PUBG Mobile + Mouse & Keyboard = GODMODE (1000% serious video)

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • This must be what it feels like to be Shroud
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Comments • 8 354

  • Shivaxi
    Shivaxi  2 months ago +933

    But did you know there's bots? I don't think he knows there's bots guys.

  • Boedy bros Outdoors
    Boedy bros Outdoors 3 hours ago

    Theirs bots ur a low rank

  • Ryder Bossman
    Ryder Bossman 3 hours ago +1

    Do fortnite

  • kaleb boler
    kaleb boler 3 hours ago

    I like how he thinks 20 kills is god it is for a average player but I am on a pro team and get like 40 all together average

  • Vhoxelz
    Vhoxelz 5 hours ago

    The first couple games on pubg are always bots to get you use to the gmae

  • Galaxy Fqn
    Galaxy Fqn 7 hours ago

    Its full of bots when your lower than level 10

  • Zak Reigottie
    Zak Reigottie 8 hours ago

    i played solo squads just regular on mobile and got 22

  • Jeremy Martin
    Jeremy Martin 9 hours ago

    You would get trashed on mobile i had a 16 kill win yesterday just depends on your phone being good enough and having great internet. Ive got a lg g5 and it runs flawlessly at high settings on everything. It does kill battery fast.

  • NatePlays Games
    NatePlays Games 10 hours ago

    Bruh it's a BOTS in the game just so you know so don't jump to conclusions

  • Faisal Jamaludin
    Faisal Jamaludin 10 hours ago

    theres a legit mobile to pc emulator from tencent actually. search tencent gaming buddy. please try it.

  • JurnyFx
    JurnyFx 10 hours ago

    My first gsme on mobile was 18 kills with win xd...

  • BentIntegral283
    BentIntegral283 18 hours ago

    Use tencent gaming buddy

  • Jason Lin
    Jason Lin 22 hours ago

    Hworo do that?

  • Michael
    Michael 23 hours ago

    Tencent has there own emulator just for pc

  • The Shoebox Store

    Im lvl 40 on mobile pubg lol we should team up
    And yes you can snipe

  • Y'all kids dumb af

    Bruh, I use fingers and I got 24 lmao

  • Prince Richard Dela Cruz

    It sucks dude they mix the Phone version and Computer emulator umfair

  • TheKingOfFhantoms

    I get 20 kills on a regular game of PUBG and I win almost every game I play.

  • Farzad Soufi
    Farzad Soufi Day ago

    Bro there all bots

  • Tobias Dettinger

    1. Most emulators rarely use more than 2 cpu cores and 1 gb ram
    2. This game controls sucks a lot - cause you have to hold the left mouse button and you can't shot with it. - remove reason Nr. 1

  • Mostrius
    Mostrius Day ago

    I have a huge ipad

  • Oscar Payne
    Oscar Payne Day ago

    I get the same amount of kills on mobile without any triggers

  • The other White kid

    My first game of pub g mobile I won with 13 kills the game is trash stick to fortnite

  • Jingo 1776
    Jingo 1776 Day ago

    I’ve literally got 20 kills on touch controls on mobile and u only get like 8

  • SumAznKid yt
    SumAznKid yt Day ago

    mmm mechanical keyboard

  • Ian Crosley
    Ian Crosley Day ago

    PUBG Mobile is actually surprisingly good I haven’t lost one match since I got my new account. And my top kill game is 21

  • Quinton Mueller
    Quinton Mueller Day ago

    On the mobile app the first few games you face AI bots, their level on a scale from 1-10 is 1. Introduces the player to the game. Also you’re meant to play the game on your mobile phone not computer/laptop.

    SPAAG WG Day ago


    HUGO ISBOSS Day ago

    What up with his hat looks weird

  • ThreeElk YT
    ThreeElk YT Day ago

    Im extremely good on mobile

  • Lucas Mosley
    Lucas Mosley Day ago

    You play bots till level 10 no kidding I won my first game to

  • BrOcCoLi
    BrOcCoLi Day ago

    I had 15 kills my first game of pubg mobile without a key board 😂

  • Dude Guy
    Dude Guy Day ago

    you know that pubg makes you only play with emulator players when youre on emulator..

    VIVEK YADAV Day ago

    At the low levels there are computer controlled players (BOTS) there are dumb to kill

  • TRASH viper
    TRASH viper Day ago

    I'm a pro on mobile
    10 kills first game win


    This game does not have bits it’s just that he has experience playing Normal pubg and most mobile players don’t

  • Rajath naik
    Rajath naik 2 days ago

    Lol, they are all bots

  • Ryan Tomlin
    Ryan Tomlin 2 days ago

    I'm a god at pubg mobile first time played solo 15 kill game and won

  • Isaac Kissinger
    Isaac Kissinger 2 days ago

    You can move you just can’t move with a right time scope

  • SilverPlayz -
    SilverPlayz - 2 days ago

    Does he know that 20 kills isn’t really a HUGE amount of kills?

  • Ammar Siddiqui
    Ammar Siddiqui 2 days ago +1

    I recently reached diamond 3. I see quite a few bots, which is fine by me because they are free kills and they bring some decent spare loot such as boosts. In the recent 0.6.0 update they buffed up the bots a bit so that they go behind cover and crouch and have good accuracy. It is a bit buggy and they don't always do that but I have once almost died to a bit because it never missed a single shot while I was driving fast in a vehicle.

  • Hunter McKinley
    Hunter McKinley 2 days ago

    I’ve gotten 20 kills on the iPhone 6

  • kash
    kash 2 days ago +1

    Was soll die scheiss Mütze? Kalt im Zimmer? Du Kacklappen?

  • George Cox
    George Cox 2 days ago

    My record on mobile is 16😂

  • Holfames
    Holfames 2 days ago

    I tried it before but my emulator was shit but that’s why I just play on normal pc

  • Holfames
    Holfames 2 days ago

    I average 25 kills on PUBG mobile I barely play it it’s too easy I go solo squads or squads fill and carry my team lol sometimes I get with good players and they get like 13 and 18 kills while I got 24 and the noob died lol was fun tho

  • Thetechgenius
    Thetechgenius 3 days ago

    Are you Canadian? You sound like your Canadian. Lol. Only Canadians say "Janky", lol.
    (I'm not trying to bash you or make fun of you. Its just an observation)

  • Aradon 1
    Aradon 1 3 days ago

    Has he not noticed that PUBG mobile isn’t online

  • Thetechgenius
    Thetechgenius 3 days ago

    Bro, you play against mostly bots. lol. The very first time I played PUBG Mobile, I got a chicken dinner. And I just played the normal way on my Galaxy S6 Edge+. LOL. And I just wasn't doing anything, i got about 19 or 20 kills. lol. Remember, that was my very first time playing mobile. After that game, I uninstalled it, and went back to PC and Xbox to play PUBG. It's way to easy on Mobile, it takes the fun out of it.
    If you need keyboard and mouse on PUBG Mobile to win, then you are really really bad at the game, so bad you cannot even kill a bot. lol.

  • ColbyB_Vids
    ColbyB_Vids 3 days ago

    That’s trash. I get 25 kills using the mobile controls

  • God himself
    God himself 3 days ago

    The ones that sit there are.bots

  • Firekiller93
    Firekiller93 3 days ago

    Lol first game is full of boots don't feel so lucky lol this is so funny

  • MaleCharaPlays
    MaleCharaPlays 3 days ago

    There’s an official tencent emulator it actually works (you should try using it if you want to)

  • Julian Lopez
    Julian Lopez 3 days ago

    Its easy to kill atleast 12 in solo everygame
    So manny bots and the players themselves are so stupid

  • S.R. WaTTs
    S.R. WaTTs 3 days ago

    Lol the Bot

  • Preston Mann
    Preston Mann 3 days ago

    I’ve gotten a 46 kill game

  • Kyle Hoover
    Kyle Hoover 3 days ago

    Lol those are all bots

    • Shivaxi
      Shivaxi  3 days ago

      It's actually all me on multiple accounts

  • No One
    No One 3 days ago

    *_-But did you realize that your name is twtl0rd9000???? HmMMMMMmm??-_** *that's right shivaxi, you aren't the only one with the swirly effect*

  • Fallen Mercury
    Fallen Mercury 4 days ago

    The controls are not that bad actually you where just killing bots thats why they just stop

  • mitchell whittington

    Your what's wrong with this world unfair advantage you fuckin suck

    • mitchell whittington
      mitchell whittington 3 days ago

      Excuses excuses

    • Shivaxi
      Shivaxi  3 days ago

      hey did you know Tencent Games (who made PUBG Mobile in case you don't know) released an official emulator called Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC for free so PC players can play PUBG Mobile on their PC? ;)

  • TakeDownWave
    TakeDownWave 4 days ago

    People in mobile don't know how to move and shoot and they don't know the tactics there are some really good people tho.

  • Marco Avila
    Marco Avila 4 days ago +1

    U suck those are bots

  • Sport Editz
    Sport Editz 4 days ago

    It tripped me out cause we have the same exact phone 😂

  • Lech
    Lech 4 days ago

    11k dislike geesh does people know how to take a joke

  • Razvan Posea
    Razvan Posea 4 days ago


  • Aravind aji
    Aravind aji 5 days ago

    Use tencent gaming buddy

    DANIEL GALLARDO 5 days ago

    +Pubg mobile has thier own official emulator

    DANIEL GALLARDO 5 days ago

    Its so bad because its meant for mobile devices not emulators and the players are so bad because you're playing in bronze tier and most of those potatoes are bots

  • Shirtless Commander
    Shirtless Commander 5 days ago

    Use BlueStacks as an emulator

  • Hacker Joe
    Hacker Joe 6 days ago

    meh I got 25 kills on 1pp 1player team mode on pubg mobile with vector and m416 plus p92 pistol, lv2 Amor
    and a ton of flashbangs. (damn flashbangs are OP AF!)

  • Mark Tual
    Mark Tual 6 days ago

    Use tencent gaming buddy more easy

  • Mihai Bogdan Manea
    Mihai Bogdan Manea 6 days ago

    He's complaining about the game, even if when he played it the game was fricken just out

  • DarkPhoenix
    DarkPhoenix 6 days ago

    You can't play with nox. It runs like shit. Use official tencent buddy emulator for pubg. It runs fine there. But nox is shit for gaming even with the best pc.

    ANJAN CHAKRABORTY 6 days ago

    You have to press R then you will be able to sprint

  • dominic santiesteban

    It's easier than you think

  • Antonio Saab
    Antonio Saab 6 days ago

    Used a mouse and keyboard on the mobile as well and got 30 kills. Thx for the motivation. I did get banned

  • Josefina Caranto
    Josefina Caranto 6 days ago

    I think that's already illegal? Playing it in pc? And using emulator?

  • Mitch Manley
    Mitch Manley 7 days ago

    Well I have played this game on mobile with mobile controls and I was able to get a close amount of kills(17) it's more about finding people

  • Aussie Legends
    Aussie Legends 7 days ago

    In the first 10 levels you only fight bots... Your much worse than you think

  • Firemonkey42
    Firemonkey42 7 days ago

    Its not bad in the mobile , they were just Bad. Btw dont forget u Just entered the Game, u were playing vs Bronze 5 Players xD

    GABBY DAVID 7 days ago

    its all boooootttts

  • Toxcity hxjdjd
    Toxcity hxjdjd 7 days ago

    I use the mobile controls and i get 20 plus kills but the mobils players really suck ass

  • prime8 fpv
    prime8 fpv 7 days ago

    It is super hard to move and shoot on mobile unless you use clip-on triggers or you master the crab.

  • InACan Games
    InACan Games 7 days ago

    Hope u get cancer and die in 2 hours m8

    • Shivaxi
      Shivaxi  7 days ago

      hope u get rid of that salt infection m9

  • PreFixed Shadows
    PreFixed Shadows 8 days ago

    Did you knoe that 75% of the players ina match on pubgmpbile thwre botd

  • Luckinumber 6
    Luckinumber 6 8 days ago

    I won a game with 17 kills on mobile no emulator in gold 4

  • Wigglystring365
    Wigglystring365 8 days ago

    Shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud shroud

  • Athita Pachpraphan
    Athita Pachpraphan 8 days ago

    The controller wasn't that hard on the mobile you just got to get use to it

  • Sayyidi Izzat
    Sayyidi Izzat 8 days ago

    lol vs bots 🤣

  • A Dutto
    A Dutto 8 days ago

    Use Phoenix OS!

  • G D Sardar
    G D Sardar 9 days ago

    U can change the controls man that is nox app

  • Νικος Δημος

    At the first games there are only bots to help you learn the game

  • TheLastHokage
    TheLastHokage 9 days ago


  • Hcreighton
    Hcreighton 9 days ago

    He does realize that your first game is all bots I’m lvl 34 and got elite royale pass lol

  • Subject_008 - Gaming and More

    I can get 20 kills normally

  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff 9 days ago

    Everyone does more then 20 kills in the first game.

  • XtremeCream 44
    XtremeCream 44 10 days ago

    I’ve gotten 18 twice in a solo squad

  • XtremeCream 44
    XtremeCream 44 10 days ago

    Most of the other players are bots

  • Goldenwood Jewelry
    Goldenwood Jewelry 10 days ago

    The bots tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • Xdew Gaming&More
    Xdew Gaming&More 10 days ago

    Fighting against bots and saying "everyone's getting owned". LoL