I spent a DAY challenging Twitch Streamers in Fortnite...

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • I spent a DAY challenging Twitch Streamers in Fortnite...
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    Streamers in this video:
    Sortiez: www.twitch.tv/sortiez
    Zurmi: www.twitch.tv/zurmiv2
    Magic Reborn: www.twitch.tv/magicrebornyt
    Raydr: www.twitch.tv/raydr10
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  • Pinky
    Pinky  Month ago +2022

    spider in da shoe

  • Evan Peri
    Evan Peri Day ago +1

    Is your name stinkypinky because of how hard you sweat

  • Aygoy
    Aygoy Day ago

    Yo everyone 1v1 me I’ve got the Aerial Assault Trooper my epic name is onthelolgg

  • Mindy Petrbok
    Mindy Petrbok 3 days ago

    Pinki can u be my fortnite coach

  • Tamara Mattingly
    Tamara Mattingly 3 days ago

    I want to 1v1

  • TL Azzi
    TL Azzi 4 days ago

    Small TheXvidr that makes montages all support helps!
    Love you pinky no homo favorite TheXvidr, every day I get on and you make my day everyone,I mean everyone show him support!

  • Apex.
    Apex. 4 days ago

    STANKY PAINKY😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nguyen Kevin
    Nguyen Kevin 4 days ago

    I like the vid but I where sandals so haa

  • JDV_Gamer_YT
    JDV_Gamer_YT 4 days ago

    1v1 me you bot my epic name is JDV_Gamer_YT

  • Enic
    Enic 6 days ago

    How do you make your 1v1 map?? 🤔

  • Fatema Li
    Fatema Li 6 days ago

    Man the thumbnail looks sharp brotha

  • YT _Shasta
    YT _Shasta 6 days ago

    You sound like Marley he is a TheXvid his yt is Marley

  • yeet mans
    yeet mans 6 days ago

    Calm down tfue

  • Luke Berkman
    Luke Berkman 7 days ago

    Omg my name is Jeff meme in 2019 holy shit this is funny as hell

  • Mrlecoun I have two dogs

    No wayyy he has more that 1 million subes???!!! I have been subbed on my old phone since he only had 789 thousand

  • 1 sub no vids?
    1 sub no vids? 8 days ago

    Skull trooper sucks soccer skins are better than skull trooper

  • Demon
    Demon 8 days ago

    show your 90's was the funniest part 😂

  • Richard Clinger
    Richard Clinger 8 days ago

    Tomorrow is my birthday

  • HEJMAN 089
    HEJMAN 089 8 days ago

    free pass xd

  • Nicholas Makinson
    Nicholas Makinson 9 days ago

    1v1 pinkey

  • Phantom Fabi08
    Phantom Fabi08 9 days ago

    Pinky why you Play on Europe servers

  • THPD_AzoahYT
    THPD_AzoahYT 9 days ago

    5:42 like if you noticed narco nug and like him

  • lo_opYT
    lo_opYT 9 days ago

    Lol I died when replaced that guys with tfue lol

  • Tyson Sharpe
    Tyson Sharpe 10 days ago +1

    That little kid reminds me of a little nick eh 30

  • Fahad Almulla
    Fahad Almulla 10 days ago +1


  • Tina Barlow
    Tina Barlow 10 days ago

    Hi 👋🏿

  • The Adventures Of Harventchy

    Hi pinky I watched every video you’ve been posting since day 1 is it ok if I can add you

  • Oliver August Åsnes
    Oliver August Åsnes 11 days ago

    Add me ........ OliFliv

  • ZgooZy
    ZgooZy 11 days ago +3

    You know he didn’t show the sniper 1v1 Because he got clapped

  • Jampot
    Jampot 11 days ago

    0:06 but i wanna be spiderman

  • Nathan Benoit
    Nathan Benoit 12 days ago

    As long as it is tomorrow

  • ClaudiuINFINITEE :P
    ClaudiuINFINITEE :P 12 days ago

    I have the Purple Skull Trooper too,wanna 1v1?

  • Emma Salazar
    Emma Salazar 12 days ago


  • _nicks___
    _nicks___ 12 days ago


  • Cotton Pyles
    Cotton Pyles 13 days ago

    Lol I wish I had shoes, and food... and water ; -- ;

  • Tsm_rodolfor 08
    Tsm_rodolfor 08 14 days ago

    Magic is my friend dude

  • Joey Light
    Joey Light 14 days ago

    Challenge me: Twitch: Joeylight23

  • Mason Winters
    Mason Winters 14 days ago

    I don’t like the thumbnail

  • Plasmaray
    Plasmaray 15 days ago

    This does put a smile on my face

  • Craig Berdine
    Craig Berdine 16 days ago

    Hello help me

  • Bioversity YT
    Bioversity YT 16 days ago +1

    At least he tried tho like if agree

  • Bioversity YT
    Bioversity YT 16 days ago

    I don’t leave my house so no shoes boyo but love you pinky

  • ttv im lucky
    ttv im lucky 16 days ago

    Fuc da spiders day scary as hell

  • Evald Amilon
    Evald Amilon 17 days ago

    Evve08 on epic

  • Evald Amilon
    Evald Amilon 17 days ago

    1v1 me

  • sisvsbro kebon
    sisvsbro kebon 17 days ago

    aaaaah sh!t a spider

  • ᖴOᖇTᑎITE ᗷOT
    ᖴOᖇTᑎITE ᗷOT 17 days ago

    What if I don’t put any shoes on next morning

  • Dominic Paris
    Dominic Paris 18 days ago

    Pinkie I love you pls keep it up

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    Like or I will span you when you wake up

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    Toxic GamingTV 20 days ago

    Who is listening to Jon Bellion? Love his music

  • IncognitoDorito :Þ
    IncognitoDorito :Þ 20 days ago

    I found a spider in the shower his morning, and I liked your last video oof

  • titylover 68
    titylover 68 21 day ago

    *For a day*
    A day is 24 hours
    Me: *thinking

  • Gamer Kings rule
    Gamer Kings rule 21 day ago

    Come on get pinky to 5M he’s so good

  • Fortnite btw
    Fortnite btw 21 day ago

    wheres my rainbow six siege gang at?

  • Felipe Colato
    Felipe Colato 21 day ago

    The streamers are good diggers

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    Not McDonald’s O 22 days ago

    If you don’t subscribe to me you will die in 5 seconds

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    max brooks 22 days ago

    use code stinkypinky in the item shop

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    Selvester Gonzalez 22 days ago

    My build is god my aim is trash

  • Zorbazinho Gamer
    Zorbazinho Gamer 23 days ago

    1vs1 me noob

  • TheHypeCrafter
    TheHypeCrafter 23 days ago

    please stop with the spiders i beg

  • _ Prey _
    _ Prey _ 23 days ago +1

    Zurmi is 2 nice

  • Just An Animator Studios

    Your mean I have arachnaphobia

  • Layton Tyas
    Layton Tyas 24 days ago

    Plz 1v1 your my favourite TheXvidr 😀

  • Pahcc
    Pahcc 24 days ago +1

    yoo I know Sortiez ive been watching him for a while

    • Jellow
      Jellow 23 days ago

      Pahcc o m e g a

  • Prod RL
    Prod RL 24 days ago

    That guy that was acting like a ref was hilarious

  • salty sifa
    salty sifa 25 days ago

    Next time some one ask for ur TheXvid tell them salty sifa

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    never locked out 25 days ago


  • Natasha Zerby
    Natasha Zerby 25 days ago

    Once there was a spider on the floor I screamed so loud

  • Cian Harper
    Cian Harper 25 days ago

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  • AnimeKiller 33448
    AnimeKiller 33448 26 days ago

    Can ttv zurmi 1v1 me username Firefox_2019

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    Are use your support a creator stinky pinky now friend me on fortnite fazegoatgod321

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    I wear boots

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    I wear sandals

  • Jane64g gotcha verse J

    Yo pLEASE StOP

  • Acentic
    Acentic 26 days ago +4

    Come to my stream next I’ll show you a 1v1 :)

    • bo ne
      bo ne 8 days ago

      Sure bud

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    Brenick Bishop 27 days ago

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  • Nine Dice
    Nine Dice 27 days ago

    No lie I've played with magic reborn, you can ask if he's played with nine dice and he will say yeh

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  • TrueSavage- BTW
    TrueSavage- BTW 27 days ago

    beat video

  • Maschamascha 2
    Maschamascha 2 27 days ago

    You could 1vs1 them with your main acc

  • Markus Tanner
    Markus Tanner 28 days ago +1

    Show ur face

  • Yuans
    Yuans 28 days ago

    The first guy tho

  • Jellow
    Jellow 28 days ago

    i legit know the first guy on a personal level lol

  • Devil Gamer
    Devil Gamer 28 days ago

    What is the island code

  • Julian Coffey
    Julian Coffey 28 days ago +1

    do a par 3 plz

  • Not AxioN
    Not AxioN 28 days ago +1

    Literally I don’t get how people get famous when they’re not even good. Like I even play on controller and I’m a really good player but no one subscribes to my channel 😭😭 if u guys wanna 1v1 just add my epic: blobgamer05

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    Galaxy Optics 28 days ago

    Nerd neck

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    lil_king savege gang 28 days ago

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    Flam3z_YT FortniteGOD 28 days ago +2

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