Chris Pratt Tried The Daniel Fast, A Bible Diet

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • 'The LEGO Movie 2' star Chris Pratt tried the Bible-inspired Daniel Fast - a diet comprised only of fruits, vegetables, and grains - for 21 days.
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Comments • 5 145

  • the TOMSTER
    the TOMSTER 4 hours ago

    that interview seems very fake... they have almost no chemistry - still a cool dude though

  • Candy K
    Candy K 4 hours ago

    He did the Daniel fast. Will he practice the Levitical priest diet next? It's a lot of meat, mostly lamb, and much less of everything else.
    I've been doing ~95% meat for the last 2 months. I'm amazed how much better my health has been getting, weight loss, skin clearing, etc.

  • Ranma Saotome
    Ranma Saotome 6 hours ago

    Poor Chris, he looks genuinely happy in his new found belief system; and miserable people hate that. I can almost see them looking up any dirt they can find on the guy just to make him miserable, too.

  • Inside the Booth
    Inside the Booth 8 hours ago

    chris pratt keep on spreading the gospel, love ya bro!

  • PrettyTiaF
    PrettyTiaF 8 hours ago

    So when they say Christians are rude uppities who think they are perfect, hate ppl and dont know how to have them this video

  • Marilena Vlachopoulou
    Marilena Vlachopoulou 10 hours ago

    is he getting bold??

  • Bear Fruit Style
    Bear Fruit Style 13 hours ago

    LEGO movie was so good!!

  • Ashleigh 87
    Ashleigh 87 18 hours ago

    Fiberpallooza? ONLY in Washington state!! 🙄

  • Stanley B
    Stanley B Day ago

    That’s wassup prat!amazing sharing your the spotlight.check out Kirk Cameron

  • Taureanfitness
    Taureanfitness Day ago

    Wow I'm impressed w/ This guy so awesome! Thank you for your bravery in sharing your faith.

  • Skyler Dixon
    Skyler Dixon Day ago


  • Skyler Dixon
    Skyler Dixon Day ago

    Such a good old boy.

  • Cirielle Rodrigez

    I love Chris Pratt ❤️


    Oh Chris what a sweet heart haha

  • Camden Mya
    Camden Mya Day ago +1

    Chris Pratt is so cute

  • Rachelle Saint-Louis

    Love this 😁 The Daniel’s fast is amazing

  • A .W
    A .W Day ago

    Daniel Fast= Vegan diet?

    • David Sheppard
      David Sheppard 19 hours ago

      Kinda but it also cuts out any drink that’s not water, all caffeine, sugar and artificial sweeteners. It’s different also different because vegans don’t use any animal products (so vegans don’t use wool sweaters because it’s an animal product). The Daniel Fast cuts out eating any animal products

  • Jkh1977 jkh1977
    Jkh1977 jkh1977 Day ago +3

    Jesus said, people will hate you because of Me!!!! Chris knows who he is, so doubt he is that bothered what people think of him.

  • Mike Reif
    Mike Reif 2 days ago

    Just wanted to see him do a Pratt fall.

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 2 days ago

    Nice to see, The Holy Spirit is invading Hollywood! Refreshing Interview! Thank Mr.P!

  • The Brandon Risner
    The Brandon Risner 2 days ago

    Go to the TheXvid channel "the bigger fish" and watch Brandon Rising

  • Scarlet Wilson
    Scarlet Wilson 2 days ago

    He's awesome for talking about his faith. People condemn Christianity, but when they look at the truth of the Bible this is the only sustainable thing.

  • Paul Hutton
    Paul Hutton 2 days ago

    Good dude. Movie star, man of noble faith, charitable, blue collar worker.

  • Sunny W.
    Sunny W. 2 days ago

    God I love him...

  • Jereme Smith
    Jereme Smith 2 days ago +1

    I fucking love Chris Pratt.
    All American dude; guns, country, god, father.

  • nancy marques
    nancy marques 2 days ago

    I love this guy more and more 🙌🏽 you’re awesome Chris!

  • Daniel Gaucin
    Daniel Gaucin 2 days ago

    Really...yeah. not eating like shit and consuming only veggies and fruits will always be 100% beneficial. It's not because of the bible. It's called eating right. Wake the fuck up people. It's not a miracle that he lost weight and got in shape because of the bible. It's because he ate right, healthy and cut out meat and dairy. Idiots if you think otherwise.

  • Michael Arvin
    Michael Arvin 2 days ago +1

    Daniel refused the King's food. That's why he ate fruits and veggies rather than the rich food.

  • astheskylarksings
    astheskylarksings 2 days ago

    Wonder if his pastor is Terrell Fletcher 🤔 he’s the only pastor I’ve seen do that in January each year

  • Spooky Boyy
    Spooky Boyy 3 days ago

    Americans have a hard time separating the individual from the collective. Most families are only redeemed by an individual or two, but Chris can’t be an individual and has to be a mouthpiece only for his group
    ... come on guys, thinking is even fun. Be the redeeming individual.

  • Celina Lavadie
    Celina Lavadie 3 days ago

    It’s not a diet it’s a fast

  • Jam Gart
    Jam Gart 3 days ago

    I lost all interest in him, his movies, his interviews or anything he has to say after his full-on religious BS. Because of this extreme diet he did, and the biased church he is involved in. I immediately see him as a bigot. I wouldn’t trust him with anything. He’s coming across like a cult member.

    • Steven Rivard
      Steven Rivard 7 hours ago

      Why do you care what another stardust sac of chemicals thinks? His brain happens to be fizzing one way because of certain environmental inputs that have produced certain neurological effects... and your brain fizzes a different way because of different environmental inputs. Why get upset with a clump of cells? Why think any human has control over chemical reactions in tiny cells? After all, isn't everything just molecules in motion according to your atheist worldview?

  • Stephanie Thomason
    Stephanie Thomason 3 days ago


  • Justin C.
    Justin C. 3 days ago

    Chris is awesome for staying true ✊
    Real stand up guy. Keep the faith

  • jacob Herrera
    jacob Herrera 3 days ago +4

    Never change Chris
    Keep the your faith up

  • Vincent Costello
    Vincent Costello 3 days ago

    Good stuff Chris...👏

  • Vincent Costello
    Vincent Costello 3 days ago

    Heyyy Steve! ...any relation to Steve McQueen? about wearing comedian runners? Like Ellen...switch things up...loosen up 😃😎👽

  • James Botsch
    James Botsch 3 days ago

    It's amazing how critical people are eating hot pockets from their parents basement. If you are knocking this guy, I am willing to be a million dollars your childhood sucked and your parents are probably divorced.

  • Earmuff Hugger
    Earmuff Hugger 3 days ago


  • ruth gara
    ruth gara 3 days ago +5

    I’ve done the 21 Daniel fast and it’s the best way to see what controls you and what you are control over. 🙏

  • Beany 57
    Beany 57 3 days ago

    He was loving the naked strip bars here in England not that long ago...

    • Krista gerbrandt
      Krista gerbrandt 2 days ago

      If that's true then I agree! I thought it was a few years ago. But yeah, when you're in the public eye and your faith is such a platform of you who you are, you need to be so diligent. You cant give people any reason to question you, because they're gonna look for any reason to do so. You're a public, famous face of Christianity. You gotta be so careful

    • Beany 57
      Beany 57 2 days ago +1

      Krista gerbrandt it was less than a year ago.... He’s had a relationship with Jesus for many years.... I love a naked Women but we have to belong to each other..

    • Krista gerbrandt
      Krista gerbrandt 2 days ago

      +Beany 57 if this was something he did before he began a relationship with jesus than I dont fault him for it. It's part of his testimony. That's what I mean by he'd be the first to admit it

    • Beany 57
      Beany 57 2 days ago

      Krista gerbrandt actually that might be fake news but it was plastered over all the main papers.. But not one photograph.. I’d be disappointed if he went to strip bars though... I’d expect it from an idiot wanna be but why do something like that and degrade yourself and your religion

    • Krista gerbrandt
      Krista gerbrandt 2 days ago

      Yup. And he'd be the first to admit it!

  • Crafty Prop
    Crafty Prop 3 days ago

    What's so special?? I fast for 30 days straight from sunrise to sunset every year for the past 22 years along with 1.6 billion people in the whole world....

  • Ella Santi
    Ella Santi 3 days ago +11

    “Mark 13:13
    Everyone will hate you because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

  • Ella Santi
    Ella Santi 3 days ago

    The Daniel fast is not easy! Lol

  • mhadle1992
    mhadle1992 4 days ago

    What an inspirational guy!

  • Lori Buonamici
    Lori Buonamici 4 days ago

    Keep finding your path back to God, Chris Pratt, whatever that path may be! I did the fast even longer. I highly recommend it! But I was drinking fresh pressed green juices every day! Building myself up with super nutrients!!! Getting the toxins out and putting in the super nutrients!! Felt awesome for the longest time!!!!

  • Tandem Bicycle
    Tandem Bicycle 4 days ago +10

    Chris, keep shining the light of Jesus Christ!! 👍🏽👍🏽❤️

  • HANNAH mathis
    HANNAH mathis 4 days ago

    Chris Pratt trying to get people to read the bible.. haha yes!

  • Chrismatt Gardner
    Chrismatt Gardner 5 days ago

    Being a Christian man myself it makes me have alot more respect for Chris Pratt for talking about the Bible and his beliefs in front of a bunch of people.

  • Tyler Petty
    Tyler Petty 5 days ago +1

    Our book says y'all would hate us and kill us in the end of days. Knowing all of this we still are positive and love our neighbors. Meanwhile the rest of the world denies God through their pride, ego and the fear of their own disobedience.
    Look up some statistics and don't tie free masons and catholics to christians.

  • Lydia Ames
    Lydia Ames 5 days ago

    God bless Chris Pratt.

  • mrs benedict cumberbatch

    God bless this man... childlike enthusiasm...sweet man..

  • Not Ashamed Gaming
    Not Ashamed Gaming 5 days ago

    I've heard the Clemson football coach, Dabo Swinney, use that quote numerous times.

  • Ethan Denton
    Ethan Denton 6 days ago +1

    I'm proud of him for being so confident with his religion. I'm inspired.

  • Gigi Baby
    Gigi Baby 6 days ago +1

    Have always loved Chris Pratt, but woww, speaking about his faith in God! That’s such a beautiful thing!
    God bless him & his family & all you guys! Why can’t we raise each other up instead of tearing each other apart??!!

  • MrKijana23
    MrKijana23 8 days ago

    Christine Caine is the pastor he's looking for. Get it Chris! Let's shine Jesus all day!!

  • ThinkForward
    ThinkForward 8 days ago

    am a Muslim and i understand what he feels when he fast because we fast in ramadan one full month in a year and the amount of energy and the peace u get is indescribable , and btw why is he getting so much hate on speaking about his religion is this what we turned to these days , u cant have religious freedom !!???

    • ThinkForward
      ThinkForward 4 hours ago

      +Steven Rivard what are you trying to say that jesus really did die on the cross ?

    • Steven Rivard
      Steven Rivard 7 hours ago

      Just curious... Have you ever done any historical research beyond what the Quran says about jesus dying on the cross?

  • John Meric
    John Meric 8 days ago

    I tried the Daniel fast once. It was amazing.

    • ThinkForward
      ThinkForward 8 days ago

      yup i fast at ramadan and the feeling is amazing and i get so much energy from it

  • Melissa Contin
    Melissa Contin 10 days ago

    Love him! No fear. Love that quote.

  • Amber Watson
    Amber Watson 10 days ago

    I don’t understand all this hate for Christians. I know a woman that is a lesbian and she still goes to church and enjoys it. She believes in god too. People think we are “anti-LGBT” but honestly none of my Christian friends hate LGBT people and I’m Christian and i don’t hate them either.

    • Francis Yockey
      Francis Yockey 9 days ago

      The Bible is pretty clearly anti-homosexuality.

  • zuckerkane
    zuckerkane 10 days ago

    Ugh he keeps cutting off Chris's jokes 🙄

  • Jenny
    Jenny 11 days ago

    God Bless this man. Thank you Jesus for having someone in Hollywood that walks in the light :)

  • Iman Khan
    Iman Khan 11 days ago

    America is so weird. They get so sensitive hearing about religion

  • Sam Concha
    Sam Concha 12 days ago +2

    The act of homosexual intercourse is a Sin, God destroyed the Sodomites for it, among other heinous behavior. The story of Sodom and Gemorah is a warning. The point of it was *imo, haven't read the bible in a few years* that the Belief in God (or a higher power *I'm agnostic) and to follow His word, is essential to preserve the moral fabric of society. Without that belief and obedience to His word, we devolve into hedonism, lawlessness and corruption eventually it destroys a society completely. Essentially: if we allow an inch, we take a mile, because humanity is that reckless.
    Totally not preaching here, my intention is to help people understand things a little better when people say that Christianity is homophobic. To outsiders it may seem that way. Its just a part of their beliefs.

  • Sobuka
    Sobuka 12 days ago +1

    If he was Buddist, then atheists would be ok. BUT atheists understand that if Jesus was real, he’d send them all to hell for their wicked ways.

  • TimBagels
    TimBagels 12 days ago

    Andy why are you in a suit?

  • Joseph The Dreamer
    Joseph The Dreamer 12 days ago +21

    "Do you ever feel like you're in a Lions den in Hollywood" is a next level deep question love it

  • JD Havrilla
    JD Havrilla 13 days ago +2

    Pratt is too good for Colbert. We need a conservative late night mainstream media show

  • Mariano Frias
    Mariano Frias 13 days ago +1

    Amazing guy with an original personality; a truly inspiring person.

  • Sarah Bateman
    Sarah Bateman 13 days ago +1

    Jeez, the way that people are talking about this video in the comments...I thought that he was going to go on a big rant about how everyone should be a Christian. He's just talking about a diet and his pastor?

    • ThinkForward
      ThinkForward 8 days ago

      yup where is the religious freedom

    • Supernaturally American
      Supernaturally American 11 days ago

      As if him encouraging people to repent from and for their sinful ways would be a bad thing anyways...

  • Daniel Swope
    Daniel Swope 13 days ago +6

    Dude that was some refreshing holy spirit stuff. :)

  • HeardThirteen
    HeardThirteen 13 days ago

    So all he did was go vegan for 3 weeks? What is special about that?

  • Aaron Hicks
    Aaron Hicks 15 days ago +3

    So many people here talking about Chris Pratt’s faith and I’m just like:
    Why was the music for him walking out so strange

  • Natalie Gann
    Natalie Gann 18 days ago

    I’m doing the Daniel fast right now! I’m glad that he did this because there aren’t enough celebrities that are Christian.

  • thegosialishous
    thegosialishous 18 days ago +2

    I have so much respect for him for sharing his faith.

  • C C
    C C 18 days ago +1

    Preach it Chris! Love how you are unashamed of your faith and speaking about the bible!

  • Firiel
    Firiel 19 days ago +4

    Ok y'all talking about his religion in the comments but can we talk about the fact that he's raising sheep?? And it's too pure

    • Supernaturally American
      Supernaturally American 11 days ago

      Raising the sheep is kind of tied to his religion. Every aspect of a Christian's life is tied to God.

  • samanthamichell92
    samanthamichell92 20 days ago

    I wish he and Anna would get back together :(

  • Rebecca Selby
    Rebecca Selby 20 days ago

    As a spinner I am impressed, how do I get some roving, or skien?

  • Joe  Donovan
    Joe Donovan 21 day ago +2

    yup till the end of life always remember neVER deny christ !!
    neva do it mate\ :) god bless

  • Lincoln Parham
    Lincoln Parham 21 day ago +1

    Love this guy!

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan 22 days ago

    Oh no!! He didn't mention the LGBT Community 😮😮😬😬 that's horrible, wow how could he not mention that?! Wow!!

  • Stanley McDonald
    Stanley McDonald 23 days ago +1

    god bless religion

  • b dog
    b dog 25 days ago

    Chris Pratt gives his time and money to a church with a history of sexual abuse of children and a penchant for gay conversion therapy. #boycott

  • Aaron Reichert
    Aaron Reichert 25 days ago

    I love how he sets up the clip...

  • mena94x3
    mena94x3 25 days ago +3

    As a fellow Washingtonian, I continue to take so much pride in this awesome man. I couldn’t love him any more. ❤️❤️
    (Same goes for Jim Caviezel) ❤️❤️

  • Dominic Gervasio
    Dominic Gervasio 26 days ago +1

    So glad He is talking about
    God and church. Not enough celebrities do. Athletes will...not actor tho.

  • Joylynn Burns
    Joylynn Burns 26 days ago

    Pricilla Shire - May not be spelling this correctly is who he is quoting

  • Betty Savvy Tv
    Betty Savvy Tv 26 days ago +1

    I love him!!

  • DaughterofKings22
    DaughterofKings22 27 days ago +1

    Go Chris Pratt! Preach it! #makejesusfamous

  • Jessica S
    Jessica S 27 days ago

    Colbert is good at interviewing when he doesn't talk about politics.

  • The_Napster
    The_Napster 28 days ago +1

    I thought that the Daniel fast had something to do with Daniel Day Lewis

  • Reek Reeker
    Reek Reeker 28 days ago

    Chris is a good guy that got lucky and now believes that God did it. No, Chris, there are a bunch of good guys that try their hardest, but never get an opportunity. You are just lucky.

    • Supernaturally American
      Supernaturally American 11 days ago

      God did bless him, because he stayed faithful. The reason the other men don't succeed in the longrun is because they've turned their backs from God.

  • JO EL
    JO EL 28 days ago +1

    Why is it that Christians get all the hate for being religious and following the Bible as best they could but no other religion gets nearly as much hate towards them

  • Miss Kat
    Miss Kat Month ago +1

    Chris Pratt is quoting Christine Caine!

  • encchick2
    encchick2 Month ago

    I love that Colbert lets his guests actually talk without interrupting them, like he's genuinely interested in what they have to say. And I also like that Chris seems to be doing what it takes to survive the fishbowl that is Hollywood celebrity.

  • Elijah Mire
    Elijah Mire Month ago +3

    The light he is referring to is Jesus. Jesus is the only light that is able to save us from ourselves.

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan Month ago

    So many people commenting on here about hateful posts regarding Chris but I've yet to see one. I think there are a lot of people assuming there would be hateful/negative comments and they're preemptively playing victims when there's no need to. From what I've read he's getting nothing but love and rightly so, he's a very likeable guy. He has that fat person bubbliness.

  • Freeloader259
    Freeloader259 Month ago

    It literally feels like he’s making shit up on the spot for that whole sheep bit 😅

  • Sun Spot Animations

    To be honest, I stopped being apart of the church when I was 17/18. Not because there was something wrong with my bond, but more due to the fact that every time my step dad would say he's thankful for his family, and then go home and be a giant douche to me, my sister, and my mother, I'd want to get up and beat the crap out of him during service. Because I know he's full of shit, and the pastor who knows him knows that he's full of shit, but doesn't say anything because my step dad will twist words around. My belief in God isn't gone, my faith in the church and some of the members is. I'm not a fan of many churches nowadays, not even Hillsong, but I respect Chris Pratt's stance on his faith. It goes to show he's not changing to fit in with the big boys in hollywood.