INSANE Billie Eilish Acrylic Nail 24 Hr Challenge! Boy vs Girl w/Chase Keith... FionaFrills

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
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    SUBSCRIBE TODAY! You know I love getting acrylic nails. Chase Keith and I are getting Billie Eilish nails (the really long claw-like ones!). A Boy vs Girl 24 hour challenge -- we have to wear them for 24 hours! Find out how we both do with these crazy long acrylic nails.
    Here is the LA celebrity nail salon:
    (This was not sponsored. I found the nail salon on Liza Kosky, JoJo Siwa, Huda Beauty's Instagram accounts).
    I love getting acrylic nails. I've gone to NY to get my nails done too. Watch them all:
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    In today's video, I am doing a super fun (and insane) boy vs girl challenge with Chase Keith. We are both getting our nails done at an LA celebrity nail salon. We are getting those crazy claws like (pointy) acrylic nails that Billie Eilish has. We have to leave them on for 24 hours. Come along and see how boy vs girl does with this Billie Eilish acrylic nails. We film our daily activities together and in the evening. See how we both did. This was so much fun with Chase Keith. Love u!
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  • Anima Vestra
    Anima Vestra 3 months ago +11966

    When I looked at the thumbnail, I thought u met Billie lmao

    • Pastel Wolfe!
      Pastel Wolfe! 5 days ago

      Ü ñ k ń ø w ń ? She did 😑😐😑

    • Izuki Midoriya
      Izuki Midoriya 20 days ago

      FionaFrills I wish I was like you! I never get to meet anyone famous or my fav singer which is Billie!

    • Shania Deam
      Shania Deam 23 days ago

      She did

    • Gacha Star
      Gacha Star 24 days ago


  • Danielle McLeod
    Danielle McLeod Day ago


  • Princesszvd
    Princesszvd Day ago

    I’m a gay female cellist. Can’t relate

  • Moonligxt. May
    Moonligxt. May 3 days ago


  • Ninja Lundsten
    Ninja Lundsten 3 days ago


  • Jayden Izabella
    Jayden Izabella 4 days ago

    Where did you get your thumb ring?

  • London Wells
    London Wells 5 days ago +1

    Happy birthday to Fiona Frills!

  • Wadima Alshamsi
    Wadima Alshamsi 5 days ago +1

    Sneezy boy 🤣

  • it's just GiGi
    it's just GiGi 6 days ago

    Lmao I thought you met Billie and I clicked but it’s just you and Chase wearing long acrylics for 24 hrs! 😆

  • Romilly Thomas
    Romilly Thomas 7 days ago


  • Sophie Tauscher
    Sophie Tauscher 8 days ago

    when he laughes he looks like yungblood

  • Angelina Sanchez
    Angelina Sanchez 9 days ago

    Yo the thumnail do

  • selenator love
    selenator love 10 days ago

    I am doing my homework while watching your TheXvid videos lmao I really don't wanna study

  • Rosali Lancaster
    Rosali Lancaster 10 days ago

    They look amazing but the cuticles!! Omg, the acrylic should be flush with the edge of the nails so it looks more natural. His nails have the noticeable bump between his natural and fake nails, which should be pretty smooth. Other than that, it’s a super nice video!

  • Nejra Hadzic
    Nejra Hadzic 11 days ago

    i tried this as well and idk why but for me is actually really easy

  • Lizeth Maldonado
    Lizeth Maldonado 12 days ago

    Seeing you trying to take of your contacts and touching your eye made my eyes water like a lot I was basically crying I hate hate HATE it when I see something close or on someone’s eye of if they touch there eyeball just eh

  • joyfull lair
    joyfull lair 12 days ago

    Omg I love billie

  • Ok Sure
    Ok Sure 13 days ago +1

    Poor Chase! 🥴🤭🤭😳

  • Kennedi Sanders
    Kennedi Sanders 13 days ago

    # going to the best nail salon

  • rynn __
    rynn __ 17 days ago +1

    when she tried to put her lenses off with nails.... i felt this pain

  • zz the potatoe
    zz the potatoe 17 days ago

    Every second chases' face was saying"KILL ME"

  • Alaina Abla
    Alaina Abla 18 days ago

    Okay so like the acrylic is way to thick on the nail they need to take a nail drill to even it out

  • yoongies
    yoongies 19 days ago

    is that the sneeze guy on tik tok bruv

  • nah brah
    nah brah 20 days ago

    Bruh why does he look so embarrassed.l, Tryna act like he had no choice

  • миша россов
    миша россов 20 days ago

    девочки а чейзу идет🤰🏿🤩💅🏻💅🏻

  • Kama Fitzgerald
    Kama Fitzgerald 20 days ago

    hahahaha hahahaha so funny

  • Vixen Kovaski
    Vixen Kovaski 20 days ago

    Chase's eyes are so blue...

  • Frida Magana
    Frida Magana 20 days ago

    I love your nails

  • Chubby Bunnies
    Chubby Bunnies 24 days ago


  • London Jay MUA
    London Jay MUA 25 days ago

    They’re not even long!! 😒😒😒🙄.

  • Ciara Vasquez
    Ciara Vasquez 25 days ago


  • lauren allen
    lauren allen 25 days ago

    How much did they cost?

  • Melle Koto
    Melle Koto 26 days ago


  • Shatha Ibrahim
    Shatha Ibrahim 26 days ago +1

    When I looked at the thumbnail I was like did Fiona did you just really meet Billie Eilish

  • Vilma Maldonado
    Vilma Maldonado 26 days ago +1

    I have never go fake nails before

    TYRA ASMR 27 days ago

    I WANT them

    TYRA ASMR 27 days ago


  • Raghad Bader
    Raghad Bader 27 days ago

    You too look like witches with those nails 😂😂 no hate tho love u ❤️

  • Joanie Low
    Joanie Low 27 days ago +1

    the guy who did chases nails looks like that one actor on fresh of the boat

  • Joanie Low
    Joanie Low 27 days ago

    comment if u found all three and made the sentence.

  • Joanie Low
    Joanie Low 27 days ago

    when u eat it

  • Joanie Low
    Joanie Low 27 days ago

    is good

  • Joanie Low
    Joanie Low 27 days ago


  • Tina_ _Snowww
    Tina_ _Snowww 28 days ago

    I ship but idk if he’s gay or not

  • Kayla Delves
    Kayla Delves 28 days ago


  • Grace Kelly
    Grace Kelly 28 days ago

    Eller billig Aili Tu!!!

  • Millie Eilish
    Millie Eilish 28 days ago

    sneeze boii?

  • Khdija Saleh
    Khdija Saleh 28 days ago


  • Khdija Saleh
    Khdija Saleh 28 days ago


  • Khdija Saleh
    Khdija Saleh 28 days ago


  • Lamees Aldossary
    Lamees Aldossary 29 days ago

    No one is gonna comment

  • Jarelis Ortega
    Jarelis Ortega 29 days ago

    This is so fricking funny lol.

    ALANA MCADAM 29 days ago

    Billie is my second cousin

  • Я Смотрю Аниме

    Русские тут?

  • Aneesa Jaramillo
    Aneesa Jaramillo 29 days ago

    Chase says period way too much😂

  • robloxian qween :3
    robloxian qween :3 29 days ago +1

    I'm getting gels..not bc I'm spoiled and I'm 11 .. It's bc I'm getting good grades aka A' s and B's ...but if I get a A or a B on my next test..ILL BE ABLE TO GET MY FIRST GEL NAILS!!!

  • Kimmy Vazquez
    Kimmy Vazquez 29 days ago

    Am going great

  • Tessa Zemaitis
    Tessa Zemaitis Month ago


  • Tara
    Tara Month ago


  • Roxana Georgiana
    Roxana Georgiana Month ago

    Omg its a male version of Billie elish