I'm On Vacation (Song)

  • Published on Jul 22, 2014
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    Written & Directed by: Rhett & Link
    Co-Directed by: Benjamin Eck
    Music Production by: Mark Byers
    Produced by: Stevie Wynne Levine
    Director of Photography: Benjamin Eck
    Edited by: Brian Jaggers, Benjamin Eck
    Mike Tornabene as Dom Mazzeti
    Shanna Malcolm as "The Boss"
    Candace Carrizales as "Fudge Criminal #1"
    Shannon Coffey as "Fudge Criminal #2"
    AD: Stevie Wynne Levine
    Production/Prop Coordinator: Kendall Kanoa Hawley
    Steadicam Op: Aaron Smith
    AC: Peter Mares
    Gaffer: Todd Bishop
    Key Grip: Andrew Kowalski
    Additional Editing: Benjamin Eck
    Audio: Morgan Locke
    Factory Set Design: Mike Pasley
    Factory Set Assistant: Jonas Studer
    Locations Manager: Jay J. Levy for The Location Spot
    Lead Makeup Artist: Robyn Rebbe
    Makeup Assistant:Kimberly Graczyk
    Makeup Assistant:Laura Peyer
    Makeup Assistant: Katie Vernon
    PA: Alexander Punch
    PA: Chris Frederick
    PA: Bryan Gomez
    PA/Production Intern: Chase Hilt
    Shane Horrell AKA Mr. Hoodbrush as Airbrush Artist
    Deus Xavier Scott as Surfboard Carrier
    Ice Cream Sandwiches:
    Chase Block
    Caleb Foote
    Scott Kieffer Johnson
    Jennifer Abraham
    Marie Ueda
    Elizabeth Bravo
    Luke Christianson
    Felipe Quan
    Ray Quiambao
    Penny Morales
    Christopher Thaxter
    Michelle Cuevas
    Norberto Estrada
    Daniel Juarez
    Norma Hermosillo
    Alyssa Avila
    Mason Applonie
    Lindsay Young
    Stina Pederson
    Brendan Cadigan Weinhold
    Junot Lee
    Beach Goers:
    Afroza Sheikh
    Jonathan Barrientos
    Monica Miller
    Celeste Miller
    Emery Miller
    Brooke Miller
    Matthew Awad
    Dianna Romero-Cruz
    Luis Romero-Cruz
    Esai Romero-Cruz
    Grant Garcia-Rojas
    Sarah Paek
    Choice Hotels
    Collective Digital Studio
    House of Pastry
    Venice Gift Shop
    Archisand Professional Sand Sculptors
    And you, for reading this far :)
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Comments • 25 569

  • Matthew Rico
    Matthew Rico 6 hours ago

    Yo that was dom who smashed the castle

  • fireblast glicht
    fireblast glicht 22 hours ago

    I'm going to play this song when I'm going on holiday or when I'm going camping in the car

  • Kim joe Un
    Kim joe Un Day ago

    I get nostalgia from this now

  • LanceOh
    LanceOh Day ago

    How did I not know who that guy was in the beginning who destroyed the sandcastle was dom until 6 years later

  • jeffy johns
    jeffy johns Day ago

    2:36 hey rhett looks like marshmallow

  • Feroze Khan
    Feroze Khan 2 days ago +1

    Is that Dom from BroScienceLife?

  • Colten Demster
    Colten Demster 3 days ago +1

    3:41 “time traveling zombies” who else thought of plants vs zombie 2

  • wilsonbpw
    wilsonbpw 4 days ago +2

    1:13 if you pause it right there you can see the manniquin in the most akward position

    • wilsonbpw
      wilsonbpw 4 days ago +1

      And at 1:39 his face contracts akwardly too

  • Trying art
    Trying art 4 days ago

    “Wish it could stay this way forever”
    Me with relationships

  • Sarsi Paul
    Sarsi Paul 4 days ago

    2020 anyone

  • tar r
    tar r 4 days ago +1

    1:35 *jotaro has joined the chat*

  • elnewton5
    elnewton5 4 days ago

    Jajaja this happened to me this month

  • onigiyun
    onigiyun 4 days ago

    i wanna punch whoever destroyed that sand castle

  • Coen Mons
    Coen Mons 4 days ago +1

    Damn, this beat is awesome. I was bumping this hard in the traffic jam to work this morning. Since I don't live in an English speaking country, it got me some weird looks.

  • #itsmezuzka
    #itsmezuzka 4 days ago

    1:55 Links black fingernail :D (How Link hurt his finger - thexvid.com/video/N4G4TOnLajc/video.html )

  • Ruby Annas
    Ruby Annas 5 days ago

    2:45 they used their North Carolina IDs? They lived in California at this time. Wait. They're oj vacation in this song, so they have to look like tourist since this is filmed in California...

  • The Bubgie Bubble
    The Bubgie Bubble 5 days ago

    Rhett and Link should hire my bird to sing because when whenever I play a song by them he sings

  • Standard Weeb
    Standard Weeb 5 days ago

    $12 for a dozen
    dozen = 12
    = $1 = 1 sandwich

    50c a piece so
    $6 = 12?

  • Maddy Blackhart
    Maddy Blackhart 6 days ago +3

    Half of the veiws on this video are from Weston and Kalynn, (if you know you know)

  • Laura Luke
    Laura Luke 7 days ago

    Anyone else see their wives as 2 of the zombies?

  • Not Funky
    Not Funky 7 days ago

    2:31 there still talking even when there drugged...

  • CB2
    CB2 7 days ago


  • Deborah Hall
    Deborah Hall 7 days ago

    I live in a vacation town, and we don’t get people with this amazing attitude. I’ve often said they should be chill, they’re on vacation. But the a-holes we get are more like “I paid $1500 to go to the Beach, y’all need to do something about the elevator going so slow so we can spend more time on the beach!” That’s an actual complaint from an actual hotel guest said to me personally. Also, “we paid $2500 to be here, I don’t care if a bunch of kids peed in the hot tub I am not getting out so you can close it for cleaning!” That one was a trip for several reasons, but one of the top three was we had three more hot tubs. Please blow up this song in Alabama. Get these people’s minds right before they get back down here.

  • Keagan Nicolaides
    Keagan Nicolaides 7 days ago +1


  • Joe Stenson
    Joe Stenson 7 days ago

    The Swolefather!!!!

  • James Quinn
    James Quinn 7 days ago

    Still the best Rhett and Link song!

  • Coagulantsleet
    Coagulantsleet 7 days ago

    This was five years ago. Whaaaaaaaat i swear it feels like yesterday. Holy s**t.

  • Sophie Hutchinson
    Sophie Hutchinson 8 days ago

    i could tell that link was trying not to laugh when rhett had the inkpen stuck in his eye 2:15

  • MatliPrah - 7u7r
    MatliPrah - 7u7r 8 days ago


  • er haha
    er haha 9 days ago

    Rhett was suppost to survive the zombie apocalypse not start it

  • a m x r a n t h i n e

    ello its 2020 peeps

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira 10 days ago

    I revisit this song on every vacation.
    Still haven’t been stabbed in the eye by a surfboard fin, but I know it’s coming... I know it’s coming.

  • Nyla Hufflepuff
    Nyla Hufflepuff 10 days ago

    When that cool sand castle broke

  • Eyad Negm
    Eyad Negm 10 days ago +1

    I finished school

  • i have a strong urge to skin people

    0:40 the way dom just looks at them as he walks away is amazing

  • Lecia L.
    Lecia L. 13 days ago +2

    Anyone come back in 2020 to listen to all their songs again?

    OKUYASU NIJIMURA 14 days ago

    If you can't download a song just video it

  • IDK Studio
    IDK Studio 14 days ago


  • Aimee Walsh
    Aimee Walsh 14 days ago

    Those ladies at the fudge shop, where there wives???

  • Libby
    Libby 14 days ago +4

    I know Weston and Kalynn watch this everyday

    • Emelie L
      Emelie L 14 days ago +2

      im here because of them too lmao

    BAAP GAMING 14 days ago

    Starting is best 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elliott Micallef
    Elliott Micallef 14 days ago +2

    But it’s still okay
    Cause we’re on vacation
    *sighs of depression*

  • Aimee Walsh
    Aimee Walsh 15 days ago

    6 years later this is still a bop

  • Ava Ryan
    Ava Ryan 16 days ago

    i love this so funny the zombi bit gets me evrey time also i wish that sand castle stuck around a bit longer

  • The weirdguy
    The weirdguy 16 days ago

    Never ever ever gets old

  • maddie jones
    maddie jones 18 days ago

    True so true

  • Ashley Eads
    Ashley Eads 19 days ago

    Whoever was pouring that sunscreen in his mouth probably still tastes it to this day.
    Mad respect.

  • Veveke Ramnarace
    Veveke Ramnarace 19 days ago

    This is why I want an engineering degree

  • braeden me boy Man
    braeden me boy Man 19 days ago +1


  • Fuury animations
    Fuury animations 20 days ago +4

    “I wish it could stay this way forever”
    *random guy smashes it*

  • Sebastian Vyatkin
    Sebastian Vyatkin 20 days ago +8

    Who else watching this 2020 Rhett and link’s songs are a forever thing

  • [Insert Name]
    [Insert Name] 20 days ago

    I remember learning this song and singing all the time and this to much nostalgia for me to handle...

  • msyuniverse
    msyuniverse 20 days ago +5

    no one:
    sinjin drowning: EVERYTHINGS OKEEEE

  • Charlotte S
    Charlotte S 22 days ago +6

    Anyone here in 2020😂

  • A Trans Boi Named Zachary

    I cringed at the pen part

  • Tennessee Zack
    Tennessee Zack 23 days ago +1


  • Poppy Howard
    Poppy Howard 23 days ago +1

    great acting guys 3:23 wow 😲🤩😁

  • Jacksepticeye Lover
    Jacksepticeye Lover 24 days ago


  • Julia Apgar
    Julia Apgar 24 days ago +7

    I couldn’t remember this song for the life of me I could only remember Dustin