We shouldn't have made it out of the haunted tunnel... **LIVE FOOTAGE**

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • That was a close one..
    We went back to the haunted tunnel and it was probably the worst decision of my life.. I don't know if I can ever go back.
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    If you read this far down the description I love you
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  • ¿TSB ?
    ¿TSB ? 9 minutes ago

    Love how he’s wearing football gloves 😂😭

  • Jessica Doherty
    Jessica Doherty 27 minutes ago

    Holy crap that was scary I screamed when someone screamed😂 glad your safe

  • andrea Garcia
    andrea Garcia 50 minutes ago +1

    I love these videos but I feel like every single time he says we are never going back than a couple months years anything there back there lol

    Who else agrees?

  • NICk Stephens
    NICk Stephens 52 minutes ago

    When you are scared to go into a tunnel and you go at night?!🤦‍♂️

  • Adriana Vivanco
    Adriana Vivanco Hour ago

    So rug was the most scared and Antonio say’s go go in front

    DEMØN 2 hours ago

    Post traumatic stress disorder

  • monsterxx 2008
    monsterxx 2008 3 hours ago

    I get scared sooo easily so I had to run in my living room because I was a lone

  • Farm Sim Gamer
    Farm Sim Gamer 3 hours ago

    Just me that remembers James going the full tunnel without any noises and came out like five miles away

  • Karen Ramirez
    Karen Ramirez 3 hours ago

    Hi faze rug

    DRGN ACID 4 hours ago

    Nice football Gloves rug

  • Tofia Pau
    Tofia Pau 4 hours ago

    Just don’t go at night time

  • Jacky Gonzalez
    Jacky Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    This is how many people like faze rug 🥰😘💕💕😍❤️💕😍🥰🤗

  • Mario Armata
    Mario Armata 4 hours ago +1

    Faze u don’t need to do these ya u want entertainment I understand but if u rlly don’t want to do it or go back then say we r not going back ur torturing yourself please stop do cheerful vids u don’t need to do this honestly I don’t mind them but I watch them I am asking pls stop for ur safety
    Like for him to stop

  • 陈家麟
    陈家麟 4 hours ago

    This is dumb

  • Samantha Rosario
    Samantha Rosario 5 hours ago


  • Swift .-.
    Swift .-. 5 hours ago

    Pegi 18

  • xXLastHopeXx LH
    xXLastHopeXx LH 6 hours ago +1

    Who else hates like beggars comment if you agree don't like

  • it’s tr3yway
    it’s tr3yway 6 hours ago

    anthony is hecka hawt🥵🥵

  • The Greatest
    The Greatest 6 hours ago

    In another video there is a guy he lost his friend in that exact same tunnel so I don't know if he did that before you guys or after but just warning you

  • 〽 ObnoxiousFloxious
    〽 ObnoxiousFloxious 6 hours ago

    What you doing in the comment section!?
    Get back up there rookie!!! * you don’t have to lol*

  • HuskyGacha !
    HuskyGacha ! 6 hours ago +1



    You should do a video reacting to the comments you might see things you didn’t knowthist

  • Kali Mayer
    Kali Mayer 6 hours ago

    You should go to one of the scariest haunted houses in Pennsylvania it’s called Reapers Revenge I literally had to bail on it it was to scary

  • Paulina Saldana
    Paulina Saldana 7 hours ago

    Ahhh sh*t here we go again!!

  • Currentlyinjail
    Currentlyinjail 7 hours ago

    Me going to the comment section so see what y’all thought about the video

    Me seeing comments like Your mom boutta die like to undo

  • Moises Herrera
    Moises Herrera 7 hours ago

    FaZe Rug makes a video
    Ads: it’s free real estate

  • Viviana Virgen
    Viviana Virgen 7 hours ago

    Don’t go again seriously?? Why put yourself in that position shits scary as fuck

  • Arianna LeBlanc
    Arianna LeBlanc 8 hours ago

    I got so dizzy at the end

  • Bryant Tran
    Bryant Tran 9 hours ago

    At 9:37 I saw a red light in the back

    MEYLPS 9 hours ago

    When they were yelling they sound like turkeys

  • Gašper Zapušek
    Gašper Zapušek 9 hours ago

    They are searching for Penneywise

  • Gregory Bell
    Gregory Bell 10 hours ago

    Hell no

  • Mary Crowley
    Mary Crowley 10 hours ago

    Love how they just have batting gloves on but be safe rug

  • Mamatha1978 GH
    Mamatha1978 GH 14 hours ago

    Keep making haunted stuff

  • Aco Ivanov
    Aco Ivanov 14 hours ago

    Haha love faze rug he’s cool as hell like his dad

  • vava101 Vea
    vava101 Vea 16 hours ago

    DIE! Jk 🤪🤪🤪

  • Maddie Rawson
    Maddie Rawson 17 hours ago

    This is scary and I believe it all but like. I can’t take the outfits serious 😂

  • Santiago Martinez
    Santiago Martinez 18 hours ago

    Go back

  • Madxra
    Madxra 18 hours ago

    When it’s midnight

  • Madxra
    Madxra 19 hours ago

    4:21 *IS THAT A FUCKING SHARINGAN!!!* *noice...*

  • TGC Yt
    TGC Yt 19 hours ago

    Thu door says keep out he asks what does that say

  • Wolfie Star galaxy
    Wolfie Star galaxy 20 hours ago

    Well. You can’t blame us because you said it and challenged us.

    NEVER. Underestimate your fans powers.
    Your welcome. 😉

  • Issa Lit
    Issa Lit 21 hour ago

    This funny but it’s obvious those sounds were edited in😂

  • Mango Mahmoud
    Mango Mahmoud 21 hour ago

    Guys, wish me luck. I am going to full screen now. 😭😥
    Please everyone pray for me!

  • Maria Morales
    Maria Morales 22 hours ago

    Rose's are red
    Violets are blue
    I have to comments
    So do you

  • Maria Morales
    Maria Morales 22 hours ago


    Brazilian people:do elephants have tails?

  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous 23 hours ago

    Y’all some fucking crybaby’s

  • SikeyszBNR
    SikeyszBNR 23 hours ago


  • Lamborghini murcielago 2010

    What is the real name for these "tunnels"?

  • Grace Frost
    Grace Frost 23 hours ago

    I don’t get why people don’t believe this real people live in their and it is haunted

  • Erika Cole
    Erika Cole Day ago

    Who else covered your eyes while watching this

  • OJR_Go_Crxzy Sonic

    If we got the like goal can you go back but with Omarghostv

  • Kiara Collins 11

    9:41 NOO!! YOU ARE WACK. I will go back if I was you

  • Tami_ Vlogs
    Tami_ Vlogs Day ago

    I was the one with the light 🤣🤣🤣 and then i ran as fast as i could

  • Niko and Friends

    Don't do this again

  • Keira Breen
    Keira Breen Day ago +1

    I would turn black at the start

  • Anderson Reed
    Anderson Reed Day ago

    15:43 who saw that on the wall 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • The Gaming CHAIR117

    I swear I hear foot steps behind them

    JOKER OTAKUZ Day ago

    I think ZDL Vlogs went to that same tunnel

  • Kinan Ramirez
    Kinan Ramirez Day ago +1

    I did my research at14:03 it was a bobcat yell
    Good thing u guys started to leave
    If you didn’t you would of
    Been lunch🍖