Opie & Jim Norton - Colin Quinn (12-02-2015)

  • Published on Dec 3, 2015
  • Colin Quinn sits in with Opie & Jimmy. Brandy stops by. (12-02-2015)
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Comments • 105

  • kemper lennox
    kemper lennox Month ago

    You know when it's really cold outside and your balls retract into your body? Something similar to that happens to my eardrums when I hear Dopie's annoying suicide provoking voice...

  • ne no
    ne no Year ago

    can you upload more shows from opie and jim??

  • HammAwake
    HammAwake Year ago

    dudes taking road trips to go jerk off together is gay idgaf what year it is

  • big mike obama
    big mike obama 3 years ago

    opie rules

  • ciscornBIG
    ciscornBIG 3 years ago +2

    I want to listen to this because it is Colin and Jim but then that whole Opie thing...ugh

  • Carlos
    Carlos 3 years ago +3

    Why the fuck do they think i wanna hear them fucking eat?

    • Metal Mayhem
      Metal Mayhem 3 years ago

      I"m serious. If you time eating right and wear headphones, it really feels like you're part of the gang.

    • Carlos
      Carlos 3 years ago +1

      @Metal Mayhem holy shit thank you have no idea how hard this made me laugh LOL!

    • Metal Mayhem
      Metal Mayhem 3 years ago +1

      I like it. I'm lonely. I eat when they eat, I feel like I'm with friends hanging out.

    • Lynch
      Lynch 3 years ago

      +Metal Mayhem na he's right, i love Colin and Jimmy but i dont wanna hear them eat, i dont mind Colin eating but fuck Jimmy and Opie, especially with how much money they're making with their job and their break time.

    • Metal Mayhem
      Metal Mayhem 3 years ago

      +BadVoodo0 Why the fuck do you think they care if you listen?

  • Stratahoovius
    Stratahoovius 3 years ago

    Wait, has Lady Di actually gone insane for real?

    • lamo lambda
      lamo lambda 7 months ago

      @Rita Vissers lel Classic the ol navy nut hut mix up

    • Rita Vissers
      Rita Vissers 3 years ago +1

      +Stratahoovius Yes she thinks she is in the navy, but in reality she is in the nut hut

  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas 3 years ago

    They don't even address the fight?

  • hippa2dahoppa2
    hippa2dahoppa2 3 years ago

    after that last show i cant even enjoy the older episodes or these new ones. to think the entire time opie sat there feeling left out when ant and jim were on a roll making jokes and opie would purposely say ok lets move on, just to try to find another topic he could be a part of and secretly hoping they were both gone so he could control more of the show. wtf kinda person does that. ive tried every which way to defend the guy and his point of view but jesus hes mental

  • VF
    VF 3 years ago

    so lady die is in a old peoples home?

  • Daimonik
    Daimonik 3 years ago +1

    get rid of opie get anthony back... fuck this shit

  • Jeremy Logan
    Jeremy Logan 3 years ago

    Maybe it's whale noises that are supposed to sound like violins

  • Bologna Cakes
    Bologna Cakes 3 years ago

    1:49:34 Jimmy almost had an amazing laugh.
    Too bad it got squashed.
    "We heard you!" -caller
    falls flat
    "What was that?" - jim
    "W-" -caller
    "WE HEARD YOU!" - jim


  • Johnny Natrium
    Johnny Natrium 3 years ago +2

    The exact same opinion and experience with Star Wars as Quinn

  • stacyblue1980
    stacyblue1980 3 years ago

    OMFG Colin said he hates star wars. I HATE IT TOO im not alone in this cruel world! THANK YOU COLIN♥ its a load of shite and its over-blown...although he has said he hates Star Trek. But I forgive him for that because he is the LEGEND

    • stacyblue1980
      stacyblue1980 3 years ago

      @Metal Mayhem um... yes i know. I am one of them. he doesnt like star trek either but its ok hes the fkn legend

    • Metal Mayhem
      Metal Mayhem 3 years ago

      There are a lot of people who like Star Trek and not Star Wars. I think. They are called Trekkies.
      Why is it an OMFG moment that you and Col are 50% the same in your dislike of Star movies?

  • The Papa Leone's Pizza Show

    As the show collapses and disintegrates, Lady Di gets her life together, quits drinking, rejoins the navy...
    ...what the hell is going on?!?

    • lamo lambda
      lamo lambda 7 months ago

      Maybe she knows when to jump of a sinking ship or something

  • Chelsea Colson
    Chelsea Colson 3 years ago

    we need more Sherrod Small!

    • Metal Mayhem
      Metal Mayhem 3 years ago

      +Chelsea Colson Is this sarcasm? What has he ever added? Why are you saying "we"?

  • bsklasika
    bsklasika 3 years ago

    XM should have fired Opie for Ant's racism as Opie was the one to bring that savage on radio in the first place. then we would have Ant & Jim show and it could be even funnier than O&A. fuck XM.
    whats next for Opie after Jimmy leaves? he will bring on his wife (didnt she divorce that piece of shit yet?) and have radio feud with her.

  • the mouth of Sauron
    the mouth of Sauron 3 years ago +1

    I imagine jimmy giving colin that look every time opie says something stupid.

  • Monscent
    Monscent 3 years ago +4

    How could they fucking not even commet on yesterday?

    • The Papa Leone's Pizza Show
      The Papa Leone's Pizza Show 3 years ago +1

      The fight yesterday erupted over Opie avoiding awkward issues, which is exactly what he's doing now.

  • O&A Fan Videos
    O&A Fan Videos 3 years ago +2

    Wtf is with Lady Di? Navy for 10 years? She's been unemployed for like 10 years too, what is she talking about?

    • Lowclef
      Lowclef 3 years ago +1

      She asked someone near her where they were on the ship and someone said Hawaii. That could possibly be an orderly a nurse trying to placate her psychosis or something.

    • O&A Fan Videos
      O&A Fan Videos 3 years ago

      +sdry she was talking to someone like maybe she was in a nut house, I'm really curious about her

    • sdry
      sdry 3 years ago

      +iSOBigD she sounds like my conversations with my 94 year old senile grandmother. No idea where the hell shi is or what is going on. That call did not make any sense lol. Did not know battleships got heated swimming pools

    • Lowclef
      Lowclef 3 years ago +2

      She's lost her marbles dude, she's got the dementia.

  • Dimitri Goryenko
    Dimitri Goryenko 3 years ago +3

    Absolutely no mention of yesterday, colin and jimmy calling zuckerberg an asshole for giving away most of his money (I find this infuriating), and now they're the comedy police with the dog situation (which I didn't find funny, but the egocentric nature of the discussion just fueled my irritation). I'm just going to skip this episode and wait to see what Bennington has to say.

  • Ryan Thompson
    Ryan Thompson 3 years ago +5

    Colin: Where is the taxi driver from?
    Opie: He was a white guy.
    Colin: Yeah.
    I don't even know where to begin.

  • Nebula Viking
    Nebula Viking 3 years ago

    Lady Di is in the Navy again? Is she fucking with us?

    • Lowclef
      Lowclef 3 years ago

      Dude, she's lost her marbles. She's talking about having a job with Budwiser. She's insane.

  • Angry Dwarf
    Angry Dwarf 3 years ago +7

    Opie is horrendous. Without Ant & Jimmy where would he be? A 30k a year music jock. Boooo

  • digitaLm0nk
    digitaLm0nk 3 years ago +1

    where's Anthony? I got excited yesterday, thought it was going to be the ant and Jimmy show today. •_• oh well great chemistry guys !

  • Dave Daum
    Dave Daum 3 years ago +8

    This sounds so awful. I feel like Jimmy has always tried to put everyone else ahead of him and the sacrifices over the years he made for the show in general. This is so stupid and all because of Opies dumb mouth.

    • michi k
      michi k 3 years ago +2

      +Dave Daum very perceptive, jim norton is a selfless hero only caring about others. a privat jet flying victim.

  • PTS74
    PTS74 3 years ago +4

    Assuming Jimmy leaves Opie in 9 months, I'm not sure he'll partner up with Ant due to the commute to Long Island. Unless they create a new show together in the city... we can only hope.

    • lamo lambda
      lamo lambda 7 months ago

      Worked out well huh?

    • mike d
      mike d 3 years ago

      +PTS74 east side dave gavin mcginnes a lot of good comics. I'm not a cumia bitch boy but, its cheaper and way more entertaining content. I'll listen to this for free once and awhile

    • PTS74
      PTS74 3 years ago +2

      +Hot π I haven't seen it in a while. That's great, thanks for the update!

    • Hot π
      Hot π 3 years ago +2

      +PTS74 Ant's new studio is in the middle of Manhattan....Watched TACS lately?

  • Center Minded
    Center Minded 3 years ago +13

    Opie's forced chuckles are tearing me apart.
    Will be glad when Jimmy leaves so Opie can finally blossom into the pile of shit he was truly meant to be.

  • Molly Whop
    Molly Whop 3 years ago +10

    Jimmy was being very humble when he was saying that the show is bigger than him and would continue with or without him. Either that or he doesn't know his self worth.

    • Metal Paul
      Metal Paul 3 years ago

      +kixmgc - Jimmy is OpieRadio.

    • Phibes Lives
      Phibes Lives 3 years ago +5

      +kixmgc He never has, Jimmy honestly hates himself.

  • Masmotors
    Masmotors 3 years ago +1

    This is one best shows ever

  • Justin Loyd
    Justin Loyd 3 years ago +11

    I don't know what people are talking about Jimmy doesn't seem quiet to me and it almost sounds like yesterday didn't happen. I give Colin all the credit for that, he just has great chemistry period, but especially with Jimmy. I love Colin and could listen to his mumblings all day everyday. I hope Jimmy does go onto something else in October, I wouldn't be able to look that passive aggressive 12 year old girl in the face everyday. Let's get the Colin, Ant and Jimmy show :)

    • lamo lambda
      lamo lambda 7 months ago

      Lol worked out well huh?

    • Jeremy Logan
      Jeremy Logan 3 years ago +1

      +Justin Loyd I was thinking the same thing. Colin is the perfect guest after the day before.

  • Breaking Batman
    Breaking Batman 3 years ago +24

    I'm reluctant to listen to this after how much of a diva cunt Opie was the last episode. Treated Jimmy like shit when he should be blowing him for making the show funny. Opie is the guy who has the big house for the party, but no one really likes him, he just has the house, Opie Radio. If Norton, Voss, Bobby et al could find a new house to gather, the party will follow and they could ditch that ginger wet blanket once and for all. Viva la Bonfire.

    • Torpedo daddy
      Torpedo daddy 3 years ago

      +Tony S I mean he pretty much said that the 1:st, It's not even subtle he said it out loud. If you ever "gave up on" or "lost" a friend you would know right away that associated friendships gets strained. And if you don't realize that they know exactly what you're talking about, then you are pretty dense, man. And Opie can definitively be annoying but people forget that Ant definitively could get obnoxious. I agree that the old show was better but I ain't hating this as much as Ant's new show. (Because of Jimmy though, I think)

    • Jacob Kimble
      Jacob Kimble 3 years ago +2

      Absolutely. I couldn't agree more. Hopefully sooner rather than later everyone winds up at Anthony's house.

    • Maria Dooley
      Maria Dooley 3 years ago +3

      +Tony S could not agree more,and then you could invite ant to the party,,,those guys were the comedy in the show ,,,,,,,on a comedy show

    VHSBD 3 years ago +7

    I never thought I'd say this, but poor Lady Di. That phone call was genuinely sad.

    • TheElegantHunter
      TheElegantHunter 3 years ago

      +VHSBD We thank her for her service..

    • ZuluKasuki
      ZuluKasuki 3 years ago +2

      +VHSBD But how funny some ditz asks about Anthony three days in a row?

  • masterred82
    masterred82 3 years ago

    thanks again.. will use the tip jar next week :)

  • snicklby burns
    snicklby burns 3 years ago +31

    This radio feud has distracted me from my life of appalling boredom.

  • snicklby burns
    snicklby burns 3 years ago +1

    One of the best sights on TheXvid including the name ty

  • Soke
    Soke 3 years ago +2

    I'm lost, what isn't being talked about?

    • O&A Fan Videos
      O&A Fan Videos 3 years ago +4

      +SokeSleezy Opie said shitty things basically while not being in a good mood, so he belittled Jimmy and Opie's relationship and even pulled the "well if you don't like it, you can leave" which is really shitty.

    • Soke
      Soke 3 years ago +3

      Just finished listening. Wow is all that I can say.

    • anadin0612
      anadin0612 3 years ago +3

      listen to yesterday's show from 53 mins

  • anadin0612
    anadin0612 3 years ago +25

    years ago Colin would have torn it up about yesterday. How the world changes for the worse.

  • Z Z
    Z Z 3 years ago +20

    listening to this is great with how little jim is talking, he's giving siriusxm a preview of how bad this show will be next october

  • CodeBleu724
    CodeBleu724 3 years ago +3

    Opie wasn't a complete cunt today. Colin's a great buffer between Op and Jimmy. Period.

    • CodeBleu724
      CodeBleu724 3 years ago +1

      I meant to say fluffer :P

    • boleplissken
      boleplissken 3 years ago

      +CodeBleu724 You think that's why he came in?

  • creepyd444
    creepyd444 3 years ago +42

    Let's pretend yesterday never happened. We have 9 months of paychecks to collect. Fucking pathetic how they don't even aknowledge the obvious drama when that's the ONLY time I listen to this awful show.

    • Torpedo daddy
      Torpedo daddy 3 years ago

      +creepyd444 It's smart marketing man, cause you never know if they wont.

    • Jon Adamich
      Jon Adamich 3 years ago

      +creepyd444 They would like to just move on and finish the show.

      It's not pathetic. It's you wanted more high school drama to entertain your dull and boring life. And I am in the same boat. But don't blame them. Blame ourselves.

    • stacyblue1980
      stacyblue1980 3 years ago +1

      +creepyd444 i never listen to this shit. Only listening because Quinn was on ! He makes anything interesting

    • asd qwe
      asd qwe 3 years ago +1

      you listen because your life is empty.

    • Richard Whittle
      Richard Whittle 3 years ago +12

      +Aces High You're the drama queen

  • Misos
    Misos 3 years ago +63

    So op and ant hate their guts, steve c is dead, otto and patrice are dead, loui is a millionare and isn't coming back and lady di had a mental breakdown.
    10 years truly are a long time. Christ.

    • Terram Lucida Tela Concilium
      Terram Lucida Tela Concilium Year ago +1

      And now Di is a rear admiral, Opie was fired, Bill Burr got married and Louis has been jerking off in front of women for years.

    • Englewood Frank21
      Englewood Frank21 3 years ago

      +Misos I needed a drink after reading that. Goddam you're right.

    • Ken Simon
      Ken Simon 3 years ago

      +Barry Manilow It's not a shadow. It's now O&A with Jim Norton. It's a different show.

    • the mouth of Sauron
      the mouth of Sauron 3 years ago +3

      +Misos FUCK HIM!!! OPIE IS A CUNT!!!

    • Fizyx
      Fizyx 3 years ago +1


  • NotLogan HighestPrimate
    NotLogan HighestPrimate  3 years ago +11

    Today's O&J take two! Lets hope I edited all the music that got flagged out.
    *Reminder that a link to the full show is at the bottom of the description below the Tip Jar!*

    • Richard Talbot
      Richard Talbot 3 years ago

      u hear that arguement? damn

    • Michael Lisalda
      Michael Lisalda 3 years ago

      dude! I've been wanting to download instead of streaming on TheXvid for ages. this is awesome. thank you kind sir

    • Apple Jacks
      Apple Jacks 3 years ago +1

      thanks dude.

    • RoninPop40
      RoninPop40 3 years ago +11

      +NotLogan HighestPrimate Thank you for your service