I Tried EVERY Japanese Fried Chicken | Ft.

  • Published on Mar 31, 2021
  • Japanese convenience store fried chicken is legendary, from Family Mart and Lawsons to Seven Eleven. But which store has the best? We taste EVERY single fried chicken to find out.
    Featuring Connor (CDawgVa).
    Connor and I also tried every single sake in Japan (oh boy).
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  Year ago +6660

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: If this video gets 75k likes, I might talk to Connor again one day.
    Seriously, this was an absolute culinary onslaught that probably wiped a few years off of my life. Regardless, I think it was worth it. What'd you reckon?
    ⛩️ ALSO in case you missed it, send us your challenges for Journey Across Japan: The Lost Islands now! bit.ly/JAJLostIslands

    • Sahayeda
      Sahayeda 5 months ago

      I'm waiting for the day chris says karaage correctly lol

    • Mr Obamium
      Mr Obamium 7 months ago


    • Duck Duck
      Duck Duck 8 months ago

      Moo 💩 💩 m

    • ralphyman
      ralphyman 10 months ago

      So now the real question is: which one would you rather do again: this one or the giant dumpling challenge?

    • jazztec
      jazztec 10 months ago

      But of the top 4 which is the best?!

  • RuffledRowlit
    RuffledRowlit Year ago +3843

    Normal youtubers: 10$ chicken vs 100$
    Chris and Connor: lets consume a dangerouse amount of japanese alcohol and diabetes chicken.

    • Moh. Adi Pramudiono
      Moh. Adi Pramudiono 8 months ago

      Is this a "Worth It" reference or something?

    • Lavender Farms
      Lavender Farms 11 months ago

      @Re ra la Sugar converts to cholesterol.

    • Re ra la
      Re ra la Year ago

      @WookieWarrior sugar turns into fat if there is to much in the body I think

    • cowmilk2010
      cowmilk2010 Year ago

      @Haruhi Suzumiya you are right, fried food is a no-no if you got high cholesterol. i've inherited that cr*p and this table would probably cause serious trouble lol

    • Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya Year ago +3

      @Espeon Mistress cholesterol levels can sometimes cause a heart attack

  • Makere
    Makere Year ago +1954

    "I tried EVERY Japanese Coronary artery bypass surgery"

    • Shyam
      Shyam 18 days ago

      (You won't believe what happened next!!! 😨😨)

    • DC Phoenix
      DC Phoenix Month ago

      (But every surgery takes a year off my life)

    • bee
      bee Month ago +4


    • No.1 Lisa Simp
      No.1 Lisa Simp Month ago +3

      (toilet went KABOOM)

  • GoforthG3
    GoforthG3 10 months ago +14

    "What about cheese flavor?" Christ, looked like Connor was having ptsd flashbacks the second you said that.

  • call me qt
    call me qt 10 months ago +4

    Guys, I know we all love “Abroad in Japan” but how much do we have to pay for “A Broad in Japan”?
    All I’m asking…

  • vee_draws_stuff
    vee_draws_stuff Year ago +2

    “That’s quite big, _fuck me.”_
    - CDawgVA (2021)

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz Year ago +4899

    "I hate it but I can't stop eating it" if there was ever a sentence that described greasy fast food perfectly

    • Pavan Kumar Achanti
      Pavan Kumar Achanti 2 months ago +1

      @[bsh]thrasher thank you for this comment. I want to learn more. Do you have any resources? I'll try to google.

    • Meh animationZ
      Meh animationZ 9 months ago +1


    • kid mizu
      kid mizu 11 months ago +1

      @[bsh]thrasher very interesting

    • [bsh]thrasher
      [bsh]thrasher Year ago +11

      People need to understand one important thing about fast food. It's not the grease that makes people fat, it's eating grease (fats) with sugar (carbohydrates). Carbohydrates increase blood glucose levels. Glucose raises insulin levels and insulin is resposible for storing fat. And what's the sweetest thing in a fast food restaurant? Yes, it's the cola and other similar drinks. So first of all DO NOT combine sweet and greasy food, especially if you get fat easier than other people.
      As for the burgers, that's actually a very good thing, if not eaten with french fries or other greasy stuff. Burgers combine carbs (bun) and protein (cutlet), and there's a reason for that. Сarbohydrates help to digest proteins better. That is why in every culture on Earth there are dishes that combine carbs with protein - ramen, udon, sushi, shawarma, burrito, gyros, meat dumplings, meat pies, khinkali and so on...
      You're probably wondering why did I write it here. I've just picked a popular comment that fits the topic well, hoping more people will read this and get healthier. Thank you!

  • DoNotTrust
    DoNotTrust 7 months ago +1

    Chris has invited CDawg at his regular dinner

  • Shellingford
    Shellingford Year ago +1

    You missed Ministop and Yamazaki, I reckon you ought to redo this challenge XD

  • Youri Khan
    Youri Khan Year ago +1

    "don't do it" is an important lesson.
    If I ever want to poison myself with fried chicken, I'll get the "A" ranked not-too-greasy from broccoli guy.

  • 下道専門店あべちゃん


  • Pat Haley Guitar
    Pat Haley Guitar Year ago +1705

    "It just tasted red."
    Thanks Chris. This is the high level of food reviewing quality I'm subscribed for. Keep it up.

  • Izumi Sagiri
    Izumi Sagiri Year ago +1

    Nothing beats karaage!!!!

  • Herbert Richards
    Herbert Richards Year ago +1

    Tf, Connor's voice is rumbling my earphones

  • yu-to-be
    yu-to-be Year ago +1

    It's 12am here now, and I just watched a 25min video on fried chicken? Good job chris

  • Natalie Iliadis
    Natalie Iliadis Year ago +309

    I am pregnant and craving fried chicken - as soon as you got to the 7 eleven cheese fried chicken - magically I am NO longer craving chicken. This video killed my pregnancy cravings. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Jerry Gurrola
      Jerry Gurrola Month ago +5

      I read this too fast, and thought you said that 7/11 cheese fried chicken magically killed your pregnancy 😅

    • wchan39
      wchan39 Month ago +13

      At least now you know which type of fried chicken your baby didn't like.

  • JM Mendez
    JM Mendez Year ago +1263

    Chris isn't just getting fat on his own now, he's dragging Connor down with him.

  • Thomas Revill
    Thomas Revill Year ago +324

    Since that one episode of Trash Taste, I've begun to think Connor's trying to start a religion around broccoli

    • Weefyeet
      Weefyeet 21 day ago

      Monke broccoli ouughhh

    • Fluffy Cookie
      Fluffy Cookie 9 months ago +16

      Connor: i can make a religion out of this

  • Void Opall
    Void Opall 10 months ago +1

    Speaking of greasy chicken… I remember when I was in my local super market eating the chicken they sell over there and I bit into one of them and I swear to to god I felt a water fall of grease come out of that thing it fill my mouth! I had to legit yank the chicken out of my mouth and gag… But when I looked down at the ground there was no grease to be seen! It was nowhere to be found! I was so confused so either two things happened… One is that the grease went back into the chicken by some miracle. (I wouldn’t know because I didn’t take another bite out of that thing) And two the grease was so over whelming the universe deleted it from existence I’m not sure which one… QvQ

    MOONFLOW Year ago +322

    Best chicken I ate in Japan was from some old dude on the side of a road in Kamakura. Shit was divine.

    • sofia-chan channel!
      sofia-chan channel! Month ago +2

      @the messiah well, that went from 0 to 100 lightning speed real quick

    • the messiah
      the messiah 8 months ago +29

      @Adrian the plane crashes into the twin towers

    • uzair a
      uzair a 8 months ago +2

      Meow meow.

    • Adrian
      Adrian Year ago +48

      @Sheep iShly what happens after that I'm invested lmao

    • Sheep iShly
      Sheep iShly Year ago +82

      A fried chicken lover walks into a cab late at night on a Monday. Disappointed by his latest expedition he didn’t even notice his fellow passenger. After some pleasant conversation the stranger of hands mentions a legendary chicken from a strange man from Japan. Before the chicken lover can ask for more detail the stranger reaches his destination and disappears without a trace. In the coming months the chicken lover can’t get this supposedly divine chicken out of his mind, ever thing he try’s tastes plain inferior. He knows what he has to do he has to find that man. But with so little information he doesn’t know if he should commit. No! He knows what he must do. A new journey an adventure he mutters to himself on the plane. An adventure...

  • Evan Hilsenrath
    Evan Hilsenrath 8 months ago +1

    this is why connor was right in the great chicken debate

    • Robert Call
      Robert Call 8 months ago +1

      Agreeing with Connor is already a sign that you're wrong.

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler Year ago +843

    My favourite phrase "The texture of disappointment, with a mild ginger undertone." This is the high quality content we love from Abroad in Japan.

  • IAmAMushroom
    IAmAMushroom Year ago +550

    For some reason, Connor's voice is so soothing, I just can't figure out why.

    • Edward Fletcher
      Edward Fletcher Month ago +3

      The smoothness, it's like caramel on soft serve ice cream...

    • Angelina He
      Angelina He 4 months ago +2

      the chicken greased his throat up

    • Putri Joyce Irawati
      Putri Joyce Irawati 6 months ago +1

      He sounds and laughs like a Welsh Seth Rogen, lol!

    • Leslie Ann
      Leslie Ann 8 months ago


    • bee
      bee 11 months ago +28

      I feel like it’s because of the reverb in the room that brings out how deep his voice is

  • ultamateninja12
    ultamateninja12 Year ago +214

    The bass in connor’s voice is so powerful I can literally feel it vibrate in my bones😂

    • Simone Singletary
      Simone Singletary 8 months ago +3

      random: but when I watch transformers Optimus primes voice shakes me to my core lol! 😂

  • Ιωάννης Γιαννούλας Κοκκώνης

    As I'm watching this I'm wondering if our two boys have ever eaten actual range-grown chicken. While it smells like actual chicken, the meat feels like an actual tire, and the skin is tougher than a force field

    • Nur Yuhanis
      Nur Yuhanis 7 months ago +4

      My dad used to buy those chickens and my mom fries them. Literally felt like eating bones bc the meat kinda "disappears" after being fried :/ not my fave to eat

  • Ishigiri Hayato
    Ishigiri Hayato Year ago +165

    This series of videos is the British bromance we didn't know we needed.

  • NineEyeRon
    NineEyeRon Year ago +2586

    Once everyone else had left for the evening, Chris finished off the leftovers

  • Curly
    Curly 11 months ago +27

    It looks like Chris secretly liked the cheese ones, he had no reaction for the first one and it kind of looked like he wanted more.

  • YourFlamingDeath
    YourFlamingDeath 8 months ago +63

    5:37 Connor : I’m glad I’ve worked at Mcdonalds to know that I’d never want to work there again.
    Me : FACTS 🔥

  • Oliver B.
    Oliver B. Year ago +30

    This dynamic is like the fun uncle and the millennial nephew on a trip abroad. Don’t ask why, but it is and I find it hilarious

  • Yi Qing Tan
    Yi Qing Tan Year ago +19

    I just want to say, this is my 2nd time watching this video, this time right after watching CDawgVA's video that has Chris in it and I just gotta say I really appreciate the good editing of of this video. Chris shows every product at the bottom right together with where it was purchased from and how much it costs. And you can see the tier list as well. Chris, I know you edit almost all of your videos. Just wanna say, nice work, good job, I totally appreciate it.

  • Miriam West
    Miriam West Year ago +1822

    Imagine being a chicken and your whole purpose in life is to be made into an e-tier chicken strip

    • J.Bernard Saipoh
      J.Bernard Saipoh Year ago

      i consider on becoming a vegan after reading ur comment

    • rod m
      rod m Year ago

      Rescue and raise a pet chicken. Make an instagram account for it.

    • B C
      B C Year ago +1

      This says a lot about our society

    • Pepe Miura
      Pepe Miura Year ago

      @EUGENE Floyd i would argue about it but there is no point

    • Music Lover 2
      Music Lover 2 Year ago +2

      @BestChief Everyone wants to be gay. The whole world wants to be gay! But the important question is R U GAY!?

  • Benjamin Nemeth
    Benjamin Nemeth Year ago +63

    I appreciate that Chris referred to this activity as a "meal"

  • Kourtney
    Kourtney Year ago +108

    Every time Connor opens his mouth I hear the deep rumbling voice of a Welish/Walian/Welsh supervillain in the making. This episode just might be his tragic backstory. One day he may yet get you for the cheese.

  • Ernestas Pisarskis
    Ernestas Pisarskis 10 days ago

    The English guy comments on cheese it's so funked up when they have only chader who have no taste att all

  • Madi Kelly
    Madi Kelly Month ago

    i love how over the course of the video you can visibly see connor deflating

  • Andrew
    Andrew Year ago +2721

    I love how Connor gets 30% more British when he’s talking to another British person

    • Filip
      Filip 10 months ago

      @Samurai Josh 👏 perfectly summed up.

    • Samurai Josh
      Samurai Josh 11 months ago +3

      @Lethallizard 9 Proud to see Welsh ppl like you who could see through things. The _british_ identity was forced upon others by the English. Never refer to yourself as British.

    • Bono Giamboni
      Bono Giamboni 11 months ago +1

      @SilveR LancE yes i think, but the joke was that they don't want to be in the british union, they want to be considered a separate case.

    • Grindset man
      Grindset man 11 months ago

      @Nervein Z Americans : WADER

    • Filip
      Filip 11 months ago +1

      @Death Rattle ignorance on ignorance, beautiful 👏.

    FAIRYBANGER 3 months ago

    kaarage bou is my favorite

  • Bonzoo Pippenpadlopsicopolis The Third

    Main question: where is the crispy-ness of this chicken

  • B. Christensen
    B. Christensen 4 months ago

    No edible hot food in Long Beach, California 711. Only some sandwiches that are OK.

  • Viewpoint
    Viewpoint 4 months ago

    Don't buy chicken with cheese in Japan

  • BlackThomas
    BlackThomas Year ago +1917

    Lol at Chris complaining about Connor spilling a few leaves of broccoli, after Chris spills 8 litres of sake at Connor's apartment.

    • Metal Upa
      Metal Upa Year ago +2

      @Cheylea Hopkinson oh sorry I closed the vid right after they finished eating tbh

    • Cheylea Hopkinson
      Cheylea Hopkinson Year ago +39

      @Metal Upa 23:16 nah they said they did the alcohol before :D

    • Metal Upa
      Metal Upa Year ago +11

      I think this was recorded earlier

  • ppal_gan
    ppal_gan 6 months ago

    I wanna go to Japan just to taste the family mart chicken tbh

  • Leafeon
    Leafeon 7 months ago

    Try not to become Nikocado Avacado

  • KID_6
    KID_6 7 months ago

    Damn I got heart burn watching

  • smhZambun
    smhZambun 7 months ago

    I just ate KFC

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Connor's blood pressure worsens with each video he appears in

  • Aryama Chatterjee
    Aryama Chatterjee 8 months ago

    I am always a little bit concerned when I see chicken in a plastic pack.

  • C.A.S Reacts
    C.A.S Reacts 8 months ago

    Man was waiting on the floor

  • Rhenz Aquino
    Rhenz Aquino 8 months ago

    Lawson fried chicken is the best or fight me.

  • the derp king
    the derp king 9 months ago

    your'r thumbnail is like Japan

  • Scias
    Scias Year ago +436

    2014: How to Lose Weight in Japan
    2018: Eating a Mountain of Crispy Japanese Fried Chicken
    2021: I Tried EVERY Japanese Fried Chicken

  • little tanker
    little tanker 10 months ago

    i'm watching this on midnight and i'm hungry

  • kittiegore666
    kittiegore666 10 months ago

    i dont really like eating videos, but this one was actually really fun to watch!

  • kira senpai amv
    kira senpai amv 10 months ago

    Now I wanna est fried chicken watching at like 4 am and it will make you super hungry also Japan KFC is expensive it only cost like 100 or 150 yen in my country

  • Orlov Daniil
    Orlov Daniil 10 months ago

    Didnt know you guys were a makbung channel

  • デラックス特撮DX Tokusatsu

    this made me hungry

  • The Potato
    The Potato 10 months ago

    7-11 has been the example of "only go there if you're dying" in my country. the price is ALWAYS higher than others.
    It's 100% impossible you get the chance to say "Oh, you can get this particular item cheaper from 7-11"

  • ren
    ren 10 months ago

    idk their stance on weed but i wanna see them baked and eat a shit ton of snacks

  • random account16
    random account16 10 months ago

    This video probably has people thinking the first thing a British person does after coming back from Japan and unpacking is .... eat a block of Cathedral City cheese 🤣

  • Pabz
    Pabz 11 months ago


  • RGI The Anime Figure Guy

    When asked what his dream is, Chris replied "to try all the fried Chicken in Japan!"
    When asked what his nightmare is, Chris replied "to try all the fried Chicken in Japan!" XD

  • Alias Marg8ta
    Alias Marg8ta 11 months ago

    Gosh! He sounds like Benedict Cumberbatch, Let him talk some more, Chris.

  • Alex
    Alex 11 months ago

    Love the welsh accent 👌

  • Ruby Chan
    Ruby Chan 11 months ago

    I'm vegetarian and im craving fried chicken now 😳

  • Jedrek Nadobnik
    Jedrek Nadobnik Year ago

    Chris wouldn't even get a bite of broccoli if it was deep fried in chocolate sauce. Vile weed!

  • AnnubisAC
    AnnubisAC Year ago +1136

    So...the next series is about the japanese health department because Chris and Conner are getting carried into the hospital :D

    • Abby L
      Abby L Year ago +1

      This is why Conner got a c for cholesterol

    • sal3060
      sal3060 Year ago

      And that chicken...flat patties are not part of normal poultry physiology. That stuff has gotta be MSC - mechanically separately chicken. Poultry putty.

    • Tobi Grantlbart
      Tobi Grantlbart Year ago +12

      We tried every doctor in Japan

    • Zt
      Zt Year ago +16

      We tried every hospital in Japan!

    • Kamui
      Kamui Year ago +36

      Next time on CDAWGVA..
      We tried every medicine in Japan!

  • Gilberto Rodriguez JR

    How’s the heart doing after this fried chicken frenzy?

  • Echolotic
    Echolotic Year ago

    Why did i watch this lol now i am craving fried chicken.

  • Chris Mazurek
    Chris Mazurek Year ago

    im so glad i live in the states atm. fried chicken is life.

  • Qrow Slayer
    Qrow Slayer Year ago

    To remind me that KFC is better and every other country than the country it came from. Like I could definitely say I have gotten sick due to the grease of KFC chicken in America it's just so inconsistent.

  • RageElixir
    RageElixir Year ago +2204

    This duo is unstoppable 🤣 rip to Connor’s cholesterol

    • Madara
      Madara 11 months ago

      @Alan Lee HDL cholesterol is good, LDL cholesterol is bad. This amount of fried chicken consumed in this video will give you a very high amount of LDL cholesterol

    • cowmilk2010
      cowmilk2010 Year ago +1

      @Alan Lee theres a limit for everything

    • Michael Hong
      Michael Hong Year ago

      What Gary I’ve been seeing you in a couple of videos

    • Slein 105
      Slein 105 Year ago

      And his liver

    • fabiansanchez10000
      fabiansanchez10000 Year ago

      @ThickestOfMints hopefully they mean LDL

  • Aurora Lønseth
    Aurora Lønseth Year ago

    «We don’t waste food"
    Ends up eating 1/5 of it all

  • Future Skeletons
    Future Skeletons Year ago

    New sub. I like your videos, man. I can't tolerate the other incredibly money hungry 'In Japan' guy any longer.

  • Psychotic Water
    Psychotic Water Year ago

    100% im just watching this so i know what to try when i feel like fried chicken whenever i get to japan XD

  • Dr Cory
    Dr Cory Year ago

    Cool video

  • CDawgVA
    CDawgVA Year ago +16754

    Thanks for ruining Fried Chicken for me* Chris!

    • Derek Hemmings
      Derek Hemmings Month ago

      Did you really get free McDonald’s when you worked at McDonald’s? When I worked at McDonald’s, they just gave employees a discount

    • tryingtosurvive
      tryingtosurvive 9 months ago

      I need to cleanse my body with broccoli now.

      JJOOKER 10 months ago

      Disapointed to not see 7 eleven spicy chicken i really like it...

  • わなや
    わなや Year ago


  • Alice Haylock
    Alice Haylock Year ago

    He must be the poshest thing to ever have come out of Wales

    • claire johnson
      claire johnson Year ago

      He.. cant be Welsh. Hes posher than Jack Whitehall

  • Wipovoxx
    Wipovoxx Year ago +9

    When I visited Japan with my friends our breakfast consisted of going to the nearest seven eleven or family mart to our apartment and buying something we could eat on the go. One day I decided to try the fried chicken and I discovered when I started eating it that I had ordered the spicy one, for breakfast

  • William Digiacomo
    William Digiacomo 8 months ago

    ok, if you kill connor with all that grease AND NO BEER. his gay fans will rain down on you like the wrath of god.......just saying.

  • SeraphXerxis
    SeraphXerxis Year ago +509

    Chris in his own video: "Nooo, don't drop your chicken on my great cullinary art gallery!"
    Chris in Connors Video: "Hmm, yes this table needs some more sake"

    • AMML
      AMML Year ago +1


    • Ahmad Alaqib
      Ahmad Alaqib Year ago +8

      Your pfp is what I was while realizing this

  • Juh El
    Juh El 10 months ago +320

    "I can't swallow" - Connor
    Connor confirmed worst girl.

    • bee
      bee Month ago +3

      @Juh El what💀

    • Juh El
      Juh El 8 months ago +3

      @रितेश I have actually encountered a girl that complains about getting too wet and needing to dry off so she can feel some friction down there. It's way more common than you think. Hoo-hah wetness is tied to general health same as with eye wetness. The healthier the lady, the more the down there drips.

    • YoshiCmn
      YoshiCmn 8 months ago +11

      I mean "I need a lot of milk after this" is pretty good too xD

    • Leslie Ann
      Leslie Ann 8 months ago +2

      He complains more than I do while eating chicken

    • रितेश
      रितेश 9 months ago +28

      @remrem "Too much grease" - Imagine saying that during the act

  • Emanuela Zanella
    Emanuela Zanella Year ago +12

    You two are made for each other.... Out of the scale chemistry there! :D

  • Ambition
    Ambition 7 months ago +3

    The food looked absolutely delicious, I wish I could get to eat it lol

  • 9ballprodigy
    9ballprodigy 11 months ago +4

    I've had the yakitori from 7-11 before and it was pretty good! Famichicki is awesome and karaage Kun red is amazing when it is fresh. I think Anthony Bourdain preferred it when he went to Japan

  • Paul Rayne
    Paul Rayne Year ago +1708

    Connor died inside when Chris told him that the broccoli is not even washed.

    • Sagnik Datta
      Sagnik Datta Month ago +1

      @Sean Zhao srsly?? that's cheap man

    • Sean Zhao
      Sean Zhao 10 months ago +5

      Roughly 100 yen = 1 USD

    • Henrique Pacheco
      Henrique Pacheco 11 months ago +87

      @Sweedy I'd rather eat unwashed broccoli than some of the abominations mislabeled as chicken that I've had the displeasure of tasting in my life.

    • Sweedy
      Sweedy Year ago +29

      Ingested unwashed broccoli but spat out two pieces of actually prepared chicken smh

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi Year ago +8

      Btw how much does all the fried chicken cost .

  • D Z
    D Z 11 months ago +9

    Fried chicken is almost impossible to find in Germany. We have KFC, but I'm from Indonesia, I'm used to fried chicken being available AT EVERY CORNER

  • spoons
    spoons 5 months ago +6

    9:03 "dont be sick on my floor"
    "eat the whole thing as well"
    Chris is giving me dad vibes XD

  • Matías Hung
    Matías Hung 7 months ago +3

    Connor: "I can't eat that"
    Also Connor: *Takes a bite out of a moldy, unwashed broccoli*

  • Jacquea Gawlik
    Jacquea Gawlik 4 months ago

    I crack up every time the two of you get together in a video! Thanks for the laughs.

  • Hey Al
    Hey Al Year ago +515

    I think it's funny how Chris pretends to hate some of that chicken, but secretly likes them all

    • Top Tomot
      Top Tomot Year ago +1

      fr lol

    • scrap sd
      scrap sd Year ago +5

      I can see it in his eyes.

    • Rodolfo
      Rodolfo Year ago +4

      Even if fried chicken is bad the crunchiness is what matters and is so addictive , I wish I could quot fried chicken :(

    • Grace A
      Grace A Year ago +34

      My thoughts exactly. I have a feeling he liked the fried chicken with cheese haha.

    • Mikey Moose
      Mikey Moose Year ago +3

      I thought this

  • Mylo Going Miles
    Mylo Going Miles Year ago +9

    Cdawg- “it shouldn’t be the consistency of a rubber ball” -va, I completely agree that wing looked ghastly

  • María Victoria Mujica
    María Victoria Mujica 23 hours ago

    Chris I want to tell you before coming to Japan I looked forward to Family Mart's fried chicken because you said it was so good. It was the greasiest thing I've ever eaten. I tried it twice and also other combini chicken to see if this was always the case and sadly it was. So sad :(
    I still love you

  • Josie Setiawan
    Josie Setiawan Year ago +26

    I just love how they start giggling at absolutely nothing

  • Halcyon90
    Halcyon90 11 months ago +4

    After 15:50 y'all both started looking nauseous lol I could never eat that much fried chicken without nearly dying. Also hopefully Popeye's chicken will one day be a thing in Japan. THAT shit is good. 💙🐔

  • notJAY
    notJAY Year ago +1477

    chris after this video: "I HAVE A BAD CASE OF DIARROHEA"

    • Kokonewt Axolnut
      Kokonewt Axolnut Year ago +1

      @Espeon Mistress Who needs fiber when you have oil lol

    • Mattman
      Mattman Year ago +2

      LMAO I had managed to get that tune out of my head and now it's back noooo 🤣

    • Espeon Mistress
      Espeon Mistress Year ago +3

      More like constipation. No fibre. Should have eaten the broccoli.

    • Adnan Mir
      Adnan Mir Year ago +2


    • Ben Anasarias
      Ben Anasarias Year ago +8

      This comment wins! The call back to a previous episode, the context, and the meme itself! 10/10, big pp!

  • AwesomeShawn
    AwesomeShawn 6 months ago

    Absolutely love this video!
    I am definitely going to try some different options than my Lawson’s usual while I’m still here in Okinawa.
    Expect anything from 7 eleven.

  • Артем Прохоров

    Chris, you are definitely the best of the bunch of vloggers hanging around in Japan

  • Sarah Alexander
    Sarah Alexander 3 months ago

    This has made me so hungry! 🍗