I Made a Minecraft Base in One Chunk

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
  • Minecraft worlds are made of chunks, chunks are 16x16 areas of blocks. I thought it would be cool to try and create an entire base that fits within that area.
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  • 2Ph1l4u
    2Ph1l4u 3 hours ago

    good vid, but: chunks are 16x16x16 and not 16x16

  • Лeoн Аижъеpгег

    It triggers me that he didnt connect the bamboo farm to the super smelter

  • Goat Productions
    Goat Productions 5 hours ago


  • Panda Playz
    Panda Playz 6 hours ago

    11:54 Does that mean that your pinky finger is really big???

  • Akademia Koszykówki i Siatkówki; SharksTavel

    If i could i would totally pay 10$ just to download that map

  • kill your fish Sir
    kill your fish Sir 8 hours ago

    Mumbo jumbo: You spend 80%in your storage room
    Me: HA my inventory is always full

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 10 hours ago

    ...we never saw the chickens

  • Benny Soares
    Benny Soares 12 hours ago

    But, Mumbo... Where's the map link?

  • Fiore
    Fiore 12 hours ago

    What resource pack is Mumbo using to have glass connected like that?

  • Carlos Aguilera
    Carlos Aguilera 14 hours ago

    "A farm the size of my pinky finger" are you hulk?

  • sackerland
    sackerland 16 hours ago

    You forgot to put the chickens and mine carts in at the end 😭

  • michoacano siempre
    michoacano siempre 17 hours ago

    What about pet

  • TheErmerm999
    TheErmerm999 19 hours ago

    where is the iron farm the witch farm the lifestock the villager trading ... MORE

  • TheErmerm999
    TheErmerm999 19 hours ago

    You should see how mega a base with how much you can fit from sky limit to bedrock all in one chunk

  • R3M1ND
    R3M1ND 20 hours ago

    make it where you can decide between smelting what you put in the box on the other hand there is a not viewable always active cactusfarm which alsways fills up some double boxes.. so when you dont want to smelt anything you need to smelt you can smellt thos and gain xp.. problem solved, but youd need a new stage for the enchanting place or fill it in somewhere..
    i love thos buildings couse you need to get so much more creative than building insanly big houses

  • Rob
    Rob 23 hours ago

    have these nibbas never considered just farming wood from trees and mining coal

  • Maneplix YT
    Maneplix YT Day ago

    10:26 He forgot about the logs... From the tree farm

  • Maneplix YT
    Maneplix YT Day ago

    4:16 What you need matters, not how it looks like

  • reddemon 945
    reddemon 945 Day ago

    You didnt show the chicken s are the minecarts

  • Roblox Boi
    Roblox Boi Day ago

    Mumbo Jumbo: *uses a lot of redstone*


  • the king of random youtube

    You could have covered the system of the ground flood

  • DragonZ V2
    DragonZ V2 Day ago

    Could've got pewdiepie to build your cobblestone gen

  • Wei Chen
    Wei Chen Day ago

    Wheres da chicken ?

  • Gaming Cereal
    Gaming Cereal Day ago

    You never added the chickens

  • Jan Milo
    Jan Milo Day ago

    Where the chicken

  • rabbit ash
    rabbit ash Day ago

    Stalin's dream russia

  • Ban Fox sin
    Ban Fox sin Day ago

    How did mumbo do the sugar farm I don't know what I'm doing wrongggggg

  • Percussion BoiSans

    Why does all of the lighting look like alpha

  • Veggieoskibroski

    Small building techniques:
    Need to clear grass? Dump Water in the area!
    Need to get a flat area? Explode End crystals (Will not work in bedrock)!
    Need to know how to build with redstone? Grian

  • Tim DuDD
    Tim DuDD Day ago

    No room for an xp farm? Check out OMGchad's mobless xp farm. Small, easy to build, and runs on bamboo, cactus, and furnaces.

  • Jm Magisa
    Jm Magisa Day ago

    Hey mumbo play minecraft in cp

  • Mandi Broadfoot
    Mandi Broadfoot Day ago

    15:50 you... diddent spot the flickering?

  • Mandi Broadfoot
    Mandi Broadfoot Day ago

    Y can’t u just make a no-redstone-required cobblestone maker?

  • Elizabeth Lampe
    Elizabeth Lampe Day ago

    Work with Brian to build something major cool

  • Zach Pups
    Zach Pups Day ago

    One chuuuuuuunkkkk!!!!

  • Илья Витцев

    Now we need a tutorial on sorted storage silos.

  • Faten Raji
    Faten Raji Day ago

    When I only know how to make a double piston door Mumbo Jumbo makes something that is like titan or giant or huge with redstone

  • daryel hernandez

    You forgot to show chicken farm and Minecart

  • bbubble
    bbubble Day ago

    yoooo where the chickens and carts

  • Sverre Klouman Melby

    Like Idk know what i Am looking at

  • Diamondworrior 626

    I wish there was a world download

  • Ivailo Stefanov
    Ivailo Stefanov Day ago

    Spending so much resources in creative to create stone/wood generators :D In technical side its great , the point in having them at this point is ... um yea

  • Thibault de rore
    Thibault de rore 2 days ago

    can u give the world download

  • 死ぬ
    死ぬ 2 days ago +1

    Can you do a tutorial on thissss :3

  • thatone girlgaming
    thatone girlgaming 2 days ago

    I can make a 0 tick pulse.

    YUGIO SAMA 2 days ago

    Mumbo: easy
    Me: dirt house

  • TheDuct TapedWallet
    TheDuct TapedWallet 2 days ago

    my pee pee is small

  • John Pope
    John Pope 2 days ago

    U forgot the mine carts and chickens...

  • 1000 subscribers No videos?

    I would loveeeee to live there lol

  • King Masterlord
    King Masterlord 2 days ago

    I still say that you should have floating tower for an enchanter space with the bookshelves and table at the bottom and the rest of the tower housing a bamboo/cactus farm that filters down into a furnace for XP.
    You could even have your little hut house an elevator that goes up to the tower and Torch Key lock it for going down into the rest of the base so it's secret

  • Robert Mcloud
    Robert Mcloud 2 days ago +1

    The fact you use 2x1 ladders to get up and down vs scaffolding baffles me

  • The Gamer Storm
    The Gamer Storm 2 days ago

    Mumbo you should try making a base in one chunk

  • Aiden Reichert
    Aiden Reichert 2 days ago


  • Trafalgar D. Water Law

    Do this in survival mode !

  • Chris Thumann
    Chris Thumann 2 days ago

    Well of course you can build the base in a 16x16 if you build everything up and down. So, what’s the point of this video?

  • Henry Bartram
    Henry Bartram 2 days ago

    England is the best country

    For bad weather

  • Shane Raven
    Shane Raven 2 days ago

    mumbo you should make a playlist for tutorials only because a lot of your contraptions people might want to use on their own

  • Matt Balan
    Matt Balan 2 days ago

    What about an afk fishing farm

  • food man
    food man 2 days ago

    my base is about 1 3/4 chunk with two floors

  • ZiMRA
    ZiMRA 2 days ago


  • Jackson Foley
    Jackson Foley 3 days ago

    How complicated is that melon and pumpkin farm?

  • A Fish
    A Fish 3 days ago

    Why is this here

  • Jake T
    Jake T 3 days ago


  • Plecocat5000 ?
    Plecocat5000 ? 3 days ago

    You have a big pinky finger

  • Great Cornholio
    Great Cornholio 3 days ago

    Where's chocolate minecraft

  • 不能去TheWinNer23
    不能去TheWinNer23 3 days ago +1

    The melon and pumpkin farm dosent work for me(im on ps4) they dont grow up

  • david montine
    david montine 3 days ago +3

    One chunk man in hermitcraft. Every build you do for a whole season has to fit within a chunk.
    (Not everything in one, but each thing in its own respective chunk. I think it would make for a really creative season, simply due to the fact that you will be trying to find ways to make everything extremely efficient without having too large of a horizonal footprint. I would thoroughly enjoy this. I feel the vast majority of the community would as well, seeing as we all enjoy all of your shenanigans all the time anyway

  • AimenTheAlmond 360
    AimenTheAlmond 360 3 days ago

    he must have a big pinky finger

  • WokE7
    WokE7 3 days ago

    "tricky" half my houses are smaller than one chunk

  • grim reaper
    grim reaper 3 days ago

    What makes it keep going for the stone one i made it but i have to keep hitting the lever.
    Well nevermind with trial and error figured it out

  • Samuel Nixon
    Samuel Nixon 3 days ago

    Me watching the whole time 😧🤯

  • Samuel Nixon
    Samuel Nixon 3 days ago

    I can never understand how you laugh after blowing up your own creations accidentally 😂

  • Samuel Nixon
    Samuel Nixon 3 days ago

    You are a god. 🤯

  • Hanaa Altaay
    Hanaa Altaay 3 days ago

    There are ways you can actually make your tree farm much more smaller and better and use less redstone.

  • Oscar Gorbet
    Oscar Gorbet 3 days ago +1

    mumbo u gotta put glass around your zero tick farms. it catches all of the crops.