• Published on Jun 15, 2017
  • The talent that is still hiding. Art Master Pease teaches Liza and Juan the art of, art. Thanks for watching this sketch about an art sketch bb! Pease stalk my other social medias down below:
    Check out the ACTUALLY talented artist, Ruangela, HERE: rcgela
    Thank you boo for showing off lol, I love it!
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    • Jou Beats - Brasil
    TARGET WITH LIZZZA PART 2!: www.youtube.com/watch?v=weGc3...
    WORLD'S BEST BEAUTY HACKS!: www.youtube.com/watch?v=w38IG...
    MEET JET!!: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-u9o...
    Thank you, lil art farts!
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  • berberys tabaluga
    berberys tabaluga 15 hours ago

    i miss liza god ples com bacc

  • Btslover 21
    Btslover 21 Day ago

    Does anyone notice that a lot of her songs in the video changed

    No one

    Just me


  • DwtsjrLover
    DwtsjrLover 2 days ago +2

    Who is funniest person in the world???

  • Camiele Dixon
    Camiele Dixon 5 days ago

    I don’t get why people hate on this queen she is the best,prettiest person ever “I’m talking about you Liza”

  • lil liv's big world
    lil liv's big world 5 days ago +1

    Do a video in a grossery store

  • Maroxa Talks
    Maroxa Talks 6 days ago

    That was so hilarious. No wonder you have so many views!

  • Its Thomas and Sonic Playz

    U can't spell Art with Cart

  • Baswira Ally
    Baswira Ally 7 days ago

    Did she change the outro?

  • Jordan Mills
    Jordan Mills 8 days ago

    This was so funny😂

  • Akanksha Verma
    Akanksha Verma 9 days ago

    Take your time..zzz up!!! :-D

  • jovem Tv
    jovem Tv 10 days ago

    Oomg lizza, I love you

  • Bts Lover
    Bts Lover 11 days ago

    Pizza 🍕 pizza 🍕 pizza 🍕 pizza 🍕 ITS LIZZA

  • TheLateCrane
    TheLateCrane 12 days ago

    I really wish this was a TV show

  • Jana Drachevskaya
    Jana Drachevskaya 12 days ago

    I'm sorry. how is this even possible to change a piece of video in one that was uploaded 2 years ago???... like I remember watching this one like about a year ago and there was another music in the bloopers part. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE TO DO???

  • Mateo Delgado
    Mateo Delgado 13 days ago

    OMG LOL😂😂😂

  • Ne Guel
    Ne Guel 13 days ago

    So silly🙄... 👎

  • lil curly head
    lil curly head 14 days ago +1

    00:57 she look like CardiB

  • Silviu Teodorescu
    Silviu Teodorescu 14 days ago

    Watercolour on Canvas.... *DAMN YOU ARE DUMB...* 😂

  • Tommaso Pimpolari
    Tommaso Pimpolari 14 days ago +1

    Why is she changing all the musics in her videos?!? They were perfect!

  • lol, wot?
    lol, wot? 17 days ago

    j o a n n e

  • Mamas Girl
    Mamas Girl 20 days ago

    "No not abs. *lip lick* "
    Me: uhhh. Okay. Im s- *wipes bleeding nose* sure thats not what you meant.

  • Savannah Ortiz
    Savannah Ortiz 24 days ago

    You can’t spell paint without... pain
    Me: *yOu CaNt AmErIcA wItHoUt ErIcA*

  • dis channel ded
    dis channel ded 25 days ago

    That is how my art teacher be I will draw so dam good and then this person will draw so ugly I'm mean paint then he would make me think as if I dont have feelings XD

  • Josiah Ortega
    Josiah Ortega 26 days ago

    You are so funny 😂 LoL

  • Isabella Power
    Isabella Power 26 days ago

    Is that her real art work cuz it’s amazing

  • Molly Kelsey
    Molly Kelsey 27 days ago

    Plot twist Juan and the teacher are dating and Liza is there adopted child!🤯🤯🤯

  • Lorraine Laurel
    Lorraine Laurel 27 days ago

    I’m six

  • Lorraine Laurel
    Lorraine Laurel 27 days ago

    Awwwww you’re only six months old

  • Ian Cormany
    Ian Cormany 27 days ago

    Do a truth or dare in public again 😸

  • Isabelle Haddow
    Isabelle Haddow 27 days ago

    Liza good jobbbbb

  • Greg the carrot
    Greg the carrot 29 days ago


  • ChildOfthewolvesxxx

    lol i swear liza sounds like raven simone

  • chloe Schocke
    chloe Schocke Month ago

    Well that sums up my art class

  • Iconic tea
    Iconic tea Month ago +1

    "I'm gay"
    *knew it*

  • Gordon Grigsby
    Gordon Grigsby Month ago

    Hahaha 😂

  • Darrell Zissler
    Darrell Zissler Month ago


  • Дарья Завьялова

    Я из Ярославля!
    Всем привет =)

  • Hannah Martin
    Hannah Martin Month ago

    Me a kids disco I love the girlfriend

  • Janelle Groundwater

    Did u get the paintings from the shop or actually paint them

  • Jasmine Flores
    Jasmine Flores Month ago

    Your so funny liza

  • SD ACE
    SD ACE Month ago +3

    Love u Liza ur so funny a d every video makes me laugh not at u,with u

  • Tomisin
    Tomisin Month ago +16

    A lot of Liza’s videos are getting copyrighted because of the music. So most of the music in her videos have changed. Just saying if you wanted to know.

  • Debbie Mckellar
    Debbie Mckellar Month ago +1

    It’s 2019 and I’m still wondering what she did that one time... 0:14

  • Dayana Morelos
    Dayana Morelos Month ago

    soy la única que no entiende nada

  • JunSuzy Suzybae
    JunSuzy Suzybae Month ago


  • _Dark_Iconic
    _Dark_Iconic Month ago +1

    Idk why she looks like the same person in every scene!

  • Queen Lovely
    Queen Lovely Month ago +1

    Liza how does it feel to be in escape the night you got killed by a blue eagle 🦅 how long was it to practice your part when you get killed you are so many sweets 🍬 and they had to be red and Andrea and Taylor escaped but joe also got killed

  • Brandi Hill
    Brandi Hill Month ago



  • Tals'Mc'Nals
    Tals'Mc'Nals Month ago +2

    OMG hilarious! loved it when 'he' was eating the brush

  • Iyana and Elly
    Iyana and Elly Month ago

    Wow this is so so funny lol

  • Черно-белая лампа


    Удачи в переводе)

  • Ijuana
    Ijuana Month ago +2

    "Ok what the fu-"

  • Katelyn Games
    Katelyn Games Month ago +34

    All of the Art lovers know what she means

    • Becky Arteest 2004
      Becky Arteest 2004 3 days ago


    • Katelyn Games
      Katelyn Games 21 day ago

      Mariah Damrau I know what I meant was *especially* art lovers understand

    • Mariah Damrau
      Mariah Damrau 22 days ago +2

      Katelyn Games lmaooo you don’t have to be an art lover to understand. Like... literally everyone knows who van goh was

  • jimin andjamcookies
    jimin andjamcookies Month ago +1

    Is this video inspired by *MR BEAN*

  • Charlie Mackey
    Charlie Mackey Month ago +2

    Just realised out of the amount of times I watch this video that the art teachers name is masterpiece

  • Peyton Woeller
    Peyton Woeller Month ago +1

    1:49 the face of “are you f ing serious”

  • Mya Sandry
    Mya Sandry Month ago +1

    The people who hate on Liza have some issues