QI | Best Of Stephen's Accents & Impressions

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • Now verr ist mein handy?!
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Comments • 461

  • Lord Jock
    Lord Jock 12 hours ago

    9:04 it's called a stonker

  • nordhorny
    nordhorny 15 hours ago

    Can't stand that annoying cunt Sandi Fuckpig at the end.

  • Terncote
    Terncote Day ago

    This video could also be entitled, A Catalogue Of Stephen's Dreadful Ties.

    • ElleJay Gee
      ElleJay Gee 12 hours ago

      Terncote entitled? Titled ✅

  • 11Kralle
    11Kralle Day ago

    Once upon a time our soldiers were quite proud of their "Biertitten"...

  • 65TossPowerTrap L
    65TossPowerTrap L 2 days ago

    Australian accent is very passable,👍

  • bs5750
    bs5750 2 days ago +1

    I've been helping a Vietnamese guy learn English, now for the next level, this.

  • mary canary
    mary canary 2 days ago

    "were they pakistani??"

  • Batcat
    Batcat 5 days ago +3

    His Australian accent is more Australian than many Australians. 👏👏👏

  • Szaam
    Szaam 5 days ago +1

    His Northern Irish accent at 6:25 kills me

    TJ KNOT 5 days ago +3

    Mae West's vibrator!hahaha!I forgot about that😁👍

  • ddsin1
    ddsin1 5 days ago +1

    please Knight Stephen Fry!!!!

  • Michael Kalweit
    Michael Kalweit 8 days ago

    I dispute the answer that the cannonball was the first thing to break the sound barrier as supersonic whips have been used for over 3000 years (see: mach1whips.weebly.com/the-history-of-the-whip.html under Supersonic Whips). Take that!!

  • Oranges Of The Mueller Investigation

    Good old Peter Gorus.

  • Louisa Vevers
    Louisa Vevers 9 days ago

    So clever!

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 10 days ago

    I so wish QI had English subtitles. For us with English as a second language as well as for the hard of hearing/deaf 🙏

  • King Brilliant
    King Brilliant 11 days ago

    I think Bill Bailey doesn't know he isn't funny.

  • MJ H
    MJ H 12 days ago

    Can`t watch QI since Stephen quit,.....Toksvig is really cringey and unendearing--she reminds me of a smug and haughty bossyboots Headmistress everyone hated at school in the 1960s.

  • Sammys Son
    Sammys Son 13 days ago

    QED: Fry>>Toksvig = a huge gap in the cultural life of the UK & the World!!

  • Al P
    Al P 13 days ago +5

    Oh Stephen, you're very much missed. Irreplaceable!

  • leevinylcritic
    leevinylcritic 13 days ago

    "whats that awful smell?" "Eddy have you been saying Sandy toksvig again!?"

  • Evil Sean
    Evil Sean 14 days ago

    good old stephen ... he will be sorely missed ... i was devastated to learn of his passing

    • Evil Sean
      Evil Sean 8 days ago

      @DeflatedPumpkin I was referring to his passing from QI... he was reincarnated as sandi toksvig !

      but thanks for taking the bait and allowing me to deliver the punchline :)

    • DeflatedPumpkin
      DeflatedPumpkin 8 days ago

      He's still alive dude…

  • Chronic Makenz
    Chronic Makenz 14 days ago +1

    His Belfast is 90% spot on!!!

  • RS14988
    RS14988 14 days ago

    Saved the best for last lol

  • Mickey Knox
    Mickey Knox 15 days ago

    7:23 is the best part that alan davies bastard fluffing his joke (the smug bastard)

  • Danny Richie
    Danny Richie 15 days ago +4

    I stopped watching when Stephen left

    • deekat3279
      deekat3279 13 days ago

      @Danny Richie thank you for answering, even though you didn't have the answer. No klaxxion for you, I'll give you 7 points for manners. 😊

    • Danny Richie
      Danny Richie 13 days ago +1

      deekat3279 I am not exactly sure maybe someone else can shed some light, I do miss him

    • deekat3279
      deekat3279 14 days ago

      Why did he leave?

  • asterix811
    asterix811 16 days ago +6

    To answer his question, the first man made object to break the sound barrier is a whip. The crack of a whip is a tiny sonic boom as the tip breaks the sound barrier.

  • GH1215
    GH1215 16 days ago

    Is he the voice of the Compare the Market meerkats?

  • IN
    IN 17 days ago +1

    Simply love this guy.

  • grease monkey
    grease monkey 17 days ago +3

    his aussie accent is the best i've ever heard, (btw and this is coming from an Australian).

  • Jón Bjarnason
    Jón Bjarnason 18 days ago +10

    If I could pick one person to have dinner with, it would be Stephen Fry.

  • tommytigerpants
    tommytigerpants 18 days ago +2

    Australian was spot on!

  • scrambles brambles
    scrambles brambles 19 days ago +2

    Most impressed with his Australian accent, he and Kenneth Branagh are the best I can think of 🇦🇺

  • watchulla
    watchulla 19 days ago +1

    Fry needs to go back to QI, the new host is not bad. But she is not that informative and funny. Fry had more stories to tell.

  • MarkoRollo
    MarkoRollo 19 days ago

    I have to say, as someone from Oldham, as cannon and ball are, that Bobby and Tommy accent was a fail lol

  • MarkoRollo
    MarkoRollo 19 days ago

    That first one makes me think of my Grandmother, she was Polish and used to mix things up a bit sometimes, she once called a land rover a rover land, having said that her English was better than my Polish could ever be, I never actually heard her speak Polish, even my mum didn't, wish we had.

  • Totoro
    Totoro 19 days ago +3

    What an amazing man...love him....love him...love him..♥️♥️♥️

  • Michael Coop
    Michael Coop 19 days ago +9

    This man is beyond a national treasure

  • Eugine Farrelly
    Eugine Farrelly 19 days ago

    I never laughed once, very unfunny.

  • farnyone
    farnyone 19 days ago +1

    National treasure

  • Adrian Cheale
    Adrian Cheale 20 days ago

    Surprise surprise, posh elitist bloke given a really easy "job" on the box. Take a look at all the other tv programmes, especially quiz programmes and wonder why these posh boys get this "work"??? You have to speak RP to get anywhere on tv....

  • James Byrne
    James Byrne 21 day ago

    terrible attempt at a Dublin accent

  • Emmy Elijah
    Emmy Elijah 21 day ago +4

    Amazing human. I hope generations to come get to know him.

  • ArkhamInmateE32b
    ArkhamInmateE32b 21 day ago

    Funnily enough, he can't do a convincing American accent.

    NORMA BAGGINDALE 21 day ago

    Used to like Fry but now see him as a sleazy elitist creep with his teenage boy
    lover who is not just renting himself out to the old man for the fame and money he
    really loves this old man with the giant head

    NORMA BAGGINDALE 21 day ago

    Used to like Fry but now see him as a sleazy elitist creep with his teenage boy
    lover who is not just renting himself out to the old man for the fame and money he
    really loves this old man with the giant head

    NORMA BAGGINDALE 21 day ago

    Used to like Fry but now see him as a sleazy elitist creep with his teenage boy
    lover who is not just renting himself out to the old man for the fame and money he
    really loves this old man with the giant head

  • Rebekah Nunes
    Rebekah Nunes 21 day ago +6

    If you like listening to Stephen and all his accents I highly recommend his books on audible mythos and heros as well as his readings of the Sherlock Holmes series.

    • DeflatedPumpkin
      DeflatedPumpkin 8 days ago

      His readings of all the Harry Potter books is just enthralling too

  • Brian Eduardo
    Brian Eduardo 21 day ago

    Hopeless Dublin accent for Brendan Behan

  • chemistryset1
    chemistryset1 21 day ago

    That Aussie accent sounds like Roy Slaven's voice

    • dielaughing73
      dielaughing73 4 days ago

      Couldn't get the struck match between them

  • Ribbitgoesthedog Lastnamehereyeah

    The first invention to break the sound barrier is the whip. The crack comes from the tip of the whip breaking the sound barrier.

  • Jamie McFarlane
    Jamie McFarlane 23 days ago +13

    The world is a more funny and entertaining place, because Stephen Fry is in it.
    I hope I get the chance to meet the man in person one day.

  • JohnPaul Dixon
    JohnPaul Dixon 23 days ago +4

    Absolutely delicious ...... and of course, Ms.Toksvig was the most suitable replacement for Mr. Fry.

  • IsdudeMe
    IsdudeMe 23 days ago +1

    One of the best Irish accents I’ve ever heard a non-Irish person do fair play

  • daAnder71
    daAnder71 23 days ago +1

    Amazing how he hardly has an accent when speaking German. And indeed, German uses lots of "English" words that do not exist in the actual English language. "Handy" for mobile phone (because it's hand-held and it comes in "handy" when you need a phone on the go) is only one of them. "Oldtimer" for vintage car, "WLAN" ("wireless local area network") for Wifi, SMS ("short message service") for text message, "beamer" for projector, "show master" for talk show host are a few other weird examples.

    • ZeHoSmusician
      ZeHoSmusician 5 days ago

      'Handy' exists in the English language; obviously not in the sense of 'mobile phone' but 'convenient'...
      'Oldtimer' usually refers to someone who is, well, old; also a veteran...
      WLAN and SMS, both acronyms made from English words; but indeed in common English usage "one connects to Wi-Fi" or "one sends a text message"...
      (Do you use the shortfom "hi-fi" at all?)
      If you talk about a 'beamer' in the UK, they'll think you're referring to the car--a BMW...
      This is known as 'pseudo-Anglicism'; I have slightly less appropriate thoughts...

  • David Sneddon
    David Sneddon 24 days ago +2

    The scot sounds like a certain James Bond actor

  • Sidd
    Sidd 24 days ago +1

    Stephen Fry great man

  • Joshua Morgan
    Joshua Morgan 24 days ago

    Oh how time has exonerated Adolf Hitler. He's basically a prophet now. The Jews and their white genocide (Kalergi Plan) is in full swing now and we can only look back and say he was right.

  • that damn john
    that damn john 24 days ago +8

    Wouldnt the whip be the first object to break the sound barrier

    • merlynjep
      merlynjep 8 days ago +1

      If forced to answer, that would be my guess. I really was hoping they wouldn't cut off before the answer. I looked it up and it is believed this is the correct answer. Who knew the internet could be used for more than watching TheXvid?

  • Paul Wright
    Paul Wright 25 days ago

    Brilliant! Thanks

  • Jamie Finn
    Jamie Finn 25 days ago +1

    The Belfast is actually really good

  • sezkins
    sezkins 25 days ago +2

    I simply adore his anecdotes with his showbiz luvvies 😍

  • Rick Drew
    Rick Drew 25 days ago +4

    Sadly it’s only confirms why I have rarely watch the show since Stephen left

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 10 days ago

      I like Sandy 😊👍She's not Steven but then again nobody is!

  • TJ Farrelly
    TJ Farrelly 26 days ago

    Brendan Behan impression rubbish...stock Oirish accent.

  • Ryan Boshell
    Ryan Boshell 26 days ago +6

    The Australian is SPECTACULAR.

  • DJdefcon4
    DJdefcon4 26 days ago +6

    Laugh it up fuzzball - brilliant!

  • Darran Clarke
    Darran Clarke 26 days ago

    Stephen was totally entertaining and totally unPC, now , sadly like ALL BBC it has gone liberal left feminist anti male under the new, rather superior thinking presenter who likes to feel far too intelligent for her audience and pushing lesbian feminism PC agenda, and funny self mocking has stopped, replaced with the presenter trying to be wittier than the viewer she looks down at.

  • Matt Burfield
    Matt Burfield 26 days ago +1

    Stephen at 5:35 is my favourite.

  • Ties
    Ties 27 days ago

    9:55 Jacob Rees Mogg

  • Mike Haydon
    Mike Haydon 27 days ago +4

    I'm quite surprised a just how good his Aussie accent is.

  • aucourant
    aucourant 27 days ago +10

    Brilliant. The only one he got wrong was Brendan Behan. Behan had a strong working-class Dublin accent, not the generic 'Oirish' accent Stephen did. His Belfast accent was spot on though.

    • aucourant
      aucourant 8 days ago +1

      @eoinh1 That's why I said 'Oirish' instead of 'Irish'.

    • eoinh1
      eoinh1 8 days ago

      Ive never heard an oirish person speaking like that. he even pronounced behans name wrong.

  • Igor Kovács
    Igor Kovács 27 days ago +7

    1:54 that's exactly how a Hungarian would phonetically read 'pineapple upside down cake'.
    I can't believe Fry can't speak Hungarian!
    Also Pitagorasz is closer to the classical Greek pronunciation. Püthagoras, with an aspirated T. Definitely not pie - thagoras. Pü and mü, not pie and mew.

  • Pygiana
    Pygiana 27 days ago +1

    He cannot do a welsh accent. Nowhere near.

  • Crown Lawn Properties Ltd

    Stephen Fry is one of the best at what he does- He is funny, very bright and very intelligent................Angela Walker

  • Krachen Ford
    Krachen Ford 28 days ago +1

    German soldiers, meant as a joke, reality today. Bussi bussi!

  • Tiger Spills The Wine
    Tiger Spills The Wine 29 days ago +1

    That Australian accent was insane