PUBG Mobile + Mouse & Keyboard = GODMODE (1000% serious video)

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • This must be what it feels like to be Shroud
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Comments • 8 797

  • CptnSkittles
    CptnSkittles Month ago +248

    Lol, I played today and used my toes and got 69 kills. I am also blind even tho I was only against bots.

  • Brandon Hall
    Brandon Hall 2 hours ago

    After 1k hours on this game, its weird to come back and see how the game was before

  • Odin Kilen
    Odin Kilen 7 hours ago

    I got 28 kils

  • Dj Slavman
    Dj Slavman 8 hours ago

    I run it on my 12 year old laptop with 0 FPS xDdd even with no colors everything was wHite xD

  • Derek Christie
    Derek Christie 8 hours ago


  • Su Bin900SSS
    Su Bin900SSS Day ago

    I dont even need key board i can still get 15 kill

    YEEMS Day ago

    This game is so fuckin easy. My retarded ass got like 20 kills. I’m pretty sure 50 of the players are bots

  • Snipeshot1202 1
    Snipeshot1202 1 Day ago

    I play like this I hav 27 wins already

  • Kaila Playz
    Kaila Playz Day ago

    This is actually unfair to others..

    And its great.

  • Encrypted Aqua
    Encrypted Aqua Day ago

    That’s a really poor emulator, there’s one for PUBG mobile in specific and it mapped the controls based on PUBG pc

  • The_Screen_Recorder Guy

    My kill record is 29 solo VS squad with FINGERS

  • Raj Kishan
    Raj Kishan 2 days ago

    Bronze .lol....

  • XxBusterxX7
    XxBusterxX7 3 days ago

    I got 20 kills on mobile playing it on mobile

  • Ye Moma
    Ye Moma 3 days ago +1

    Not trying to hate but you started in bronze league which means everyone is ass including bots so....

  • Vedant Bhalekar
    Vedant Bhalekar 3 days ago

    All were bots

    I’M A GIRAFFE 3 days ago

    I dropped 15 kills and I’m on mobile.

  • Opb_Cosmic -_-
    Opb_Cosmic -_- 3 days ago

    Your trying so hard to be a M3rkmus1c wanna be

  • Alexandro Flores
    Alexandro Flores 4 days ago

    If your playing pubg mobile and use keyboard/mouse to play thats sad LMAO. YOUR TRASH HAHAHAHA

    • My Angel Dva
      My Angel Dva 2 days ago

      imagine playing the trash mobile version instead of pc. Youre lame af lol

    • Alexandro Flores
      Alexandro Flores 4 days ago

      With no I gets that chicken!!!

    • Alexandro Flores
      Alexandro Flores 4 days ago

      I'm a grown ass man. Your the one dressed like a 12 year old. Boooooi dont even start. We could play right now my guy. Whats up??

    • Shivaxi
      Shivaxi  4 days ago

      When you think your 12 yr old opinion matters lmao

  • HunterTehBeagle
    HunterTehBeagle 4 days ago

    Ive gotten 33 kills on my ipad at gold tier

  • TheStuntdude12
    TheStuntdude12 4 days ago

    Still better optimization than the pc version

  • Zac power tf2
    Zac power tf2 4 days ago

    I can get 20 kills every game xd on note 5

  • Nopes
    Nopes 4 days ago

    On mobile i got 16 wins and won on my first game

  • Slut- -Slayer
    Slut- -Slayer 4 days ago

    Nigga of course you would do good... On the first round your fighting bots and I'm pretty sure no one else is using mouse and keyboard dumbass and also, hey TheXvid stop putting shitty ass channels on my recommended

  • Alex Mendez
    Alex Mendez 5 days ago

    ...and this is how bots were made

  • midnight star aj/aj news

    It’s bots

  • AidenAllen Dunlap
    AidenAllen Dunlap 5 days ago

    All the pubg Mobil people are bots I stood still for 5 mins to do something and I got hit once with an assault rifle

  • Tom H.
    Tom H. 5 days ago

    Man when you begin to play their are 90% bots in the game

  • Fabio Knosp
    Fabio Knosp 5 days ago +1


  • Vegetarian Potato
    Vegetarian Potato 6 days ago

    My best k.d is 72 in duos lmao, this game is easy

  • Benjamin Young
    Benjamin Young 6 days ago

    It’s easy because of bots and I got a 28 kill game in solo squads, by myself, while on mobile

  • pbozovic GG
    pbozovic GG 7 days ago

    My blanket has higher fps.

  • Professor Sobek
    Professor Sobek 7 days ago +1

    I got 30 kills once

  • Alexander Stark
    Alexander Stark 8 days ago

    It gives you virus

  • Craje Extreme
    Craje Extreme 8 days ago

    Press f1 it will disable the arrow

  • Monty kumar
    Monty kumar 8 days ago

    Realy 8time in ak????

  • justhated._q
    justhated._q 9 days ago

    I would still beat u

  • LiVe FuN
    LiVe FuN 9 days ago


  • William Houser
    William Houser 9 days ago

    Thoes people that you got were bots

  • Killusion
    Killusion 9 days ago

    Bots bots bots😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 4you bro
    4you bro 9 days ago

    I had 22 kills Solo squad

  • T-con Gaming
    T-con Gaming 9 days ago

    There bots

  • Michael Halomoan
    Michael Halomoan 9 days ago

    Thats a BOT

  • Kaden Vinson
    Kaden Vinson 10 days ago

    or fortnite moblie

  • Hunted Client
    Hunted Client 10 days ago

    First few games are against bots but ok

  • NionGaming
    NionGaming 10 days ago

    ritght ROS Ad for a pubg video

  • Chipped
    Chipped 11 days ago

    they figured out how to see who is playing on emulators i think. So next few games you play, your also going to be playing against people using emulators.

  • Enzo Mariposa
    Enzo Mariposa 11 days ago

    And peeking is off in the settings

  • Enzo Mariposa
    Enzo Mariposa 11 days ago

    Bruv there bots

  • Cyberdyne Systems Model 101

    I think it is incredible there is a mobile version of pubg. He doesn't keep need to say the graphics are bad. We had Nintendo Gameboy as the best 20 years ago for mobile.

  • Acenio
    Acenio 12 days ago

    It's so easy to kill these noobs. Even when I'm playing on mobile I get insane kill counts.

  • Acenio
    Acenio 12 days ago

    You need to enable core virtualization in bios, then go into your nox settings and enable more cores, ram and dx11

  • Mr Loading
    Mr Loading 12 days ago

    U know u can aim without
    thought click 2 aim

  • Ben Jethro Pascua
    Ben Jethro Pascua 12 days ago

    You should've used Menu play emulator. Its very easy to use

  • EZ suck
    EZ suck 12 days ago

    Do u know that pubg mobile when ur level is low it's all bot

  • Edgar Perez
    Edgar Perez 12 days ago

    bruhhh why is your fps low and graphics low and lagging and your PLAYING ON A PC .__________. LOLOL

    • Virus Yougami
      Virus Yougami Day ago

      Edgar Perez It’s the emulator it’s a android emu that’s why

  • Aquatic Tux
    Aquatic Tux 13 days ago

    I'd just like to point out my buddy plays on pubg mobile all the time and legitimately plays and has stats way better than you

  • Antaeus Kerr
    Antaeus Kerr 14 days ago

    First game of Pubg mobile is all bots



    THERANDOM FOX 14 days ago

    Fuck you you piece of shit and fuck you

    THERANDOM FOX 14 days ago

    Fuck you you piece of shit and fuck you

    XXX HTIS 14 days ago

    0:20 no you suck at touch controls

  • World Wide Paige Diamonds

    You're looking at a 8 month pro PUBG Mobile player. This is so hilarious! I like seeing the old version of PUBG!
    I have a PUBG channel. I do challenges, gameplay and others. Subscribe to both of us to have more gameplay!

  • Flatline unkown
    Flatline unkown 15 days ago

    20 kills is easy lol on mobile bots everywhere


    I got a 22 kill game on mobile

  • UTSits Knighto
    UTSits Knighto 16 days ago

    1v1 me at pubg I will win

  • Eu One
    Eu One 16 days ago

    you can play PUBG mobile properly with tencent games emulator it works properly it has all the PC controls

  • triple 9 h
    triple 9 h 16 days ago

    I got a bigger kill streek on mobile with just a phone

  • Rza Enriquez
    Rza Enriquez 17 days ago

    23 kills highest

  • pineapple juice
    pineapple juice 17 days ago

    My boy your playing with 🤖

  • damn son
    damn son 17 days ago

    His wifi speed......

  • Tyzen ray
    Tyzen ray 18 days ago

    Kills bots says mobile control is bad

    REAL GOLDGRAFFITI 19 days ago

    First couple rounds you get bots

  • Dxaniel.DxSxxX Dxani
    Dxaniel.DxSxxX Dxani 19 days ago

    Your game was filled with BOTS.

  • pump dose9damage
    pump dose9damage 19 days ago

    I got like so many 20 kill games

  • Red X
    Red X 20 days ago

    Well i am prety good at pubg mobile imlevel 36 and im laughing soooo much at how bad he is at this i could wreck him sooooooo hard.

    VCB ETG 20 days ago

    It’s called B O T S

  • Albaniandream 's
    Albaniandream 's 20 days ago

    all bots

  • Laith Abuarja
    Laith Abuarja 20 days ago

    Ur probably killing kids

  • Playstation Guy
    Playstation Guy 21 day ago

    This dickhead doesn’t realize that pubg mobile has tons of bots and btw I would sooo your ass even with you on a keyboard you are trash

  • Geek Esports Clan
    Geek Esports Clan 22 days ago

    You r facing bots

    THE MOBILE GAMER 22 days ago

    A mouse and keyboard 😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • xXHemzXx
    xXHemzXx 23 days ago

    Damn you gotta clean your house

  • ThebigC C
    ThebigC C 23 days ago +3

    I mean I had a 28 kill solo squad on pubg mobile its target practice the bots are ass

  • SoulGaming
    SoulGaming 24 days ago


  • SoulGaming
    SoulGaming 24 days ago

    Yeah... Prob use the offical one

  • james zevon
    james zevon 24 days ago

    the only reason i clicked on this was because of the adventure time hat

  • Vita Hilarious
    Vita Hilarious 24 days ago

    First game in pubg mobile is vs bots u idiot, u r not god u r Just idiot

  • cursed boi
    cursed boi 24 days ago

    My first game of pubg mobile i won in squads with all of my teammates dead 11 kills no sounds then i figured pubg mobile is ez

  • Luke Treeby Ward
    Luke Treeby Ward 25 days ago

    Bro there are bots in this game who are shit as fuck. Go and get an amulater from tencent themselfs, it is mapped closer to the real game.

  • Kuha levänen
    Kuha levänen 25 days ago

    Thats pubg for free

  • underground bat
    underground bat 25 days ago

    When you just start pubg mobile you finde alot of bots, devs ser that for new players to easier learn how to play and as you progress there is more and more players.

  • underground bat
    underground bat 25 days ago

    Sniping is easy and it's same for looking for people just look for a small line moveing in the distance.

  • Andrew Michael
    Andrew Michael 26 days ago

    Emulators fuck up gameplay for mobile users so ya slease bags like yourself break the game.

  • Dexter DexTerOus
    Dexter DexTerOus 26 days ago

    Nice nice your acc lvl is low that’s why u play with bots

  • Jayden Wilson
    Jayden Wilson 27 days ago

    3:07 *WHEEZE*

  • Nogales 1505
    Nogales 1505 27 days ago

    I love his humor it’s not original but perfect 😂

    DANGER 27 days ago

    I guess im just good on mobile I play pubg legit on mobile and I usally win and get like 20 to 30 kills

  • Techona Warrick
    Techona Warrick 28 days ago

    Lol when you play your forst match in any mode its with bots only minus the people in your squad who would be real...
    You won a bot match. And mobile cpntrols arent bad and they are completely customizable. Try it. Its easier than mouse and keyboard 😂
    Also i stream and make pubg mobile montages... Check me out. I make it look easy ;)

  • CrypticSurvival
    CrypticSurvival 28 days ago

    What was the emulator