Fringewatch 2018: The Candidates That Live on the Edge of Reason - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
  • Jordan pays tribute to the fringe candidates running for office, including Libertarian candidate for Illinois governor Kash Jackson and his "fathers' rights" platform.
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    About The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper:
    In a TV news landscape where it’s impossible to know whom to trust, one man rises above the partisan hackery of the mainstream media to bring you the only truth that matters: his. From the fringe-friendly mind of Jordan Klepper, this is The Opposition.

    The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper airs weeknights at 11:30/10:30c on Comedy Central.
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Comments • 118

  • Ric Ancira
    Ric Ancira Year ago

    HI KASH!!! lol, Kash.

  • JCJanko
    JCJanko Year ago

    Man, Comedy Central is really missing something: comedy. This guy is seriously not funny, at all.

  • Ayélé Mensah
    Ayélé Mensah Year ago +1

    I rage you Dad! I RAGE YOU!

  • Johanna Weichsel
    Johanna Weichsel Year ago +1

    Eeww Kash was in Bloomington IL? I live there! Weird I didn't smell anything.

  • Shawn
    Shawn Year ago

    I notice a theme to all the bullshit in the news: 90% of the worst people in America seem to CONSISTENTLY be white republicans (or just republicans in general)
    i've met a guy in my gym who left the klan party to join democrats because he actually "woke" up and realized his former party is a sexist, homophobe, INSANE, pile of shit RACIST clusterfuck

  • Eliyahu Neiman
    Eliyahu Neiman Year ago +1

    Kash Jackson is a great guy. You should look into his actual story, including how the state gets kickbacks for separating kids from their parents.

    • Orange cookie
      Orange cookie Year ago

      @Rand Paul like all the other candidates so much better. This guy was supposly beat there children and is walking free ur pretty ignorant rand Paul if he did truly beat his children. And for paying 10,000 of child support every month good luck surviving Illinois.

    • Rand Paul
      Rand Paul Year ago

      Eliyahu Neiman You only say that cause you are a known libertarian troll. If he is a "great guy" why doesn't he have a job and pay what he owes? I thought Libertarians were all about person reasonably, not blaming the system.
      But I will leave you to editing Kash Jackson's Wikipedia page to make him look good while deleting the truth and about the false accusations he constantly makes towards people. We see you constantly editing it. Not sure why you are afraid of letting people know the truth.

  • Ruthless Savage Hatred

    Until Libertarians get actual representation they will support their party no matter what

  • Cassandra B
    Cassandra B Year ago

    What about the California congressional candidate running as a Republican that videotaped in the bathroom to out a transwoman? Would love to see that covered by The Opposition

  • Amari Student
    Amari Student Year ago

    I think jordan should have mentioned the people who are running against them so people knew who to vote for

  • Amari Student
    Amari Student Year ago

    Do republicans know what standards mean?

  • M W
    M W Year ago +5

    Where do they even find so many shit people

  • Robert Oppenheimer
    Robert Oppenheimer Year ago +1

    Fight the power!

  • waterandafter
    waterandafter Year ago +1

    I didn't see the libertarian penguin in that graphic.

  • Daithi N
    Daithi N Year ago +1

    They obviously did fire their best writers.

  • Amenti H
    Amenti H Year ago +1

    And you call it fringe?
    How about libertarian who's openly pedo, pro rape & woman ownership?..

  • Adrian Davies
    Adrian Davies Year ago

    What? No Patrick Little?

  • Kristen Smoke
    Kristen Smoke Year ago +1

    I know Benjamin Winderweedle aka "Kash Jackson" personally and I just want you all to know that you are foolish if you believe everything an "ex" says. Also very ignorant if you believe everything a family court judge reports. And one more thing, it's absurd to take anything you see on the tv as the gospel truth. 🙄There are reasons beyond some people's knowledge or comprehension as to why some owe so much in child support. So take several seats unless it happens to you and you know what you're talking about. 🙄

    • Rand Paul
      Rand Paul Year ago +1

      Kristen Smoke So you shouldn't believe everything an "ex" says? Isn't he an ex? Guess we shouldn't believe him either according to your logic. And I know him too, he refuses to get a job which makes a deadbeat dad. You are only a libertarian troll

    • William Keys
      William Keys Year ago

    • Kristen Smoke
      Kristen Smoke Year ago

      But why is it so hard to believe that some judges lie and make false reports? Why is it so hard to believe that some judges make orders that are sometimes impossible to follow? For instance, continuing to up the child support, forcing people into bankruptcy and lessening the visitation as well. (Very cruel) I don't really have the energy to go into what I really want to say. I'm emotionally exhausted from my own custody battle with my ex. It has traumatized me to the point where I can barely use my brain anymore. I suppose outsiders will never understand so there's really no point for me to try and argue about it.

    • William Keys
      William Keys Year ago +4

      OK Kristen, so you are claiming extenuating circumstances. Without an inside view of court proceedings, we can only go off of public record. Public record shows that Mr. Winderweedle owes child support. Without further evidence, we can only go with what has been presented. Judges just don't hand out court orders without reason.

    • Kristen Smoke
      Kristen Smoke Year ago

      William Keys Nope. Still wrong, try again.

  • Ralph Dratman
    Ralph Dratman Year ago

    Great graphic!

  • Sasquatch 2001
    Sasquatch 2001 Year ago

    Thats it, I’m running! The people are revolting!

  • mmmboy23
    mmmboy23 Year ago

    What about Anthony Gonzales for Ohio's 16th congressional district, he hasn't said a thing otherthan he was a former professional football player. Of course everyone voted for him... idiots.

  • Michael Ramon
    Michael Ramon Year ago

    Sounds like Jordan needs a visit from Lord Buckethead over in Britain.

  • Fauler Perfektionist

    Holy crap! This so-called "Kash Jackson" is a _jackass!_

    • Orange cookie
      Orange cookie Year ago

      Dam kash Jackson is screwed how is he not homeless yet 10,000 a Month and lives in Illinois he needs to make 120,000 a year plus Illinois property tax that disabled veteran is fucked.

  • BteamBencher
    BteamBencher Year ago

    The "Joke TBD" joke was amazing

  • David Nomack
    David Nomack Year ago +1

    Subtle ahahaha

  • ProfVRandall _
    ProfVRandall _ Year ago

    Actually, there is something right about what Fisher says. Although, I don't agree with the ignoring the right to abortion. I can't argue that laws should be obeyed merely because they are the law. When I was teaching I would ask law students to think of a law that they would disobey for moral reasons. For me it would be the Fugitive Slave Act that required American citizens to turn in escaped slaves, also the Japanese internment,

  • Jc JA
    Jc JA Year ago

    Pedophiles and many sick fucks trying to run our government. It's sick and makes me ashamed of this country.

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern Year ago +3

    How do Republicans find all these moronic thugs?!

  • Emir Alpaslan
    Emir Alpaslan Year ago +3

    There is a pro pedo candidate out there look him up

    • Opinunate ted
      Opinunate ted Year ago +2

      emir: Oh, he is a gem all right. Pro-pedo, pro-incest, pro-spousal rape, pro-Hitler. What can they do to top that besides drafting actual serial killers to run for office?

  • Kristian Brandt
    Kristian Brandt Year ago +4

    How can Dan Fisher actually run for governor? He's running with abortion and his reasons for wanting a ban on human abortion are entirely religious. As the US constitution guarentees the seperation of church and state, wouldn't this technically mean that Fisher's campaign is illegal?

    • Kristian Brandt
      Kristian Brandt Year ago

      headcoLd 7 And being a xenophobic hypocrite is perfectly legal. I just don't see how pushing legistration based on religious beliefs is.

    • headcoLd 7
      headcoLd 7 Year ago

      Kristian Brandt that's just the right wing way. The Constitution only matters when it matches the donors demands.

    • Kristian Brandt
      Kristian Brandt Year ago

      headcoLd 7 I just don't see how all the major Republican players can regard the constitution as an almost holy document when it comes to things such as gun control, and then move on to piss and shit all over it when it comes to freedom of religion and seperation of church and state.

    • headcoLd 7
      headcoLd 7 Year ago

      Kristian Brandt I'd hope so but it's constantly a policy topic in many elections, doesn't seem to cause a stir in the world of Constitutions

  • Cadet Bone Spurs
    Cadet Bone Spurs Year ago +3

    Benjamin Winderweedle..LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick Glynn
    Patrick Glynn Year ago

    Thanks for the Kash plug.

  • rampart rod
    rampart rod Year ago

    repubelican/trupturds/god save America please!

  • JumperWC
    JumperWC Year ago +1

    I love Jordan Klepper

    • headcoLd 7
      headcoLd 7 Year ago

      JumperWC I like lil benny winderweedle

  • Ghostcamel
    Ghostcamel Year ago +17

    "Hold my monocle."
    Winderweedle 2018

  • Spiral Feather
    Spiral Feather Year ago +1

    How is this different from the Colbert Report?

    • Spiral Feather
      Spiral Feather Year ago

      Oh! Well I stand corrected then ^.^

    • Je Zeus
      Je Zeus Year ago

      They are not ripping Colbert, political satire is almost as old as the first ruler. However, Colbert and Klepper took it to a new level.

    • Sean Jau
      Sean Jau Year ago +9

      Colbert was a parody of Bill O'Reilly. Jordan Klepper is a parody of Tucker Carlson/Alex Jones

    • Spiral Feather
      Spiral Feather Year ago

      Fair enough, I just wish he would come up with his own shtick instead of ripping off Colbert.

    • Jonathan Horne
      Jonathan Horne Year ago +7

      Michael Feather because Republicans during the Colbert Report days were often misguided and hypocritical but not bat-shit insane. Now we have literal Nazis and paedophiles running for office and a man whose joke of a career was saved by a joke of a reality television program as president.

  • Wubles Moop
    Wubles Moop Year ago

    Pffft, you call that fringe? There's a guy running for office in Virginia who openly admits to promoting pedophilia, legalizing of rape, and supporting incest.

  • WeezaY5000
    WeezaY5000 Year ago +18

    I am surprised that they didn't mention the literal nazi running for Congress in Illinois.

  • OneNewHope
    OneNewHope Year ago +11

    You missed Art Jones, the LITERAL Nazi that won the GOP nomination for an Illinois congressional seat.

    • Dorian sapiens
      Dorian sapiens Year ago

      There are at least eight Nazi or white supremacist/nationalist candidates for federal office this year. One of the most high-profile is Paul Nehlen, who's likely to get the GOP nomination to replace Paul Ryan in Wisconsin.
      And, that doesn't include current members of Congress who haven't previously been labeled as white supremacist/nationalist (even though their views clearly fall into that category), just because those terms seemed inconceivable in mainstream American politics before the age of trump: Steve King, Matt Gaetz, Joe Arpaio, Dana Rohrabacher.
      Here's an article about it from April 2018:

    • Opinunate ted
      Opinunate ted Year ago +1

      One: there is one running in California, too. Yea, when the Republicans reach bottom, they buy a steam shovel.

  • Jimmy Swenson
    Jimmy Swenson Year ago

    Jordan there is currently a Virginia candidate running as a legitimate pedophile nazi. Thats not a hyperbole.

  • The Protagonist
    The Protagonist Year ago +1

    Dammit, now I want Dairy Queen.

  • J K
    J K Year ago +1

    Those graphics were great! Years ago when Colbert came up with them.

  • The End Begins
    The End Begins Year ago +10

    This must have been taped before rhe pedophile came out as running for office.

  • Luke Stephens
    Luke Stephens Year ago +7

    Jordan you are puttin out great content. Keep up the good work

  • Serienjunkie 007
    Serienjunkie 007 Year ago +2

    Thanks Jordan for another great episode! It was fucking hilarious! Lmfao.

  • Griffith
    Griffith Year ago

    Is Jordan not playing his character anymore? Please don't, I love your show because it was something new. Please don't do more of the same.

  • stormwatcher59
    stormwatcher59 Year ago +10

    I do hope Fringewatch 2018 is going to continue! PLEASE :)

  • Bradypus tridactylus
    Bradypus tridactylus Year ago +47

    Don't diss Sheriff Joe. He almost single-handedly took us from honorable mention to flat-out winner of Bill Maher's Stupidest State in 2016. Or maybe that honor was because of our disproportionate charter school grads. I don't know. Just crossing the state line has a penalty of 10 IQ points. Imagine how I feel. My grandparents were born in Arizona. I didn't learn to tie my shoes until I was a teenager.

  • tredjesongen
    tredjesongen Year ago +3

    Kash jackson🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😅dream father/man.

  • Brian Garrow
    Brian Garrow Year ago

    What about the admitted pedophile running for office that advocates for marital rape and non consentual sex with ANY woman or girl????? He's running for a state office somewhere on the east coast, I believe. Totally batshit crazy!!!

  • s jean
    s jean Year ago

    Abdul for michigan!

  • Tim Reutemann
    Tim Reutemann Year ago +24

    Disappointed - You didn't even get halfware there ... Try "Patrick Little" and "Nathan Larson"...

  • rbanerjee98
    rbanerjee98 Year ago +9

    This show is so good

  • natestubs1
    natestubs1 Year ago +108

    Surprised the self proclaimed pedophile from Virginia didn’t make it into this segment. That’s about as fringe as you can get

    • Ten Fivesmiths
      Ten Fivesmiths Year ago

      yeah, was gonna type that

    • randomnobody playthrough
      randomnobody playthrough Year ago

      What about the Neo Nazi Republican Patrick Little in Calofornia?
      He's number one in the polls, the republicunts have lost their minds!!!

    • mesaeddie
      mesaeddie Year ago

      Fringe I don't think so seems pretty accurate .

    • elan -
      elan - Year ago

      It's been reported in multiple outlets. Thankfully, I have no inside information.

    • Muuro
      Muuro Year ago

      Hehe, yes and no. At least you go in knowing that about him so that you can vote accordingly instead of it slipping out later and making you feel shame for ever voting for the person in the first place.

  • yellingatcows
    yellingatcows Year ago

    wtf fringe left is running the country like all of the other first world successful nations, fringe right is literal authoritarian rule... HOW THE FUCK IS THIS BEING TREATED EQUALLY

  • Bryan Norton
    Bryan Norton Year ago

    Fringe Watch

  • Papershire
    Papershire Year ago

    Men who hate paying child support... why? What did you expect to do when someone else is looking after YOUR child? Use up all their time and money on the child while you wander off without responsibility when your relationship ends? Almost sounds like entitlement there... My bf's father has to split 25% of his income equally between the NINETEEN kids he fathered (that we knew of). My bf's mom got a measly £4 a week! HAHAHAHHA If you can't dish out, don't take your dick out.

  • π π
    π π Year ago +21

    2:26 there is a trex in the background

  • Brovahkiin
    Brovahkiin Year ago +12

    What is this? Jokes about republicans?
    Could it be an FBI spy has infiltrated our beloved opposition and is secretly mocking us true, smart patriots?

  • mc st
    mc st Year ago +3

    Awesome graphics, man! 😁👍

  • Gabriella Yang
    Gabriella Yang Year ago +13

    Praised be the chastity robot!