Can You Beat Red Dead Redemption With Only A Cattleman Revolver?

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
  • The 2010’s are coming to a close, and Red Dead Redemption is easily one of the best games of the decade with the world you can explore, the stories told, voice acting, gameplay, and pretty much everything. I’m out of clever segues. Can You Beat Red Dead Redemption With Only A Cattleman Revolver?
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    Can You Beat Red Dead Redemption With Only A Cattleman Revolver? (in text form)
    Our story begins in the town of Blackwater where the hats, mustaches, and kids running around unsupervised make it clear that this is not a game set in modern times. We, I, us play as John B. Marston, The B stands for Beatrice, but I don’t like middle names so it’s just John Marston. The credits rolled, an old woman annoyed me with her face and her existence, and I met up with Jake, a tour guide hired to show me around the town. Unfortunately, a lot of the story is told through dialog spoken while riding horses to a destination. I refuse to summarize what’s said during every trotting expedition. If you’re watching this for the story, I suggest you leave to watch some other video. I suggest you leave and go watch some other video.
    Jake reminded me of my father when he abandoned me after we arrived at Fort Mercer, I did the typical sharpshooter cool guy nonsense of threatening Bill Williamson despite 3 rifles being pointed at me. If this was a low-budget indie movie I’d have ended all three of them and walked off with a witty comment. But it’s not, and I took a bullet to the appendix, got rescued, and woke up in MacFarlane’s Ranch owned by, get this, the MacFarlane’s. Bonnie told me that I owned her about $400 in today’s money for removing the bullet from my side. This is obviously fiction, you can’t even get a doctor to spit on you for $400 in America.
    She showed me around the ranch, which has a General Store because this is the tutorial area so it needs to have a place to buy things, I tied my horse to a stick with the yarn I ripped off my belt, and we patrolled the ranch for rodents at night. I was given a rifle that I cannot remove from my inventory. It doesn’t matter too much now, I’ve still got the Cattleman Revolver that I can use and when you’re shooting rabbits it doesn’t matter how big the bullet is. Same goes for shooting coyotes. There’s also a fair bit of aim assist which makes the Revolver not completely worthless.
    After sleeping in a bed, I explained to Bonnie why I’m after Bill Williamson, told her I ain’t no city slicker, and raced her around the ranch. We were neck-and-neck for a while. but the longer the race went on the farther ahead I got. I won the race because, come on, she’s a woman. The world opened up a bit, I arrived Armadillo, met a Deputy who seems to be a little slow, and Marshal Johnson informed me that my problems are not his concern. But this is a video game, so I made them his problem.
    We tracked some hoodlum with a fancy hat to his hideout were I could face real enemies for the first time. I realized several hours into this run that a No Deadeye challenge might have been more interesting, but I chose this challenge because the Cattleman Revolver is the weakest revolver in the game and it was one of the most common suggestions for a Red Dead Redemption video. It can take several shots to kill someone unless you get a headshot, which is extraordinarily easy thanks to Deadeye. It’s also easy without it at close range. At a distance, it can become a problem.
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  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr Hour ago

    Finish Red Dead with that big iron on your hip

  • Yassin Ahmed
    Yassin Ahmed 9 hours ago

    Can you beat red dead redemption 2 without having the
    Micah was killed
    Screen popping up

  • Caleb Russell
    Caleb Russell 20 hours ago

    Can you beat Red Dead Redemption with the Top Shot Elite

  • What’s that behind you?

    Try red dead redemption with no deadeye, no aim assist, and the cattleman’s gun ONLY

  • NotOnLand
    NotOnLand 2 days ago

    As someone named Landon, I am both offended by and in total agreement with your hatred of the name

  • Zexy Artist
    Zexy Artist 2 days ago

    Actually if you didn't kill that guy in the fist fight then technically you did beat the game with only the cattlemans revolver since the revolver kills people and if you didn't kill that guy in the fight then it doesn't count

  • Slavic Diamond
    Slavic Diamond 3 days ago

    Rdr2 with only a lasso

  • Nate Brown
    Nate Brown 3 days ago

    Mitten Squad Mittens

  • Irresponsible Adulting

    I feel rd2 should of been more Mexican desert

  • Power 21
    Power 21 3 days ago

    Short answer: no

  • Lil garbage Johnson
    Lil garbage Johnson 4 days ago

    The moral of the story is don’t be mean to mitten squad or you’ll get shot

  • Ms Matrix 2
    Ms Matrix 2 4 days ago

    My thoughts: he is reaching for 10 minutes.
    Reality: he is reaching for 10 minutes

  • Robert Collins
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    Do rdr2

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    Can you beat Grand Theft Auto 4 with only Dardan's knife?

  • Cool Breeze
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    I beat both games with only whatever i wanted to use. Gang

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    11:14 he says Minecraft instead of mine shaft

  • djsquishgaming
    djsquishgaming 7 days ago

    Bruh fallout 76 isn't even that bad..

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    It says your playing fallout 4

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    I love what he does to the Captions. Compare 0:55 caption to what he actually says.

  • Piper Companion
    Piper Companion 9 days ago

    No just with a lancaster

  • Pika Pika
    Pika Pika 10 days ago

    Probably. It just wouldn’t be that fun though.

  • Codsworth the robot
    Codsworth the robot 11 days ago

    You're forced into dead eye at the end of the game so that challenge wouldn't work

  • Adamant Bobcat
    Adamant Bobcat 11 days ago

    This was just my 1st play through

  • 2pleb boy
    2pleb boy 11 days ago

    i did it when i was like 4 i didn't know how to read and loved rdr so i didnt change guns dont know how i even finished the game

  • cree
    cree 11 days ago

    I did thats really all i used was cattleman and every now and then the henry

  • Cowboy Crusher
    Cowboy Crusher 11 days ago

    Play minecraft

  • Mago Pekka Nigthmare
    Mago Pekka Nigthmare 11 days ago

    Video: Red Dead Redemption
    Description Mentioning The Game Automatically: Fallout 4

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    Can you beat RDR 2 with only using lasso?

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    Now do undead nightmare with only a cattleman

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    Capital1 12 days ago

    had to hit this with a dislike for dissing the song 'Big Iron' at 18:56

  • captianobvious
    captianobvious 12 days ago +14

    "I spent longer than I should have navigating my way out of this canyon"
    I felt that....

    And so did all of your viewers who played this game....

  • Micah Nelson
    Micah Nelson 12 days ago

    Many men have tried to take us...

  • Code name Apple
    Code name Apple 12 days ago

    I thought this was from 2010 until he said fallout 76

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    It's weird how good this still looks

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    Tyler Frazier 12 days ago

    Nice Junie B. Jones reference! Haha

  • Lillly UwU
    Lillly UwU 12 days ago


  • zemar's 51 backwards guys

    Quick answer. Yes you can. its a gun, all are optional. Except on certain missions bc its just not possible bc you fail if your use said revolver

  • Alien Review
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    why is the topic fo4??

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    I didnt know people thought you couldnt, i already do

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    Ok I can't be the only one who got that Junie B reference

    • Mario0011
      Mario0011 12 days ago

      Tyler Frazier Exactly

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      Tyler Frazier 12 days ago +1

      Mario0011 haha no I got it! Thought that was awesome

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  • Guy Fawkes Gaming
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    20:46 but you do tho

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    When mitten squad roasts your name :/

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    Next: Can you beat Red Dead Redemption 2 with just a Bowl of Stew?
    * 873 Years Later *
    - Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know. Can you repeat the question?

    THADZ 14 days ago

    Can I just say that you are fucking good at games the best maybe ever good job

    You just got a compliment

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    Landon Smith 14 days ago

    Words cut deep man

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  • clive lambert
    clive lambert 14 days ago


  • clive lambert
    clive lambert 14 days ago

    i wouldnt feel to bad dude beating someone with your fists isnt exactly cheating in my eyes its least effective as the gun so technically its harder brother nice video and don't feel bad about the machine gun either its impossible to not use it so its fine

  • clive lambert
    clive lambert 14 days ago

    watch with subtitles at 0:56 and where normally he politely says if your here to watch the story to leave but the subtitles say i suggest you fuck off to some other video ahahah

  • Aaron Howells
    Aaron Howells 14 days ago

    Do red dead 1 or 2 without horses

  • John Tucker
    John Tucker 15 days ago +1

    Technically, you failed when you had to use the rope on the Stallion.
    Regardless, this is a pretty funny video.

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    Skyrim as a hobbit? Half size, half damage, half health

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