PUBG Mobile + Mouse & Keyboard = GODMODE

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • This must be what it feels like to be Shroud
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Comments • 5 027

  • XxSynphulGryphxX
    XxSynphulGryphxX Month ago +5332

    Lawl. Took you using a mouse and keyboard, bullying mobile players, to finally get a chicken dinner.

    • nyn1nj4
      nyn1nj4 6 hours ago

      XxSynphulGryphxX I'd also like to point out that I have had chicken dinners much like this on mobile using touch controls

    • Vertox
      Vertox 15 hours ago

      Emulator players don't play with mobile ones, you fking idiot

    • Miroslava Shatrova
      Miroslava Shatrova 16 hours ago

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    • Lee Bailey
      Lee Bailey 23 hours ago

      Your first few games are bots 100% of the time confirmed.

    • Jimmy Greer
      Jimmy Greer Day ago

      My thoughts exactly. Anyone who uses a keyboard/mouse on PUBG mobile is a pathetic sorry ass gamer. The keyboard & mouse on PUBG mobile is no better than the sorry faggots who use cheats on the PC version.

  • SlakjeJasper
    SlakjeJasper 2 minutes ago

    This is so sad. Why do people always have to look for ways to use KB/M in games where its not intended. Either get good or don't care about skill. You wouldn't join the paralympics without a handicap, would you?

  • Marvin Garza
    Marvin Garza 11 minutes ago

    Anyone who disliked a bitch

  • Flight Pro3432
    Flight Pro3432 12 minutes ago

    My highest kill is 15 on pubg mobile

  • Manish Singh
    Manish Singh 23 minutes ago

    those are mostly kids... 5-10 years old

  • dodonuke
    dodonuke 32 minutes ago +1

    first match is you vs bots

  • Amir Game Show
    Amir Game Show 34 minutes ago

    Your rank is Low. they are BOT.

  • Network Csk
    Network Csk 45 minutes ago

    If you versed me with mouse and keyboard and I had my phone I would shit on u 🙂

  • radiocaf
    radiocaf 49 minutes ago

    You can change your device in Nox

  • Andy Munoz
    Andy Munoz Hour ago

    6:50 to skip boring shit

  • My nama Jeff
    My nama Jeff Hour ago

    1v1 me Mate.

  • Роман Щелкунов

    First matches on mobile you are playing with bots

  • Ghazal Yazji
    Ghazal Yazji Hour ago

    You are playing with noobs cause you are in the bronze league, but if u are in the golden league, you cant win in the top 10

    IAM THE POTATO Hour ago

    Holy shit clean your room

  • krsnaradika
    krsnaradika Hour ago +1

    Just info for a new player in pubg mobile tencent intentionally give u bot for player happy in the first game :)

  • Killah Beats
    Killah Beats Hour ago

    Why do u play pubg mobile on pc when there's actually a pubg game on pc

  • j.hutch
    j.hutch Hour ago

    mate its not hard, i got 19 kills playing it properly

  • Long Beard Skate
    Long Beard Skate 2 hours ago

    Your first game is actually against bots.

  • Monster-Madox- 42
    Monster-Madox- 42 2 hours ago

    My friend David does this , its hilarious !

  • Cyrus Jude Rentillo
    Cyrus Jude Rentillo 2 hours ago


  • JC T
    JC T 2 hours ago

    I guess you just used the default key map.

  • forlorndata80
    forlorndata80 2 hours ago

    The mobile controls are easy it's just in the first league it mostly noobs and kids

  • Mr O
    Mr O 2 hours ago

    when you start out the game it's full of bots lol oof.

  • Alternate
    Alternate 2 hours ago

    the mobile controls arent even that bad. Some people playing mobile just dont learn how to shoot and move at the same time or in fact just hide. they usually just stand or run at you without even noticing that you are even there

  • tradutor
    tradutor 2 hours ago

    Someone please tell him he was playing against bots

  • Noob123
    Noob123 3 hours ago


  • corbloxian
    corbloxian 3 hours ago

    Does he not know that theres firing mode in nox? T_T

  • SCP 049 AKA Savage Fuck

    Well you can lock your mouse with V abd map the shoot and aim down sight with right mouse and left mouse

  • zorex singha
    zorex singha 3 hours ago

    Bro you played BOTS lmaooo

  • Wildshadow Warrior
    Wildshadow Warrior 3 hours ago

    And he doesn't know that the first few matches, until you hit level 10, are filled partly with bots. So you have easy kills.

  • villavan kothai
    villavan kothai 3 hours ago

    Lol most of them were bots since it's ur beginning of game

  • Miss Smiley 14
    Miss Smiley 14 3 hours ago


  • Sang Nguyen
    Sang Nguyen 3 hours ago


  • Shipped Creek
    Shipped Creek 4 hours ago

    You gotta go play squads with this now lol

  • Gabriel Errington
    Gabriel Errington 4 hours ago

    Dude your so bad 90% of the people you killed were bots.

  • Lexsiuslex Lex
    Lexsiuslex Lex 4 hours ago

    Noob use keybord

  • Jonathan Currie
    Jonathan Currie 4 hours ago

    Such a wanky cunt thing to do.

  • Juli Derv
    Juli Derv 4 hours ago +1

    "Such details..haha" "Shitty Controls" Sarcastic comments about the game.......WHAT THE FUCK DO U EXPECT FROM A MOBILE GAME U P.O.C. HEARTLESS BITCH

  • Toad's Gaming and Tech
    Toad's Gaming and Tech 4 hours ago +1

    In the emulator there is a bar of settings. One of them looks like a keyboard. That allows you to custom map controls. It even has a button to toggle to lock your mouse so you don't have to click the screen to look.

  • Max 2024Grinstein
    Max 2024Grinstein 4 hours ago +1

    Just use BlueStacks

  • TheProfficer
    TheProfficer 5 hours ago

    The first game is all bots

  • Shahzad Khan
    Shahzad Khan 5 hours ago


  • Zeki seid
    Zeki seid 5 hours ago


  • ZenzokuZenshin
    ZenzokuZenshin 5 hours ago

    Fucking faggot.

  • Floydy
    Floydy 6 hours ago

    Mobile is easy peasy lemon squeasy

  • En Kaka
    En Kaka 7 hours ago

    on the phone i got 29 kills i got so happy lol

  • Monokuma The Bear
    Monokuma The Bear 7 hours ago +1

    Ur playing with bots

  • J B
    J B 7 hours ago

    Clean your house.

  • Ashton Toland
    Ashton Toland 7 hours ago

    You can't aim run and shoot at the same time like on pc

  • UserGaming911
    UserGaming911 7 hours ago

    There is leaning in pubg mobile its in settings friend

  • Luke Jackson
    Luke Jackson 7 hours ago

    At your beginning levels, your first rounds are full of bots. So good job, you killed a bunch of bots.

  • UserGaming911
    UserGaming911 7 hours ago

    This is the reason pubg mobile sucks the big d

  • Zane Schweitzer
    Zane Schweitzer 7 hours ago

    Half the people on pubg mobile are bots, like the first two you killed were examples of bots, they take awhile to fire and stuff

    I AM ROBOT 9 hours ago


  • the random
    the random 9 hours ago

    And I play PUBG mobile and just so you know I would beat your ass no problem cuz you suck

  • Emiliano Gamez
    Emiliano Gamez 9 hours ago

    Like for the mess

  • the random
    the random 9 hours ago

    Your first game is with bots so yeah

  • Darren Hopkins
    Darren Hopkins 9 hours ago

    This is why people quit playing these types of games

  • Tyr Tgn
    Tyr Tgn 9 hours ago

    just press v while in game, shit will be easier

  • Andrew Irvin
    Andrew Irvin 10 hours ago

    You're top shelf annoying

  • Faycal Dahaoui
    Faycal Dahaoui 10 hours ago

    sick vid bro 😂😂

  • Lil Uzi Dirt
    Lil Uzi Dirt 10 hours ago

    Those are bots until you reach level 5

  • maui strife
    maui strife 10 hours ago

    oh wow im a pc player and the way you suck the dick of pc is just pure cringe af
    YEAH WE GET IT YOU PLAY ON PC! LIKE MILLIONS AND MILLSIONS MORE!!! youre not special get over it
    its you stupid ellitist the reason why some games are shit on pc

  • FrostyPG T
    FrostyPG T 10 hours ago

    He should have name it guy reacting to PUBG mobile

  • SargentWolf 99
    SargentWolf 99 10 hours ago

    First games are against bots don’t feel good about it

    BIG CHASE 10 hours ago

    jesus... and i thought i was a fuckin' nerd

  • Uploads Fordays
    Uploads Fordays 11 hours ago

    What’s funny is all the people he’s playing against are actual trash whenever I play mobile everyone camps at last circle or hides no one runs around

  • Le Trash Jax
    Le Trash Jax 11 hours ago

    In the early ranks most of the “players” are actually bots lol

  • Axel Gaming
    Axel Gaming 11 hours ago

    The game has alot of bots...which happened to be 95% of ur kills lol. Gg's

  • Axel Gaming
    Axel Gaming 11 hours ago

    Looks way better on my s8. Ur imulator is probably a fucking potato

  • Shadow Man
    Shadow Man 11 hours ago

    You know that the first few games puts u with bots right? Lmfao

  • Kelindamonsta
    Kelindamonsta 11 hours ago

    When your lvl 1 you play against bots but when you reach lvl 10 you verse real people and some bots. _.

  • Vocy
    Vocy 11 hours ago

    1. Clean your fucking shit up 2. Ur phone is shit

  • Conlan K
    Conlan K 11 hours ago

    Dis you know that the game is filled with 45% of the sever is bots

  • Yavor Kotsev
    Yavor Kotsev 12 hours ago

    It was easy because you played in bronze 5 there are only noobs

  • Cringe Bud
    Cringe Bud 12 hours ago

    Please clean your house

  • xXShot5xFiredXx 124
    xXShot5xFiredXx 124 12 hours ago

    You could've at least played the mobile version before just finding a way to loophole it. You can learn, it's in the settings btw.

  • Hamid Hasani
    Hamid Hasani 12 hours ago

    I’m level 41 u play NO BOTS it’s pretty hard to get dinner then

  • ImpactGamingHD
    ImpactGamingHD 12 hours ago

    Its bots ;c

  • Stronk T34
    Stronk T34 12 hours ago

    U ruined the game u cunt

  • Cutie Kate
    Cutie Kate 12 hours ago

    Your room look messy mah boys!

  • ScubsMcGrubs
    ScubsMcGrubs 13 hours ago

    when you first start playing PUBG mobile, you play against mostly bots so that's why you did well. as you get better, you play against more and more real people. And there is bullet drop and realistic​ ballistics and you can move and fire on mobile.

    • Kyle K
      Kyle K 12 hours ago

      ScubsMcGrubs this has already been debunked

  • sage Russell
    sage Russell 13 hours ago

    I did the same thing my first game but without a mouse and keyboard

  • DefaultGaming !
    DefaultGaming ! 13 hours ago

    I also subbed because of this

  • iHellCat -BirB-
    iHellCat -BirB- 13 hours ago

    Why are you so happy when you killed bots

  • Kavan Davies
    Kavan Davies 13 hours ago

    Ye most of the "players" are bots

  • mdhcccc
    mdhcccc 14 hours ago

    Everyone you killed were bots.

  • Elite_Pharaoh The T2
    Elite_Pharaoh The T2 14 hours ago

    When you think your a god and find out you were killing bots 😄

  • Sardonic Sage
    Sardonic Sage 14 hours ago

    Feels like a God, talks shit about other players, doesn't realize he is fighting mostly bots.

  • Jason Yuan
    Jason Yuan 14 hours ago

    why does he sound like a cunt

  • Na Cl
    Na Cl 15 hours ago

    And pubg think that is cheating

  • Matteo Mora
    Matteo Mora 15 hours ago

    He just killed all bots man xD this is too funny xD id destroy him while using my phone xD

  • watch tuberxl
    watch tuberxl 15 hours ago

    Clean youre room dude

  • Twatical
    Twatical 15 hours ago +7

    Bluestacks will let you play without holding LMB. Toggle between modes with F1 and temporarily switch with ALT. Bluestacks also sets your device as an Galaxy S8.

  • marlos Castle
    marlos Castle 15 hours ago

    Lil does he know that 19 of those kills where bots...

  • asherael
    asherael 15 hours ago

    Don't fuck up pubg mobile, it's the only version of the game I'm good at. PLEASE don't jack it up

  • Carlo Moriones
    Carlo Moriones 15 hours ago

    U didnt press letter "V" thats why you are using left click to drag the screen. A reminder pops up evrytime u open the game dude.

  • strictly low down
    strictly low down 15 hours ago

    1st game pubgm lots of bot you moron.

  • Penguin Tyler
    Penguin Tyler 16 hours ago

    Cheap ass monther fuckers always ruin a fun game

  • QuishyBop YT
    QuishyBop YT 16 hours ago

    My friend streams on twitch someone snitched on him for blue stacks got banned