Remember these WEIRD mice?? The Trackball is back!

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
  • Ever use a Trackball Mouse? They were pretty popular in the 90's- and it looks like they could be bouncing back with the Logitech MX Ergo!
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Comments • 4 959

  • Jared Thomas
    Jared Thomas 7 days ago

    Miss ya Max!

  • Purple Pencil
    Purple Pencil 10 days ago

    the pink nails disturb me so much

  • Satrana100
    Satrana100 12 days ago

    I have been using a trackball since 2002. I use the M570 to game on a 35 in. widescreen and have no problems gaming high action fps games or any other type of game.

  • TrippyTech
    TrippyTech 13 days ago

    “Balls down below”.

  • Spacialvekter
    Spacialvekter 14 days ago

    5:41 s m o o t h e r b a l l a c t i o n

  • CodyDoesGaming :D
    CodyDoesGaming :D 18 days ago

    Linus, why do you have nail polish lol.

  • averyy
    averyy 20 days ago

    why does everything he says about the track ball sound like a gay sex joke, i d o n t l i k e t h i s.

  • totallynotme
    totallynotme 20 days ago

    Yup i have it

    IAN DUCAO 21 day ago

    It's for programmers and software developers

  • hi hungry im dad lol

    Only 90s kids remember when we used inspect element to change the pointers location

  • LuisMa Suárez Gutiérrez

    5:17 edzel doesn't count, that guy could game on a pizza box

  • Angel Jimenez
    Angel Jimenez 23 days ago

    Track ball forever. Just better

  • MrD3rpGaming
    MrD3rpGaming 24 days ago

    What about people who use their left hand for their mouse

  • Ronin Kenway
    Ronin Kenway 25 days ago

    I remember having to game with one of those trackball mouse, 'twas bad but you get the hang of it

  • Ashsaloft
    Ashsaloft 25 days ago +1

    why not just put a sensor in the side of the mouse

  • Capslock Gaming
    Capslock Gaming 25 days ago

    Sry, but your CrunchyRoll ad was a blatant lie. Crunchy is not created by Animefans

  • Tony Nameless
    Tony Nameless Month ago +1

    You still click with index finger.
    My finger hurts from clicking, i was hoping i would find alternative.

  • Hugo Zamarripa
    Hugo Zamarripa Month ago

    I hate your voice.

  • ICloudydust
    ICloudydust Month ago

    Trackball mice are my personal choice. They're not only ergonomic, but they don't require your use of sliding the mouse over and over.

  • TheCopperFrog
    TheCopperFrog Month ago

    My M570 died prematurely and I went wit this model and love it!

  • S0ulC41ib3r
    S0ulC41ib3r Month ago

    I died when i saw him lower the sensitivity. I always play on like 70-80/100 and just move it slightly when I need to get precise aim. It's actually a really great mouse

  • Eqonomic
    Eqonomic Month ago

    still use one

  • Hdofu Fox
    Hdofu Fox Month ago +1

    I'm using the m570, kind of digging it.

  • yeehaw
    yeehaw Month ago

    0:16 my family had this mouse and used it until 2013

  • Masa74
    Masa74 Month ago

    Im 14 and i remember the trackball mice, i used to play games with one that had 3 buttons but no scroll wheel.

  • Stryider Redz
    Stryider Redz Month ago +1

    I use the 570 and it works great!! I love this mouse!! It also works great in games!! I also use the Logi K350 Keyboard!!

  • Seth Proaps
    Seth Proaps Month ago

    im not either of those audiences, im 16 and have used the OG trackman

  • jayrock4ya
    jayrock4ya Month ago

    I had this in the 90's they were great. I got a cordless 1 about 3 months ago. Then I found a you tube video about track pad and gestures. Now its not worth my time :( :)

  • StrykerDelkar
    StrykerDelkar Month ago

    Well, I have a Logitech MX570 as my carry-around mouse for two years now, and it's fantastic!

    I have accoustomed to "kick" the ball and catch it to go further distances, to prevent those awkward thumbiness.

    I usually have Linux on the go, where you can adjust the sensitivity dependent on how fast you are going. Pretty darn awesome.

  • Adralicus Alcander
    Adralicus Alcander 2 months ago

    I've been using a trackball for over 20 years I would say the MX Ergo is good improvement over the M570. I was pleased when they bought out and the precision mode is very useful especially for audio editing.

  • ForeverMasterless
    ForeverMasterless 2 months ago

    I've been using these for like a decade. Great for using a computer on the couch or in bed.

  • Georg
    Georg 2 months ago

    Why don't they put the product name in the title? Would have had me find this video way earlier.

  • Aiman S.
    Aiman S. 2 months ago +1

    Anybody here use trackball for 3D design software like Solidworks or Revit?

    • Devin Hagedorn
      Devin Hagedorn 2 months ago +1

      I've used the M570 for some light Solidworks before. It's an easy learning curve.

  • Вяленая скрибятина

    Using it for over half a year. You'll have to clean these nubs around a ball from once to twice a month, depends on how dirty your hands are. If you'll approach it the lazy way i.e. just removing grime with a brush, the ball will tend to stuck more after cleaning. But once began rolling it will require less force to proceed.
    You'll need a couple of weeks to adapt. Also LED hum is audible. Other than that, it is good.

  • Jeefly
    Jeefly 2 months ago

    "and the video is brought to you by Tunne-" *tap tap*

  • Vladislav Kurashov
    Vladislav Kurashov 2 months ago

    Tried, yes it is a strange thing, but it is very convenient in Resolve where the same trackballs are used. And absolutely not for shooters, for strategies can be.

  • Eden Steves
    Eden Steves 2 months ago

    My dad keeps saying that trackball gaming is the way to go. No matter how much I explain *nicely* that he has no idea what he’s talking about he still thinks that is what to use for gaming🙄

  • Phil Morton
    Phil Morton 2 months ago +1

    Lol did he just say if your ball curious, and he says his not gay! Noway James hasn't seen one of these mice before!

  • AyeJayCee
    AyeJayCee 2 months ago

    advertisers: ok so who watches LTT?
    youtube analysts: weebs

  • Existential Deliberation
    Existential Deliberation 2 months ago +3

    Why cant you just push the trackball into the socket to toggle precision mode

  • Anton Nym
    Anton Nym 2 months ago

    I have thumb problems (base joint is fused) so i like to move the ball with my index finger. My adesso mouse is perfect for that.

  • Bubba Reppas
    Bubba Reppas 2 months ago

    Those hands can jerk me off anytime

  • checkmate
    checkmate 2 months ago

    The trackball is BACK? Where did it go? I've been using trackballs since 386 computers were state-of-the-art. I don't know why anybody would want to push a mouse all over the place, when they can just thumb their balls. An M570 has been my weapon of choice for years. That new model doesn't even look like it's contoured as nicely for a hand. I'm so used to mine, it feels like another extension of my body!

  • Mano csak
    Mano csak 2 months ago

    Are there any left handed version? :/

  • Nalothisal
    Nalothisal 2 months ago

    II have this mouse
    and I love it. :P

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy 2 months ago

    I’m not old but I know what a trackball is. It’s called I have this mouse.

  • memememe
    memememe 2 months ago

    What if we had both?

  • Doc milord
    Doc milord 2 months ago

    ive been using a trackball mouse in gaming for the past 18 years. it's very comfortable to game with, and i play anything from hack n slash, to fps, tps, strategy games, mmorpgs, and games like mordhau, chivalry, etc. wireless trackball mouse, wireless keyboard, tower PC and 52" tv, no mouse pad, i either game in bed or in a recliner.

  • Whos Mystic
    Whos Mystic 3 months ago

    I used to use one and literally it made my aim in FPS games on pc. Godly I laser the heck out of people. Not all the time but my aim was so good. Now I’m using Logitech G502
    (This mouse is really good for tracking and also lazering)

  • MrMonotone
    MrMonotone 3 months ago

    Unfortunately it's still the case that all the best trackballs are no longer produced(and go for hundreds on ebay):
    Microsoft Trackball ExplorerLogitech Cordless Optical TrackManMacally Qball(not very common it seems, but I had one and it was great, looked very similar to the MS model)

  • Coby Fong
    Coby Fong 3 months ago

    I play with track balls

  • H H
    H H 3 months ago

    efficiency is the lazyness of intelligent people. trackballs are super efficient as you do move only your thumb. ergo intelligent people use trackballs :)

  • Duy Lê
    Duy Lê 3 months ago

    play csgo with trackballs??, oh shit my eyes

  • DBAR
    DBAR 3 months ago

    I used to play age of empires with one of those, it sucked...

  • Maxzomy Cabrera
    Maxzomy Cabrera 3 months ago

    Who else is scrolling through the comments with the MX Ergo

  • Cycros fun
    Cycros fun 3 months ago

    i had one of these at my school and i was like 7 at the time and 11 now to i remember

  • rj frame
    rj frame 3 months ago

    using one now! a very old one

  • Charles Wright
    Charles Wright 3 months ago

    Still use a trackball for laptop.

  • Bearer of Honesty
    Bearer of Honesty 3 months ago

    Been using Logitech M570 trackballs for years. It's the closest I've found to their now discontinued Marble from the 90s.

  • KDJ
    KDJ 3 months ago

    Voice crack when the video starts

  • Vivian Wohlfeil
    Vivian Wohlfeil 3 months ago

    Nice nails Linus! HAHA!!

  • Christopher Elliott
    Christopher Elliott 3 months ago

    Ok, old video. Not really expecting my comment to be noticed... But here goes any-hoot.

    I first learned and practiced using a trackball on Doom. (Yes, the first Doom, on Win 3.11.) But, it was a finger moved trackball. I could do continuous movement by walking with my index and middle fingers. Probably because of what I used, I was never able to get used to the thumb moved trackballs like this Ergo.

    In these modern times, however, I have found a trackball that fits my needs. The Elecom Huge (yes... that is it's name). If you go to the manufacturer's page you will either need to read Japanese, or apply your favorite web translator, but here it is:
    It is available on Amazon for (currently) under $60USD, just search for ELECOM M-HT1DRBK

  • Jake D
    Jake D 3 months ago

    From what i can see, first comment in over a year! Way to re# old LTT vids!
    I love this mouse, anything logi is just great quality.

  • Enoch Bird
    Enoch Bird 4 months ago

    Hahahahahaha a little ball curious.

  • Devin Bauer
    Devin Bauer 4 months ago

    Looks good to me, been using a M570 since 2012 to great effect

  • Thijs Waalders
    Thijs Waalders 4 months ago

    I own the MX Ergo for a while and except of the learning curve it is really good! Today I've got so much pain that I thrown away my normal mouse and just get used to the trackball and now I really experience the pro's of this mouse. Have been thinking of trading it for a vertical normal L+R mouse, but I think this one is waay better.

  • Zachary Busch
    Zachary Busch 4 months ago

    1:40 what happened to her hand not trying to be mean

  • Travis Lohmann
    Travis Lohmann 4 months ago +1

    took about 3 months for me to get used to the MX Ergo. Got it for $70, and honestly really really enjoying it. hand placement feels great, and I swapped the default ball with a perixx glossy red. wondrous.

  • Cyba IT
    Cyba IT 4 months ago

    Have the M570 and use Microsoft Mouse Without Borders to mouse between computers. I'm sure that extra tilt is nice, but not $100 to $150 extra nice. Also, damn I miss Max :(

  • cartwork2013
    cartwork2013 4 months ago

    If you have more than one mouse, would you refer to them as mice?

  • Jordan Stovall
    Jordan Stovall 4 months ago

    I still use a trackball mouse just like the first example photo

  • Bo McZombieface
    Bo McZombieface 4 months ago

    I have had mine for years. u can't seriously not love the control they offer. yeah dbl negatives

    SAKULFiLMS 4 months ago

    Dont buy this mouse. Its soooo bad.

  • shaun Wetherilt
    shaun Wetherilt 4 months ago

    i remember the trackball mouse

  • ItZ Just Tiger
    ItZ Just Tiger 4 months ago +1

    Back in my day we only used cups with strings on them