By the way, Can You Survive Disneyland?

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • Daniel, Hosuh, Stephen, Jay and friends go to Disneyland to celebrate the 1 million subscribers milestone.
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    Thank you all so much for allowing us to celebrate such a milestone. It already seems like a long time ago when we reached that 1 million subscribers mark. All of you have impacted our lives in so many ways and we are grateful. We will continue to make videos and try our best to make you smile. As long as you stick around with us haha
    I was actually planning to voice-over the ending with some sentimental narration but it felt weird so I'm doing it in the description instead heh.
    Dan Plan ♪ ~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
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  • _.Zara_Wolfie._
    _.Zara_Wolfie._ 3 minutes ago

    *me falling in love with childish Stephen for 4 minutes straight*

  • another mind
    another mind 47 minutes ago

    I am dying to see Hosuh's face.....😭😭

  • Rackaboi Mercer
    Rackaboi Mercer 2 hours ago

    Fookin stickers ..

  • Aru Kimchi
    Aru Kimchi 2 hours ago

    Disneyland, the only place that makes psycho cute and happy

  • Roizi Azure UwU
    Roizi Azure UwU 2 hours ago +1

    The title of the video:"can you survive desneyland"
    Me:i can't even go to desneyland

  • ayen hipolito
    ayen hipolito 3 hours ago

    I wish hosuh sry if spelling is wrong but i wish he had fun!

  • ThesuperTurtleChampion

    Where is Stephen at the star wars spaceship place
    He went home or wut...

  • minjjangjjang bongbong

    a few days aho, this was the second video that i watched after ‘can you survive us’, and im gonna really be honest, I immediately fell in love with this channel. thank you for existing daniel, hosuh, stephen and jay, and the animators (i learn that hosuh is one of them too?) after having a marathon on almost all videos, now I understand why the comment about stephen is usually about stephen being psychotic and turned bubbly here hhhh

  • Stay Lily1027
    Stay Lily1027 3 hours ago

    That's so cutttee awwww. I can't help buttttt eeeee. My heartttt

  • jkgaming101
    jkgaming101 4 hours ago

    4:11 for a second I thought that was a face

  • Cup Is Here
    Cup Is Here 5 hours ago

    Daniel x hosuh- i-

  • Nebula Waters
    Nebula Waters 5 hours ago

    Going to Galaxies edge was so fun. Yes, I've been, and I recommend everyone to go, it's so fun. Hope you guys had fun!

  • CanadianMaple Munoz
    CanadianMaple Munoz 8 hours ago

    *_COME ON YA s H i T t Y CAR!_*

  • • MichaelaDoodlez •


  • DatUnderTalePerson
    DatUnderTalePerson 11 hours ago +1

    I like how the subtitles in the beginning changed from “gay music” to “happy, upbeat music”

  • jejeto power
    jejeto power 11 hours ago

    Dan plan is plan A

  • Celestina Valera
    Celestina Valera 13 hours ago

    *stephen are you a 3 year old boy!?!*

  • Gea Salas
    Gea Salas 13 hours ago

    Face reveal pls!!

  • Pythonstudios
    Pythonstudios 14 hours ago

    Then they all pasted away

  • The Real 33pandaGamer
    The Real 33pandaGamer 14 hours ago

    I like how some people had Animated faces...

  • Little Chiken
    Little Chiken 15 hours ago

    When you play the david dobrik into
    Me: i was just watching david dobrik

  • Typezxz
    Typezxz 15 hours ago

    I used to watch this channel and I loved it but I came back to it yesterday (which I am still Loving the videos) is Jay part of the 3 now like it's Hosuh, Steven, Daniel, and Jay cause I've seen him in many of their new Videos

  • Aria Dreemer gacha
    Aria Dreemer gacha 15 hours ago

    Hosuh is a pure boi. Best pure boi. I love all of you no hetero 😂

  • Neon Soul
    Neon Soul 16 hours ago

    Me and my friends played this game he didn’t get as lucky

  • Sn1pe 21
    Sn1pe 21 16 hours ago

    Hey, Stephen, I didn't know u wear glasses? ( it was shown, but if not my mistake.)
    Also, I love your guy's videos!

  • Preston Jr
    Preston Jr 16 hours ago

    This was heartwarming friend ship

  • Taryn Elizabeth
    Taryn Elizabeth 16 hours ago

    By the way, Can Disneyland survive Danplan?

  • hiimstupid
    hiimstupid 16 hours ago

    1:02 my child be fwee! Weee

  • YaDankGamerBoi
    YaDankGamerBoi 16 hours ago

    Is Stephen ok?

  • GalaxyGamer Boy
    GalaxyGamer Boy 16 hours ago

    The first time i see the cutest murderer that likes bubbles

  • jazmin estrada
    jazmin estrada 16 hours ago

    My gosh, Stephen is just an adorable lil' kid in this video. IT'S SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anime Weeb
    Anime Weeb 17 hours ago +1


  • Jfox Master
    Jfox Master 17 hours ago

    Hey when can we get a face reveal from all of yall

  • Amalie Vangaa
    Amalie Vangaa 17 hours ago

    im new to this channel , can someone please tell me; Have we / will we ever see Stephen, Jay and Hosuh's faces?

  • joeyene mardjoeki
    joeyene mardjoeki 17 hours ago

    i juat wanna see their cute, adorable faces!!! like dan face! he cute and handsome!!!

  • Hadassah gamer Andrade
    Hadassah gamer Andrade 18 hours ago

    It’s funny how amazed Stephen was of seeing bubbles

  • Timothy Lemay
    Timothy Lemay 19 hours ago

    I have watched this channel for a while now and never realized how wholesome and amzing dan plan and there crew were

  • Sleeping Koalas
    Sleeping Koalas 19 hours ago +2

    Subscriber count: Goes to 1 million
    Daniel's wallet: haha... *im in danger*

  • ThisBoiDespacito 2
    ThisBoiDespacito 2 19 hours ago +1

    *He is so coot when he gets sum bubbles*

  • ClassicStupidWowzers.
    ClassicStupidWowzers. 20 hours ago

    They got what they deserve :D

  • Refo Nico
    Refo Nico 20 hours ago

    that "WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUU" killed me.

  • Gacha Boi
    Gacha Boi 20 hours ago

    Why is it called *can you survive* Disneyland?

  • Lisa Poole
    Lisa Poole 20 hours ago

    hosuh x dan : )

  • Maddie the Neko
    Maddie the Neko 21 hour ago

    I cried because y’all are too cute!

  • Sky Light
    Sky Light 21 hour ago

    That one fan knows what Hosuh looks like in real life..

  • Veronica Blue
    Veronica Blue 21 hour ago

    Hosuh you angel! 💕☺️

  • Jackson's Universe
    Jackson's Universe 21 hour ago

    Show me Steven’s face

  • Apsara Angel
    Apsara Angel 23 hours ago

    It must be so much fun I never been to Disney land haha is that the name idk

  • dora the car
    dora the car 23 hours ago

    Can you do a Jay face reveal

  • cat man
    cat man Day ago


  • MusicFanatic
    MusicFanatic Day ago


  • Zohar Bowman
    Zohar Bowman Day ago

    Stephen being happy is what I live for

  • Wumbe
    Wumbe Day ago +1

    Omigod Jay is just

    He makes this video

  • Dimas Juniardi
    Dimas Juniardi Day ago

    Can I ask you something. Are Hosuh is Boy or Girl?

  • Rukalin
    Rukalin Day ago

    Holy shit, was that Love you when I'm drunk by Mika in the cutoff intro?

  • Pleb Player
    Pleb Player Day ago

    Stephan: *Happiness Noises*
    Me: "Impossible"

  • Pedro Figueredo
    Pedro Figueredo Day ago

    Do a hosuh face reveal at 2m subs

  • Smol Yandere
    Smol Yandere Day ago

    this is a video of stephen being a life has been complete

  • aazuto orihara
    aazuto orihara Day ago

    Seeing Stephen so happy just made me happy

  • Rogelio Agustin
    Rogelio Agustin Day ago

    Man i wish i can meet you in luzon in the philippines one day