Chris Pratt Tried The Daniel Fast, A Bible Diet

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • 'The LEGO Movie 2' star Chris Pratt tried the Bible-inspired Daniel Fast - a diet comprised only of fruits, vegetables, and grains - for 21 days.
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Comments • 4 457

  • Ashley S. MacKenzie

    I'm actually surprised at how many people knew who Tempel Grandin was.

  • Ashish Singh
    Ashish Singh Day ago

    He sounds goofy here.

  • ExTremeHYPE
    ExTremeHYPE 2 days ago

    I’m seeing more comments about how bad these atheists are for hating Chris Pratt than atheists actually hating on Chris Pratt

  • FaB92 N
    FaB92 N 2 days ago

    God BLESS Chris Pratt and God have mercy of Page soul

  • Kellie Kay
    Kellie Kay 2 days ago

    I'm not religious... if you're an atheist mad over someone who is religious... you're not much different from the religions you aren't a part of...

  • Leandro Batt
    Leandro Batt 2 days ago

    Its a religion that did more harm than good, thats why people react.

  • Scorpius Jones
    Scorpius Jones 2 days ago

    Shame some purposely refuse to understand the real issue. It's not that he's a Christian, all religions are welcome. It's that he talks a big game about loving and respecting peoples rights, while also being involved in a organization that hates and trys to change gay people. You cant have it both ways, either you want freedom for all or you think gays shouldn't marry, stereotypical moderate liberal attitude that tries to play both sides.

  • Janice Columbus
    Janice Columbus 2 days ago

    July 2016 he referred to Anna Farris his soul mate. Months later he leaves his wife, and 6 year old son for a new woman...and becomes a born again Christian? Sorry, I am no longer a Chris Pratt fan.

  • The Archard
    The Archard 2 days ago

    I was born into a world where my ancestors made fires to stay warm. I'm apparently personally to blame for global warming.

  • DP Gaming
    DP Gaming 2 days ago

    Everyone giving him hate is a
    H Y P O C R I T E
    Everyone does not have to agree with you, especially about who someone else is attracted to. Just bc someone does not support the LGBT does not mean they hate them.

  • Hosnaaa
    Hosnaaa 2 days ago


  • the6thverd
    the6thverd 2 days ago

    So many religions but there shouldn't be any. Stop fighting over who's religion is better. Religions are just money grabbers

  • Amy Turner
    Amy Turner 2 days ago

    The light is Jesus :)

  • Kerem Gregg
    Kerem Gregg 2 days ago

    Chris didn’t finished his son story :( I was invested in it

  • Pokemon tcg opening Mario and Michelle

    So he is Christian who can curse in movies and all, well I want to be one

  • Raskolnikov32
    Raskolnikov32 2 days ago

    Closet Trumper belongs to a homophobic church - Wonders never cease...

  • William Maurice
    William Maurice 2 days ago

    Thank God Meghan McCain is next. This was boring...

  • Liliespeaks
    Liliespeaks 3 days ago

    “If the spotlight that’s shining on you is brighter than the light that comes from within you, it would kill you”
    “If you don’t have enough of a self to share, then you can get swamped”
    Resonates with me so much.

  • Dea Christiancatlady

    He's just awesome!

  • Tiffany C
    Tiffany C 3 days ago


  • Brandon Schroeder
    Brandon Schroeder 3 days ago

    Can someone explain to me how Ellen Page got "I hate the LGBTQ community" out of Chris Pratt?

  • oggyreidmore
    oggyreidmore 3 days ago +1

    Atheists: (Remain silent because they understand that Chris Pratt doesn't use his faith as an excuse to be a bigoted, judgmental asshole, but rather a kind and compassionate person)

  • Kameron White
    Kameron White 3 days ago

    Chris Pratt is an inspiration to me!! Keep up the amazing work 🙌🏽. God bless 🙏🏽

  • Troy Gabo
    Troy Gabo 3 days ago

    Love his boldness for his faith. Ellen Page leading the charge against religious places of worship that are non-welcoming to the LGBT community. Lol.
    I’ve put together a list of all MOSQUES in America which fall into that SAME category:
    1. ALL OF THEM. So why just the Christians Ellen Page????

  • olg06
    olg06 3 days ago

    Ellen page is such vengeful black hole

  • Lima Bean Queen
    Lima Bean Queen 3 days ago

    Did Steven forget his name at the beginning??? 😂😂

  • Jenny Brayton
    Jenny Brayton 3 days ago

    Chris... always humble, full of love and life. ❤

  • Caleb DesJardins
    Caleb DesJardins 3 days ago

    Interesting spiritual conversational here

  • Thebat497
    Thebat497 3 days ago

    Is he drunk or something. He's so hyper

  • Daniela Barrientos
    Daniela Barrientos 3 days ago

  • jjaapp18
    jjaapp18 3 days ago

    Chris Pratt is an awesome guy, but please disregard his promotion of the book of Daniel from the bible. Literally a waste of time to read anything from the bible. All the life lessons to make yourself feel good should be common sense to any rational human being. Everything else in there is just unfair rules and impossible fables.

  • Vicki Breland
    Vicki Breland 3 days ago

    Chris Pratt being real and transparent. Love it!!! Why would you want anyone to be anything but who they are?

  • BelMegloub
    BelMegloub 3 days ago +2

    Expressing one's love and faith in a non judgemental way, talking about expending one's life and staying true to one's self and heart... Now THAT's over the line?! Come on. He's just sharing, plus he's the interviewee, he's bound to talk about himself. He's a caring daddy and he raises sheep and does awesome movies. Give him a break. Gee, give yourselves a break!

  • Evan Stone
    Evan Stone 3 days ago +1

    The light quote was by Christine Caine, if anyone was wondering. Check her out!

  • tyrone loki
    tyrone loki 3 days ago +1

    so am guessing 1.7k dislikes from the lbtqesafjoe and atheist.....AND god dang that quote was good

  • nachtegael W
    nachtegael W 4 days ago

    I love sheep!! And wool and fiber arts lol I used to love going to the local sheep festival when I was a kid.

  • Dillon Bult
    Dillon Bult 4 days ago

    Love how he is so open about god and shows how real god’s love is ! And how anybody regardless of money or fame can shine there light , lord , don’t let what these people say or think EVER stop us from shining our light 🙏🏻

  • Mark Gelley
    Mark Gelley 4 days ago

    Rubert is a reregistered Romni...? sounds like Mr Shepherd found predator sheep:)

  • Nik110512
    Nik110512 4 days ago


  • Jesse DSKojima
    Jesse DSKojima 4 days ago

    Chris pratt is an Alpha male🖒

  • restart
    restart 4 days ago

    Amazing!!! Chris Pratt is the best!

  • Tori Jensen
    Tori Jensen 4 days ago +1

    Man I just love him. The world needs more people like him!! 💕

  • ATLGaGirl09
    ATLGaGirl09 4 days ago

    Chris Pratt better preach!!!! There has to be a light inside you that shines brighter than the spotlights on you. Sharing that light helps you keep the most important parts of yourself so you don't lose all of you to the world!! That's powerful!

  • Corey Somers
    Corey Somers 4 days ago

    I honestly have nothing but love for Chris. I feel like he’s a friend I’ve never met

  • Zack Haverland
    Zack Haverland 4 days ago

    INTERNET! The reason we do not appreciate vocalizing your faith.... Is because the Christian faith has been the most vocal group in the past 2000 years... and the majority of their veiws are sexist, anti-LGBTQ, and just stupid cause religion isnt real. I don't care how you find inspiration. But understand what the group you are in started by doing... burning gays and women who read.

    • anton1 ang1
      anton1 ang1 3 days ago

      what religion isnt anti gay or anti woman ? like what?

  • harlequin
    harlequin 4 days ago

    the church is homophobic but go off

  • INCOOM13
    INCOOM13 4 days ago

    Leave him alone, he ain’t attacking nobody.
    I’m talking about you Ellen Paige. I love your acting but leave him be.

  • Frank Clupax
    Frank Clupax 4 days ago

    Most Christians watching this just like watching some light (pratt) shining in darkness for once. Unusual.

  • Jérémie Bélair
    Jérémie Bélair 4 days ago +1

    I'm an atheist. That quote from his pastor though; it's fucking gold. Thank you Pratt Pratt Pratt!!!

  • XJ9 Jayquan
    XJ9 Jayquan 4 days ago +1

    Something just seems off about this and it really shouldn’t feel like this... religion is mentioned and people get quiet

  • tj parker
    tj parker 4 days ago

    Such a cool guy!!!

  • Tracy Faatoafe's World

    Praise God!!!

  • Karsten Von Fjellheim

    Why can't he take over Indiana Jones? Each Chris Pratt as a young Indiana Jones is a guaranteed $2Billion at the box office.

  • Skein Game Podcast
    Skein Game Podcast 4 days ago

    As a knitter...I need that yarn. Or to be employed to knit said stockings.

  • Andrea Sargent
    Andrea Sargent 4 days ago +1

    lol he lives next to my aunt, she said he is sooooo sweet

  • Stevie fan
    Stevie fan 4 days ago

    I loooooove Chris but the Christians I know don’t believe in dinosaurs! Lol 🦕 🦖

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia 4 days ago

    Chris Pratt needs to repent he is not a man of God

  • Jaques Crusteau
    Jaques Crusteau 4 days ago +1

    canada got the french, australia got the convicts, and USA got the christians!
    An entire branch of humanity that believes that there is an invisible man in the sky!

  • OnlyBlackGirl
    OnlyBlackGirl 4 days ago

    He is literally just a redneck with money

  • Emily Lamberson
    Emily Lamberson 4 days ago

    Chris Pratt seems so well-balanced. We need more actors like him in the world. Honest, humble, funny, charismatic, and grounded.

  • Hannah Maria
    Hannah Maria 4 days ago

    I love Chris

  • Angel Quiroz
    Angel Quiroz 4 days ago

    Chris Pratt is such a legend. What a dude

  • queenSummerKeli
    queenSummerKeli 4 days ago

    Chris Pratt is so wonderful!! He has went so far up in my book!!

  • Jhon Depaz
    Jhon Depaz 4 days ago

    Preach it dude!!!👌🏼👌🏼🙌🏽

  • Michael Gavin
    Michael Gavin 5 days ago

    What an introduction!

  • Amy Jean
    Amy Jean 5 days ago

    Thats how I eat daily. It's so good for you!

  • Pam Cerrato
    Pam Cerrato 5 days ago

    Chris Pratt is such a genuinely likeable guy.

  • Wawasjohn
    Wawasjohn 5 days ago +1

    He never let him finish a story. I wanted to know what the son said about the LEGO movie

  • Joe Lackey
    Joe Lackey 5 days ago +1

    What lunatic decided on that intro music?

  • T Eye
    T Eye 5 days ago

    We should always abstain from eating animals, not just for lent. Eating animals is bad karma.

  • Roxi Thrasher
    Roxi Thrasher 5 days ago

    He's so awesome wth

  • Mark Rikard
    Mark Rikard 5 days ago

    That ram is definitely the black sheep of the Romney family.

  • Karen María de Morán

    Ellen Page is probs just another Twitter “influencer” looking for attention. Or has deep issues. Or both. Live & let live I say.

  • Ramon Solorio
    Ramon Solorio 5 days ago

    While I don’t agree with most points of Christianity, good for him to be himself.

  • Micaiah Sawyer
    Micaiah Sawyer 5 days ago

    Pretty much just if someone hasn’t specifically attacked you with slander or something awful, then... don’t attack them?? And don’t assume things about them?? Like even if their apparent beliefs FEEL like a personal attack... you have no right to call them a monster until you’ve actually spoken to them and discussed their opinions with them personally. Plus not everyone identifies with whom they associate with. Most people, even the people whom you deem “monstrous” in their personal beliefs, will be open to a civil conversation and do NOT deserve to be dehumanized even if you find their beliefs to be utterly appalling. Especially in the case that they don’t have a known history of violent behavior or speech. Get. To. Know. People. People!! We all need to learn how to peacefully disagree. THAT’s diversity. I still 100% think Ellen Page and Chris Pratt just need to get coffee and talk 👏🏻 it👏🏻 out👏🏻

  • Fred Bush
    Fred Bush 5 days ago

    don't tell me Danial was a vegetarian i guess he sacrifice potatoes instead of people and lambs .God only wanted to kill a living breathing thing so blood could be shed .sounds like the man in the sky is not a nice guy

  • Tim Oliver
    Tim Oliver 5 days ago

    Does he have an ankle monitor or something under his right sock? Theres a weird square lump there you can see when he sits down

  • Becky Speth
    Becky Speth 5 days ago +1

    Just when I thought I couldn’t love Chris Pratt any more than i already do 💕

  • AstronautLoL
    AstronautLoL 5 days ago

    crisp rat back with religious bs

  • Laura Buckles
    Laura Buckles 5 days ago

    Wish I could get my hands on some of his wool. What? I do needlefelting, weaving and spinning. What'd you think I was talking about? Everybody else is all "He's talking about religion, oh no!", and I'm all, "Talk more about the sheep!".

  • Xzhi J.
    Xzhi J. 5 days ago

    No one is hating on his religion, people are hating on him with his religion hating on LGBTQ people, and it´s not fake news from angry LGBT SJW. He is actually sponsoring a church that encourages conversion therapy, it´s just ew.

    • Thomas McGill
      Thomas McGill 5 days ago

      It would truly be a tragedy to rid the world of poopy dongs, butt STDs, and AIDS. We truly need the medical diversity.

  • cool bean
    cool bean 5 days ago

    ah i love crisp rat

  • Anon
    Anon 5 days ago

    He seems off, like high or something. Still cute tho

  • Susannah B
    Susannah B 5 days ago

    I actually love Chris Pratt

  • Stephanie Minott
    Stephanie Minott 5 days ago +3

    Amazing guy😍.... I love how open he is about his faith. Keep it up Chris!!

  • Summer Berkemeier
    Summer Berkemeier 5 days ago

    Love Chris Pratt! So impressed that he didn't hide his faith :)

  • Marianne Wade
    Marianne Wade 5 days ago

    So basically he ate vegan for three weeks. That's great and healthful but really, veganism is not so new nor harsh as to merit such astoundment. Stephen. Ha! "Pft give it away. Spoiler!" Okay that quote is awesome. The light shining on brighter than the light from within, it kills. That's beautiful.

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 5 days ago +1

    Pratt isn't allowed to be religious in 2019! Doesn't he know edgy atheism is the cool thing to do now!?!?

  • wanderbär
    wanderbär 5 days ago

    STOP GIVING HOMOPHOBIC ASSHOLES A PLATFORM, STEPHEN! Thanks. Never invite that p.o.s. back on.

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 5 days ago +1

    Ellen Page is attempting to stay relevant by accusing Pratt, a more known celebrity, of something bad. She's not important. Her argument is bad. Let's move on.

  • Gibson Munyi
    Gibson Munyi 5 days ago

    I said 'jinx' when they pointed.


    God bless you Chris. 💕

  • giovanna palacios
    giovanna palacios 5 days ago

    This is actually refreshing something deep and real

  • I Love Dogs
    I Love Dogs 5 days ago

    I love me some Chris Pratt😍

  • Hope Grajcar
    Hope Grajcar 5 days ago

    Good job Pratt!

  • Kerry J
    Kerry J 5 days ago +50

    In this comment section:
    - Approximately 4 people complaining that Chris Pratt is Christian.
    - Approximately 150 people saying, roughly: "Atheist here. I like Chris Pratt. I don't care what religion he is, or isn't."
    - Approximately 3500 people imagining/pretending that "everyone" is complaining that Chris Pratt is Christian, that atheists are "triggered", and rushing disingenuously to defend him over this imagined offense.

    • William Maurice
      William Maurice 2 days ago

      I also looked over the comments to see if people would rage about religion and it's pretty close to your assessment. Just a friendly butt kissing session about how awesome Pratt is.

    • Daniel Grund
      Daniel Grund 3 days ago +1

      That's true.

    • Thomas McGill
      Thomas McGill 5 days ago

      Thanks for the insightful meta commentary. It really helps aid to the discussion.

  • Louis Muhawij
    Louis Muhawij 5 days ago +1

    Speaking as an agnostic, it's no surprise that a church finds objection with homosexuality; however, Chris Pratt and Co. are coming off to me as the more tolerant and tolerable group here. The lack of gay church leaders is as unsurprising to me as the lack of straight LGBT leaders. Despite seeing homosexuality as wrong, their doors are seemingly open to those who would attend. In comparison, Ellen Page's reaction to those who do not believe as she does is to coerce them to get with her program. Sorry, but that wouldn't fly with forcing gays into conversion therapy, and it's no less objectionable the other way round.

  • jess mae
    jess mae 5 days ago

    GO COUGS and WSU Extension🙌🙌🙌.

  • Anne Marie Hester
    Anne Marie Hester 5 days ago

    Temple Grandin!! Woot! CSU alum! Shoutout! ❤

  • Daniel Yarnell
    Daniel Yarnell 5 days ago

    This is why I friggin love Chris Pratt. God bless u man