We Tried The 24K Celebrity Gold Facial (feat. Gaby Dunn) 💰

  • Published on Aug 8, 2017
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +680

    Happy Tuesday y'all! What did you guys think of this crazy treatment?! Would you do this? :O

    • Aria Harrigan
      Aria Harrigan Month ago

      One of these days, I'm going to go to a spa, and say "Can I try these facials please? @Michelle Khare did them with her friend and they look so good!".

    • BeautyQueens 101
      BeautyQueens 101 4 months ago

      Michelle Khare sheep 🐑 sheep 🐑

    • Nichole Haselhuhn
      Nichole Haselhuhn 8 months ago

      Yes! I love all spa treatments. I even used to be a masseuse. The best I ever felt was in massage school, we all just practiced on one another. There are so many things if done often, can really benefit the body. You should try a variety of massage modalities. My favorite is MFR, it helps to release stuck fascia and aid in the mobility of your tissues. Or test the impact of regular massage treatments (although that could be pricey). Best of luck.

    • Santosh Kumar
      Santosh Kumar 8 months ago

      No, I don't think that I will do that

    • born strong
      born strong 10 months ago

      Definitely someday in my life😁😀😊

  • Laxmi Rai
    Laxmi Rai 3 days ago

    24 carrot ?! no 24 kret ? 24 kaort ......
    24k ok

  • Aadya Adi
    Aadya Adi 5 days ago

    Only science students can understand the truth.

  • Fanera Doyce
    Fanera Doyce 6 days ago

    Wow. Want this

  • Angry Teddy
    Angry Teddy 6 days ago

    This is so fucking fake.... they used gold in start only... the liquid mask was turmeric not gold.....

  • HALA ms
    HALA ms 6 days ago


  • Kiwi Asmr
    Kiwi Asmr 7 days ago

    9:13 Michelle: am I getting mummified?😂😭

  • Raju TN
    Raju TN 8 days ago

    I could actually feel how good & pampered she feels 😄

  • Mr.Braintech
    Mr.Braintech 9 days ago

    Am I the only one feeling that she looks a bit like Gal Gadot

  • Jo Anna
    Jo Anna 10 days ago

    we have this gold leaves.. idk why my dad never use it

  • Mehnaz Tahir
    Mehnaz Tahir 10 days ago

    That is so cool

  • Maia Stenger
    Maia Stenger 12 days ago

    Man this is ABSOLUTE bullshit.

  • Jessie Piper
    Jessie Piper 14 days ago

    Michelle is stunning Jesus 😍😍

  • mercy kino
    mercy kino 15 days ago

    I dont see before-after difference..
    And that's how i feel the differnce after using any fasewash..

  • whitney kendy
    whitney kendy 15 days ago

    Where do you get this done in Melbourne?

  • John Da Survivor
    John Da Survivor 16 days ago

    I thought its turmeric😂😂

  • Jimmy Williams
    Jimmy Williams 17 days ago

    Everyone says this is a scam, but the thing is they never tried it. Personally I had a few facials and there have been massive improvements. So what if the gold did nothing, they also got a pumpkin facial WHICH I know for a fact works.

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff 17 days ago +1

    Gold is such a priceless discovery... and we've filthened it.

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff 17 days ago +1

    You can see at the end they weren't confident about the result. The way they spoke reminds me of me when I had me first hair keratin.... I was trying to fool myself and people there was some good change because I wished that and didn't want to feel disappointed.

  • Jujin Shaoto
    Jujin Shaoto 19 days ago

    you look like you did a surgery hahaha lol

  • Olivia Robinson
    Olivia Robinson 20 days ago


  • Sophia Haley
    Sophia Haley 20 days ago

    Michelle your so pretty

  • ARMY Forever
    ARMY Forever 20 days ago +1

    Wow you guys are beautiful

  • Lol Little bird
    Lol Little bird 20 days ago

    The blond girls looks a tiny bit like Natalie Portman in terms of face

  • ThinkBIG12345678910 Yo.

    They looked like mustard goddesses

  • Prasaes Landrau
    Prasaes Landrau 22 days ago

    Anybody else thought that was joana cedia?

  • UnholyLegend
    UnholyLegend 23 days ago +1

    *touches face*

  • Shankar Banerjee
    Shankar Banerjee 23 days ago

    You're face is not gonna soak the gold so why the hell you waste the money

  • yashaswi shrestha
    yashaswi shrestha 25 days ago +12

    If gold is absorbed by skin then Indian housewives would be glowing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Slimey Avocado
    Slimey Avocado 26 days ago


  • Kudzz
    Kudzz 27 days ago

    Just commented to make 1000 comments 😁

  • Kezi Kovacs
    Kezi Kovacs 28 days ago

    Would I? OFC BBG!!! Cold I? HELL NAWH

  • Kainaat Kurd
    Kainaat Kurd 28 days ago +1

    It's so easy to fool us.

  • Soph M
    Soph M 29 days ago

    NEW SUBSCRIBER!!! I started watching you yesterday and already subscribed. Usually I decide In a week

  • Mackenzie P
    Mackenzie P Month ago

    I dread facials...I rather the gym like honestly💔💀

  • Emma Elliott
    Emma Elliott Month ago

    Michelle buying everything they say for 12 mins straight

  • রূপের রহস্য

    nice video

  • nasiim warsame
    nasiim warsame Month ago

    Watching this with my dirty face 😂☹

  • Emily Gomez Vlogs
    Emily Gomez Vlogs Month ago

    She kind looks like Joanna cedia

  • lexie Law
    lexie Law Month ago

    how much is this shit

  • Twichy Hamodi
    Twichy Hamodi Month ago

    Its an ad everyone ....duh

  • Nichi Chan
    Nichi Chan Month ago

    Pumpkin peel mask..with papaya and pineapple enzymes..😆

  • Kyleigh Baker
    Kyleigh Baker Month ago

    I always know your videos will be amazingly outstanding so I just like your videos before they even start! lol all love to you Ms. Khare!

  • Linda Tun
    Linda Tun Month ago +1

    Im an esthetician and a facial should never be painful 😭

  • I_Love_Jacksepticeye2

    I think getting a facial would be fun. But I’m not into this pseudoscientific bullcrap.

  • hibah kirch
    hibah kirch Month ago

    it looked like they put acne on michelles face

  • Yeii Rosario
    Yeii Rosario Month ago

    Can We Take A Minute To Appreciate Michelle's Eyebrows 😍

  • Pandacake28
    Pandacake28 Month ago

    Now I want a facial! 😂

  • Zoey Davids
    Zoey Davids Month ago

    Michelle no matter how hard you try; you will always look like a normal individual :P

  • Isabella Stone
    Isabella Stone Month ago

    Girl! That gold syrup thing you can get for 5 dollars! And gold sheets r very cheap

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross Month ago

    Gabby looks so so so much lile Joanna Ceddia

  • Ali Mohammad
    Ali Mohammad 2 months ago

    how on earth can a gold pull out dirt from your face. it is just the white cloth seeping dead cells on top of your skin. gold is not effective at all, mercury is more effective than that cause it whitens your skin but you will get poisoned by it.

    FACHAN 2 months ago

    What they did to you is me 13 years Old trying to make a video about skin care lol putting everything in the kitchen in my face

  • Sukhman Gill
    Sukhman Gill 2 months ago

    Which place is this??

  • Pamela
    Pamela 2 months ago

    I laughed so hard 7:30 😂😂

  • Yo What up
    Yo What up 2 months ago

    Does anyone know what camera she’s using if so then can you tell me

  • Mylan Lee
    Mylan Lee 2 months ago

    i’m reading all of these comments and all i have to say is SCAMMMMM

  • Danielle Frank
    Danielle Frank 2 months ago

    Licensed esthetician here and I just wanted to say something. A chemical peels aren't suppose to hurt. Itchy and uncomfortable yes but not painful. Putting a peel who never got a previous facial or peel is actually dangerous for your skin and can scar you. When it comes to peel you need to start with baby ones and build up a tolerance. When you get an esthetician do your research. Michelle in my opinion I wouldn't go back to them. You can find someone better that can treat your skin better and the pampering you deserve.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 2 months ago


  • Chappelle168
    Chappelle168 2 months ago

    I mean there is a lot of dust, dirt and pollution in LA, your face will have shit on it every day (and your lungs)

  • Ky Berry
    Ky Berry 2 months ago +1

    Person: It's a beautiful 24k gold mask
    Me: *squints* looks like mustard

  • j a e c h o i
    j a e c h o i 2 months ago

    why do I feel sleepy seeing them lying in as they got those :'(

  • UmItzMaddy
    UmItzMaddy 2 months ago

    If that’s supposed to be “ gold “ then I’m Beyoncé. Sorry you got scammed

  • Ashley Hanna
    Ashley Hanna 2 months ago

    I’m sorry but all that talking is annoying .. like shut up and enjoy a the facial

  • lol
    lol 2 months ago

    The Gold gonna remove the toxins from your face seriously 😒 Why isn’t removing yours then annoying. How is it gold be absorbed by face nonsense. This is crap

  • Heavenly Me
    Heavenly Me 2 months ago

    Any indian ???

  • Des Des
    Des Des 3 months ago

    I feel like you can tell that the spa isn't sponsoring them and I really appreciate it. They took everything as it came and I feel like they weren't pulled in by all the buzz words and stuff.

  • Des Des
    Des Des 3 months ago

    I subscribed just because how real these comments were. I love that everyone calls out the beauty nonsense and lies.

  • Des Des
    Des Des 3 months ago

    I like the blond one (sorry first vid with her) I feel like she just had fun with it but wasn't hyped--she was kinda like "okay". She was really normal and I like it :)

  • Poonam Rana
    Poonam Rana 3 months ago +8

    They're just insulting science. Yeah the lymph doesn't move by itself and our body absorbs gold. 😑kuchh bhi bc. 😂

  • chemjor jerop
    chemjor jerop 3 months ago

    "Can I see my toxins"😂😂

  • Srujana Jaanu
    Srujana Jaanu 3 months ago

    @7:09 her face turned red😯😯

  • Nalina Srinivas
    Nalina Srinivas 3 months ago

    I don't y they look the same to me
    .. before and after 🤦

  • Neha Khan
    Neha Khan 3 months ago +2

    Relax babes why are uh shouting , and shocked like that ! May I enjoy this facial video but this girls sound like irritating 😒😒😊

  • dance Kumari
    dance Kumari 3 months ago

    I haven't tried facial before, it might be costly

  • I’m Olive The Cat
    I’m Olive The Cat 3 months ago

    I think facials are a scam...

  • xun_ez
    xun_ez 3 months ago

    m 22 and don't even know what a facial looks like😂😂😂

  • Melanie Jaquess
    Melanie Jaquess 3 months ago

    Its crazy how yellow the gold is

  • Gabriella Olbur
    Gabriella Olbur 3 months ago

    7:46 in the left corner there’s a d looking thing if u know what I mean!?

  • naomi block
    naomi block 3 months ago

    ultra 24k gold mask-puts mustard on face

  • sassy wolf
    sassy wolf 3 months ago

    The only facial ive had is thanks to my husband. 🙊😹

  • Safiya R
    Safiya R 3 months ago

    That lady was pretty rude... facials are expensive! not everyone can get a facial every month.

  • The legendary Avocado
    The legendary Avocado 3 months ago

    What would gold even do
    Waste of money

    I guess we could say they’re *BAD WITH MONEY* (Gaby Dunn’s book)

  • Serina Su
    Serina Su 4 months ago

    "24k gold mask" looks like mustard

  • Serina Su
    Serina Su 4 months ago


  • Midnight Venom
    Midnight Venom 4 months ago

    I never wanted to do this until this video. Wow.

  • star coyle
    star coyle 4 months ago +1

    How much was rhos

  • Anthropos Anthropos
    Anthropos Anthropos 4 months ago

    Gold does nothing but leave a little shine on the surface of your skin. There are NO health benefits to gold in a facial

  • Paris Pointville
    Paris Pointville 4 months ago


  • I. Sandhu
    I. Sandhu 4 months ago

    We HaVe SoMe WoRk To Do

  • BunnyOfDeath !
    BunnyOfDeath ! 4 months ago

    The only reason to go to an esthetician that often is for extractions. Have a good skin care regimen and you'll be fine. They want you to feel gross coming in so you'll keep coming back. Don't fall for it.

  • Alejandro Cruz
    Alejandro Cruz 4 months ago

    Lucky I want to do that sooooo much it must be so expensive.

  • harini vasan
    harini vasan 4 months ago

    What are toxins on the face ?? Sebum? Sweat ? Bacteria? ....but those aren't "toxins" .

    GIJJIBEH 4 months ago +1

    Your face was, already clean and beautiful u got scammed

  • Ana Cano
    Ana Cano 4 months ago

    They were so rude... I really don't like them... seems like a scam , and the ladies are just talking bullsheep...

  • wtf
    wtf 4 months ago

    Gaby porbably didnt even have blackheads it was most likely just sebaceous filaments, which is totally normal!! everyone has them

  • Andrea Sculthorp
    Andrea Sculthorp 4 months ago

    I got my first facial when I was 11 cuz my sister in law worked at this facial place thingy. At the time she also worked at Buffalo Wild Wings

  • Tia Ornellas
    Tia Ornellas 4 months ago

    the people who disliked are poor and cannot get this their self🤷🏽‍♀️🥴

  • J
    J 4 months ago

    Alright so.... in addition to the fact that the estheticians were super rude, the bullshit is really strong with this one. At 7:25, while lymphatic drainage massage can be helpful (I love it when I have a cold or allergy flare-up because I feel less like crap), if lymph didn’t move itself everybody would be sick all the time! The cold is good because it reduces inflammation, it’s the same reason dermatologists tell people with eczema not to take super hot showers and people put cucumber slices on their eyes to de-puff them. There is benefits to using fruit enzyme cleansers and some of the other stuff they were using but the snake oil sales crap was really painful to watch. If your gonna get another facial, don’t go back to this one!

  • Ash
    Ash 4 months ago

    Beauty globes xD