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  • Finn Nolan
    Finn Nolan 2 months ago +164

    I love gameplay videos,I know youre not really enjoying the game at the moment,but will u try and do more gameplay vids? Thanks matt!🔥

  • Jack Evans
    Jack Evans 14 days ago

    Do a Fifaponts Give away

  • Riccardo George Ventura Leone

    Y is there a voice in the background

  • DeAtHaToMiC
    DeAtHaToMiC Month ago

    draft is not "hype" ...

  • Fabio's Football
    Fabio's Football Month ago

    Song at 6:20 ?

  • Owen Stewart
    Owen Stewart Month ago

    1678 total ratings

  • Porn Hub
    Porn Hub Month ago

    Gotta love his draft record

  • Carnage
    Carnage Month ago

    What is that background voice ? :D

  • mcenteen
    mcenteen Month ago

    You mean the best goal ever

  • guy cool
    guy cool Month ago

    is it me or you can hear someone speaking in the back round. faking a vid mat

  • MAF_Pifoni
    MAF_Pifoni Month ago

    Best kit ever 💓

  • Bobby Mann
    Bobby Mann Month ago

    10:32 is the worst fifa goal ever

  • Vilgot B
    Vilgot B Month ago

    It should be a 193

  • Vilgot B
    Vilgot B Month ago


  • oluwaninSola
    oluwaninSola Month ago

    chill dude

  • Shadowz_Potttzzz
    Shadowz_Potttzzz Month ago

    If u put Alexander Arnold on u would’ve gotten 100 Chem without the gaffer bc Alexander would’ve had a green line with scholes

  • Teodor Costache
    Teodor Costache Month ago

    8:32 HANDS RED CARD 😂

  • Declan Wintle
    Declan Wintle Month ago

    i got 89 david silva and 84 TOTW in my division rivals pack. :) love the vids keep on goin matt im in australia

  • Chiicken zone
    Chiicken zone Month ago

    195 in the thumbnail, 194 irl

  • blair_wighton
    blair_wighton Month ago

    “Is this the worst you’ve seen” no Matt this is daily gameplay

  • Karim Sawalha
    Karim Sawalha Month ago

    1678 overall

  • FC Wars
    FC Wars Month ago

    Stone cold Steve Austin theme, give me a hell yeah

  • Lennon Bonnell
    Lennon Bonnell Month ago

    There is someone in the background speaking

  • Jagai Zentner
    Jagai Zentner Month ago

    Stone cold's music gets an automatic LIKE

  • Stuntman 1994
    Stuntman 1994 Month ago

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith Month ago

    Wait what i didnt know u were a forest fan????

  • Ali Abdulrahman madi
    Oh shoot

  • Jamcup08
    Jamcup08 Month ago

    You've got the meanings of rare and common mixed up

  • Chill Homie
    Chill Homie Month ago +1

    Pele is SOOOO bad

  • Einar Kullgren
    Einar Kullgren Month ago

    I got a 194 before tots.

  • Zoman YT
    Zoman YT Month ago +1

    Could have switched messi with that striker than put pele in Reus’s spot

  • Jodi Stottor
    Jodi Stottor Month ago

    Am i the only one who can hear a voice in the background??? its very faint but i can still hear something

  • Rocco 354
    Rocco 354 Month ago

    The 194 was a video because you can hear speaking in the background and in the match he said I hit the cross bar so much in this match

  • CrunchySoup
    CrunchySoup Month ago

    Please give aa9skillz some draft lessons

  • Yer man Mangoo
    Yer man Mangoo Month ago

    Pleaseeeee more draft vids

  • Davey Middleton
    Davey Middleton Month ago

    Lmfao toni kroos what a mong

  • Ser Bronn
    Ser Bronn Month ago

    Is this guy on the redlist for Fut Drafts aswell?

  • Là Pfannenwender
    Là Pfannenwender Month ago

    Funny how we can clearly hear a voice in the background, did matt fuck up when stealing a smaller youtubers draft

  • LucS
    LucS Month ago

    You could hear someone elses voice in the background wtf min 3:40

  • Maksudul Haque
    Maksudul Haque Month ago

    Fifa myth... There's no fut draft without a silver in fifa 19

  • Joseph Richardson
    Joseph Richardson Month ago +1

    12:27 matt family friendly out the window

  • Elie Dagher
    Elie Dagher Month ago

    If you put leiva in this draft you will get 195

  • Illumination Time
    Illumination Time Month ago +1

    Like if Messi is the best

  • Freddie Berry
    Freddie Berry Month ago

    Someone has 195

  • Savir Arjun
    Savir Arjun Month ago

    mardona missing like that even though it was litmanen

  • bensam10
    bensam10 Month ago

    0:49 What an UNLUGGEHHHH pick

  • FFD
    FFD Month ago

    On friday which tots come out

  • Simon Løkeberg
    Simon Løkeberg Month ago

    Fifa myth 99 pele does always Comes up on the 4th pick in fut draft

  • Milo Adhami
    Milo Adhami Month ago

    And dynamic difficulty isn’t real in that first round

  • JCW
    JCW Month ago

    12:30 Matt swears

  • CredibleTech71
    CredibleTech71 Month ago

    Of course you made profit you gimp

  • Ellen Meijer
    Ellen Meijer Month ago +1

    You gotta love the stone cold steve austin intro theme song☺🤗

  • Carrot Trump
    Carrot Trump Month ago +1

    My mate made his first fut draft ever yesterday and he got a 194....

  • Niall Alfred
    Niall Alfred Month ago

    Imagine if he didn't get 100 Chem from the manager when he could have swapped pele and litmanen

  • Руслан Василев

    2 weeks ago I tagged you in twitter cuz I did 195 fut draft.

  • Gianluca
    Gianluca Month ago

    I already had a 195

  • Maks Cichocki
    Maks Cichocki Month ago

    5:03 his draft record😂😂

  • Harry Brewerton
    Harry Brewerton Month ago

    You can hear burntchip in the background

  • George Moore
    George Moore Month ago

    Love the Nottingham Forest kit Matt

  • lettuce man21
    lettuce man21 Month ago

    why do you keep on missing

  • Carlo
    Carlo Month ago

    Irish guy has a name and it's enda Stevens

  • DaNoob DN
    DaNoob DN Month ago

    The whole video is basically Matt complaining how sh*t FIFA gameplay is and then saying "I should do more gameplay videos" when he's winning. LMAO

  • ZivoxYT
    ZivoxYT Month ago +1

    Its not his i can hear a different guy talking in the background

  • El Hamdouchi Hamza
    El Hamdouchi Hamza Month ago +1


    --Matt 2019

  • Mics
    Mics Month ago

    He is one of the people who has the worst reactions🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • xliverocker16
    xliverocker16 Month ago

    The sum of all player ratings in this Draft is a WHOPPING 2,078!

  • Jack Rodgers
    Jack Rodgers Month ago

    Matt you said guys about a million times but still love your vids

  • Red 19
    Red 19 Month ago

    I sent u a tweet with 10 icons in a draft ages ago.

  • Hugge 27
    Hugge 27 Month ago

    Fifa myth: Jordan Lukaku was 186cm Fifa 18, now he is 177cm

  • Bene
    Bene Month ago

    Fifa Myth : Every keeper has a green kit

  • Jelle K.
    Jelle K. Month ago

    Nobody gives a shit about drafts anymore

  • Derzwieback#01
    Derzwieback#01 Month ago


  • Pro jeleon
    Pro jeleon Month ago

    I got a 195, check your dm

  • Dylan Hayes
    Dylan Hayes Month ago

    You would 100% make profit from a 25k pack and a 35k pack plus match coins