Why Your Brain Thinks These Strawberries Are Red | Science Of Illusions | WIRED

  • What is color constancy and how does it trick our brain into seeing colors that aren't really there? WIRED's Robbie Gonzalez and neuroscientist David Eagleman use ambiguous photographs and giant props to explain light, color and the science of illusions.

    Want to try switching the colors you see on the shoe illusion?

    Follow this link if you see the shoes as grey and teal: thexvid.com/video/JmLiFjCsXhU/video.html

    Follow this link if you see the shoes as pink and white:
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    Why Your Brain Thinks These Strawberries Are Red | Science Of Illusions | WIRED

Comments • 80

  • Methamphetamelon
    Methamphetamelon 3 hours ago

    3:25 - Introduces blue-green filter, stating it is opposite the spectrum of red and that if they use it on their camera lens, it blocks red light.
    3:32 - Places filter over camera, the strawberries cease being red, and are now dark grey/black.
    But the strawberries aren't red, right?

  • Michaella Antoinette Diesta

    Hah. I dont what and who to trust anymore

  • ᄋᄉᄋJewoo
    ᄋᄉᄋJewoo 7 hours ago

    Istg the Very first time I saw the dress, it was white and gold but after a while it turned blue and brown

  • penguins can fly
    penguins can fly 14 hours ago

    Jokes on you I'm colorblind🤣😂🤣

  • Lj T
    Lj T 18 hours ago

    4:17 its grey to me

  • Ḟȑèŋćĥ Ḟŕỳ
    Ḟȑèŋćĥ Ḟŕỳ 19 hours ago

    WIRED : These strawberries are gray.
    Me : You are stupid, they definetly are red.
    WIRED : :(

  • August Chanunpanich
    August Chanunpanich 23 hours ago

    One theory is there probably colour blind...

  • nobody's random videos

    Why do I see the cube thingies gray but the strawberries red.

  • YuureiInu
    YuureiInu Day ago

    Are the strawberries gray or are they red with blue filter on top? Isn't it the same colour described in 2 different ways?

  • Most Epic
    Most Epic Day ago

    When I saw the thumbnail I really thought it was Barack Obama

  • Jeffrey Jewell
    Jeffrey Jewell 2 days ago

    What color is the corona virus ?

    ARKI RACE 2 days ago

    I don't care. I'm color blind.

  • Tony Digital
    Tony Digital 2 days ago

    No, This isn't weird because I've heard this a thousand times already. Tell me something new!!!!

  • soukai
    soukai 2 days ago

    I don't see the geometric figures red when the filter is applied, am I broken?
    Ok, I'm totally broken, the shoe is pink and blue

  • 丁海天
    丁海天 2 days ago

    Its green

  • Angel Is Pretty. Odd.

    Whenever I see the dress it would always switch for me. I used to see black and blue, but now I see it as white and gold

  • Uber Bob
    Uber Bob 2 days ago

    4:18 he says they should still look red, am I going crazy or are they looking gray to anyone else?????

  • Elif Durmus
    Elif Durmus 2 days ago

    But why does this guy look like a young Barack Obama in the thumbnail?

  • It's Q'Chn
    It's Q'Chn 2 days ago

    Bruh I was half asleep watching this video and the first time you showed the Van's it looked like grey turquoise, the next thing I heard was white pink and in my head I thought " yeaaah I think he's wrong but whatever."
    Later I got up looked at it again and they were white pink 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Farid Rudiansyah
    Farid Rudiansyah 3 days ago

    I saw gray at first, knowing it's strawberry, it's turning red slowly.

  • Dn
    Dn 3 days ago

    why my brain thinks that there guy on the thumbnail looks like Obama?

  • Maverick Music
    Maverick Music 3 days ago

    Was i the only person scrolling through TheXvid and thought this guy was Obama ?

  • Vivian Ramirez
    Vivian Ramirez 3 days ago

    4:18 who still sees gray

  • Joselito Cabral
    Joselito Cabral 4 days ago

    Now apply this to “LOGIC”
    TRUTH becomes questionable. I see this application in a courtroom. This is why murderers get away, and twisted minds becomes right!

  • Checkered Ninja
    Checkered Ninja 4 days ago

    Am i the only one that sees the dress as blue and gold/brown

  • Debra Jenkins
    Debra Jenkins 4 days ago

    I was washing some strawberries and forgot them in the water overnight. The next am, the water was red and the berries were white.

  • Jaques Lacan
    Jaques Lacan 4 days ago

    Stupid illusion

  • Mickey Manson
    Mickey Manson 4 days ago

    Sad fact. These strawberries are actualy colored and this video is a lie

  • Xianne027
    Xianne027 4 days ago

    My brain doesn't think they're red. They're grayish blue.

  • Coins Collection Tamil

    I saw the cube as two different colour combinations.

  • Kiril Shahamov
    Kiril Shahamov 5 days ago

    alright but the "red" objects were waaay closer to magenta than to red

  • Team Kayser
    Team Kayser 5 days ago

    Colorblind:thats cute

    Im colorblind i thought the strawberry was brown

  • Good Family
    Good Family 5 days ago

    3:40 who sees grey because I do?

    Read more

  • soobin's schneeballen

    me as an intellectual: colour doesn't matter, the important things is, they tastes goOd

  • pavlaras dhamaj
    pavlaras dhamaj 5 days ago

    why does the speaker look like barak obama in the thumbnail?

  • Shawn Cezanne
    Shawn Cezanne 5 days ago

    13 minutes wasted during an endless self isolation. Oh well, at least I got a couple quick naps.

  • Visual Sprays
    Visual Sprays 5 days ago

    I remember the first time I saw the dress it was blue and black when it first became a trend and a month ago I saw it a different color for couple seconds I forgot which color then It was blue and black again I realized it was the old trend anyone know why I saw it a different color for couple of seconds ?

  • Thirteenth Tribe
    Thirteenth Tribe 5 days ago

    These are mine.

  • abdul agung Wijaya
    abdul agung Wijaya 5 days ago

    0:01 he said red yes, and it is not.. okay

  • Abhijeet Kumar
    Abhijeet Kumar 5 days ago

    The object is not red red it's mild red / pinkish to me .
    After the filter it remains grey i don't see them red.

  • slim shady
    slim shady 6 days ago

    Color we see is also dependent on our perception .... Like audio ...suppose someone says clay and that is recorded and played back to you and if we tell u the guy said play you would hear exactly that

  • Nikhil Reddy Guda
    Nikhil Reddy Guda 6 days ago +1

    He: ... and yet when we filter our lens to block the red light, they still look red to you
    Me: well, your filter is no good

  • Ramesh Raju
    Ramesh Raju 6 days ago

    Video :why your brain thinks these strawberries are red?
    My brain : because I have seen it

  • Tuklasin Production
    Tuklasin Production 6 days ago


  • Evan Antonola
    Evan Antonola 7 days ago

    Natural light

  • Annie Lounar
    Annie Lounar 7 days ago

    *When you saw the shoe as pink and teal*

  • G S
    G S 7 days ago

    nah they're red

  • Maeve Of Blades
    Maeve Of Blades 7 days ago

    i am colorblind it's grey lol

  • PokyTheTurtle
    PokyTheTurtle 7 days ago

    “The inevitable question that every college student has postulated in their dorm room”
    Except for those of us who thought about things like this years before then, when we just lil baby children.

  • PokyTheTurtle
    PokyTheTurtle 7 days ago +1

    “They still look red to you”
    Um, no, they look grey. Sorry.

  • Master-n-Teach GF
    Master-n-Teach GF 7 days ago

    🤔pink an white,,but if I tilt my phone I do see green on sneaker sole

  • Arashi Mokuzai
    Arashi Mokuzai 7 days ago

    9:27 bright green and pinkish dull salmon color

  • matt 101
    matt 101 7 days ago

    anybody else trying to change what their brain sees and thinks now

  • Elizabeth Marks-Graham

    Sometimes il look at a black and white image and it looks faintly colored it must be the same illusion

  • Zyphorus Gaming
    Zyphorus Gaming 8 days ago

    Can you give me link of the strawberry picture. I just wanted to test it out in photoshop to see the actual colour

  • Vyuel
    Vyuel 8 days ago

    They look blue to me

  • Jesse
    Jesse 8 days ago

    presenter: what colour are these strawberries?
    me: grey.
    presenter: nope, they’re actually grey
    me: *evil laughs in colour blind*

  • Sychonut
    Sychonut 8 days ago

    The real illusion is how they got Obama look 20 years younger.

  • khutso Matome
    khutso Matome 8 days ago

    Why do people even do such stuff? It doesn’t even help cure Corona.

  • Rikhil D.
    Rikhil D. 8 days ago

    0:25 am I color blind or what?

  • Frankie Billy
    Frankie Billy 8 days ago

    No they are gray

  • ArtyTheDoggo
    ArtyTheDoggo 8 days ago

    Colors aren’t the same for everyone they’re named but may look different

  • Taulant Narcos
    Taulant Narcos 8 days ago

    Thats not grey ,thats reddish grey.

  • Sara's Randomz
    Sara's Randomz 8 days ago

    I've always been thinking of this...what if my red is your blue (or any other colour)? That would be weird that the strawberries I see with my red , someone else would see as my blue, which they call 'red'. But inter other hand...we know the frequencies of each of the colours, so the more I ask the more I'm confused🤦‍♀️

  • Tank Bank
    Tank Bank 9 days ago

    I’m colourblind so this video
    was very confusing

  • VanLifeCrisis
    VanLifeCrisis 9 days ago

    Its funny, i saw green and teal on the shoe until i went to the video that makes it flip by putting the bright green beside it. When i came back, i then saw it pink in this one too, so now my brain was trained by the other video.

  • Vedant Nagpal
    Vedant Nagpal 9 days ago

    Those origami strawberry looked grey to me, not red, with the blue green filter, so I guess cause we know that strawberries are red, that’s why they are looking red even with the filter

  • paradise ghasemi
    paradise ghasemi 9 days ago

    Thanks for the conclusion!

  • TheIdKids
    TheIdKids 9 days ago

    i managed to somehow see the actual colour

  • Lordman
    Lordman 9 days ago

    "I don't understand. It's blue and gold for me"

    "Hah I was right"

  • deme7063
    deme7063 10 days ago

    this is why I just ask Sherwin Williams

  • joe divetta
    joe divetta 10 days ago

    Plot twist it is actualy tinted red

  • plam.135
    plam.135 10 days ago

    0:20 red

  • zeb g
    zeb g 11 days ago

    Did anyone else see pink and teal

  • alphadawn2015 lennon
    alphadawn2015 lennon 11 days ago

    actually, i saw the pink and white AFTER i spotted the green coloured hand

  • Shankar Sharma
    Shankar Sharma 12 days ago

    my left only open eye sees bluish for white paper
    and my right eye only open sees some what white for same paper in
    day light

  • hasmize
    hasmize 13 days ago

    Where is red???? I am only seeing grey.

  • Demetria Dark
    Demetria Dark 13 days ago +2

    12:09 but what if I’m both a night owl and an early riser? I know it’s weird but that’s me.

  • Juicytribe
    Juicytribe 13 days ago

    I said Grey.. lol idk if that’s a good thing or not 😂😩

  • A A
    A A 13 days ago

    Isn't the color of the object simply what color the object appears in neutral white light?