QI | Best Of Stephen's Accents & Impressions

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • Now verr ist mein handy?!
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Comments • 782

  • David Andersen
    David Andersen Day ago

    Yes, be proud England! God save the Queen!

  • Tungsten Kid
    Tungsten Kid 3 days ago

    I've stopped watching QI because of its juvenile "humour", for example in every show it was just a matter of minutes before somebody used the words "bum" or "willy" etc.PS- are Fry and Davies shagging?

  • Dave Gardiner
    Dave Gardiner 4 days ago

    Stephen Fry. Truly a national treasure. 🧐

  • joseph nolen
    joseph nolen 4 days ago

    laughed my ass off when they mentioned chewbacca....always wondered if he had a regular HUMAN style pecker...or..one of those "red-rocket" wangs like a dog has.??...BAHAHA!

  • Helen25243
    Helen25243 5 days ago

    Love Stephen Fry.

  • Edward Deaney
    Edward Deaney 7 days ago

    It would be nice to have him back as a guest.

  • Eliz Donovan
    Eliz Donovan 7 days ago

    Incredible talent. ☘️🌝🌲

  • Belltower Subductions
    Belltower Subductions 8 days ago +2

    His accents were so spot on you could forgdt he was English for a second. His Irish accent was scarily accurate.

  • Mike Nunyabizness
    Mike Nunyabizness 9 days ago

    Wow, I never knew Stephen was so casually bigoted...

    • tinylilmatt
      tinylilmatt 5 days ago

      Doing accents or impressions isn’t bigoted
      He’s making the story’s funny and more interesting, something millenials never do for fear of causing offence to some sensitive moron

  • Piano Channel
    Piano Channel 10 days ago +3

    Stephen speaking with an American accent is mildly horrifying.

  • james billings
    james billings 14 days ago

    simon lanes impersonation of brian blessard is the best

  • OnceIWasYou
    OnceIWasYou 18 days ago +1

    I always feel like Stephen Fry gets a giddy thrill out of doing a camp accent. Slightly guilty but enjoys it.

    • tygrkhat40
      tygrkhat40 15 days ago

      I'm not a horror film fan, but I would go see Stephen's version of a camp horror film.

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller 18 days ago

    The Belfast accent is brilliant

  • Phoenics Hewson
    Phoenics Hewson 19 days ago

    MAN Stephen does a good Aussie accent, not overdone or exaggerated at all, extremely believable, and that's coming from a native aussie lol

  • Mitchell Weiner
    Mitchell Weiner 20 days ago

    30 sows and pigs reminds me of Lee Mack on WILTY, “45 lemons and 89 limes!”. Haha!

  • Pwecko
    Pwecko 22 days ago

    Spoiled only by the appearance of Sandy Toksvig at the end.

  • eric stewart
    eric stewart 23 days ago

    4:15. Roni Ancona will you marry me?

  • Tungsten Kid
    Tungsten Kid 24 days ago

    Are Fry and Davies shagging?..:)

  • PissedOffProle
    PissedOffProle 24 days ago

    What exactly is funny?

  • BenRhysFisher
    BenRhysFisher 27 days ago

    fuckin smashed the hungarian

  • deanmoncaster
    deanmoncaster Month ago +2

    Steven frys Billy connelly sounds more like Billy connelly than Billy Connelly doing Billy Connelly.

  • Yyddddllllyy
    Yyddddllllyy Month ago

    I do miss Stephen. A wonderfully jolly chap when presenting, brings an inordinate amount of joy into my life.


    Brilliant video yet again RUINED by that toksvig woman at the end

  • JustAGuyfromLDN
    JustAGuyfromLDN Month ago +28

    "Course you never knew Hitler did you?" That really reminded me of when Grandad said to Del Boy: "You wouldn't remember when I married your grandmother?" haha absolutely amazing

  • Baz Cuda
    Baz Cuda Month ago +2

    "Arise, Sir Stephen !" is a phrase that is long overdue.

  • Rachael Bills
    Rachael Bills Month ago

    Welsh girl here, perfect mannerisms but the accent wasnt quite there

  • YurManDavid
    YurManDavid Month ago +1

    Glad to hear Stephen Fry has heard of the brilliant Brendan Behan 😃

  • David Oakes
    David Oakes Month ago +1

    I don't dislike Sandi as a person or a comic - but i'm fed up with her on QI - she's WAY too patronising. We need Stephen Back.

    • David Oakes
      David Oakes Month ago +1

      @Horacio Toad Sandi is alright - but she does the " What have I done to deserve this? " quip far too much and looking at the audience and shrugging thing way too often and going " so...um.... _no_ ?? " thing far too often. She berates all the guys for making the slightest blokey joke - but won't miss any opportunity to make a lesbian joke.

    • Horacio Toad
      Horacio Toad Month ago +1

      he's probably bored doing it for so long....but I miss him, I bet he will return

  • Mark Kennedy
    Mark Kennedy Month ago +8

    Stephen Fry's impressions are actually scarily good. His Billy Connolly is great

  • Lena Patsa
    Lena Patsa Month ago +2

    Stephen's grandfather's pronunciation of Pythagoras is actually much closer to the Greek pronunciation of Πυθαγόρας than the way a typical English-speaker says it...

    • Baz Cuda
      Baz Cuda Month ago

      I fully agree - although I've studied Latin not Greek. The standard English way of pronouncing the TH in Pythagorus, as in "thanks", is completely wrong - it should just be a hard T sound. In fact, I'll stick my neck out and say that English is the only European language where the TH combination has sounds other than a hard T - cf France's "Thierry Henry", or Germany's "Thal" or "thaler". And of course our Latin "Y" came from Greek anyway, and in Greek, names should be pronounced like the "u" in French "vu" and "tu", and German "über". So, rather than the "Py" being pronounced as "pie" it's more like "poo" - sort of. I don't know how to say the Greek version of his name that you've quoted, but certainly the Romans would have pronounced such a word as something like Poota-gOrus or Poo-tAgorus. Stephen needs to give his grandfather more credit :P
      All fascinating stuff - well, I find it fascinating, anyway :D
      Where would the stress be in the Greek ? On the second or third syllable ?

  • marie greenwood
    marie greenwood Month ago


  • Marc van Bloemen
    Marc van Bloemen Month ago


  • Liam Millard
    Liam Millard Month ago +3

    That Churchill story had me in stitches 😂😂😂

  • Jon Paradero
    Jon Paradero Month ago +2

    His inner Melchett coming out at 7:25 there, an Irish Melchett.

  • Brandywellbhoy
    Brandywellbhoy Month ago

    08:59 - Who is that??

  • real RonaldsRump
    real RonaldsRump Month ago +1

    I'm now convinced that he's an Australian putting on a British accent.

  • Elton Barnes
    Elton Barnes Month ago

    I may be incorrect, but the first to break the sound barrier, was the whip . When it cracks it surpasses the sound barrier. I believe the whip has been around since Egyptian times long befor the cannon ball

  • Marachime
    Marachime Month ago

    I adore Sandi's object work at the end. The cup is especially good. She gives it weight and the implication that she's drinking it when i'm sure it's empty and light. :) makes me happy.

  • Mike kirock
    Mike kirock Month ago

    @3:42 that answer is wrong. The right answer is the whip.

    • hughjarrse
      hughjarrse Month ago +1

      In the episode that clip was taken from Stephen goes on to say it's the whip

  • Travis Rolison
    Travis Rolison Month ago

    I would think the bullwhip was the first thing that breaks the sound barrier. The whip crack sound is the end piece breaking the sound barrier

  • The LOL
    The LOL Month ago

    the irish accent got me too good

  • Falcon Powerful
    Falcon Powerful Month ago +1

    11:57 is a solid burn from Jimmy!

  • Falcon Powerful
    Falcon Powerful Month ago +4

    That Aussie accent is pretty bloody good! I’m well impressed.

  • Alphabet Soup
    Alphabet Soup Month ago

    The cannon ball was not the first invention to break the sound barrier Mr Fry. It was in fact the supersonic whip. The familiar crack sound of the whip is created when the tip moves faster than the speed of sound creating a sonic boom and is believed to have been in use for approximately 3000 years. 🥣

    • Alphabet Soup
      Alphabet Soup Month ago

      @hughjarrse My apologies. I assumed Fry had agreed with Alan but upon reviewing the video It's apparent the question was never answered. Further research revealed the original clip with the question answered therein.


    • hughjarrse
      hughjarrse Month ago +1

      That why the klaxon went off because Alan was wrong

    • Alphabet Soup
      Alphabet Soup Month ago

      Alar Koot Right on.
      Here’s a great video with some nice footage of the shockwave.


    • Alar Koot
      Alar Koot Month ago

      There is even an episode of Myth Busters about proving whiplash breaking sound of speed.

  • Mantis Toboggan
    Mantis Toboggan Month ago

    i'd love camp horror.

  • You know more than me, but,

    It has for the longest time seemed that no-one but an aussie can do an Australian accent.
    Stephen just proved that wrong.

  • docOld55
    docOld55 Month ago

    As an Aussie, I can only say that his Australian accent is abso-fucking-lutely perfect.

  • Paul Lea
    Paul Lea Month ago

    A very entertaining clip, Stephen is a brilliant funny guy.

  • Toms Tech
    Toms Tech Month ago

    *Sir* Tony Robinson

    Rowan Atkinson *CBE* (Commander British Empire)

    Hugh Laurie *CBE*

    Stephen Fry....
    Notice whats wrong there?

  • richard hockey
    richard hockey Month ago

    I think the Carry On team have campy horror cornered, especially Kenneth Williams (Carry on Screaming)

  • Micky Macleod
    Micky Macleod Month ago

    Stephen fry is brilliant

  • Micky Macleod
    Micky Macleod Month ago

    Stephen fry does a brilliant wookie

  • hi mynameis
    hi mynameis Month ago +21

    As an Australian, his aussie accent is by far the best I've ever heard a non-Australian speak. Sounds so natural.

  • Krister Andersson
    Krister Andersson Month ago

    Actually no a mobilephone is called mobiltelefon in German

  • Garry MacKenzie
    Garry MacKenzie Month ago +5

    “...drink Canada Dry...” 😂😂😂

  • lbee1234
    lbee1234 Month ago

    Love it

  • Catherine Cooke
    Catherine Cooke Month ago

    Very entertaining, what a treasure

  • egg arts
    egg arts 2 months ago

    I think Stephen got prank called by Billy Connolly

  • amandast100
    amandast100 2 months ago

    Amazing Aussie accent

  • spudnic88
    spudnic88 2 months ago +2

    My cousin from Frankfurt used to say handy in reference to his phone lol.