Wonder Woman murdering Aquaman's wife Mera!

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
  • (Animated superhero film: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. The legal owner: MC for Warner Bros.).
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  • mister custodian
    mister custodian  3 months ago +21

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  • It doesnt MATTer
    It doesnt MATTer 2 days ago

    Atlantians are stupid because Mera defended herself with tangible water

  • Arunava Roy Chowdhury

    That vedio just exposed the superheroes we look up to when they r nothing but blood thirsty bastards

  • Syasya Ames
    Syasya Ames 11 days ago

    This was the description in Wiki - funny how they never mentioned that Wonder Woman was the bitch that slept with her husband.

    In the alternate timeline of the 2011 "Flashpoint" storyline, Mera is the Queen of Atlantis and killed by the Amazons at some point. Her death prompted Aquaman to cause Western Europe to sink into the sea, hoping to destroy New Themyscira as well. Mera's death was ordered by Wonder Woman. In a flashback, Mera is shown to attack the Queen of New Themyscira, which at that point was Diana (Wonder Woman), but she was eventually beheaded by Wonder Woman

  • Luke Kiely
    Luke Kiely 12 days ago

    So how did Bruce die instead of his father. When joe chill shot the gun Thomas dogged the bullet and because of that it hit Bruce instead

  • Thunder Bri
    Thunder Bri 13 days ago

    The whole aquaman and wonder woman thing is disgusting, like take Mera out of it. Grossest ship in history. I would have been fine with anyone else. Just not them

  • Negativitron Prime
    Negativitron Prime 13 days ago

    DC animations are fucking dark

  • Krister Willgren
    Krister Willgren 14 days ago

    Wonder woman didn't murder Mera she killed her in self defense

  • Sonni
    Sonni 16 days ago +1

    Basically the Gods and Goddesses back then

  • Cooler Than Frieza
    Cooler Than Frieza 16 days ago

    I still don't believe that If Barry saved his mother this shit would've happen...something else must've happened that same day

    OOFY GUCCI 16 days ago

    Who was that deranged lady?

  • Awkward Gecko
    Awkward Gecko 16 days ago

    Everything so depressed...fuck insane good movie

  • K B
    K B 17 days ago

    Barry you fucked up sooooo much

  • bark- I
    bark- I 17 days ago

    If only they kept it in their pants

  • CommanderCodyHD
    CommanderCodyHD 19 days ago +1

    My favorite universe, they should do a TV show in this universe

  • David c.
    David c. 19 days ago +1

    Mera had to be killed or wonder womans army would have been washed away and drowned lmao. Mera is powerful as hell and could have won if she tricked wonderwomen into fighting in a more open area

  • Vlad the Impaler
    Vlad the Impaler 19 days ago

    If I were to assasinate someone I wouldn't do it in broad daylight while my target has a weapon in hand. Try to do it at night when people are sleeping that's killing 101.

  • Gisell Parra
    Gisell Parra 22 days ago +1

    Why this has to be the only universe in which Black Manta can breathe underwater and/or is an Atlantean? :c

  • TonyFilip917
    TonyFilip917 22 days ago

    Damn Martha jokers lipstick is her own sons blood what the fuck

  • MidNite Moon
    MidNite Moon 24 days ago

    Diana was wrong

  • Blaqué Span
    Blaqué Span 24 days ago

    Where can I see the whole movie

  • PollAll
    PollAll 25 days ago

    Even god damn black manta is with them on this crusade, Jesus Christ...

  • Sai's Sari Sari
    Sai's Sari Sari Month ago +1

    maybe dceu will go this route, I cant wait to see Amber beheaded by Gal Gadot

  • the pj samwich vids

    In today's episode of cooking with wonder woman well show you how to prepare mera now you just get your cutting tool and get the neck and we'll be right back 🎶

  • Royall Waltower
    Royall Waltower Month ago

    😭😭😭Im sorry but this video made me really depressed. I shouldn't have watched it😭😭😭
    Edit: I heard that this is not real but merely an alternate universe. THANK GOODNESS! Because this ain't it! This is PURE NONSENSE. Just utter nonsense. BS!

  • williss11
    williss11 Month ago

    In this universe almost everyone dies. I read the comics. The entire world gets destroyed but gets saved with new heroes rising

  • Houssem Guedri
    Houssem Guedri Month ago +1

    Wow is stronge

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    Wait.......why did Aquaman destroy Western Europe again?

  • cheese Burger
    cheese Burger Month ago

    2:15 Martha is that you?

  • Joy Chakravarty
    Joy Chakravarty 2 months ago

    What is this movie?

  • Shelby Connors
    Shelby Connors 2 months ago +1

    What happened to Bruce’s mother she just went all crazy like the joker?

  • Jinx198
    Jinx198 2 months ago

    Is there even a Universe where all 3 Wayne’s survive?

  • ChoppaGoCrazy
    ChoppaGoCrazy 2 months ago

    I watched this about a few years ago and and I was like 7 or 8 and my dad was like OH HELL NAW

  • Captain Marvel
    Captain Marvel 2 months ago


  • salma joulid
    salma joulid 2 months ago

    I think that women is the joker

  • STAR Goddess
    STAR Goddess 2 months ago

    Why Aquaman? Diana belongs with Steve Trevor. Not Aquaman, and
    I feel they incorrected Aquamans feelings for Wonder Woman. They were enemies and fought in a war, then they truced, but then Wonder Woman acts like a freakin whore and goes psycho on Mera. Nah I COULD WISH they got it all wrong! But cmon now, it’s DC comics I read to know this is all to true.😭

  • Bymka Bymka
    Bymka Bymka 2 months ago


  • arlett coca
    arlett coca 2 months ago

    aquaman with steroids

  • randomrazr
    randomrazr 2 months ago

    well aquaman had it coming. its all his fault

  • Amir Syarifudin Uchiha
    Amir Syarifudin Uchiha 2 months ago

    And they said that WW is the greatest superheroine. LOL

  • NUMB Milan
    NUMB Milan 2 months ago

    I love Wonder Woman but here I want to kill her suddenly

  • TR
    TR 3 months ago

    Can’t blame Aquaman for sleeping with Wonder Woman.

  • Loli Gothic
    Loli Gothic 3 months ago

    What serie is?

  • Maria Luiza Pereira Monteiro

    What a fake

  • Golden Kingdom
    Golden Kingdom 3 months ago +2

    *Sooooo, Queen Mera was a water bender?*

    • Crepuscular Creates
      Crepuscular Creates 2 months ago

      Golden Kingdom In a way yes. But the more correct term is hydro kinetics or hydrokinesis.

  • Zapperlink Gaming
    Zapperlink Gaming 3 months ago

    First of all why would Aquaman even care if Mera was murdered by WonderWomen when he cheated on Mera for WonderWoman!?! and I thought WonderWoman was a hero not a murderer

  • Naveen reddy Nayani
    Naveen reddy Nayani 3 months ago

    What hell is wrong with this stupid wonder woman she thinks killing each other is cool

    THE EQUALIZER 3 months ago


  • Pikui Sanchez
    Pikui Sanchez 3 months ago

    I h8 wonder women

  • Seyna Doumbouya
    Seyna Doumbouya 3 months ago

    Of course! U don't want speak her name it's ur falut

  • Emanuel Ruiz
    Emanuel Ruiz 3 months ago

    First Steve,Batman,Superman and now Aquanuts....The definition of a Hoe- Some one who thinks is not a whore just because she only feels atractive to who are hot or atractive lol,technically a whore dat thinks she is in love when is only an idea of bieng in love cuz they all Hot and atractive for her so she goes for it lol.

  • Ms. Nola
    Ms. Nola 3 months ago

    Aqua man was a whore and he gets man at Wonder Woman?

  • blackhtr666
    blackhtr666 3 months ago


  • Spoofy Tofuwu
    Spoofy Tofuwu 3 months ago

    Wtf is that bloom effect??

  • David Rosev
    David Rosev 3 months ago

    So Dark.... this is what DCUE needs to be...

  • Mikko Lopez
    Mikko Lopez 3 months ago


  • Spencer Kissel
    Spencer Kissel 4 months ago

    Damn. This changes my WW opinion a lot

  • 傭兵Cloud
    傭兵Cloud 4 months ago +3

    At least Diana got "a head" in life. Still too soon ?

  • Angelo Johnson
    Angelo Johnson 4 months ago

    You gotta give Mera props. She went down fighting. Marvel has real life movies down breaking records. But DC has animated down in spades.

    • Crepuscular Creates
      Crepuscular Creates Month ago +1

      Angelo Johnson I agree!

    • Angelo Johnson
      Angelo Johnson Month ago

      @Crepuscular Creates marvel has good animated movies. But ever since Disney bought marvel their anime has too much comedy not enough seriousness like they used to be.

    • Crepuscular Creates
      Crepuscular Creates 2 months ago

      Angelo Johnson YESSSS

    • Angelo Johnson
      Angelo Johnson 2 months ago

      @Crepuscular Creates just being honest

    • Crepuscular Creates
      Crepuscular Creates 2 months ago

      Angelo Johnson THANK YOU SOMEONE SAID IT

  • Leonardo Bouza
    Leonardo Bouza 4 months ago