago

    Hi man add friend me
    Name: longkillers6
    Have a good time shivaxi

  • Shinza Khan
    Shinza Khan Month ago

    Season 6 player be like :
    8x on Akm? Are you fucking kidding me 😔

  • Farras hailullah
    Farras hailullah Month ago

    Why This is in my Recommendation?
    By The Way its 1 Year

  • boi3 smith
    boi3 smith Month ago

    I remember this music now I have the Nintendo wiiu and Nintendo switch

  • boi3 smith
    boi3 smith Month ago

    Add me on mobile I'm good 👌

  • boi3 smith
    boi3 smith Month ago

    You can move and shoot and snipe

  • boi3 smith
    boi3 smith Month ago

    It's easy

  • boi3 smith
    boi3 smith Month ago

    I'm a pro on pubg mobile it's easy to snipe


    2Gb now

  • xSins
    xSins Month ago

    Dude you need to press v then you can activate your mouse to be ingame if that makes sense

  • Lallu _Njr_
    Lallu _Njr_ Month ago

    good job killing bots...

  • Gamer Jordy
    Gamer Jordy Month ago

    The first guy u killed was a game bot

  • Rubi Boruah
    Rubi Boruah Month ago

    Download tencent gamming buddy dude

  • Aps Syiem
    Aps Syiem Month ago

    Copyright pews

  • yaswin a
    yaswin a Month ago

    U killed all bots in server

  • Elocyaz x
    Elocyaz x Month ago

    Fuckin duh its gunna look bad your on low graphics and it's on a phone duh

  • Vine Channel
    Vine Channel Month ago +5

    8x on AK what century is this?

  • Minecraft
    Minecraft Month ago +1

    What GB ram you have that's means your Device 1 GB ram this why it's low and fps like an ass

  • Minecraft
    Minecraft Month ago +1


  • FlareGun
    FlareGun Month ago

    If your on emulator your enemy's on emulator too (subscribed)cause you can't put an 8x on a AKM on Pubg mobile lol

  • VMX Autrix
    VMX Autrix Month ago

    pussy ass emu. Learn to play fair and u don't know the difference of a skilled PC player than a skilled Mobile player

  • Gabriel Laidy
    Gabriel Laidy Month ago

    use tencent gamming emulator its sut pubg mobile

  • Allvin1983
    Allvin1983 Month ago

    You should try their own emulator, i cant remember its name but holy shit, their emulator has already mapped the controls, you dont need to hold your mouse to look around and is much smoother

  • DeLaw
    DeLaw Month ago +2

    Can you call it Pubg MOBILE anymore if you play it on PC. Wouldn't Pubg EMULATOR be better?

  • Master of Cringe
    Master of Cringe Month ago +1

    Dude I m living in Turkey and I have 300 kb download speed :D Your internet is amazing

  • Syno Synn
    Syno Synn Month ago

    Tencent buddy game downlaod 😂

  • Reg Tor
    Reg Tor Month ago +4

    Thats bot dude thats why they shot slowly
    And you are in bronze,the bots is based on your rank

  • N M
    N M Month ago

    8x over akm wtf

  • N M
    N M Month ago


  • Link
    Link Month ago +6

    Did you know that you can play pubg mobile on PC?
    You can download it from tencent buddy.

    • Link
      Link Month ago

      +Orosz Donát András ik

    • Orosz Donát András
      Orosz Donát András Month ago +1

      Sorry BUDDY but the video was uploaded a year ago. You wasn't be able to do it at that time.

  • Blaze Remastered
    Blaze Remastered Month ago

    That is some shitty emulator use Tencent Gaming Buddy

  • TheAbstractedGamer TAG

    Lol akm with 8x.

  • Alberto Vianello
    Alberto Vianello Month ago +2

    if you use an emulator pubg mobile will detect it and put you against other user that are using it

  • Ahmed Shahid
    Ahmed Shahid Month ago

    You were fighting bots

    D4V4N GAMING Month ago

    Maybe play in mobile is much better

  • Carol Mendoza
    Carol Mendoza Month ago

    Ermm.. how did u get an 8x scope on AKM...

    • Dante Crailman
      Dante Crailman Month ago

      Lol, this is old like the ping is located on top .

  • Vaporwaved Chill
    Vaporwaved Chill Month ago

    Why does your house always look like a crack house?

  • Niggwardo the 3rd
    Niggwardo the 3rd Month ago

    I got 31 kills on mobile against real ppl in a room I made but they weren't that good

  • Glenn .P
    Glenn .P Month ago

    Idk why there's so much dislike

  • xciss gaming
    xciss gaming Month ago

    lol i play on chromebook and only WASD works

  • Drama Digest
    Drama Digest Month ago

    Go on google and write tencent gaming buddy and you will get it right!

  • Drama Digest
    Drama Digest Month ago

    Dude press contol then it will work like pubg pc

  • ThE ALL Se3iNg Ey3
    ThE ALL Se3iNg Ey3 Month ago


  • LuthorsFactory
    LuthorsFactory Month ago

    x8 scope in AKM? How?

    • ابو شـهاب
      ابو شـهاب Month ago

      old version used to make you put the highest scopes on all kind of weapons you could've even put holo or red dot
      on uzi which is something was really cool but they upgraded and lost and removed so many stuff

  • Action Kids Club
    Action Kids Club Month ago

    how could it be possible that you put 8X scope on akm?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Alex Long
      Alex Long Month ago +1

      That was only back then, they fixed it to where the highest scope you could put on is the 4x (until they added the 6x)

  • For Get
    For Get Month ago

    download tencent gaming buddy

  • ProAppleGamer _YT
    ProAppleGamer _YT Month ago +2

    You got 20 kills because your first ever game in it you play with all bots.

  • dude
    dude Month ago

    only chads play pubg mobile with mouse and keyboard

  • pubg noob
    pubg noob Month ago

    Akm with 8xscope hmm.............

  • Shadow Charizard
    Shadow Charizard Month ago

    Believe me that auto pick can annoying as hell.

  • Thegustas Gg
    Thegustas Gg 2 months ago

    U were playing eith a bots!!!

  • Lurdy A
    Lurdy A 2 months ago

    Lol Try Downloading Tencent Gaming Buddy Shroud Uses That Emulator

  • Yazan Abuabdallah
    Yazan Abuabdallah 2 months ago

    Pres ctrl plss

  • Gideonz Samuel
    Gideonz Samuel 2 months ago

    If you want to put your graphic to level 100 then download gfx tool so you can enhance your pubg mobile graphics to 4k experience 60fps and 1080p

  • Lance Pena
    Lance Pena 2 months ago

    25:07 idiot, people been using emulator since youre not "popular"(because of shroud) yet

  • Lance Pena
    Lance Pena 2 months ago

    Out of 20 people you killed, 4 of them are not bots, just some bronzies.

  • Lance Pena
    Lance Pena 2 months ago

    Didnt know BOTS can report a player back then.

  • SS Lynx
    SS Lynx 2 months ago

    I hate emulator players, like come on, at least give us poor mobile players a chance and try playing on mobile too.

    CØBERA々 BLAZE 2 months ago

    It has its own emulator named tencent gaming buddy emulator

  • Thiha Kyaw Soe
    Thiha Kyaw Soe 2 months ago

    Did he just say he could be a PUBG God?.. phew.... I bet he plays with phone and let's see how many kills he has in Asia Server. 😂😂

    • Holo
      Holo 2 months ago

      Thiha Kyaw Soe Asia server is so trash

  • Ꮶ9 ҒႮᎡᎽ
    Ꮶ9 ҒႮᎡᎽ 2 months ago +21

    U were against 99 bots

  • Swirlygamer
    Swirlygamer 2 months ago

    When pubg mobile was 674 mb

  • GKGlenn YT
    GKGlenn YT 2 months ago +2

    You are good because its your first game.

    Almost everyone is a newbie at first game
    Edit:even I win the first game easy(on mobile)

  • James Bintley
    James Bintley 2 months ago

    Actually when you start fighting real players it gets way more tough the ones your fighting are bots.

  • Android In Detail
    Android In Detail 2 months ago

    Ur pc sucks dude!! The graphics are even lower than my phone.....
    Ur pc is all fucked up and u keep on blaming the game...

  • Ryuuji Takasu
    Ryuuji Takasu 2 months ago

    Pubgm gamers with emulators are for pussies.

  • Skoople YT 我
    Skoople YT 我 2 months ago

    My setting are fine and it does’nt *lag* me.


  • Skoople YT 我
    Skoople YT 我 2 months ago

    I don’t use keyboards
    *Coz* im a