PUBG Mobile + Mouse & Keyboard = GODMODE (1000% serious video)

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • This must be what it feels like to be Shroud
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Comments • 8 982

  • CptnSkittles
    CptnSkittles 4 months ago +366

    Lol, I played today and used my toes and got 69 kills. I am also blind even tho I was only against bots.

    • XxKAIxX
      XxKAIxX 3 days ago

      CptnSkittles then how did you type it don’t be faking and and how did you even see if there’s bots or not

    • Sabahan Playing
      Sabahan Playing 11 days ago

      I Always Win In Pubg Mobile. No High Kills But Always Win

    • Avrohom dovid lehrer
      Avrohom dovid lehrer Month ago

      Till level 10 their are bots

    • Nut Shell
      Nut Shell Month ago

      *Press X To Doubt*

    • krisby BACON
      krisby BACON Month ago

      Your a liar

  • Caiden Horigan
    Caiden Horigan 4 hours ago

    You think we should tell him he was mostly playing against A.I?

  • Ronnie Paraiso Jr
    Ronnie Paraiso Jr 10 hours ago

    They should make a mode where your only offline and play with bots

  • Kekuruvin
    Kekuruvin 3 days ago

    He is doesn't realize it is the first macth is all bot

  • Jinesh Thapa
    Jinesh Thapa 3 days ago

    Bot kills😂😂😂

  • Jman Woo
    Jman Woo 7 days ago

    You were playing against new players since you were also new. Ppl queue in with ppl of similar LVL that's why everybody was playing like bots

  • Romanian DUDE
    Romanian DUDE 7 days ago

    19 kills Erangel
    17 kills Miramar
    18 kills Sanhok

  • Justin Thompson
    Justin Thompson 8 days ago

    Your a stupid bitch

  • Babaco BC
    Babaco BC 9 days ago

    Gyroscope is better

  • Naaish Naish
    Naaish Naish 14 days ago

    Someone tell him the first match is against only bots

  • TetaGama Gaming
    TetaGama Gaming 20 days ago

    You're fucking lvl 1 bro what do you expect

  • Piddi
    Piddi 21 day ago

    I swear you wont stay alive longer than a minute playing pubgm on conqueror!

  • Mingzi Mig
    Mingzi Mig 22 days ago

    So on emulator, you can use 8x on an AKM.

    • Mingzi Mig
      Mingzi Mig 22 days ago

      That would’ve been awesome though.
      Oh well.

    • DictatorDolphin
      DictatorDolphin 22 days ago

      Mingzi Mig on the old mobile version you could

  • Ninja GameZ
    Ninja GameZ 23 days ago

    What your PC specs
    Plus just download Tencent gaming buddy you'll keep your progress on Android and PC if you used fb on mobile

  • Louie caramel
    Louie caramel 27 days ago

    Just being true

  • Louie caramel
    Louie caramel 27 days ago

    He couldn't get high graphics because is phone

  • Trophy_Hunter_CR
    Trophy_Hunter_CR Month ago

    1000 Maneras de convertirte en shroud
    Manera #1 jugar al PUBG movile con teclado y raton :v

  • Not Jose
    Not Jose Month ago

    They were bots

  • Darren Trattles
    Darren Trattles Month ago

    Level 300 and still bots

  • Rafael Tavares
    Rafael Tavares Month ago

    You sir! You are a big SIR! Sir trollalot! 😂😂😂
    You do more like this please, very funny
    🤜🤛 😂😂😂

    • Ur Daddy
      Ur Daddy 5 days ago

      +Aesthetic Vibez Nigg3r shut the fuck up

    • Aesthetic Vibez
      Aesthetic Vibez 29 days ago

      Rafael Tavares Ur comment is so cringy omfg

  • Sooraj Kumar
    Sooraj Kumar Month ago

    8x in AKM.. ?

  • Mayavi
    Mayavi Month ago +1

    Tht graphics depends on ur device idiot.
    Purchase a high processor phone.
    Like oneplus or an iPhone.
    Or angy gaming phones

    • Kpeezy Shaboi
      Kpeezy Shaboi Month ago

      Mayavi did u not see the clip of him playing PC PUBG epic graphics settings , it’s his emulator

  • nizam firdaus
    nizam firdaus Month ago

    Dang emulator come try use ur device and face me

  • Girish Govardan
    Girish Govardan Month ago

    Your first kill was a bot

  • Schüliüs
    Schüliüs Month ago

    I played normal mobile an got 17 kills lol

  • Sev7enZ
    Sev7enZ Month ago

    I bet there are tons of scrubs who think that emulator players actually play with mobile players in pubgm hence all the retarded "Play on mobile, you are ruining the game" comments...

  • KF studio
    KF studio Month ago

    Bots killer hahaha

  • Ledy Liansim
    Ledy Liansim Month ago

    He's dumb.. Seriously.... Phone mono? Only pc can here left or right? Seriously??? U can just use earphone and still listen left or right... When u play it for the first time, don't talk trash like u know everything about the game... u should stop playing any game...

  • PubgMobileChanl
    PubgMobileChanl Month ago

    There was bots only in your game

  • PilotCityXD
    PilotCityXD Month ago

    You so lucky playing with bot because people like to be snake I don't know why?

  • Mr. Gamer
    Mr. Gamer Month ago

    At first there will be bots to help u get better at the game!

  • Nut Shell
    Nut Shell Month ago

    Ok guys You dont have To Salt the comments

  • Beautiful India
    Beautiful India Month ago

    Prees f11 to hide mouse

  • Sam2468 YouTube
    Sam2468 YouTube Month ago

    My iPhone runs this game better than his PC . Lol

  • homegrowntwinkie
    homegrowntwinkie Month ago

    So, I think you should do some research and then make a return video. Information that would be useful would be
    1. The emulator uses its own server so you play against other people on PC using the same emulator.
    2. 1st game is always against bots, so rank up first. It's not hard at all.
    3. Try finding a better emulator for this. Maybe one that uses the Galaxy S9 for Graphics
    4. When you go to the settings, you can change your controls, however I'm unsure if this actually works on the emulator or if you have to use the emulator settings for that

    If I think of anymore I'll let you know.
    Other things to consider, Cleaning your place, taking a shower, find a different hat/wash the current one. FYI I'm not trying to be a dick about any of this, just letting you know what would be a better setup/video.

  • Havenbrooker
    Havenbrooker Month ago

    You look like a guy that would do some weak shit like this.

    • Maria Gracia
      Maria Gracia Month ago

      +Shivaxi btw don't worry about playing pubg mobile in pc but I have this problem when i play emulator i shit i lose everytime but in mobile i rarely got top 50 i commonly go to top10 or top 3 bcause im so used playing in mobile xd

    • Maria Gracia
      Maria Gracia Month ago

      +Shivaxi lol hahahahaha very noice roast

    • Shivaxi
      Shivaxi  Month ago

      You look like a guy that would make some weak comment like that

  • Azura RS
    Azura RS Month ago

    Use bluestacks

  • Vector Valdez
    Vector Valdez Month ago

    honestly playing a mobile game on a computer is stupid cause everyone else is on mobile and plus you playing against bots

  • sainttana dithana
    sainttana dithana 2 months ago

    Use tencent gaming buddy it make it like pc game

  • Vimal Dinesh
    Vimal Dinesh 2 months ago

    You fight only aganist bots...But u control recoil AKM + 8× good job

  • DR_ NOOB
    DR_ NOOB 2 months ago

    I useed a controller my 1st game and got banned

  • nethercrafter
    nethercrafter 2 months ago

    I can

  • twinkeltowesYT
    twinkeltowesYT 2 months ago

    can i play with people using ipads and iphones

    CHEE- RIOS 2 months ago

    Ive seen people in mobile who could destroy pc players if the could play together like how is it possible to work with such shittyness.

  • Not So Typical Yassin
    Not So Typical Yassin 2 months ago

    You first game is against bots

  • Salmaan PlayZ
    Salmaan PlayZ 2 months ago +2

    They are all humans,this guys a god

  • Evilimpressario
    Evilimpressario 2 months ago

    Did you know your first pubg mobile round is with bots only :D

    • Nut Shell
      Nut Shell Month ago

      Would you stop
      the comments are already filled with people saying "Bots"

  • xuav Rice
    xuav Rice 2 months ago

    on mobile it’s either move and shoot or look around and shoot

    • Maria Gracia
      Maria Gracia Month ago

      Jokes on you im doing both and its mobile

  • legend of zelda master
    legend of zelda master 2 months ago

    Any one else sing the wii music in the vid

  • StayComposed
    StayComposed 2 months ago

    Bruh clean your leaving space!

  • Puspita Maharini
    Puspita Maharini 2 months ago

    when you hit gold tier they are actual player and they hella good
    just remind you just download on official PUBG Emulator or you get ban just google tencet emulator

  • M M E
    M M E 2 months ago

    Ur first game in Pubg is all bots

    • Ur Daddy
      Ur Daddy 5 days ago

      +Nut Shell Nigg3r shut the fuck up

    • Nut Shell
      Nut Shell Month ago

      Would you mind If You stop saying " bots "
      Theres already a Hell Lot of comments saying "Bots"

  • caius scobie
    caius scobie 2 months ago

    Copper their is practically all bots once u get into gold or above it starts getting harder

  • Elemental Creeper
    Elemental Creeper 2 months ago

    Those were bots, bitch!

  • Cheezy Killz
    Cheezy Killz 2 months ago

    Pubg mobile is bots

  • Brandon Guajardo
    Brandon Guajardo 2 months ago +1

    I hit a 21 kill game the other day chill out

  • Marinder
    Marinder 2 months ago

    umm pubg mobile detects if you use emulator or not

    • Nut Shell
      Nut Shell Month ago

      Your profile pic gives me The Creeps

  • Player 123
    Player 123 2 months ago

    I can get dat without mouse and keyboard

  • Larry Sherwood
    Larry Sherwood 2 months ago

    I’ve had 24 kills on pubg mobile

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 2 months ago

    20 Kills in mobile is easy. Regular is crazy difficult

  • Sacred Fire
    Sacred Fire 2 months ago

    Excuse me this is called cheating

    JAYYYVVV 2 months ago

    Surprise your battery didn’t fall out

  • anwar nesbitt
    anwar nesbitt 2 months ago

    Honestly mobile is really really easy I get 20 kill games on a regular but then go on to PC a get like five kills a game and usually come in second on solo and most of the time first on squads but not with that many kills so

  • Wesley Killen
    Wesley Killen 2 months ago

    I hope he knows that all of them are bots. 😂

  • slade _
    slade _ 2 months ago

    3:19 ??!!!!

  • John Martin
    John Martin 2 months ago

    Theres BOTS on pubg mobile

  • Mr Muffin
    Mr Muffin 2 months ago

    You can’t get 20 or more kills on the phone😂😂

    • Maria Gracia
      Maria Gracia Month ago

      You can if you have enough experience and reset your account

  • Legacylife Plays
    Legacylife Plays 2 months ago

    First 3 games are bots

  • Liam McDonnell
    Liam McDonnell 2 months ago

    If I was against him an mobile I would win

  • KoeleCat
    KoeleCat 2 months ago

    Lolll, im playing on mobile, and i have more kills

  • DuckiDie
    DuckiDie 2 months ago

    Blue stacks

  • -_- w a v e -_-
    -_- w a v e -_- 2 months ago

    So many triggered kids in the comments.....

  • ALFA乂 Anfas
    ALFA乂 Anfas 2 months ago

    Bro use Tencent emulator

  • Edvardas Golgatkovas
    Edvardas Golgatkovas 2 months ago

    Honestly playing on mobile is hard at all hes just dissing, but I bet playing on mobile i could kill him

  • Firez
    Firez 2 months ago

    Used Nox for Critical Ops. He should have not used the pre configuration and made his own for him. And, right click to make it normal.

  • Jawbreaker
    Jawbreaker 2 months ago

    My PUBG mobile is record is 35 xd I was aimboting so

  • YoNouh
    YoNouh 2 months ago

    Ur a hoarder

  • Enmanuel Dominguez
    Enmanuel Dominguez 2 months ago

    That’s how y’all retards ruin the fucking game fuck off

    • Maria Gracia
      Maria Gracia Month ago

      Nah your just triggered emulators now have their own servers

  • WOLF
    WOLF 2 months ago

    I've got 15 kills on mobile using a phine

  • OSM iMorTaL
    OSM iMorTaL 2 months ago

    Ur against bots everytime

  • Mikooljohn
    Mikooljohn 2 months ago +1

    shit emulator

  • Brandon Hall
    Brandon Hall 2 months ago

    After 1k hours on this game, its weird to come back and see how the game was before

  • Odin Kilen
    Odin Kilen 2 months ago

    I got 28 kils

  • Dj Slavman
    Dj Slavman 2 months ago

    I run it on my 12 year old laptop with 0 FPS xDdd even with no colors everything was wHite xD

  • Derek Christie
    Derek Christie 2 months ago


  • Su Bin900SSS
    Su Bin900SSS 2 months ago

    I dont even need key board i can still get 15 kill

    YEEMS 2 months ago

    This game is so fuckin easy. My retarded ass got like 20 kills. I’m pretty sure 50 of the players are bots

  • Snipeshot1202 1
    Snipeshot1202 1 2 months ago

    I play like this I hav 27 wins already

    • Nut Shell
      Nut Shell Month ago

      I do not understand you English,
      Perhaps You Speak Engrish...

  • Kaila Playz
    Kaila Playz 2 months ago

    This is actually unfair to others..

    And its great.

  • Encrypted Aqua
    Encrypted Aqua 2 months ago

    That’s a really poor emulator, there’s one for PUBG mobile in specific and it mapped the controls based on PUBG pc

  • ZdudeSWEd PS4 player
    ZdudeSWEd PS4 player 2 months ago

    My kill record is 29 solo VS squad with FINGERS

  • Raj Kishan
    Raj Kishan 2 months ago

    Bronze .lol....

  • XxBusterxX7
    XxBusterxX7 2 months ago

    I got 20 kills on mobile playing it on mobile

  • Ye Moma
    Ye Moma 2 months ago +1

    Not trying to hate but you started in bronze league which means everyone is ass including bots so....

  • Vedant Bhalekar
    Vedant Bhalekar 2 months ago

    All were bots

  • Queen 4 life
    Queen 4 life 2 months ago

    I dropped 15 kills and I’m on mobile.

  • Cosmic Doughnuts
    Cosmic Doughnuts 2 months ago

    Your trying so hard to be a M3rkmus1c wanna be

  • Alexandro Flores
    Alexandro Flores 2 months ago

    If your playing pubg mobile and use keyboard/mouse to play thats sad LMAO. YOUR TRASH HAHAHAHA

    • Maria Gracia
      Maria Gracia Month ago

      Pubg mobile has already has a server for emulators in bluestacks

    • My Angel Dva
      My Angel Dva 2 months ago

      imagine playing the trash mobile version instead of pc. Youre lame af lol

    • Alexandro Flores
      Alexandro Flores 2 months ago

      With no I gets that chicken!!!

    • Alexandro Flores
      Alexandro Flores 2 months ago

      I'm a grown ass man. Your the one dressed like a 12 year old. Boooooi dont even start. We could play right now my guy. Whats up??

    • Shivaxi
      Shivaxi  2 months ago

      When you think your 12 yr old opinion matters lmao

  • HunterTehBeagle
    HunterTehBeagle 2 months ago

    Ive gotten 33 kills on my ipad at gold tier