• Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • Streamers React to "ITEM SHOP VOTING" and "MYSTERY CHEST" in Fortnite!
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    This video includes:
    Streamers React to Item Shop Voting
    Streamers React to Mystery Chest
    Item Shop Voting in Fortnite
    New Mystery Chest in Fortnite
    Fortnite Moments
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  • Remmy Lebo
    Remmy Lebo 4 days ago

    But are you an ALPHA, or a BETA?

  • Michael Ewing
    Michael Ewing 22 days ago


  • CocoJord
    CocoJord 23 days ago

    i love you and your contend so so much when i say that i actually mean that and i actually have my own youtube channel where i upload fortnite highlights i would very highliy appreciate every single subscriber and i will reply to every comment have a good day

  • david carrau
    david carrau 26 days ago

    thanks for this video! you inspire me to make a new fortnite video for my channel, thanks

  • King
    King 27 days ago

    Do you ever look at a comment and think I wish I commented that....

  • Sultan Temory
    Sultan Temory 28 days ago

    I like to save the poor mn

  • Unique *
    Unique * 28 days ago

    Isn't every chest a mystery chest

  • Squonkz
    Squonkz 29 days ago

    Mystery chest would be great

  • caleb chandley
    caleb chandley 29 days ago

    So this is how it goin be all the ppl who wanna be og will want the og skins and the ppl who don’t rlly care and will just buy it to buy it will still play and all the ogs who want to be og over a skin when skins don’t prove skills and will probably cry like babies for it to not be added like idk t ppl act like skins proves your skill like I don’t have any $200+ skin that is og and I still kill rare skins it’s not proving skill it’s a cosmetic if u get but hurt over what people ware you shouldn’t be playing cause once again skins and cosmetics don’t prove skill

  • BiC Gaming
    BiC Gaming 29 days ago

    Nice 69K like

  • Not Proxi
    Not Proxi Month ago +3

    What season did you start?

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    4-X Comment

  • Itzjames._ YT
    Itzjames._ YT Month ago

    There is 69k likes

  • Tara SP
    Tara SP Month ago

    I didn’t even like or subscribe and I still saved the default

  • Laxer Gregg
    Laxer Gregg Month ago +7

    People hate the B.R.U.T.E.S because it stands for:

  • Dark Invis
    Dark Invis Month ago +1

    I liked
    notifications on
    And I subed

  • Dark Invis
    Dark Invis Month ago

    Hey you should do a video on how everybody is doing in the trio tournament

  • The Yung Youngyins
    The Yung Youngyins Month ago

    1 person. Will like this

  • Daniella Gillam
    Daniella Gillam Month ago

    I sucribed

    NGU UZMAN Month ago

    Why are people going crazy on sym for his keyboard like that?

  • Emil E
    Emil E Month ago

    Creeper aw man. So way back in the mine got a pick acks swinging from side to side side side to side.

  • Magical Gamer
    Magical Gamer Month ago

    I save the deafult

    HAVOC Month ago +1

    Nice videos I hope I will be successful like you I only have 13 sub's keep up the good work

  • Mythrays1
    Mythrays1 Month ago

    All cry babies

  • IHaveSkillz
    IHaveSkillz Month ago

    At 9:46 sypherpk was in tfues game

  • Andres VAUGHAN
    Andres VAUGHAN Month ago +1

    The only people that can like this are the people that searched a chest in og dusty

  • nYzxy
    nYzxy Month ago

    The only people that can like this is if you ever searched a chest in Moisty mire

  • Tuisprrame
    Tuisprrame Month ago

    Al parecer besttote tenía razon

  • Dink
    Dink Month ago

    Everybody about to bitch about skins

  • CG slogo
    CG slogo Month ago

    Like if you want brute to be removed

  • CuteC3
    CuteC3 Month ago +1

    I liked to save the default UwU. Best intro threat ever.

  • sophie winters
    sophie winters Month ago

    Phew we saved the default

  • Andrew Dufour
    Andrew Dufour Month ago


  • FuSe_Skelzor-
    FuSe_Skelzor- Month ago

    Audio is fucked

  • xd_underatedYT
    xd_underatedYT Month ago

    Anyone else like to save default

  • Ikonik confusion
    Ikonik confusion Month ago +2


  • Horde
    Horde Month ago

    You will win your next 100 games

    Get better to activate

  • Decipher
    Decipher Month ago

    I have school tomorrow 😢

  • Eduardo Sousa
    Eduardo Sousa Month ago

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  • Sebastian Daddario
    Sebastian Daddario Month ago

    I'm playing more arena solos hEcK brutes

    • Sebastian Daddario
      Sebastian Daddario Month ago

      And for the pic of the vid no one chooses a ghoul trooper over recon expert

  • xanxeys
    xanxeys Month ago +1

    I dont think they should bring rare skins back i dont care that much about my ghoul trooper but other people will not be that happy with that 😂
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    My fav streamer FaZe mews

  • ItzEban
    ItzEban Month ago +26

    What Season did you Start Playing?
    👍 : Season 0-4
    💬 : Season 5-X

    Road to 100 Subscribers 💯 💪🏻

  • Smug_clipz _
    Smug_clipz _ Month ago


  • FaZe_ A
    FaZe_ A Month ago +2

    Renegade you can't get if voting comes cuz it was a season shop skin sorry guys😁😎

  • 1000 subscribers Without a video challenge

    This is how many people see jeep in Tim’s background

  • DManTheGr8
    DManTheGr8 Month ago +2

    It will be a voting system on certain select skins. Not just any skin

  • Camron Spencer
    Camron Spencer Month ago +1

    Lol I love it intros there amazing

  • Ultra MG
    Ultra MG Month ago +1

    Only the players that landed at moisty mire can like this

  • 3lite beerze y
    3lite beerze y Month ago +2

    The 0.1% of people that see this...

    I hope u get a victory Royale and have a goodnight or day

  • Reb4ro
    Reb4ro Month ago

    #RemoveTheMech сука

  • Elliot Boy
    Elliot Boy Month ago

    Comment ur epic name for goul trooper from me and a sneak peek at the voting for you to try

  • Random Tuber
    Random Tuber Month ago +1

    Mechs are too op I tested it and got 17 kills playing passive

  • Acoustic_A1
    Acoustic_A1 Month ago

    Sub to win your next game

  • Tahmid Islam
    Tahmid Islam Month ago +1

    Default skin is getting flexed by ghoul tropper
    Also default: the reason mech are still in the game

  • InfernoXR Clan
    InfernoXR Clan Month ago

    If anyone looking for clan comment ur gamertag ps4 xbox PC NAE

  • David Mathe
    David Mathe Month ago +1

    I like the vid and I subscribed to save the deafoult

  • tryhardzarshvee singh

    plz plz plz subscribe me

  • HtxBoomin
    HtxBoomin Month ago

    Why the fuck would I want 5 health and 5 shield 😂

  • ArshKhan LM10
    ArshKhan LM10 Month ago +3

    *E A intensifies*