My most painful PC Build... - ROG Rig Reboot 2019

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
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    I've never experienced pain at this level before while building a computer in my entire life...
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Comments • 22 370

  • Thomas Dekker
    Thomas Dekker 37 minutes ago

    And here I am working damn hard to buy a new case or new RAM.

  • muppstrom
    muppstrom Hour ago

    Hire her - best building experience ever!!

  • Drearo
    Drearo Hour ago

    This was so fun to watch! xD Ahahahah!

  • James monte
    James monte Hour ago

    She’s funny. Linus got any internship positions for her?

  • Lee Watson
    Lee Watson 2 hours ago

    "You have to use your HANDS? That's like a baby's toy"

  • HavocGamer 1908
    HavocGamer 1908 3 hours ago

    R.I.P Linus...
    This person...

  • Peter N
    Peter N 3 hours ago +1


  • Peter N
    Peter N 3 hours ago +1

    No winder the video is like 28 minutes long

  • Eighth Day Hikes
    Eighth Day Hikes 3 hours ago

    Madison: "I'm a sexy wittle ba-"

    Linus: "DON'T!!"

    Me: "Go on..."

  • Vivek Singh
    Vivek Singh 4 hours ago

    You say cu-pon!
    It's coupon. The "U" comes after the "O".

  • James Cairns
    James Cairns 5 hours ago

    Loved this video , girls hilarious ;-))

  • Vivek Singh
    Vivek Singh 5 hours ago

    I think she should be hired to co host LTT with Linus.

  • Tom Gelmers
    Tom Gelmers 5 hours ago

    Give the girl a job already...

  • Stegt flæsk
    Stegt flæsk 5 hours ago

    Hire her. Now.

    *HIRE HER NOW!!!*

  • RazakstanNL
    RazakstanNL 6 hours ago

    u have angered the dogs

  • Micheal Gorbochovsky
    Micheal Gorbochovsky 7 hours ago

    Madison is the female version of Riley (minus the mustache of course)

  • ForzaE2
    ForzaE2 8 hours ago

    Can you give her a job already? I miss her :(

  • Panaddiction
    Panaddiction 8 hours ago

    I'm only 8 minutes in and it's so hilariously entertaining.

  • Jaime7188
    Jaime7188 10 hours ago

    She is strangely attractive

  • sumit panda
    sumit panda 11 hours ago

    Love her on the video. So funny!

  • samuel silueta
    samuel silueta 11 hours ago

    man... this is so entertaining

  • Heidi Hostetler
    Heidi Hostetler 12 hours ago

    How much would it cost to build one

  • jameso321
    jameso321 12 hours ago +1

    Hire her, now! "P

  • Tee Phutson
    Tee Phutson 13 hours ago

    First time seeing Linus talks less than 98% of the videos

  • M. R lucas sol
    M. R lucas sol 14 hours ago

    Ohhh God just marry her daaa

  • Matthew Neyens
    Matthew Neyens 14 hours ago

    She is hilarious. Glad she got the PC.

  • Colleen Herklotz
    Colleen Herklotz 14 hours ago

    Only 144 hz noob

  • Festest
    Festest 15 hours ago +1

    Its like the 5th time I watch this video

  • W3stling
    W3stling 15 hours ago

    Can't decide if she is entertaining or annoying... proly annoying 2much adhd. Good vid tho

  • BundyPoppy
    BundyPoppy 15 hours ago

    POWER CUBE .....Bahahahaha

  • Dylan Stackpole
    Dylan Stackpole 15 hours ago

    This wast the most entertaining pc build video i have ever watched.

  • Damon White
    Damon White 17 hours ago

    OMG I love her!

  • Bjorn The Viking
    Bjorn The Viking 18 hours ago

    omg she is so funny and cute

  • catbearlol
    catbearlol 18 hours ago

    i loled alot of this girl loloollo

  • voiox
    voiox 19 hours ago

    Damn, she is seriously funny. I hope she can guest on LTT. One problem, she would out shine Linus.

  • Score46
    Score46 19 hours ago

    21:18 - 2:30 he's 100% a canadian lol

  • Cosmin Militaru
    Cosmin Militaru 19 hours ago

    Best video you've ever made.

  • ran mitake
    ran mitake 19 hours ago

    the most painful thing in this video is when Linus opened the box with a Philips screw driver

  • Ryan
    Ryan 19 hours ago

    She's so gorgeous and has such a cute persona!

  • Toby-wan
    Toby-wan 20 hours ago

    I love this girl! You have to hire her!

  • GTGames
    GTGames 20 hours ago

    What case is that and how did they get it to look that way?

  • HughesGaming
    HughesGaming 20 hours ago

    she is evil she kill AMD CPU

  • N Squareroot
    N Squareroot 21 hour ago

    big oeuf

  • Lucestre
    Lucestre 21 hour ago

    I like her, give her a job

    YT SANTA 21 hour ago

    can i be on ROG reboot please i play fortnite and cod mobile on 20 fps devices please i want a real gaming pc please linus

  • 0pTicaL823
    0pTicaL823 21 hour ago

    Mdog: Why do you slam stuff so aggressively!?
    Linus: I'm making sure that it's durable it's like a stress test, like if it was gonna break with just like being put down hard on the table once would you want it?
    Mdog: If you put your baby down very aggressively it could break you probably still want your baby, I'm assuming
    Linus: That depends, I'm mean, how'd it work out for you?


  • Foxy the pirate fox / xXx_MLGREKT_xXx

    “All the kids say Big Oof”

  • zane wilkins
    zane wilkins 22 hours ago

    And just to know I haven't build a PC since I'd say 2007 because I haven't had the time or the money because I used to build them in high school

  • Animesh Meshram
    Animesh Meshram 22 hours ago

    10:21 deez nuts lmao

  • zane wilkins
    zane wilkins 22 hours ago

    It's about as bad as me running with a little Lenovo laptop for my college stuff and trying to Game On It can't play League of Legends for crap and I'm on the East sports team God the only way I'm able to play League of Legends effectively is by playing at the Esports Arena which I know for a fact that I could probably get build a better PC than what they have there they've only got i-9s in alienware's and I just it runs better then what I got cuz my kind of garbage it's a Lenovo IdeaPad that I'm running with that is slower than crap and I've only had it for 2 years and I will not buy another Lenovo product because of it

  • NPC Hunter
    NPC Hunter 23 hours ago

    When's the wedding?

  • DracoFateX
    DracoFateX 23 hours ago

    A walking meme, im in luv

  • GEEK-topia
    GEEK-topia Day ago

    Who is the magical red goddess?!?

  • bhosri wala
    bhosri wala Day ago

    Linus married the wrong girl

  • Abhirup Saha
    Abhirup Saha Day ago


  • Insert_meme_here

    I've enjoyed lots of your videos and this is one entertained me the most...

  • Dàsä Dude
    Dàsä Dude Day ago +1

    "It's not often I end up on set with someone who's less mature than me" exactly what I wanted to say

  • ioni220
    ioni220 Day ago

    This is realy funny !!!

  • James Cooke
    James Cooke Day ago

    it is so funny to see linus looking so uncomfortable.
    This is one of the most amusing vidoes i have seen in a while!

  • Gregory Moreno
    Gregory Moreno Day ago

    If her face were a little better looking I’d fuck her even harder than I would even with her less than decent face and annoying attitude. If she acted more mature and had a nicer face. I’d beat daily. But what kills me is when she said her mom would ask about the light when they were talking about RGB in the rig.... holy fuck, it’s no wonder she lives at home still and not with a man