How Black Panther's Visual Effects Were Made | WIRED

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • Daryl Sawchuk, Visual Effects Supervisor for Method Studios and Animation Supervisor for Black Panther, gives WIRED an exclusive look at breakdowns of the digital Black Panther and Kilmonger suits, and the final fight scene of Marvel's mega-blockbuster.

    Black Panther is available on Blu-Ray and DVD May 15, 2018.

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    How Black Panther's Visual Effects Were Made | WIRED
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Comments • 2 649

  • Never Back Down
    Never Back Down 11 days ago

    There an effect that one one mention it it's called marvel.

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk Month ago

    Niggas suck at making movies.

  • pravesh hi
    pravesh hi 2 months ago

    This is most ridiculous cgi of the marvel in 21 century

  • RE-RE
    RE-RE 2 months ago

    Blackpanther 2

  • angle fromsky
    angle fromsky 2 months ago

    *No you don't look confident for what you saying*

  • Brxly
    Brxly 2 months ago +1

    Who doesnt understand what he's saying?

  • nii kwartei quartey
    nii kwartei quartey 2 months ago

    the CGI for this black panther doesn't age properly I hope it can be remastered and re-release on DVD

  • Raj Selvaraj
    Raj Selvaraj 3 months ago

    *All that for just a name in the credits.*

  • Azan Ali
    Azan Ali 3 months ago

    I thought its a minecraft pixel art

  • Tlot Pwist
    Tlot Pwist 4 months ago

    CGI often stick out like a sore thumb, i guess mostly due to textures or lightning and makes it weird

  • Saiqa Nazam
    Saiqa Nazam 4 months ago

    New cgi people

  • Biozerd
    Biozerd 4 months ago


  • Isaac
    Isaac 4 months ago

    This movie was a huge letdown for me. Like i have been waiting for a black panther live action movie since i was what? 5 years old? And when they finally make one it turns out to be some dumbass cringey movie

  • Justin Jacob Encabo
    Justin Jacob Encabo 4 months ago +1

    It was REAL bad CGI at the last fight scene

  • TWO Otaku A
    TWO Otaku A 4 months ago

    He is to be blamed for that bad cgi

  • caleb ethan
    caleb ethan 4 months ago

    the final fight between killmonger & t'challa looked like something outta Code Lyoko...

  • toilahai.
    toilahai. 4 months ago

    Who say it's bad (CGI) ? Can you do better ? If you can, let me see

  • Haris Inspirasimu
    Haris Inspirasimu 4 months ago


  • Caleb Wright
    Caleb Wright 4 months ago

    They have beautiful physical suits, and yet, here they go again COMPLETELY replacing them with CG. If Marvel would go back to using practical effects in unison with CG the result would be so much better. Iron Man 1 is a good example of this.

  • Just Random
    Just Random 4 months ago

    amazing job guys GREAT :)

  • Just Random
    Just Random 4 months ago

    god people are stupid calling this movie with bad cgi i think they didnt saw justice league XD

  • Mev Cilbox
    Mev Cilbox 4 months ago

    The problem with marvel movies is that if there is no cgi they just look dumb

  • RubberPanda
    RubberPanda 4 months ago

    So he’s the one who’s behind the horrible CGI

  • Aida Thawne . Whiplash
    Aida Thawne . Whiplash 4 months ago

    I really wish that I was a special effects animator.... What he said literally meant that I can checkout the godly bodies of the avengers and not be a creep.... Do you have any idea what I'd pay to be a CGI maker for Loki? Or Iron Man? Or T'challa? Or Chris? (both Chris')

  • Navin Kumar
    Navin Kumar 5 months ago

    God gave a awesome talent to human you are awesome guys all glory to God amen

  • Tiny Oats
    Tiny Oats 5 months ago

    My friend’s dad works at meathod

  • rabeks
    rabeks 5 months ago


  • Hjalmar Jönsson
    Hjalmar Jönsson 5 months ago

    Movies in 2022 is gonna be like : '' Without actors and everything will be CGI '' ...

  • SnoopyDoo
    SnoopyDoo 5 months ago

    In a future video he'll be saying "The movie is 99.9% cgi, but we decided to include a 5 second scene using a real actor for nostalgia's sake."

  • Walter White
    Walter White 6 months ago

    CGI was really bad in this movie

  • Gabe Logan
    Gabe Logan 6 months ago

    Why can't I play this? I was only watching for an egg McMuffin coupon at the end

    (Seriously it looks like one of those games you would see at a McDonald's)

  • Sha・Ne・Ru
    Sha・Ne・Ru 6 months ago

    just realising, i haven't watched black panther since it was released.

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown 6 months ago

    marvel and cgi need to break up

  • DryAssChicken
    DryAssChicken 6 months ago +33

    It was uneeded to animate his costume 90% of the time. He looked 1000x better in Civil War and that ending fight scene was unacceptable

  • creepy hanzo
    creepy hanzo 6 months ago

    U mean the ps2 graphics?

  • hunny lavendur
    hunny lavendur 6 months ago

    When I watched this movie it was 2am, I wasn’t wearing glasses and I have v e r y bad vision so I didn’t notice the cgi🤠

  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan 6 months ago +1

    The train fight was ps4 quality

  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan 6 months ago +1

    2:37 black Mario

  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan 6 months ago +3

    Now I know exactly who to blame. Thanks wired.

  • Joshua Torres
    Joshua Torres 6 months ago

    Didn't they only have like a couple of months to do the visual effects?

  • Thato Mokoena
    Thato Mokoena 7 months ago


  • Lu Baek
    Lu Baek 7 months ago

    Hello to the not-so-nice comments about the CGI :> Instead of saying that it's not that good, why don't you try and create it BETTER than Black Panther's CGI?? Maybe it won't be that OBVIOUS and BAD.

  • Ramiro Belmares
    Ramiro Belmares 7 months ago

    Answer: Very Poorly because all the priorities were focused on Infinity War and it looks beautiful

  • Yolky
    Yolky 7 months ago +1

    Title: How Black Panthers Visual Effects were made
    Me: With Windows 95

  • Jacob Bailey
    Jacob Bailey 7 months ago

    They only had 2 months to do the final battle cgi which is why it looks weird.

  • What is this?
    What is this? 7 months ago

    They made a kill monger suit just to cover it in CGI completely they couldn’t even make a homemade suit in homecoming it was all CGI

  • Peter Harrington
    Peter Harrington 7 months ago

    Cgi was absolutely terrible

  • Discontinued Channel
    Discontinued Channel 7 months ago


  • Nardi Nardstrums
    Nardi Nardstrums 7 months ago

    Horrible cgi. They only had 6 weeks to do it so it's the mcu fault

  • Voidical
    Voidical 7 months ago +2

    Vibrainuim is basically industructable, yet they have so much mined.

    *(Yes I know they've been mining it for 1000 years)*

  • Téj Alexander
    Téj Alexander 7 months ago

    This is so dope

  • Kozig
    Kozig 8 months ago

    Civil war was better

  • Kozig
    Kozig 8 months ago

    Cgi was hella ugly tbh

  • AxTech
    AxTech 8 months ago

    2:12 what was the actual point in Todo brushing that

  • Flaming Falcons
    Flaming Falcons 8 months ago

    Which program or training do you need to make these kind of visual effects?

  • Alister
    Alister 8 months ago +2

    Well they clearly suck at making them. I almost barfed at that last fight scene 🤮🤮🤮

  • MrPlantain
    MrPlantain 8 months ago

    I'm going to be honest the last fight looked like a cartoon.

  • Edd Ramones
    Edd Ramones 8 months ago

    *The last fight between Black Panther and Killmonger looks so fake. It had very bad CGI effects*

  • Ryan Kwan
    Ryan Kwan 8 months ago

    Civil War CG made this look bootleg

  • Jens B
    Jens B 8 months ago +1

    Too bad the cgi in this movie was so bad