The Very First LNER Azuma In Service!

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Tuesday 14th May 2019, and LNER ran the first of its Hitachi #Azuma trains for a Press trip between London Kings Cross and Peterbrough, and back again.
    We were delighted to be invited on board, as they launched their new train and we got to explore first class, standard class, the kitchen areas, and talk to the brilliant staff on board.
    As from 15th May 2019, these trains are now being rolled out on the LNER network to Leeds, Hull and beyond ...
    Thanks to LNER for inviting us along, especially Kate and Richard for helping us out on the day.
    More here:

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  • Inspector Lestrade
    Inspector Lestrade 3 days ago

    All well and good but why are UK rail fares so dreadfuly expensive. An utter disgrace.

  • Oli44Smithson
    Oli44Smithson 4 days ago

    Whats the intro and outro song?

    • All The Stations
      All The Stations  4 hours ago

  • Richard Chapman
    Richard Chapman 5 days ago


  • Patrick W
    Patrick W 5 days ago

    How did you find the seats. Have just been reading a Twitter conversation where the verdict is that they've sacrificed "Comfort for Capacity"?

  • Benjamin Lewis
    Benjamin Lewis 6 days ago

    That's just the GWR trains isn't it?

  • Peter Mitchell
    Peter Mitchell 6 days ago

    So GWR's trolley-only service is a mistake? I think I agree.

  • andrew eeles
    andrew eeles 8 days ago

    The last time I ride this line the man from Bancock Far East me from German had to ask how open the door because the line. Ran trains with windows to pull down to open the door nice to see your get there but can the price low as well as the ice from Belgium to Munich as well as speed up to this speed

  • Nate Hill
    Nate Hill 9 days ago

    I wonder if being able to cook whilst moving is like getting your sea legs? Once you do adapt, it throws you off when you ARENT moving; I can picture Terry cracking an egg at home and dropping it on the floor next to the fry pan cause it didnt move when he expected it to.

    The "Kon Tiki" adventurers mentioned after 100 days on a raft, when they got to dry land they wobbled around like drunks.

    On the continental high speed trains (ICE, TGV) you CAN lean against the window - they're that steady. OTOH on Amtrak you need to stay at least 8" away from the window or it will reach out and punch you. But then the only proper way to travel on Amtrak is by sleeper so you shouldn't be near the window anyway.

    Can never have too much Vicky...

  • Martin James
    Martin James 10 days ago +1

    They can't spell Peterborough.

  • David Young
    David Young 11 days ago

    So First Class has three rows of seats, and Standard Class has four rows? Is that the normal seating arrangement on similar trains?

  • The Real Patticakes
    The Real Patticakes 11 days ago

    Holy cow there are so many people who are genuinely excited about that train. Railfan community's bigger than I thought!

  • Ihsan Fahmy
    Ihsan Fahmy 12 days ago

    Wow the dmu? How fast?

  • Nicholas Bradley
    Nicholas Bradley 12 days ago


  • Chef Tang
    Chef Tang 12 days ago

    Fist of quality. Ahh reminds me when banging hammers on the wall to sound if everything is ok

  • Noah Thompson
    Noah Thompson 13 days ago

    Sad Virgin is no more :(

  • Olivia
    Olivia 13 days ago

    Ugh the trains I take does not pass the elbow test and I hate it!

  • TheNeet2000
    TheNeet2000 13 days ago

    All the stations-fantastic programme. I grew up in the age of steam and as a boy train spotted on Welwyn Garden City station 20 miles south of Kings Cross. Did you young lovebirds ever visit my hometown station during your programme? Brian Atkins

  • Dom Warren
    Dom Warren 13 days ago

    Thanks Vicky I love in the East Midlands and I like the bright East Midlands Trains Livery On the outside and I love the moquet

  • Dom Warren
    Dom Warren 13 days ago

    Thanks Vicky I love in the East Midlands and I like the bright East Midlands Trains Livery On the outside and I love the moquet

  • Roamin1
    Roamin1 13 days ago

    too bad it's so far out in the country. Maybe if it were in town more people would find it and use it.

  • Nikos MeliSSa
    Nikos MeliSSa 15 days ago +1

    The interior reminded me of the Narita Express in Tokyo when I was there in 2014. When I looked up both trains they look totally different...
    Fast trains in Australia are totally non existent. A fast train is a modern train on a track that was built for steam locomotives. That's why I loved the Shinkansen in Japan, together with the Narita Express of course.

  • High Path
    High Path 18 days ago

    New Challenge For You

  • TopAbandonedPlaces | URBEX

    You should do the Isle of Man Steam Railway it’s quite unique

  • Trainspotter uk
    Trainspotter uk 19 days ago

  • xxxyorks
    xxxyorks 20 days ago

    I wonder where Richard Branson is?

  • Genki Matsukawa
    Genki Matsukawa 23 days ago

    Seems everyone is super happy with the new one but was the former one really bad?


    I actually rode on this 24th may didn’t know how new they were. It wasn’t great as there was tones of people standing.

  • Thunderskyrush !
    Thunderskyrush ! 25 days ago

    Do a all the Play stations for Washington DC

  • Geoff Kinlen
    Geoff Kinlen 25 days ago

    I have self adhesive elbow grippy pads

  • SEEMON_RBLX The GachaTuber!

    Wait... Geoff Marshal is here?

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 25 days ago +1

    I find it funny that (then) British Railways went to great lengths to establish its brand and expunge the former big 4 identities. Now, decades later, the former big 4 identities re-emerge in all their glory but with a modern take which keeps them fresh and contemporary. Perfect for the new age.

  • にしますのぶ


  • サリー サリー

    アズマ(Azuma) is very cool and beautiful !
    congratulations from kyoto !
    東 あずま アズマ Azuma 🤩

  • Ballantyne Moyes
    Ballantyne Moyes 26 days ago

    The train is almost empty. I'm assuming there wasn't so much press interest in making the journey and tickets weren't sold to enthusiasts amongst the public. Wasted revenue opportunity. Nice looking train. Does LNER go all the way to Edinburgh (I'm not from UK)?

  • Joshua Brooke
    Joshua Brooke 26 days ago

    The class 800

  • Matthew Hellens
    Matthew Hellens 26 days ago +1

    What is about these videos?!? I simply don’t understand how I’d explain to anyone how compelling they are. Great job, great videos. Thank you.

  • Marc van der Linden
    Marc van der Linden 26 days ago

    Nice train. I have already driven it myself as a traindriver in TS2019, some time ago. On the London Kings Cross to Peterbourough route. And I think I will ride it in real some time in the near future. As a passenger...

  • Rob F
    Rob F 26 days ago

    Why is there still a two class system on railways? Wouldn't capacity be further increased with 4 seats across all coaches?

    • Tony Miles
      Tony Miles 24 days ago +1

      Because some people will pay more for larger seats and free catering - at a level that makes more money for the operating company. Some business people pay the extra so they have room to work (which they couldn't if they were driving) - and research shows that if they couldn't get the extra space (which they pay hugely for) they would drive or fly. So providing First Class keeps them on trains AND helps keep Standard fares lower.

  • 帰還者トーマス


  • David Gregory
    David Gregory 27 days ago

    What a shame we can't build our own trains any more. The country that invented railways, has to buy trains from Japan, Italy and Spain these days.

  • ed harris
    ed harris 27 days ago

    went to Kings Cross literally the day after and all the promotional material was still standing...missed the train.. but got a nice bag and poster out of it . I've been on the GWR variant... which wasn't bad - but it doesn't do peak crowds well. Interesting to see how the ECML copes -

  • Steve Wismark
    Steve Wismark 27 days ago +4

    HST 125 will still be running when Azuna retires.

  • mikey
    mikey 27 days ago

    Great vid guys.. but i cant help myself ..but you look like a young version of Daniel Craig lol

  • grumpy uncle
    grumpy uncle 27 days ago

    1:39 Can't help speculating they modeled this train after Kamen Riders

  • London Flareon Tokyo
    London Flareon Tokyo 27 days ago

    Does this count as a Class 802 or is this a different Class train.

    • Tony Miles
      Tony Miles 24 days ago +1

      802 is slightly different - higher rated diesel engines and a few other tweaks. The ones ordered by GWR directly (not by the government), TPE, Hull Trains and First for Open Access work are all 802s. They look the same but involve some minor detail changes. In addition it probably helps Hitachi differentiate between those on contract with the UK Government (800 & 801) and subject to some very strict contractual stuff with those ordered separately and owned by ROSCOs. Their agreements with the UK Government involved providing a certain number of trains per day for GWR and LNER or they pay a fine, so the fleets are managed very strictly and, I guess, if they find the number of trains they have built isn't enough to meet these targets they'll have to build more at their own expense. The 802s are leased in the conventional way.

  • Nomwisegangy
    Nomwisegangy 27 days ago

    Meanwhile up north

  • James Bates
    James Bates 27 days ago +4

    Great vid and was that Simon Calder at 3.23 in the vid. That would've been great to interview him.

  • Abhishek Chakraborty
    Abhishek Chakraborty 27 days ago +1

    1:57 future and past in single frame

  • 津島太郎
    津島太郎 28 days ago +1


  • Christian Mitchell
    Christian Mitchell 28 days ago

    Much prefer the HST!

  • Western Alliance
    Western Alliance 28 days ago +1

    You look like the adult version of the boy in the film 'the boy in the striped pyjamas'

  • Planes, Trains, Everything.

    It's a smart looking beast, isn't it. Another fabulous video.

  • Archer 15
    Archer 15 28 days ago

    London Northern

  • chris marshall
    chris marshall 28 days ago

    i want an Azuma gift bag.

  • chris marshall
    chris marshall 28 days ago

    yep, who had the bright idea to build 5 car "trains" ? then its mentioned so we can couple two together to make up to 10 car !!!!!! I have experienced this crap with the GWR 5 car sets, when i was sat in the rear 5 coaches travelling from Swindon to Taunton and having to alight at Bristol to board the front 5 coaches and the passengers on the platform waiting to board had already boarded the front 5 by the time i had walked down the platform, i have a feeling LNER will split trains at certain points so as only the front 5 will proceed to its destination.

  • 09weenic
    09weenic 28 days ago +2

    Great video as usual 👍
    Looking forward to travelling on the Azuma in the near future

  • reelmus
    reelmus 28 days ago

    Isn't this train exactly the same as a Class 800, like GWR have had in service for a while now?

  • Michael Gamble
    Michael Gamble 28 days ago

    And, Geoff, what is Azuma spelled backwards?? - Very funny Ha-ha!!

  • Dave Aspen
    Dave Aspen 28 days ago


  • arthur lewis
    arthur lewis 28 days ago

    As puff pieces go this is the most nauseating I've seen. And why are we now celebrating that we're no longer capable of designing and building our own trains?

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 28 days ago +1

      arthur lewis These trains were built near Darlington. Many of Bombardier’s fleet are also designed by U.K. engineers. It’s just Bombardier didn’t have what was necessary for the IEP tender and so weren’t chosen

  • LAMBORGHINIsince1962
    LAMBORGHINIsince1962 28 days ago +5

    3:03~3:20 Quality??
    No need to confirm.
    Because she is “Japanese” that’s all.

    • Joseph Harrison
      Joseph Harrison 26 days ago

      She was built in the UK, though, so you can never be too careful.

  • Dénes Berky
    Dénes Berky 28 days ago +1

    The elbow test should be a manufacturing standard! It is so annoying if you cant put your elbow up there.

  • Michael Willis
    Michael Willis 28 days ago +1

    Now I understand the elbow tweets...

  • Simon Small
    Simon Small 29 days ago

    Very cool indeed but what is a bi-mode train guys ? ?

    • Erick F
      Erick F 28 days ago +1

      It means that train can operate in diesel or electric power

  • Pol Trum
    Pol Trum 29 days ago

    2019 and this country got new trains and they make a party of it. Diesel trains. Diesel trians !! 2019 and they got new diesel trains !! And those buildings, they live in 1900 ? OMG what a poor country. Is it possible the Brexit will be tomorrow ?

    • Pol Trum
      Pol Trum 28 days ago

      @Alasdair Clift

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 28 days ago +1

      They’re not Diesel. They’re primarily electric. Right now they have diesel generators for where there is no overhead line availability and can easily have it removed or replaced by other propulsion methods should the need arise

  • Luth Ibrahim
    Luth Ibrahim 29 days ago

    Macam ETS malaysia je..takde la gempak mana..huhu

  • 魔法戦隊マジレンジャー

    座席が2×2シートで通路が狭く感じるって事は 座席の幅がゆったりしているって事だ。羨ましい!

  • toonmag50
    toonmag50 29 days ago

    Ahhh. The British celebrate another Japanese machine. How quaint, how ridiculous.

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 29 days ago +1

      What's ridiculous about celebrating the introduction of new, more modern trains to improve the train travelling experience for passengers?

  • 10p6
    10p6 29 days ago +1

    Wow, its just another freaking train, except this one is for cellphone, IPad and other tech zombies. "We added 100 seats" competitor "We added another carriage.. So in 46 years it goes 15 MPH faster than an Intercity 125; but wait, that is only when lines are eventually upgraded.

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 28 days ago

      10p6 There are already methods of recycling nuclear waste to be reused again, and right now a relatively small amount of radiation isn’t causing the climate emergency we’re facing right now, whereas diesel produces much more

    • 10p6
      10p6 28 days ago

      @Alasdair Clift ROFLMAO. Because having 100,000 year radio active waste is good for the environment? A lot more goes into Nuclear than the emissions from diesel engines in the long term.

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 28 days ago

      10p6 Most of the railway is powered using nuclear, which produces very little emissions. Regardless of scheduling there is always a maximum speed you can operate a train before you have capacity problems as you need to maintain a suitable stopping distance for each train in case of emergency. It’s just like in a car on the motorway, and why raising the speed limit to 80mph in a lot of places actually makes journey times longer

    • 10p6
      10p6 28 days ago

      @Alasdair Clift That is not entirely true. If the lines were full of trains then yes speed would hinder service, but with correct scheduling it would improve service. Once again, new train yet no faster than the old ones right now, and supplying a network of electric for limited number of trains is not environmentally friendly unless it comes from renewable energy which it probably does not.

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 28 days ago

      10p6 There’s no need for the Azuma to go any faster. Besides, increasing speeds reduces the number of trains that can run and therefore capacity

  • Deadzio
    Deadzio 29 days ago

    Look very same like other Hitachi trains we have in Uk


    The clickbait of the video made me think that the train is on fire

  • tomo guzzi
    tomo guzzi 29 days ago


  • DocDamage2Pro
    DocDamage2Pro 29 days ago

    LNER is state owned right ?

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 24 days ago

      Tony Miles Yes, the branding is state owned and the OLR are basically dictated by the DfT on what to do, but the company itself is officially privately owned

    • Tony Miles
      Tony Miles 24 days ago

      @Alasdair Clift No - it's run by a consortium of private companies (the Operator of Last Resort) on behalf of the Government - it is cleverly NOT state-owned...

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 28 days ago

      yiyodder No, it is state owned, Virgin no longer have any say in its operation.

    • yiyodder
      yiyodder 28 days ago

      No its run by virgin on a franchise from the state .

  • Gaminggunzeller 1998
    Gaminggunzeller 1998 29 days ago

    That is one nice looking train.

  • 魔法戦隊マジレンジャー

    Congratulations! We are looking forward to further for the development of UK.
    Greeting from 広島 (Hiroshima).

  • Len Berry
    Len Berry 29 days ago

    Can you please come and review the Preston to Colne service on Northern rail, that will open your eyes.

  • Coo Sakura
    Coo Sakura 29 days ago +1

    From Japan
    Japanese trains are running in UK. I am very happy. Please be loved by AZUMA of a pretty face, safety first, everyone properly.

  • Richard Heade
    Richard Heade 29 days ago

    Japanese crap, they're turning them into mini versions of a British Bullet Train, how fucking quaint.

  • David Stevenson
    David Stevenson 29 days ago

    Are the seats any better than the GWR ones?

  • Sandra Blanco
    Sandra Blanco 29 days ago +4

    Congratulations #Azuma! So excited for your gorgeous train.... Wish we could have something so wonderful in the USA. Loved this video, felt like I was personally there, Thanks for sharing.

  • SMBB
    SMBB 29 days ago

    USA train transportation is sooooo behind! Happy to watch other countries living in an updated world... The AZUMA also creates job, which politicians in USA fail to sponsor mass transportation systems. GOOOODDDD for the Brits.

  • 984francis
    984francis 29 days ago

    NOT LNER, Hitachi. Assembly doesn't count.

  • Edward Grabham
    Edward Grabham 29 days ago

    We need these on GWR 800s, we had them on the class 43 so put them back please rather than the crap trolley service!!

  • cd0u50c9
    cd0u50c9 29 days ago

    In terms of looks, I have to say these trains are much better complimented by the GWR livery.. The LNER colour scheme makes them look a bit dated.. Great video and really well presented as always!

    PHYSX_YT 29 days ago

    But... Was it on time?

  • Simon Teece
    Simon Teece 29 days ago

    Friends of mine was the driver of that train!

  • Oliver Lewin
    Oliver Lewin 29 days ago

    I like to put my elbow on the side and listen to the vibration noises through my arm. I also do this when flying lol. I know I'm weird.

  • JAMES Rivis
    JAMES Rivis 29 days ago

    Hi from Vermont. Ex Yorkie here. You guys are awesome .

  • Chuby123
    Chuby123 29 days ago

    That Tom Baker scarf is cute as hell :)

  • Dave Bell
    Dave Bell 29 days ago

    What a sad day, the Camel train goes into service. Camel = Horse designed by a committee! Not that I am bitter, but it really was the worst design, Bombardier/Siemens design was way better.

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 28 days ago

      Dave Bell The design was fine. It was the DfT’s specification of what they wanted on the trains that was stupid

    BLOCKED IDENTIFY 29 days ago +1

    At GWR, they have 1 disabled carriage, which at some stations, is at the very back of the train, where the train doesn't fit on sometimes.

  • MN SHP
    MN SHP 29 days ago

    is this just a normal 390 fitted out abit inside ?

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 28 days ago +1

      MN SHP This is not at all like a class 390. The 390 is an Alstom Pendolino, whereas the Azuma is a Hitachi AT300.

  • Wangington Wang
    Wangington Wang 29 days ago

    Vickie looks hot in this one!

  • Ethan FR
    Ethan FR 29 days ago

    you have been mean to mum dont do that agein

  • deanbrown29
    deanbrown29 29 days ago

    It's alright but it's no 180

  • DimaShirshkov1
    DimaShirshkov1 29 days ago

    Do I understand right, that Azuma's will replace HST's?

  • David
    David 29 days ago

    What annoys me most about this Hitachi train is that the doors are not flush with the surface of the train.

    • Alasdair Clift
      Alasdair Clift 28 days ago

      David Helps decrease dwell times as plug doors can be slow and unreliable

  • Planespotter _EGCC
    Planespotter _EGCC 29 days ago

    Finally. All the GWR 800s were in service before even one was in service with LNER

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 29 days ago

    The old 125 diesels are now retired, even though historically, they had faster Newcastle to London times than the new Azuma.

  • ひろぽん
    ひろぽん 29 days ago +27

    From Japan
    I wish British people would like that Hitachi train.
    So far so good?
    The interior looks better than ours in Japan

    • CROWN John
      CROWN John 22 days ago

      Matthew Stevens you misses my points the whole fucking train system in the UK are garbage compare to other Asian countries like Japan or China I wish you could just go there and see for yourself.The train they showed in the video is nothing to pride of.

    • Matthew Stevens
      Matthew Stevens 22 days ago

      CROWN John Unsurprisingly, you completely missed my point. Shame, that paragraph looks really interesting too!
      I’ll consider this conversation settled as it’s clear your comprehension skills aren’t the best. Goodnight John.

    • CROWN John
      CROWN John 22 days ago

      Matthew Stevens I am not just taking about speed limited I am taking about the technology here you idiots this type of the train is a very old model that’s why i said it’s nothing especially and far behind other countries.

    • Matthew Stevens
      Matthew Stevens 22 days ago

      CROWN John *cites top speed even though there is a line speed limit*

    • CROWN John
      CROWN John 22 days ago

      @Matthew Stevens i just state some facts there is nothing to pride about this is far behind other countries