Solskjaer Schools Lampard | Manchester United 4-0 Chelsea | United Review

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • In United's first game, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side looked clinical as they bested Chelsea 4-0. A harsh reflection on Chelsea, United took their fewer chances as they exploited Chelsea's vulnerability on the counter. Three clear points to take from the game, just like United in the table:
    - United's midfield still look shaky
    - The defence looks solid with Aaron Wan-Bisakka and Maguire
    - The attack of Rashford and Martial were clinical
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Comments • 370

  • Marv Mark
    Marv Mark Day ago

    this 11 vs Chelsea opening day of the season is capable leading the Premier League
    1st, 2nd, 3rd goal was created by Andreas & Lingard - press, steals & swiftly create goal-scoring chances
    Pogba created the 4th goal

    then after this game Ole dropped Andreas for Daniel James (26 games started, win8, draw 9, lost 9, scored 28, conceded 32, only 5 clean sheets)

    23 straight Premier League games after we're in 5th placed

    check out games where Ole didnt start with Dan James
    11 games, 9 wins, 1 draw, 1 lost with the kids in Astana, 32 goals scored only 4 conceded 8 clean sheets this is championship winning form 82% win rate, 2.91 goals scored per game, 0.36 goals conceded per game

  • ZuluWarrior
    ZuluWarrior 5 months ago

    Well well well that 4-0 victory against Chelsea isn't ageing well, it papered over the cracks AS I SAID, YOU GUYS ARE NOTHING BUT A GLAMOURIFIED COUNTERATTACKING TEAM AND DON'T HAVE ANY CREATIVITY TO BREAKDOWN TEAMS WHO PLAY A MID TO LOW BLOCK.
    You guys are in for as season of hurt, I saw and called it even after you beat Chelsea 4-0, the saying goes " can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.
    You guys won't finish in the top 6 this year for three reasons:
    1) Your team lack CREATIVITY
    2) Your team don't have the depth in your squad.
    3) Your team are set up to be a COUNTERATTACKING team so you will hope and pray that your strikers are efficient every match.

  • Blade X
    Blade X 5 months ago

    Did everyone forget Timbo is a CDM?

  • Apollyon 1975
    Apollyon 1975 5 months ago +2

    Chelsea were by far the better team, and a dumb penalty changed the game. Nobody schooled anybody. By xmas you plastic fans will be calling for Ole's head.

  • Adrian Buc
    Adrian Buc 5 months ago

    Man u finnaly winning an important game, and now they are thinking that they are the best club in the Premier league. Total joke

  • Jim Bean
    Jim Bean 5 months ago

    Top four shouldn’t be the question, we should be going for the title no matter what, you don’t just settle for champions league... we need to ride the momentum and make teams fear us, we need to continue to be positive as fans and push our team to strive forward through the tougher and not so tough times... we will develop the best defence in the league in the next season or two and with young attacking talent and grafting midfielders we could surprise everyone. No champions league could help us push on domestically too.

  • R. E. Hill
    R. E. Hill 5 months ago

    Lindelof yellow card... Don't like that....

    FOGGY #7 RACING 5 months ago

    Lampard Sacked by Christmas.

      FOGGY #7 RACING 5 months ago +1

      @ZuluWarrior Absolutely m8 . 👍😁

    • ZuluWarrior
      ZuluWarrior 5 months ago +1

      @FOGGY #7 RACING - Eh no pal, Ole sacked by xmas is more realistic.
      "...Are you not entertained now?..."

  • Tee Mill
    Tee Mill 5 months ago

    I like the video but I've hit the 👎🏾 because we are NOT getting top 4! Obvi I hope we do but I really think we are going to get 6th again. 5th at best!

  • Shrinivas Y.P
    Shrinivas Y.P 5 months ago

    Well if I should be optimistic than, I would say yes we will finish top 4. But don't forget that we just made use of mistakes. We should think of keeping bit more possession and also make goals by nice pass play.

  • Moe
    Moe 5 months ago

    The lead up to 2nd goal Tammy A was fouled and killed the game off. United and Chelsea won't get top 4 I think 6th. Also Basaka is awful at passing

  • Michael Brewster-Clarke

    Everyone is sleeping on Alexis Sanchez
    Yh he may not have the pace he used to but he can do what Mata does at the CAM but faster...he can pass, press and interchange with the forwards much better than Mata
    It's useless to make him stay out wide. Either play him at CAM or ST. It's a change that's needed as he's getting on with age

  • A s
    A s 5 months ago

    How is Chelsea's midfield better than ours? Kovacic Barkley jorhinio?

    • A s
      A s 5 months ago

      @Samuel Yeboah Kanye doesn't play for Chelsea. He's not big into football you know

    • Samuel Yeboah
      Samuel Yeboah 5 months ago

      Kanye as well

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain 5 months ago

    I think Wan Bissaka was a brick vs Chelsea but we were saying the exact same thing about Darmian when he started playing for us.. “no one can get passed him” “defensively a rock” etc but he needs to up his attacking part of the game which is crazily more important than defending for a full back in this era. I really hope he does because he looks an amazing defensive talent.

  • 李善德
    李善德 5 months ago

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  • Charming nowhere to hide

    the neck. Can't ask more of him. The team needs time to bed in. Wolves next week would be tough. Hope we have a little more luck left in the tank.

  • william Larsen
    william Larsen 5 months ago

    Simply put, we now have the defence to get into games without letting simply and idiotic goals, Chelsea could have smashed us if it wasn't for wanbisaka and maguire, we needed this defence badly and I'm happy we have it

  • r3d3y3si
    r3d3y3si 5 months ago

    Schools lampard but was a lick of paint away from being 2 nil down in the first half😂😂😂😂😂😂deluded man's.

    • r3d3y3si
      r3d3y3si 5 months ago

      @Lzãnö king how did the war with the mighty armies of crystal Palace go?

    • r3d3y3si
      r3d3y3si 5 months ago

      @Lzãnö king dead but in war you are better to maim the enemy.
      That way someone will try to keep them alive meaning that they won't be shooting at you. You will also have an easy shot at the rescue party.
      How many Chelsea players died?
      Your comment makes no sense.

    • Lzãnö king
      Lzãnö king 5 months ago

      If you are at War and you almost kill the opposition and in the end you die and the opposition is still alive what does that make you?

    • Lzãnö king
      Lzãnö king 5 months ago

      What's the result mate...?

  • marknn nzy
    marknn nzy 5 months ago

    We need Sanchez so badly in his prime... We can get to top three

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide 5 months ago

      would have atleast drawn. I don't want to be the Moaning Martel but would like to point out that the entire world is missing Pogba's run for the fourth goal. Yes he made that

  • AnandaKrishna Naidoo
    AnandaKrishna Naidoo 5 months ago

    Was a bit concerned with DDG distributions during the game needs to be worked on

  • Saiko Gary
    Saiko Gary 5 months ago

    Is Abdulla wearing a 'Paul Pogba' branded t-shirt?

  • chizoba Onwubuariri
    chizoba Onwubuariri 5 months ago

    Shaw was always going backwards with the ball

  • AIZSerious
    AIZSerious 5 months ago +2

    Bigger games bring Pogba into the 10 and again the rest a double pivot is perfect

  • Noah Mancini
    Noah Mancini 5 months ago

    i was listening but on another tab on my laptop until I swithced to the vid I thought it was Mckola

  • scott saul
    scott saul 5 months ago

    Turning point 2nd goal

  • rolo bwaja
    rolo bwaja 5 months ago

    I think Ole was outclassed by Lampard first half tbh

  • luttrell1973
    luttrell1973 5 months ago

    Reminds me of the time we beat the gunners 4-1 when Neil Webb debuted

  • Will Cowlin
    Will Cowlin 5 months ago

    John Mcginn herrera replacement.

  • Abs Corleone
    Abs Corleone 5 months ago

    Scott McSauce what a beast!! Matic replacement Future El Capitan!!!

  • H O
    H O 5 months ago

    Ole's system is too 1 dimensional to me, relying on the opposition to come out so we can counter attack can only get you so far.

  • H O
    H O 5 months ago

    I dont think we should be too happy, the way we got dominated was not a good sign and we got away with chelsea bad decisions at both ends of the pitch.

  • Cloud Nine
    Cloud Nine 5 months ago

    Suddenly Shaw is looking like our weakest link in defense damn!

  • Nick Cox
    Nick Cox 5 months ago

    Howson, I live next to Piccadilly too. Walking back takes 45 mins if you get a wriggle on, and you'll save the ball ache of that traffic. Give it a crack mate. Love the chat lads keep it up 👍

  • tanmay chopra
    tanmay chopra 5 months ago


  • NA SA
    NA SA 5 months ago

    It's good to not see the faces of Smalling and Jones at the back. I won't say it's their fault but they aren't United quality or top 8 team quality. I hope Ole uses them in Europa and also keep Axel refreshed by giving him a few reserves games.

  • NA SA
    NA SA 5 months ago

    I don't think you guys are in senses. The scoreline is Xmas generous. We took our chances? yes...but the fact remains that Chelsea didnt and another team on another day would have atleast drawn. I don't want to be the Moaning Martel but would like to point out that the entire world is missing Pogba's run for the fourth goal. Yes he made that sublime pass for the third one but the run for the fourth....he turned up yesterday. He takes some time to get going; like mancity game. But he did take the game by the scruff of the neck. Can't ask more of him. The team needs time to bed in. Wolves next week would be tough. Hope we have a little more luck left in the tank.

  • Juber Ahmed
    Juber Ahmed 5 months ago

    Iam just hoping by january transfer window we sign 2 midfielders in case pogba goes and a striker. GGMU

  • Stretford Paddock
    Stretford Paddock 5 months ago

    The perfect start! 🇾🇪

  • Clement Siby
    Clement Siby 5 months ago

    Pareira was the missing midfielder in a defence perspective.

  • Anthony Pogba
    Anthony Pogba 5 months ago

    walla walla

  • Takudzwa Shayamapiki
    Takudzwa Shayamapiki 5 months ago

    We were very clinical and good, also abit to do with Chelsea being naive by making mistakes and leaving huge spaces for us. Will be interesting against a team that sits back. Great start though

  • Ross Jones
    Ross Jones 5 months ago

    I can’t wait for maguire to pull down his shorts bend over and shit all over Van Dijk at a corner

  • TheKing129129
    TheKing129129 5 months ago

    Don’t need Ben yeddar, injuries can happen ofc - but it’s time to give rash and martial (and mason) their chance... we need them to deliver and they have the platform now. Good start yesterday!

  • Alvin Anis
    Alvin Anis 5 months ago

    First time the chuckle brothers weren't on the bench, *sighs in relief*

  • Rjb771996
    Rjb771996 5 months ago

    We need a pirlo next to pogba

  • Thomas Cawley
    Thomas Cawley 5 months ago +3

    Chelsea hitting the woodwork twice and then zouma clumsily giving a penalty away must of been Oles tactics

  • Tommy Knockers
    Tommy Knockers 5 months ago

    Where is Fred?
    Lets take this time to remember Axel managed to keep a prime Sanchez quiet.

  • cyka blyat
    cyka blyat 5 months ago

    honestly love the back 4. massive improvement

  • Damilare Pierre
    Damilare Pierre 5 months ago +1

    In as much as I love watching us, my worry is that we don't have plan B, we don't have depth and when injury hits, we will suffer a lot. And our midfield is too pedestrian, take pogba out then we in big trouble, defence looks very balanced.

  • mark Bateman
    mark Bateman 5 months ago

    Top four a distinct possibility if only because Chelsea and Arsenal have their own problems (Newcastle created lots of chances against Arsenal) and I can't see anyone else (Leicester, Everton or Wolves) breaking into the top six. Winning the Europa League is not going to be easy, most years there are some very good Spanish or Italian sides in the later stages. FA Cup? Depends a lot on the draw and who else takes it seriously enough to put out full strength teams.

  • Paul occs
    Paul occs 5 months ago

    With wan bisaka at rifht back Maguire solid as a rock we will keep alot of clean sheets . Forget top 4 lets aim for 3rd 👌

  • J4cob 13
    J4cob 13 5 months ago

    Fred or peirera to start Vs wolves

  • ZuluWarrior
    ZuluWarrior 5 months ago +1

    You United are getting ahead of yourself you won 4-0 BUT it was no way a 4-0 result the difference was united were more effective than Chelsea not necessarily better.
    If you think that was a convincing result ur in for season of hurt, United punished Chelsea defensive mistakes, with some generous refereeing decisions for United b4 goals 2 and 3 over the season refereeing the decisions went uniteds way.
    United won the battle but they haven't won the war.
    Sorry but I wasn't that convinced that they don't have the squad depth to last season.

    • ZuluWarrior
      ZuluWarrior 5 months ago

      I have some advice for you (Eileen) You simplet.
      ”...Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it remove all doubt ...”
      Your childish comment clearly showed your lack of education and your footballing knowledge rather than address the comments on an intellectual level, you resort to name calling and insults.
      Well done Eileen.

    • Eileen Mcalinden
      Eileen Mcalinden 5 months ago

      Mate what are you going on about you melt no one is saying we was brilliant but we won and that's all that matters so shut it u muppet

  • o2ko
    o2ko 5 months ago

    My Ratings
    DDG 7.0
    AWB 6.5
    HM 6.5
    VL 6.0
    LS 5.5
    SMc 5.5
    PP 6.5
    AP 5.5
    JL 5.5
    AM 6.0
    MR 6.5

    • o2ko
      o2ko 5 months ago

      @DAZZA just keeping it real. Chelsea had lots of 4s and 2s. Their best player by far was Mount. Thats how bad they were. Other top 6 teams might not be as terrible. They all have better cultured full backs and clinical finishers in the box. It was a historic win which i enjoyed. I really hope as Ole said that there's still lots to do to improve on. We really do need another player like Pogba in the middle of the park esp since he seems to prefer a CAM role formation. Lingard was always too high up for the linkup and not as deft. He is not a natural CAM. Anyways too early in the season for all these but i really hope we can keep improving. Whats known for now is we are a better side without Lukaku, chukkle brothers, Matic and Young :)

    • DAZZA
      DAZZA 5 months ago +1

      o2ko very harsh

  • Bernie Phillips
    Bernie Phillips 5 months ago

    You could of walked to deansgate then go to Piccadilly... or get a motorbike taxie ??

  • Jacob O'C
    Jacob O'C 5 months ago

    Howson would be good to see you interview a former referee, must be one of the best jobs in the world refereeing at the top level.

  • Jezz Bish
    Jezz Bish 5 months ago

    If we get 4th we will have done very well. Let's not delude ourselves, Chelsea with a young team were dominating our midfield early on. If just one of their shots go in, the game changes. We got lucky in that we got a penalty and it change the game.Wolves next week will be very tough, Neves, Mourinho, Dendoncker in midfield are very strong and Raul Jimenez finishes his chances.Howson here says let's sign a striker. Mason Greenwood???? do you just want him to play u23s football or something?

  • Kshitij Bajracharya
    Kshitij Bajracharya 5 months ago

    7:33 😂😂😂

  • hunter malum
    hunter malum 5 months ago

    Man I wish we had signed ndombele

  • Adil Lambat
    Adil Lambat 5 months ago

    Lindelof looks like the weak link.