IT'S A WRAP on Bad Boys for Life!

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • From Atlanta to Miami, shooting is officially wrapped on the third Bad Boys film!
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  • TheGoblinn
    TheGoblinn 16 hours ago

    Whys Martin so quiet?!?

  • Pochonesian
    Pochonesian 16 hours ago

    I didn’t know they hooked up with my man Cedrick The Entertainer to replace Martin.

  • Raymond Briones
    Raymond Briones 16 hours ago

    Will Smith is my homie 🍺

  • Dr. Kimberly
    Dr. Kimberly 17 hours ago

    I love Will and Jada together!

  • Atanizin AMK
    Atanizin AMK 18 hours ago

    why does Martin keep quite?....

    TRUEST CUZZY 18 hours ago

    What's the Model of the 245k Vehicle

  • Wadewilsondp07 C
    Wadewilsondp07 C 19 hours ago

    Anybody know WTF Jaden was talking about? He may as well have been speaking Klingon for all I could tell

  • IceSoulTv
    IceSoulTv 20 hours ago

    React to attack of titan

  • FreeStYLeMInd
    FreeStYLeMInd 21 hour ago

    I'm worried about Martin😣 excuse me while I pray

  • FreeStYLeMInd
    FreeStYLeMInd 21 hour ago

    Ok I don't like you scaring me like that Will..that darn pic (before I clicked the video) I thought something really happened to you. Whew thank God it's for the movie

  • Frost Bite Matthews
    Frost Bite Matthews 21 hour ago

    Lol Martin Lawrence looked like he was concentrating on not shitting himself 😂

  • Ronnie The Great
    Ronnie The Great 22 hours ago

    2:08 Will Smith said only a man know what a man needs..... wait WHAT🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️..... did you see Jada face after he said that like she know what he really mean by that 👠💅🏽

  • Sam C
    Sam C Day ago

    Hopefully they get Jaden so help he’s looking rough.

  • sami obamaa
    sami obamaa Day ago

    I wish for @WillSmith to share Jebena Genie,
    Hey make my wish come true by sharing this teaser trailer. It will change the Australia film industry and bring opportunity to people diverse background.


    GOOD JOB.😁.

  • Dan Marino
    Dan Marino Day ago

    If Tom Hanks ever loses his title of nicest guy in Hollywood, Will takes over.

  • Luis B
    Luis B Day ago +1

    Wtf are these grills

  • 93agTV
    93agTV Day ago

    I love this!!! So awesome how they did this!

  • Darlene McNealy
    Darlene McNealy Day ago

    I’m sure their is something in the water, but they seem happy. 🙂

    DAVE BEANO Day ago

    Great kids, seems to be finding their own way in this world...

  • Cryscarter
    Cryscarter Day ago

    floridians dont even like being in miami lol its a death trap with traffic over there lol they crazy lol i cant wait to leave florida

  • Danny Wilkes
    Danny Wilkes Day ago +1

    South Beach agrees with everybody except natives of Miami from what I've heard

  • Hosam Almeihop
    Hosam Almeihop Day ago

    what is wrong with Martin Lawerance? is he clowned as well?

  • Rockeez West
    Rockeez West Day ago

    22 years...OMG, we're old! I remember back when they got together & I ain't even gonna comment on that cloud situation bcuz Martin's face says it all.

  • Mr Comer
    Mr Comer Day ago

    why martin didnt hit the

  • Brandi Duckworth

    Martin looks like come get me out of the trailer when y'all done predicting the clouds

  • Brandi Duckworth

    Jayden looks like he gonna be the villian

  • kataboliztic
    kataboliztic Day ago

    Lives a happy and joyful life with friends and family.

  • edwina crenshaw
    edwina crenshaw Day ago

    Haaaaaaaa,i know its gonna be tthe bomb.O.g. fan. Nothing but love from Detroit.😘Love you jada.

  • Ebizzill
    Ebizzill Day ago

    lol. Get out of the car Jada, loooooool!!!!!

  • able Man
    able Man 2 days ago

  • rex king
    rex king 2 days ago

    Will Smith= best actor

  • Melanin Beaute Boutique

    Yoooooo the video editing is HILARIOUS! 😃
    Can’t wait for this movie to drop! #PhillyInTheHouse 💁🏾‍♀️

  • ahmed karage
    ahmed karage 2 days ago +1

    I really respect Will. Great husband and father. Really hope jaden is only going through a phase. Hope he makes it out good.

  • Romeo Davis
    Romeo Davis 2 days ago

    Wooooah indigo tie ya shoes

  • Grace Sanders
    Grace Sanders 2 days ago

    Not normal....he was a cute kid, but real confused adult...

  • Grace Sanders
    Grace Sanders 2 days ago

    Jaden Smith is not normal...

  • Saykoo Joe
    Saykoo Joe 2 days ago

    Can't wait until the movie come out

  • michael irving
    michael irving 2 days ago

    Flavor flav- wooow 😂😂😂

  • Jman 2081
    Jman 2081 2 days ago

    Will Smith as black as a queball

  • Jman 2081
    Jman 2081 2 days ago

    Sellout liberal fuckin weirdos!

  • Kenerine Fraser
    Kenerine Fraser 2 days ago

    🙄WOW❗️Jaden’s grill has got to go not attractive at all. He doesn’t look like he belongs to the Smith family anymore. He was such an adorable little boy & now this look. WHY⁉️

  • Mary Holback
    Mary Holback 2 days ago

    WTH is going on with Jaden mouth?! I'm like Will wat do he have in his mouth

  • VersaFlixz
    VersaFlixz 2 days ago


  • Kevin Lamar
    Kevin Lamar 2 days ago

    The Porsche is back!

  • chris miller
    chris miller 2 days ago

    Martin is very quiet

  • walter kibbs
    walter kibbs 2 days ago


  • Easy Ez
    Easy Ez 2 days ago

    Mike Larry...King ding-a-ling😂😂😂🔥🔥🎩👌

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 2 days ago

    bad boys 3 ?

  • Maki Maki
    Maki Maki 2 days ago

    6our editor needs a raise 😂😂😂


    *Definition of cool*

  • Lester Morillo
    Lester Morillo 2 days ago

    7:36 :)

  • Roslyn Correia
    Roslyn Correia 2 days ago

    the difference between double double and triple double, the triple. LOL!!

  • enrique iglesias heartbeat

    You're a Love, man...
    You Are A LOVE

  • Maxim Fedortsov
    Maxim Fedortsov 2 days ago

    Ни хера не понял, но было интересно!

  • Kevin Ortega-Rojas
    Kevin Ortega-Rojas 2 days ago

    I guess y’all aren’t gonna show the beach scenes ....

  • tonya patterson
    tonya patterson 2 days ago

    The best part was Will explaining how some places doesn’t agree with everybody. Very true! Despite what people are commenting about Martin Lawrence, I hope BB3 will prove the critics wrong and both actors will shine while dropping the mic.

  • Last Ride
    Last Ride 2 days ago

    Wth was that?!

  • rose patton
    rose patton 2 days ago +3

    "Only a man knows what a man wants" oooook😵 finally he comes out..2019 better late than never👍

  • Edwin Abel matos veloz


  • Prettymenace40
    Prettymenace40 2 days ago

    I am a huge fan of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence but uuuuuuh Martin looks completely out of his element here. He looks soooooo over this whole experience.....WHAT'S UP?! Love you guys and I hope all is well👍😘

    BILLY SPP 2 days ago

    Hooo..Thank you for playing this scene.. 8:34

  • Praise 777 Always
    Praise 777 Always 2 days ago

    What happened to Jaden????? I'm serious!!!! Jada, you are a natural beauty please stop the fillers.

  • Ripple Effect
    Ripple Effect 2 days ago

    Beautiful family

  • Joey Robles
    Joey Robles 2 days ago

    Good, worst movies on the planet, as bad as FAF 2 - now

  • Tommy Brisbane
    Tommy Brisbane 2 days ago +2

    I feel your pain Martin. I was hard enough for me to have to sit through this 9min video.

    • Last Ride
      Last Ride 2 days ago

      Ikr. Will wants all the attention man

  • Celso Caíres Da Silva

    Alguém sabe o nome da música do começo do vídeo que o cara colocou no celular???????

  • Mookie Bridgewater
    Mookie Bridgewater 3 days ago!!

  • D B
    D B 3 days ago

    Martin needs to loose weight.

  • Alex Hutchins
    Alex Hutchins 3 days ago

    Jayden is 21 but looks 16🤣

  • Phyllis Denise
    Phyllis Denise 3 days ago

    Only a natural woman grown and in her element knows what a man needs. His homosexual comments are always against the feminine.

  • Shawn Juan
    Shawn Juan 3 days ago

    Just shows you that business is business you’re not always friends with the people you make money with. Situational friends.

  • Este Mastermynds
    Este Mastermynds 3 days ago

    Family life is love!

  • TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83
    TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83 3 days ago


  • Mindfull Don Juan
    Mindfull Don Juan 3 days ago +11

    you really gotta love your kid to look at *this* 5:58 and say " *I'm proud of you* "

  • Budi Rahardjo
    Budi Rahardjo 3 days ago

    what happened to martin lawrence? he looks tired. I love him. get him back on shape, please. I love his jokes. please, please, please.

  • StyelzBone
    StyelzBone 3 days ago

    So if deluxe is over the monkey bars, at triple deluxe he floating over dem bitches yo

  • Mike M.
    Mike M. 3 days ago

    Jaden and the Deluxe bit could have been left out.

  • Jana Latcham
    Jana Latcham 3 days ago

    What up with Jadens mouth

  • Produced By Kap Beat Channel

    Martin Lawrence clone

  • juanwhites
    juanwhites 3 days ago +2

    Only a man knows what a man wants that was suspect af! 😂🤣 Jada Smith was like nigga!! Chill

    • hello kitty
      hello kitty 3 days ago

      juanwhites 🤣🤣 he knew it would be. That’s why he said it. 🤣🤣😂😂

    SAMMY WILSON 3 days ago

    Bad boys esperándola con ansias

  • Jonathan Gittens
    Jonathan Gittens 3 days ago +3

    Did anyone else notice the guy wearing the Wonder Woman 84 shirt @7:01??

  • Nek
    Nek 3 days ago

    Will making her get out of the car was hilarious 💀

  • Inaesteeina
    Inaesteeina 3 days ago

    8:10 Facts!! Places do have vibrations with people. I've been saying this for the longest time and folks are looking at me like I'm crazy. When I'm in Costa Rica and Sierra Leone, I look and feel totally different and it's obvious. It's like I start morphing into the best version of myself.

  • Andrey Greenidge
    Andrey Greenidge 3 days ago

    What happened to jaden...need to drink the water dad is drinking

  • Rob Baes
    Rob Baes 3 days ago

    What's that last song in this video? .. I love that sound

  • Eugene Gichina
    Eugene Gichina 3 days ago

    7:15 she looks so guilty

  • After Memphis
    After Memphis 3 days ago


  • Sunday Isom
    Sunday Isom 3 days ago

    Oh and Jaden? comment.

  • Sunday Isom
    Sunday Isom 3 days ago

    OK what's going on here?? I'm a little nervous about this movie now...Martin looks like he's doing all he can just to stand up! He doesn't look well, he's barely in the video (Bad Boys For Life?), he has absolutely NOTHING TO SAY!! (Where's that Martin wit?) I've been waiting for this movie FOREVER! I hope this awkwardness was due to just a bad day for the Bad Boys!

  • Denisha Jordan
    Denisha Jordan 3 days ago

    I love them i cant wait to see the movoe

  • Casidee P
    Casidee P 3 days ago

    I think Will Smith just confessed to being bisexual...1:56-2:12??? The rumors have now been confirmed.

  • Sophia 11/16
    Sophia 11/16 3 days ago +2

    Jada's either looking her age or that blone does her no justice, lol still love you girl...😜

  • Meeka
    Meeka 3 days ago

    !!!! I cannot wait to see this movie 😊😊 it’s Bad Boy for Life

  • The Sage One
    The Sage One 3 days ago

    I miss Martin's presence and smile. He looks good.

  • The Sage One
    The Sage One 3 days ago

    Panama is my high-frequency spot. I will move there. Bocas del Toro here I come

  • Lilian Madu
    Lilian Madu 3 days ago

    Director: “This is like Belgium.”
    Will: “This is as least like Belgium as any place I’ve ever been...”
    I don’t know why but this took me out 😂

  • StandUPguy4Christ
    StandUPguy4Christ 3 days ago

    What kind of Car was Jada sitting In?