Cristiano Ronaldo hits back at Ballon d'Or organiser

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
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    Cristiano Ronaldo has hit back at the editor of France Football who claimed the Manchester United forward’s only ambition is to “retire with more Ballon d’Ors than Lionel Messi”.

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Comments • 4 020

  • sharon samuel
    sharon samuel Month ago +3651

    Respect Lewandowski i felt bad for him this guy deserves more than what he is getting and fair to ronaldo for speaking against false claims

    • Statistically Improbable Twat
      Statistically Improbable Twat Month ago

      Messi deserved it he was better in all stats apart from goals since he’s a playmaker.

    • A-Z
      A-Z Month ago

      Lewandowski is a fraud.. if you want your semblances to be recompensed pick someone else please..

    • From Beyond
      From Beyond Month ago

      @Stanetti Els You mean bayernsliga? Where’s the competition in Bundesliga? Besides lewandowski is nothing without the team behind him

    • AK
      AK Month ago

      If Lewandowski deserves it for 2021 then Messi should have 3 more. For 2020 though Lewa deserved it no doubt about it. Factos !!

    • JayCFC
      JayCFC Month ago

      @InstaBooth Nigeria You're slow, the ballon d'or isn't based off this season alone. You know nothing about what you're talking about.

  • Dr Steelhammer
    Dr Steelhammer Month ago +432

    Good to see Ronaldo speaking up against the media lying to create publicity. We all know there is a healthy rivalry between top players but also a huge amount of respect between them.

    • ACE
      ACE Month ago

      But he literally stated it publicly
      . Cr7 is lying

    • Abdirisak Awes
      Abdirisak Awes Month ago +1

      Ikr and CR7 is simply the G.O.A.T
      The most complete player ever.

    • MCMXXI
      MCMXXI Month ago

      @Bane Khan bro I’m a Messi fan but calm down ..jeez

    • F R
      F R Month ago +1

      @Bane Khan Ronaldo has won more UCL than Barca ever did. He’s bigger than Barca and Pessi.

    • eddyk
      eddyk Month ago

      The media didn't lie, Ronaldo said the Ballon d'or organiser was lying.

  • Fleure Rose
    Fleure Rose Month ago +234

    We are with you Cristiano Ronaldo, so keep going and never give up!!💪💪
    You didn't win the ballon d'or but in the eyes of your fans and all these people who support you from the beginning as a person and also as a good player you are the winner!

    • Robin' Your Hood
      Robin' Your Hood Month ago

      @Officer. Eddie Pulaski. Bro stfu. Ronaldo and his fans can't even breathe because whenever someone says something good about Ronaldo, y'all gotta come in disrespectful for no reason

    • Simon Borko
      Simon Borko Month ago


      KAKA BASKARA Month ago

      Winner ? Lol..not this season...

    • Haza 626
      Haza 626 Month ago

      @Tahmid Ahmed ucl's are team trophies ballon d'or is individual, why should one guy be recognised as a GOAT for what 10 other players helped him do, ronaldo relies on others, messi gives to others

    • Rob Coward
      Rob Coward Month ago +1

      @Tahmid Ahmed I can't even begin to explain how dumb the logic of what you just commented is 🤦‍♂️

  • Gabriel Gibson
    Gabriel Gibson Month ago +2

    Thank you ronaldo and messi for giving us football at its finest.... We(the world) are lucky to see two legends playing in this era ...may God bless both of you and your families .

  • tom harder
    tom harder Month ago +3

    That's it! A living LEGEND!

  • Matt B
    Matt B Month ago +1134

    The fact that the organiser has said something like this just shows how much of a joke this award has become

    • Abdirisak Awes
      Abdirisak Awes Month ago +1

      Ikr no one should care about it anymore, it is a disgrace!

    • Al SHAJAM
      Al SHAJAM Month ago +1

      Even being a Messi fan I can that that this ballondor has become an absolute joke and Lewandowski deseved it . The corrupt officials and France football have robbed the image .

    • Leo Kwak
      Leo Kwak Month ago

      Exactly. I don't give a shot anymore.

    • Trunks
      Trunks Month ago

      @Md Labib Abrar No, not rightfully so. No, thats not it. It was the 2018 robbery. The 2020 robbery, and now the 2021 robbery. Its a joke of a French reward

    • Mason
      Mason Month ago +2

      It becomes a joke when your favourite player doesn't win it.

  • Viktor Emilov
    Viktor Emilov Month ago +83

    I believe in Ronaldo, more than the one who falsely accuses him. And my opinion is not based on what Sky sports are showing to us.

  • Cyprian Junior
    Cyprian Junior Month ago +158

    This is exactly what the organizer wants: he wants to be the topic of discussion.

    • Leo Kwak
      Leo Kwak Month ago

      No he wants Ballon dor to be publicized. And that happened even before ronaldo responded.

    • Derek Morris
      Derek Morris Month ago

      @Goldcified lol, that's very factual.

    • ChrisH14
      ChrisH14 Month ago


    • Goldcified
      Goldcified Month ago +3

      @Derek Morris attention

    • Derek Morris
      Derek Morris Month ago


  • S F
    S F Month ago +37

    In the end, Ronaldo will be remembered as a legend and one of the greatest players to have ever set foot on the stage. As for Pascal, who is he again?

    • PA 99.
      PA 99. Month ago

      @SS19 That is your opinion.

    • SS19
      SS19 Month ago

      @PA 99. That is a really sad mindset.

    • PA 99.
      PA 99. Month ago

      @SS19 Okay, but I have no problem admitting I’m a nobody compared (keyword: compared) to Ronaldo. So is this Pascal guy. Has no relevance in world media whatsoever besides when he makes bold claims like this about more relevant people than he’ll ever be.

      I’m not a fanboy of Ronaldo btw. I just don’t like when less relevant people try to take down succesful people for no reason.

    • SS19
      SS19 Month ago

      @PA 99. It's not about him. It's about this pathetic fanboy mindset you have. "Oh he's not as famous as Ronaldo so he's a nobody". By the same logic, you're a nobody.

    • PA 99.
      PA 99. Month ago

      @SS19 btw, I’ll keep calling him “that Pascal guy”. For me he’s a nobody lol. Don’t know why that triggers you, is he your dad or something?

  • Usman Ali
    Usman Ali Month ago +16

    We're very lucky to see both play, they've given us happiness in football both have been consistently successful. Let's just enjoy the last couple of seasons that are left.

      xSEMUTHYDR4 Month ago +1

      But there'll always be a kid that always wants to compare both of them. (Sorry for my bad English)

  • K
    K Month ago +1696

    Poor Lewy he seemed hopeful but you could see the sadness immediately after.....

    • Mathias Dargel
      Mathias Dargel Month ago

      @Amal Krishna T S jeah there is no point in arguing further. stay healthy mate. wish you nice x-mas.

    • Amal Krishna T S
      Amal Krishna T S Month ago

      @Mathias Dargel It will be a bit lengthy reply.

      If you are a neutral fan you should look at international, club level and champions league stats of both players last season.

      See in an year which have international tournaments, the form there should be considered. It's true that lewa have no high profile players around him at Poland compared to messi at Argentina. Still they are not that bad. They finished their 2020 European qualifiers as group winners. If poland atleast qualified from group stage then it would have been a strong point for Lewa. But it didn't happened, rather they finished last in their group with 1 point. So it's clear lewa had a poor international campaign when compared with Messi last year.

      Coming to champions league last year both messi and lewa finished the tournament with 5 goals. Messi was knocked out in round of 16 with a rather underperforming Barca side. Whereas lewa was knocked out in Quater finals with monstrous Bayern side. Anyway goalwise its a tie there.

      On club level Lewandowski was outstanding. He was on fire there. Messi also had a good individual season with Barca with 30 goals and 9 assists. But the thing is Bundesliga is clearly a Bayern monopoly league. Bayern are simply ripping apart the teams there. So giving Balondor based on form only in Bundesliga is rather unfair.

      I thought like not to reply anymore. But I have enough valid points on why Messi deserved '2021' Balondor. So why should I not reply.

      These robbed calls are clearly an agenda by a certain fanbase to discredit messi. If any robbery happened it was in '2020' where Lewandowski clearly deserved.

    • Mathias Dargel
      Mathias Dargel Month ago

      ​@Amal Krishna T S haters? im neither a messi FAN or Ronaldo fan nor even Lewa, if you stay neutral, lewa deserved it. also it doesent change the fact that it is not hard for brazil players nor arg players to scoar A LOT of goals and assists in copa against those teams. so its not rly OUTSTANDING. 80 percent of the TOP teams are in Europe. In liga, lewa got simmiliar stats so im not quiet sure what you mean by that.

      also a BIG fact is that lewa with the polish team does not have those high class teammates like messi with arg. you have to put it in way diffrent aspect, rather then sayn, yeaaaahhh messi was sooo good in copa and leva not. thats just blindfolded and just everyone, besides MEDIA who are the ones who vote, would have voted for lewa. thats a fact, if you equalize those stats, lewa was still better.

    • Amal Krishna T S
      Amal Krishna T S Month ago

      @Mathias Dargel That is more than enough. It's an international tournament which was one of the arguments haters use against Messi, lol!! And also he was top scorer and top assist provider in the tournament which clearly is a strong point when it comes to Balondor. South America has only like 14 countries when compared to 40+ countries in Europe. So obviously they have limitations when it comes to number of teams and conducting an attractive tournament as good as Euros. Venezuela is the only really worst team there. Rest of the teams are atleast competitive.

      Apart from that his Barcelona stats is also good, 30 goals and 9 assist is enough for Balondor shouts. Didn't win laliga but still won Copa del rey. That is one trophy more than real madrid.

      But it's not rocket science to understand international tournament really made the difference here. Lewa not advancing much in champions league and Euro Cup was also an advantage for Messi.

    • Mathias Dargel
      Mathias Dargel Month ago

      @Amal Krishna T S so tell me, for WHAT did messi deserv 2021? winning copa? where only brazil and arg are elite? thats all he got this year, nothn else.

  • PS Paul Stewart ~ Interviews and Inspirations

    I love Ronaldo’s integrity. I respect this.

    • ธัญญส แย้มรัศมี
      ธัญญส แย้มรัศมี Month ago


  • Emotional Pro Max
    Emotional Pro Max Month ago +26

    I love Cr7 coz I really like his character, hardwork, and dedication 𝙉𝙊𝙏 Trophies 💖... Cr7 will always be my Inspiration ✨😍...

    May good God gives him Long life ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • JayCFC
    JayCFC Month ago +12

    I'm incredibly happy for Messi because he's my idol, but you have to feel for Lewa. He deserves a Ballon d'or, and hopefully there's one waiting for him to collect.

    • JayCFC
      JayCFC Month ago

      @tempe Tahu I literally have "CFC" in my name. Obviously I'm a Chelsea fan.

    • Nuno Martins
      Nuno Martins Month ago

      Trust me the organizers will find a way to give it to someone else.

    • tempe Tahu
      tempe Tahu Month ago

      Bro I found you everywhere bro. Are you a fan of Manchester United or Chelsea bro?

  • Deny Teixeira
    Deny Teixeira Month ago +21

    Having more ballon d’ors is not a record, records are not earned through votes. CR7 holds real measurable records that directly link to his talent and hard work. Unlike ballon d’ors, Ronaldo’s records cannot be stolen.

    • James Burnett
      James Burnett Month ago

      As much as I love Messi I’m not sure why he won the ballon dore. It should have been Roberts.
      I know Messi literally carried Barcelona but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t played a full season this year because of the transfer window and settling into PSG.
      Both ronaldo and messi are great players but slower than they use to be. Expected but to be honest neither should be another ballon dore at their age.

    • The Ghost
      The Ghost Month ago

      @ii_qdx Ronaldo fans are worse suiiiii. Cry boy

    • ii_qdx
      ii_qdx Month ago +1

      @The Ghost yeah just toxic messi fans

    • The Ghost
      The Ghost Month ago +3

      Cry harder

  • Super PantMan
    Super PantMan Month ago +2646

    I don’t think anyone should care so much about this award but I agree that Ronaldo should publicly deny false statements that people claim he said. It’s one thing to not get involved in drama but you must always speak out if someone is saying you said things you didn’t say.

    • Al SHAJAM
      Al SHAJAM Month ago

      Even being a Messi fan I can that that this ballondor has become an absolute joke and Lewandowski deseved it . The corrupt officials and France football have robbed the image .

    • Harry
      Harry Month ago +1


    • Ritik Mishra
      Ritik Mishra Month ago

      @Taufik Islam check out the verses of your clown book buran🤣🤣🤣

    • Zayan Kanani
      Zayan Kanani Month ago

      @Taufik Islam yeah I saw it it’s all good it’s done but he did lie when he talked to piers Morgan 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Simon Borko
      Simon Borko Month ago +1


  • One Light
    One Light Month ago +5

    "Personally, I'm not in the least bit interested. It's a media circus. Everybody votes for their own man. Things should make sense in making one decision or another. It isn't like that now. Therefore, we have to accept it for what it is, and then just do whatever we want", said Cruyff.

  • mane josh
    mane josh Month ago +3

    The greatest of all time 🐐

  • LB Videos
    LB Videos Month ago +1

    How can people hate this Legend!

  • Sajeel
    Sajeel Month ago +3

    born in a time of the second coming of maradona, he's doing pretty good for someone who wasn't supposed to make it this far. My goats thank you both

  • Kunal Saha
    Kunal Saha Month ago +1697

    There is always hate against Cr7 in this footballing world 😌

    • John McCadden
      John McCadden Month ago

      @Magar0monk oh, OK then........

    • Magar0monk
      Magar0monk Month ago

      Cry Penaldo fan Penaldo sex offender Penaldo sex offender Penaldo sex offender

    • John McCadden
      John McCadden Month ago

      @Mister Randomiser Sorry. You don't support UNITED and keep horrid pictures like that! 😄

    • Mister Randomiser
      Mister Randomiser Month ago

      @Luckxit be careful Harry Kane might steal all the goals next

    • Mister Randomiser
      Mister Randomiser Month ago

      @John McCadden he does play for my club I support MU I might have a pic of Gael Clichy but doesn't mean I support city it's just a pic in the end

  • Agilen JeyamRaj
    Agilen JeyamRaj Month ago +4

    Cr7, made in heaven!

  • Max
    Max Month ago +6

    How much more disrespect is he gonna take...he have done so much in the game of football and yet people are still criticizing him. For me CR7 and Messi are the greatest G.O.A.T in the world. Respect

  • karimkopra
    karimkopra Month ago +4

    even the people who love messi knows he dose not deserve it
    man city match was more than enough

    • Habtamu Worke
      Habtamu Worke Month ago

      deserved more than anyone. He did everything.

  • United ICONIC
    United ICONIC Month ago +4

    Balon Dor or not he’ll be remembered as one of the Top 5 players of all time

    • Effectrealmusic
      Effectrealmusic Month ago

      Ronaldo fans 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • United ICONIC
      United ICONIC Month ago

      @JJ That depends on the definition. If we’re talking about consistency then yeah Messi then Ronaldo but if we’re talking about absolute peak like Ronaldinho gave us magical 3 years then Ronaldo is lower in that list

    • JJ
      JJ Month ago

      @United ICONIC all those players you just named are below Ronaldo dude… r9 really? Maradona? R9 didn’t have the consistency throughout his career because of injuries and his eating habits. Rip to maradona but he was also inconsistent as well. Ronaldo and Messi competed consistently for years but Ronaldo is the most overall complete player ever and dominating multiple leagues, unlike Messi. Messi only better at dribbling and passing, but every other aspect of football, Ronaldo steers clear.

    • United ICONIC
      United ICONIC Month ago

      @JJ Idk man he’s very good but Messi, Ronaldo 9, Maradona are better me thinks 🤔

    • JJ
      JJ Month ago

      Top 5? 😂😂😂 Ronaldo is THE BEST player the world of football has ever seen. Put some more respect.

  • Giorgio Sarriccchio
    Giorgio Sarriccchio Month ago +1910

    He said one of his dreams is to have the most golden balls ever. He never said specifically above messi. He said that in an interview with piers morgan

    • frozen 247 fè
      frozen 247 fè Month ago

      @ᗰᗩᑎᑌ 😭Lol

    • ᗰᗩᑎᑌ
      ᗰᗩᑎᑌ Month ago

      @frozen 247 fè Factos👍💀

    • frozen 247 fè
      frozen 247 fè Month ago

      @ᗰᗩᑎᑌ you sure you want that

    • Nicolas M
      Nicolas M Month ago

      That was with Piers Morgan and we all seen it. Now the organiser of the Ballon d’Or talk about something CR7 told him personally. Not on camera. It wouldn’t be false since he said basically the same thing in the interview with Piers. So yes I believe CR7 said that

    • halfw1ng
      halfw1ng Month ago

      @Hating Timmy Cry less

  • Jack White
    Jack White Month ago +2

    I've watched ronaldo's interview with piers morgan, and he actually said similar words. However, I think Ronaldo meant that he never said it to Ferre himself

    • Jaydee J
      Jaydee J Month ago

      Watch the interview he clearly states he wants to retire with more golden balls than Messi so it's identical to the words he alledgedly told the organiser.

    • LordofSilverFountains
      LordofSilverFountains Month ago

      Similar doesn't mean the same. That's why similar and same aren't synonyms.

  • Stewart Brown
    Stewart Brown Month ago

    Both players are professional players and have won many trophies and award I think over the years ronaldo has been overlooked I like both the players but I think ronaldo overall the teams hes played in and different countries hes adapted too I think hes got the edge above messi just my personal opinion

  • Your ܐܵܒܵܐ
    Your ܐܵܒܵܐ Month ago

    He really deserve some respect .

  • Darren Edwards
    Darren Edwards Month ago +24

    Christiano ronaldo is a legend who always performs at the highest level for his team & country in all the countries he’s played in ! I’m a Leeds fan !

    • SW
      SW Month ago

      @Darren Edwards he's scored 3 KO goals for Portugal in about 20 games and even now he only has 1 goal in his last 8 premier league games. He's been incredibly consistent but no one always does it!

    • Darren Edwards
      Darren Edwards Month ago +1

      @SW look at his stats!!! He’s been constantly brilliant throughout his career ,I’m not interested in commentators most talk crap these days !

    • SW
      SW Month ago

      'Always performs' - why do so many feel they have to say this when ot comes for Ronaldo? Commentators says every time he scores a goal. Why feel the need to overhype already one of the best players ever? He doesn't always do it no one does or has!

    • Daariyus
      Daariyus Month ago +1


  • minute facts
    minute facts Month ago +741

    Ballon dors or no ballon dors he will be remembered for one of the greatest players of all time.

    • Trueindian Trueindian
      Trueindian Trueindian Month ago

      @KinAkuma ??

    • Robin' Your Hood
      Robin' Your Hood Month ago

      @Trueindian Trueindian Something indians would say 😂😂😂

    • Ciso Pacheco
      Ciso Pacheco Month ago

      @PiqueGustavo1986 voted by 267 nobody's... That think they know the beautiful game. If CR7 didn't win 5 ... Means Messi win 12.... Favoritism. Messi is overrated. Another game 0 goals for a team like PSG.. he's a flop.

    • Yuanloong Tay
      Yuanloong Tay Month ago

      @Mike Syder messi u mean

    • Racus Mashford
      Racus Mashford Month ago +1

      The greatest not one of

  • aap aam kaise khate hain

    Lewandowski was in form of career . He had more goals+assist than Messi in lesser matches , more Trophies than Messi . Jorginho made top5 is still shocking

    • MCFC Fan
      MCFC Fan Month ago +1

      And sterling 15 lmao. How tf was he even nominated

  • Damian Suarez
    Damian Suarez Month ago

    Congratulations Lionel!!!

  • Drama King
    Drama King Month ago +2


  • Jac Thetripper
    Jac Thetripper Month ago

    CR7 is a legend in multiple leagues... best player of the two imo

  • Uche Onye
    Uche Onye Month ago +2

    This two legends have played good football, one is better than the other in terms of talents ,while the other is a workaholic and is a great example of "never say die" .I don't care about the ballon d'or anymore , the true winner didn't get his share of the sweetness this year and to me , that sweetness have become bitter. Lewandowski my boy😪.we all know deep down that you deserved this more.

  • 77 Red
    77 Red Month ago +2

    Here’s a guy who has undoubtedly been one of the best in the world but in his case it’s mostly been as a player that a whole club has nurtured with the help of world class players all around him.
    Looking at it objectively Ronaldo is the better player. Levondowski is certainly worth shout with many others too.

    The Balon D’or represents not the best footballer (because that would cover so much ground no one player would win it consecutively) but the best product for the marketing of football.

    It’s sad that the beautiful game has become so ugly

  • Rick Astley
    Rick Astley Month ago +4

    When they decided not to give Lewa a ballon for they completely lost their legitimacy

  • Mionel Lessi
    Mionel Lessi Month ago

    Ronaldo's statement was class, he deserves a 6th Ballon d'Or for that 👏

  • Lena Paul's Stepbrother
    Lena Paul's Stepbrother Month ago +5253

    The fact that he won 5 Ballon d'Or while France Football have an obvious agenda against him is quite impressive.

    • Josh Johnes
      Josh Johnes 15 days ago

      "Obvious agenda" 😂😂

    • Nuno Martins
      Nuno Martins Month ago

      @kaitsu ya and so would messi btw lol

    • Bags have Gucci Xhxhhxbxbx
      Bags have Gucci Xhxhhxbxbx Month ago

      I think most of his ballon dors were when it was the fifa ballon dor but 2 ballon dors is still impressive

    • Rueben Falana
      Rueben Falana Month ago

      @La Casa Blanca messi and ronaldo are attackers tho

    • Joao Albuquerque
      Joao Albuquerque Month ago

      @dimple man Nah, but portuguese people are know to emigrate to France since the mid XX Century, and were always seen as... inferior, and taking jobs people didn't want. The french are very racist. Now imagine having them partying in your country about winning the Euros 😂

  • George Miles
    George Miles Month ago +4

    Messi without Barcelona is a mess that's his last award, I've been waiting for Messi to try something different to prove that his a goat but unfortunately his nothing without Barcelona, but when you come to cr7 side cr7 will always score goals even if the team is down , what people don't know is how to differentiate hard work and a talent, ronaldo is a hard working person @36 he still looks stronger & younger CR7 forever the goat 🐐

    • Tim Dev
      Tim Dev Month ago

      Yes, Messi is nothing without a mediocre team to back him up instead of players like Mbappe and Neymar. You're absolutely right.

  • Seon Xavi Semple
    Seon Xavi Semple Month ago

    He did actually said so though. In an interview too

  • Skip Sensei
    Skip Sensei Month ago

    Wise words from the goat

  • Strictly Pom
    Strictly Pom Month ago +1

    Messi is certainly one of the all time greats. But yo say he’s been the best player in the world for the past 18 months just shows what a fix the ballon dor really is.

    • Haza 626
      Haza 626 Month ago

      Well somebody struggles with maths, ballon d'or is for the past 12 not 18

  • Bradders 344
    Bradders 344 Month ago +1185

    I knew the award was biased years ago when Henry didn’t win it in 2003 and 2004 when he was clearly the best player in the world. (He probably should of won it again in 2006)

    • Lisashhotwife
      Lisashhotwife Month ago

      @Ex Cop ok henry in his hay day v can not a chance

    • Kadir David
      Kadir David Month ago

      @famuyide ibukun modric didn’t even deserve it

    • Kadir David
      Kadir David Month ago

      lol it’s a fan thing now since Messi and Ronaldo came in

    • Ex Cop
      Ex Cop Month ago

      2006? No. Cannavaro clearly deserved that.

    • Lisashhotwife
      Lisashhotwife Month ago

      they went unbeaten that season and many games after that insane he didnt get it

  • Jeet x editz  cr7
    Jeet x editz cr7 Month ago +5

    Basically I am a Ronaldo fan and I respect the statement he said last night Ronaldo is the most hardworking player of all time and in my opinion Lewandowski deserved to win it but France football is the worst one to declare Messi as the b'dor if Lewa gonna win it then Ronaldo would be more happy then Lewa Cz he deserves it.

    • Dekass
      Dekass Month ago +1

      @Alex Gray 'the lack of knowledge' 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Alex Gray
      Alex Gray Month ago

      @Dekass the lack of knowledge is frightening yet they think they are experts lol

    • Dekass
      Dekass Month ago +1

      @Alex Gray don't waste your breath on this idiot. He can not even write or understand , so it makes sense that he doesn't understand the whole process

    • Alex Gray
      Alex Gray Month ago

      It's not French football who decides it's 185 people from around the world managers and journalists ya complete tool

    • Jeet x editz  cr7
      Jeet x editz cr7 Month ago

      @Dekass i think u drunk a lot 😂

  • Mr. Gegenpress
    Mr. Gegenpress Month ago +3

    I think CR7 deserved at least top 5. He seems like a decent sportsman

    • Rauan Erkinbek
      Rauan Erkinbek Month ago +1

      @Cactus732 salt 🧂

    • Cactus732
      Cactus732 Month ago

      Why? What has he done in the last year to suggest he was one of the top 5 players in the world? Over his career yes, he’s definitely been one of the best ever but for 2021 neither he nor Messi should have been in the top 5 and it pretty much sums up what a joke the Ballon D’or is that Messi won.

    Al SHAJAM Month ago +1

    Even being a Messi fan I can that that this ballondor has become an absolute joke and Lewandowski deseved it . The corrupt officials and France football have robbed the image .

  • Tahmid Chowdhury
    Tahmid Chowdhury Month ago +3

    The true GOAT... not the media GOAT.

  • BabyCumBack
    BabyCumBack Month ago +1123

    Ronaldo has more UCLs than Messi. I dont think Ronaldo cares about having more Ballon d'Ors than him. I dont think Messi cares either... Mostly these Penaldo and Pessi children who dont know football care

    • Lord
      Lord Month ago

      Messi has more laliga than ronaldo as well

    • Tatung Bamang
      Tatung Bamang Month ago +1

      I am a Ronaldo fan, but I don't care anymore.
      All I care about is him playing for 2-3 more years playing at top.

    • SW
      SW Month ago

      I don't think Messi cares that much really, Ronaldo will be seething though.

    • Ryan Whittingham
      Ryan Whittingham Month ago

      @Alectro we can agree to disagree I don’t think they were “equally” good but understand what your saying

    • David Tawse
      David Tawse Month ago

      @DaBabySmokesWeedAndJimmySavilleSmokesBudWithMyNanWrong, there are videos on here of top ex and current players and managers being asked who they think is better and the vast majority say Messi, some which are ex teammates of Ronaldo. And typical Ronaldo fan boy hand picking/manipulating stats to try and justify your false opinion of Ronaldo being better. Messi started out as a winger and has played less games centrally than Ronaldo and still has a better goals and assists to games ratio. He's 2 years younger and not far behind him, he's on course to catch him and will.

  • Internet Fam
    Internet Fam Month ago +4

    But guys wait Messi was a great player 3 years ago therefore he deserves to win every balloon d'or ever. (French and messi fan logic)

    • SS19
      SS19 Month ago +1

      No no don't wipe your tears. Cry some more

    • Haza 626
      Haza 626 Month ago

      Not as great as he was 3 years ago but still better than everyone else this year that says a lot about him. Wipe your tears

  • Dilmon
    Dilmon Month ago

    Cr7 ❤️❤️

  • Martyn Le Vallee
    Martyn Le Vallee Month ago +57

    In the past 12 months Ronaldo has literally broken every major footballing record. Go figure why he wasn't named.

    • Martyn Le Vallee
      Martyn Le Vallee Month ago

      @make a wish if it were simply based upon stats for the year, Lewandowski deserved it the past two years running. Lewy isn't as marketable as Messi.

    • Dula Johnstone
      Dula Johnstone Month ago

      Maybe because he openly supports the Palestinian cause and spoke out against Zionism

    • Ciso Pacheco
      Ciso Pacheco Month ago

      @make a wish 2020 CR7 broke UEFA most goals in Euro championship with 11. Platini had record 9.. and broke Juventus all time season record with 37 goals. Destroys everywhere he goes.

    • make a wish
      make a wish Month ago

      @Ciso Pacheco those are career records. The award is about one year, it's not about whole career

    • Ciso Pacheco
      Ciso Pacheco Month ago

      @make a wish international all time goal scorer... And he's European... Europe is alot harder then South America. 10 hat tricks for international team. Another record. Facts and many more look them up. CR7 451 goals in 431 games in la Liga. Messi 672 goals in 772 games. I'll send you a box of tissues. You can make a wish ... Wishing Messi is better then CR7... But doesn't mean it's coming true.

  • San Jose Del Cabo
    San Jose Del Cabo Month ago

    I have been to his museum and the 5 he has spread across the room fit so perfectly when I was there he had 4 and a spot waiting for the 5th to be honest 6th would throw the room off and we as fans no he is all about perfection so I feel he doesn’t care for the award for that reason plus being robbed in 2018 show the award means nothing

  • Zanies
    Zanies Month ago +848

    The amount of disrespect that Ronaldo gets is insane.

    • From Beyond
      From Beyond Month ago +1

      @Liverpool Era Don’t talk to me about “spanking” Everton fans after Aston villa sonned you. Wait for the city game, we’ll eat you up like we did in February.

    • Liverpool Era
      Liverpool Era Month ago

      @From Beyond another hopeless everton fan.
      MO Salah spanked you as i said

    • Al SHAJAM
      Al SHAJAM Month ago +1

      Even being a Messi fan I can that that this ballondor has become an absolute joke and Lewandowski deseved it . The corrupt officials and France football have robbed the image .

    • From Beyond
      From Beyond Month ago

      @Liverpool Era All high spirited for nothing, you’ll go trophy-less like last season. Don’t even get me started

    • Diogo Pereira
      Diogo Pereira Month ago

      @streetsAhead maybe u should know what u are talking about. those women just want money from him.
      u must be dumb and naive clearly.

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones Month ago

    Remember when he came out with his "shhhhh" statement on Instagram in July, on how he had no intention to leave Juventus, and it was all a media lie?!

  • yasinarhaan shaik
    yasinarhaan shaik Month ago

    Love u Ronaldo u r my player forever . The best ever the no 1 best ever football player

  • Radiohead 321
    Radiohead 321 Month ago

    The G. O. A. T

  • Oscar 7
    Oscar 7 Month ago +10

    The Ballon d’Or has the same value as the Cup of the Donald Duck.
    It’s worthless at all, it represents a gift from the press to whoever they like.

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar Month ago +420

    Respect to CR7 to coming out and just straight up outing them like that, can't just lie and get away with it more celebrities should name drop like this

    • SW
      SW Month ago

      @Jakub and his agent publicy said Modric winning was a disgrace, bunch of narcissistic bellends.

    • Tahmid Ahmed
      Tahmid Ahmed Month ago

      @Jakub he didnt come to that award because he derserved the ballon dor that year. and messi didnt come to that award too idiot

    • David Kariu
      David Kariu Month ago

      @Jakub I'm not here to argue anything, just stating his personality which has always been the same.

    • AMIT
      AMIT Month ago

      Then go and watch the interview you will lose all respect again.. only if you're a neutral fan

    • Noorkey Ahmd
      Noorkey Ahmd Month ago +1

      @Jakub messi didn’t come to that award as well

  • Teo Ree
    Teo Ree Month ago +6

    Cristiano clearly said he wanted more ballon dors than messi. He never said it's his only ambition, as claimed. I think France chief wanted some media exposure. Even if Cristiano said that with him I don't think it was some serious newsworthy statement.

    • kehinde bajomo
      kehinde bajomo Month ago

      @SS19 you're saying there's a clip of Ronaldo saying he wants more ballon dors than Messi? You a rasta man if you can show me this clip.

    • SS19
      SS19 Month ago

      @kehinde bajomo It's literally on video bomboclaat

    • kehinde bajomo
      kehinde bajomo Month ago

      yea you were there when he said it innit. bomboclaat..

  • Allen Mathew
    Allen Mathew Month ago +1

    Were all of you also complaining when Messi didn't win it in previous years despite having the most G/A (whilst also playing as his team's chief chance creator and ball progressor) and when Modric won it despite having an injury riddled average season (according to his own standards)?

    If not, then get off your indignant high horse and stop pretending this has anything to do with the sanctity of the award you tribalistic hypocrites.

  • Partha Pratim Ghose
    Partha Pratim Ghose Month ago +8

    people will believe because that is exactly the kind of words you expect from cristiano !

    • Nicolas M
      Nicolas M Month ago

      Someone who’s making sense. Thanks

  • P4K1R4MB0
    P4K1R4MB0 Month ago +10

    Ronaldo Edges past Messi, Ronaldo will always be remebered as a LEGEND

    • P4K1R4MB0
      P4K1R4MB0 Month ago +1

      @Luisa Hidalgp kids like you, don't understand how easy Spanish league is.. 😂

    • P4K1R4MB0
      P4K1R4MB0 Month ago +1

      Spanish league, is the easiest league in the world. Come to ENGLAND and let's see Messi scoar goal

    • Luisa Hidalgp
      Luisa Hidalgp Month ago

      You mean the movie??? 🤣😂

  • Chah
    Chah  Month ago

    As a Messi fan, he deserves 6 of the Ballon D’ors. Lewandaski deserved the last one, hands down

  • James Estrada
    James Estrada Month ago

    Ronnie smashes record after record each year, while scoring loads of goals for his teams. He’s won the golden boot in Italy, he’s broken the men’s Intl. scoring record, he’s quite literally carried United through the Champions League and he only finished in 6th place?! There’s definitely an agenda against him. Remember when Luka beat him to the Ballon d’Or in 2018, when it was Ronaldo who carried Madrid to the Champions League title? To top things off, they unveiled a tasteless photo of Ronnie posing in his underwear at awards ceremony last night? The Ballon d’Or has lost ALL CREDIBILITY in my opinion. Oh yeah, and Lewa definitely deserved to win this year, and last year!

  • Reemajit Gill
    Reemajit Gill Month ago +2

    I feel sorry for Lewandowski that guy deserves it!

  • Ayub Matadar
    Ayub Matadar Month ago +1

    Well said CR7 for me you are Number 1 how on earth Messi won is beyond me perhaps he won it because he shed few tears Leaving Barcelona. I thought Robert Lewandowski was going to win. Messi has done Nothing in Last 12 Months apart from crying like a Baby.

  • JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON

    He said "I want the most golden balls" Not "I want more than messi"
    Two completely different statement even though they sound exactly the same
    But the intention behind it is different

    • maanow vlogs
      maanow vlogs Month ago

      @midget 420 factos though🤫🤣🤣

    • midget 420
      midget 420 Month ago

      Not really, he also reacted factos under a post that said messi disappears in big games and that the ballon dor was robbery and that ronaldo should win it. Cr7 is just delusional, i get that you think lewa deserved it but cr7 wasn’t even in the winner’s conversation.

    • Nicolas M
      Nicolas M Month ago

      He don’t talk about the interview but it was a private conversation. + since he said that during the interview we’ve seen with Piers, it shouldn’t be shocking. This guy was obsessed with Messi few years ago

    • maanow vlogs
      maanow vlogs Month ago

      @Regaltos 420 u exactly proving my point here little buddy🤣🤣Ronaldo was statistically above luka interms of goals and assist that season,remind me what was modric's goals and assist that season🤔four goals and a couple of assists 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • maanow vlogs
      maanow vlogs Month ago

      @Regaltos 420 and there is nothing called a mediocre team in a cup competition,if u know ball Croatia had one of the best squad in the world cup that year,a squad to reckon.perisisc,mandzucic,kovacic,rakitic,vrsaljko,lovren all European winners,vida was among the best defenders in that competition.too bad France had a wonderful squad,so stop discrediting what the orther guys have achieved as a bunch,and if you were clearly watching Croatia games modric's ass was saved twice in the quarters and semis by missing penalties

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown Month ago +4

    What has messi done in the last few years?, I can remember bad things but I've no clue why he won it, there's better players out there that are younger.

    • James Burnett
      James Burnett Month ago

      Theoretically it makes him the most successful footballer who ever existed doesn’t it not.

    • En Lighten
      En Lighten Month ago

      "but I've no clue why he won" me either, all messi done past season was Drama with Barca!

  • Mohamed Orayith
    Mohamed Orayith Month ago +1

    Messi does debatably deserve the Balon D’or
    But because Lewa didn’t win one last year it seems even more bs
    I do hope that Lewa is given one for the last year event

  • gabster C
    gabster C Month ago

    Massive respect to Ronaldo. Such a humble player he now wears the number of times Messi has won the Ballon d'Or on the back of his shirt. Kudos

  • Justice Ani
    Justice Ani Month ago

    After maradona, i thought i have seen it all in football, not until Messi came into the scene. It will take another 10-15years to see another like him. But we will always see the kind of CR7, if not better than him. Ronaldo have demonstrate in his actions that he wants to win it more than any other player. 3times Ronaldo won the award, Messi statistical is better than him. Voting have closed in 2014, but because of FIFA statement, it was reopen and 3goals against Sweden gave him the award, in Europe 2016, he is not the better player of the tournament not even the best in the Portuguese team, but he won the award

  • Sunil KC
    Sunil KC Month ago +542

    A classy response from a classy footballer.. For me, CR7 will always be at the top, no matter what

    • S
      S Month ago

      @Zanies and I guess not including international football is too much to ask of Ronaldo fans when it doesn’t suit their argument👍🏼😂

    • Zanies
      Zanies Month ago

      @S I was talking about clubs... But that much commonsense i too much to be asked from Messi fans.

    • grizzii
      grizzii Month ago

      @UCDlGpbiHWE5JXXWJZjM770g u talked about hype, how people vote only their fav etc. Then what happened in 2018??

    • Bozza
      Bozza Month ago

      @grizzii who said 2018 ?

    • grizzii
      grizzii Month ago

      @Bozza 2018 see Messi stats. N his rank in ballon d'or. Mention which year u feel Messi should not have won. N ronaldo should have. I'll explain how journalists, coached who follows football decides. Beware, it includes dribbles, key passes, man of the matches too, incase u don't understand this while watching

  • The Eclectic One
    The Eclectic One Month ago +1

    TOP classy Humility and fair play from The Greatest of all times CRISTIANO RONALDO Portugal 🇵🇹

  • marto douglas
    marto douglas Month ago

    Congrates to Messi but Lewandoski or Salah actually deserved it this time around.
    People hate Ronaldo simply because his handsome, very fit, hard working and talented but the guy is just an absolute professional so they have to hate something about him by saying his too egoist. The latest by the media is Ronaldo doesn't press so his bad for the team. how is he bad for Man Utd when he scores the vital goals and that's still not good enough because he doesn't press @ 36 but scores goals like a 20yrs old player. He is an example to everyone in life just do you because no matter what you do people still gonna hate on you.

  • Eyan Andati
    Eyan Andati Month ago

    The statements made by the Balon d'or organizer may be false
    But for those acting like Cr7 doesn't care about having the most balon d'ors, you're in denial

  • Sono Chi No sadame
    Sono Chi No sadame Month ago

    Lewandoski is an amazing player, one of the greatest strikers ever, the only shame here is that he was born in the same era as Messi and Ronaldo, Messi deserved it, if you dont believe it just check stats adn compare..

  • R J
    R J Month ago +214

    I feel something big of a blessing will come Ronaldo's way soon

    • Struggle To Løve Myself
      Struggle To Løve Myself Month ago


    • Platinum Gamer
      Platinum Gamer Month ago

      @midget 420 😂

    • Violet Phiri
      Violet Phiri Month ago

      @Ciso Pacheco great now tell me about the amount of games and goals and assists in their career games,let's compare that Also

    • midget 420
      midget 420 Month ago

      @Ciso Pacheco ever seen the ucl final 2009? Messi scored a banger header goal. Also its not fair to compare a striker that is hunting for goals and waiting in the 16 with a playmaker like messi who NEVER waits in the 16, and still messi scores more on average, as well as more assists, key passes and motm awards.

    • midget 420
      midget 420 Month ago +1

      @Agan Braganca not happening, this united ain’t winning the pl or cl and portugal isn’t even qualified yet.

  • Effie larkin
    Effie larkin Month ago

    You always get the truth from Ronaldo. He gives a square deal to everyone and anyone. So glad that he spoke up and set the facts before us. Quite a guy.

  • Vasanth Rakuel🎵🎞

    sad that was a great YEAR for ronaldo who won everything with Juventus and portugal but did'nt win the ballon d'or

  • Pascal Amadi
    Pascal Amadi Month ago +6

    Ballon d’ or is all about Messi even when someone else should win it.

    • keran seunarine
      keran seunarine Month ago

      Again. It said 2021 ballon d'or. Never said 2020. Amazing how little intelligence there is in this world.

  • Жанибек Жакупов

    Respect CR7

  • Mr Chan!
    Mr Chan! Month ago +178

    In the end we'll all remember CR7 for his works

    • I Tazloc
      I Tazloc Month ago

      It’s astounding how Messi fans are trying hard to roast cr😂 they need to stop crying lol

    • Robin' Your Hood
      Robin' Your Hood Month ago

      @useless degenerate I love how your username perfectly describes u

    • useless degenerate
      useless degenerate Month ago

      And his diving, don't forget his diving. "fair play" my ass.

    • prakash singh
      prakash singh Month ago

      @Gautham Rajan Stop embarrassing Indians (Bharatiyas). Most of my friends are Messi fans, but they don't disrespect Ronaldo. Both the legends deserve respect.

    • Robin' Your Hood
      Robin' Your Hood Month ago +2

      @Gautham Rajan Stfu ur like 5 years old started watching football yesterday. If you witnessed prime ronaldo in Man United or Real Madrid u would respect him. No one invited delusional little kids in this conversation

  • Sudarshan .R
    Sudarshan .R Month ago +1

    Messi GOAT

  • Felipe F7
    Felipe F7 Month ago

    As my PE highschool teacher used to said:
    "In any class there's a difference between the number 1 and the best, the number 1 is whoever gets the best grades and is liked by the professor in that class but the best is typically one of those students with poor behavior, who aren't really attentive to the classes or worried about studying but everybody in the classroom knows that they're talented in some subjects"
    I might have paraphrased it a bit but that was the idea

  • Steve O
    Steve O Month ago +3

    “Sportsmanship and fair play that have guided my career since the beginning”

    Well, that’s a lie right there considering the diving, feigning injury and trying, at times succeeding, to get fellow professionals sent off.

    I believe the French dude after that blatant lie by Ronaldo. I have evidence Ronaldo is a liar. I don’t know this other guy but what he claimed Ronaldo has said wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Ronaldo did say the pretty much the same thing on camera in an interview so 🤷‍♂️

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas Month ago +1

    He literally said he wanted more in an interview with Piers Morgan. What an embarrassment.

  • SRukh Khan
    SRukh Khan Month ago +424

    He is the fukin player with the most goals in the sport we all love, yet the disrespect and criticism he gets on a daily basis is insane..

    • KDEN
      KDEN Month ago +1

      So disrespectful of France football to award him only 5 ballon d’ors. The utter disrespect 😩😩😩

    • Johnaa Johni
      Johnaa Johni Month ago

      @PiqueGustavo1986 lmaooo

    • Cesar Toscano
      Cesar Toscano Month ago

      Estonia, maldova, serbia, Ireland .. cheerleader at the euros. Luckiest 3 years anyone has seen in their life when Madrid won the champ (Ramos saved his a$$ plus more BS) reason why he’s only been recognized as the best player of the year a handful of times. Want to watch an athlete wait for crosses to tap in watch Ronaldo. An artist with amazing feet to dribble, pass and shoot while having him drop your jaw to the ground.. watch Lionel Messi

    • Wht Wht
      Wht Wht Month ago +1

      @Steven Lobban pele average he isnt the best but average is a bit harsh on the guy

    • Buata Red Devils
      Buata Red Devils Month ago

      @Joshua King I'm pretty sure he played all the match although he had to be taken out due to injury in the final,you might say he's not important in the final but he's the reason they reach final

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl Month ago

    Respect to CR7 to coming out and just straight up outing them like that, can't just lie and get away with it more celebrities should name drop like this

    PES KING Month ago

    No problem my legend(cristiano) this unjust will make you more stronger, more younger and powerful to win 8 ballon d'Ors👍 good luck

  • dickens Dickala
    dickens Dickala Month ago

    whether ronaldo said it to him or not, it was so unprofessional to come out and say to the media "hey ronaldo said he wanted more balon Dors than messi". its like he was saying Ronaldo isn't ever going to win this ever again no matter what he does

  • Pitar fan
    Pitar fan Month ago

    Welldone Ronaldo, fair play to you.

  • Why
    Why Month ago

    Maguire and Bendtner is so damn humble….

  • General Major
    General Major Month ago +24

    They hate CR7 for no reason, but no matter what CR7 is the Goat and his name can never be erased from the history of Football 🔥CR7 🤞

    • Zamtea Chhangte
      Zamtea Chhangte Month ago

      Goat ? The only thing he is goat at his Diving and penalties 😂😂

    • Jahenoor Rahman
      Jahenoor Rahman Month ago +1

      There is a reason. Its called jealousy. They hate on the one who's done what they couldn't do.

  • Junaid Abrahams
    Junaid Abrahams Month ago

    There's a video where he admits it himself 🤣

  • Junaid Abrahams
    Junaid Abrahams Month ago

    There's a video where he admits it himself 🤣

  • Ryukobestwaifu
    Ryukobestwaifu Month ago +1

    People talk about “lewandowski deserved it more” for what? Maybe the year before he might’ve gotten it for winning UCL and being a key player but last season what did he do? You only compare him with Messi in terms of goals completely missing all the things that Messi does for Barca from assisting to scoring to the dribbles that he does to open space and make key passes

    ANFAS ESPORTS Month ago


  • mogau lephaka
    mogau lephaka Month ago

    there is a an interview where ronaldo did make a statement almost similar than this one.