Introducing: New Range Rover Sport


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  • LyftUberNinja Workaholic
    LyftUberNinja Workaholic 7 days ago +43

    She took over the steering wheel like a boss, wow!

    • FreeDirtnapS
      FreeDirtnapS 13 minutes ago

      @Land Rover why won't you call her by her full first name?

    • Land Rover
      Land Rover  5 days ago +6

      It's been great to work with Jess - she's been brilliant.

    TAUSIF ABRAR ABIR 12 days ago +96

    Absolutely amazing. This what a car launch should look like from a brand that's lives in people's heart. Dream car of mine..

    • Sunil Moti
      Sunil Moti 11 days ago

      @Land Rover q6

    • Land Rover
      Land Rover  12 days ago +3

      We're glad the reveal lived up to your expectations.

  • Xavier
    Xavier 17 days ago +454

    An absolute iconic automobile . From design to performance ✨️.

    SRIRAJ R 12 days ago +19

    I love Range Rovers, now this car is stunning in every corner of it. I'm in love with these interiors and that steering wheel design is one of my most favourite. ❤🔥

    • Land Rover
      Land Rover  12 days ago

      Stylish looks, with the power and capability to match.

  • ΛCE
    ΛCE 18 days ago +365

    I'm in love with these newly released Range Rovers, perfectly designed, proper V8 from a great brand, you guys are doing so well, can wait to get myself a Range Rover, my dream vehicle

    • Marvin Walter
      Marvin Walter Day ago

      Your dream vehicle? So you dream of poluting the planet?

    • coral gable$, stop this menace
      coral gable$, stop this menace 2 days ago

      And...what is the average mpg ?

    • ΛCE
      ΛCE 11 days ago +1

      @Pointblank I do pretty good for myself. I'm already considering ordering one soon

    • Pointblank
      Pointblank 12 days ago

      Will probably be a wet dream.

    • SamrasGarage
      SamrasGarage 13 days ago +2

      @ΛCE I agree with you 100%, the new engines are much better than what was available 25 years ago. I was only giving comparison between the early BMW 4.4 M62 V8s and Ford/Jaguar 4.4/4.2 AJ-V8 engines used in the L322 Range Rovers.

  • Gurjeet Singh
    Gurjeet Singh 12 days ago +25

    One of my dream cars. Will surely buy one day. Really impressive with the off road driving in such kind of circumstances.

    • Todd Packer
      Todd Packer 3 days ago

      Make sure it’s leased, cause after the warranty runs out, the dash will light up like a Christmas tree and the air suspense will collapse.

    • Mango D!!
      Mango D!! 4 days ago

      x2, thats my dream car, before any lambo!😭

    • Land Rover
      Land Rover  12 days ago +4

      Style, power and capability demand a challenge on the same scale - and the Spillway Challenge fit the bill nicely.

  • Giacomo Masciadri
    Giacomo Masciadri 9 days ago +8

    In love with this car, Amazing piece of design and tech. A Dream that will probably stay as It is

  • AntDaddyKing
    AntDaddyKing 13 days ago +10

    This reveal was everything 😍 It’s giving me production vibes similar to Victoria’s Secret… But we shall see how reliable this is- Beautiful production and execution.

  • Saahil Matthews
    Saahil Matthews 12 days ago +18

    What a beauty 🔥 Range Rover never fails to impress, congratulations team!

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod 9 days ago +3

    Always a bliss watching your videos. I think I will get one of these one day 😊

  • Sumedh Deole
    Sumedh Deole 14 days ago +56

    This Range Rover looks Sick. 🔥🔥❤️❤️
    Can't imagine what Range Rover would be capable of in 2030.🤯

    • Land Rover
      Land Rover  13 days ago +17

      See you then.

    • Hygge Journey
      Hygge Journey 13 days ago +7

      Same car, but with 30 speakers rather than 29... ;)

    • Taaha k
      Taaha k 13 days ago

      fly or swim maybe?

  • HàRsH Records
    HàRsH Records 11 days ago +3

    Love at first sight ❤️🏎️
    Hoping to drive it one day
    Excellent work Team Land Rover 👌🏻

  • MrChackochi
    MrChackochi 16 days ago +5

    Just the moment i awaited... top notched in deed...Thanks much Gerry and Lennard.. Amazing spillway driving Jenny Keep going Team. All the best.

  • rjmc
    rjmc 12 days ago +7

    That driving experience is a dream ❤

  • Ruben Gardiner
    Ruben Gardiner 16 days ago +72

    That was an amazing commercial. Would even consider buying one if I didn't have a $10/hour job

    • NandaGopal M
      NandaGopal M Day ago

      @Jason Cox why are you trying to skip from the main point. Or is it you can't defend your claim🧐

    • Jason Cox
      Jason Cox Day ago

      @NandaGopal M get a job

    • NandaGopal M
      NandaGopal M Day ago

      @Jason Cox bruh why should I Google. I mean it's not a statement to Google. If time permits you put your solutions here or atleast check for any flaw

    • Jason Cox
      Jason Cox Day ago

      @NandaGopal M Google buddy

    • NandaGopal M
      NandaGopal M Day ago

      @Jason Cox aaah isn't it like 8 x10$ is equal to 80$ a day and 80*30 which is 2400$ a month 🤔

  • sandeep sunny
    sandeep sunny 17 days ago +23

    Beast performance combined with beautiful elegance love this Range Rover..❤️

  • Garvit Charan
    Garvit Charan 11 days ago +6

    It almost looks like a concept car...🔥 What a spectacular car made by mighty Range Rover.. Amazing..🤩🤩

  • MK vlogs
    MK vlogs 18 days ago +515

    The Range Rover sport is an amazing car, excited to see the refreshed version!!!

    • ƧΉIVΛM
      ƧΉIVΛM 10 hours ago

      TATA 💯🇮🇳

    • Land Rover
      Land Rover  13 days ago +27

      It makes an even better impression in person.

    • James Bissonnette
      James Bissonnette 17 days ago +15

      it's literally just released and you can't wait for the refrereshed verison lmao

  • Dikky Lahari
    Dikky Lahari 17 days ago +22

    The best off-road capabilities and luxury and so wonderful to see the new gen sport!

  • Susan Lama
    Susan Lama 16 days ago +18

    I love every design model made from Land Rover, absolutely amazing. I wish I can have one in future.

    • Hòmè Ďeçoŕè
      Hòmè Ďeçoŕè 14 days ago

      *Block Room Outside Noise* with
      The legend of CURTAINS.Pics
      NICETOWN is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day.

    RAKAN MOOHMD 13 days ago +8

    Everyone loves a Land Rover, but they love it when they see it. I've been in love with it for years and hope to own one someday.

  • Sibambo Portraits
    Sibambo Portraits 17 days ago +7

    Always a bliss watching your videos. I think I will get one of these one day 😊

  • Gabriel Pelino
    Gabriel Pelino 18 days ago +104

    I was fortunate enough to attend the release of the Sport in Los Angeles last Friday. It was such a wonderful event and the new Sport is Amazing!!! I can't wait to drive it!!! Well done JLR!!!

  • Ismail Jamal
    Ismail Jamal 8 days ago +1


  • anurag Kumar
    anurag Kumar 17 days ago +26

    This is an exceptional piece of art ❤️
    Great job 👍

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay 11 days ago +1

    The best off-road capabilities and luxury and so wonderful to see the new gen sport!

  • NANI@48
    NANI@48 17 days ago +3

    Range rover is always my favourite car... I will definitely gonna buy it

  • Kichu 360
    Kichu 360 17 days ago +5

    6.48 to 9.17😍😍 The power it has on offer is ultimate 💣 It just glides effortlessly in any terrain 😍 woww

  • Geno Harmon
    Geno Harmon 16 days ago +36

    I'm a young 81 yrs. My son-in-law is a proud owner of a Autobiography if I'm saying it correctly. Long story short. I purchase a Range Rover Sport 2011 in excellent condition. I have owned many automobiles.
    My Range Rover Sports is amazing!!!
    It definitely get attention when I drive in town.
    This is luxury of automobiles.
    Thank you for the Ultimate ride of my life.

    • Land Rover
      Land Rover  14 days ago +3

      Thanks for enjoying our vehicles!

  • Gurkirat S
    Gurkirat S 17 days ago +4

    i see myself driving this beast one day ❤

  • Shanz
    Shanz 11 days ago +6

    One of my dream car .
    Just unexplainable....

  • Robert Mühlbacher
    Robert Mühlbacher 12 days ago +1

    Madness, what an SUV! My dream car.

  • Sanks
    Sanks 4 days ago +2

    My dream car 😍😍
    Love from India

  • Tylerdan
    Tylerdan 14 days ago +8

    Hopefully I'll own this car in the near future 😭⚡

  • Souradeep Chakraborty
    Souradeep Chakraborty 17 days ago +1

    A pinnacle of automotive excellence.

  • Hamim Abdallah
    Hamim Abdallah 14 days ago +7

    Absolutely incredible
    I'm really love new range Rover sport

  • alida flus
    alida flus 12 days ago +1

    Absolutely incredible I'm really love new range Rover sport

  • Techno Gravity
    Techno Gravity 7 days ago +2

    Looks breathtaking 👍

  • Vinay K
    Vinay K 7 days ago +1

    You wanna see what it can really do?!
    The best V8 SUV. Period.

  • N S News
    N S News 17 days ago +1

    Love it💐
    Absolutely great look

  • Saurav Sur
    Saurav Sur 16 days ago +9

    At times I felt like watching a Hollywood action movie... Well shot...🔥

  • Sajan Poudel
    Sajan Poudel 13 days ago +1

    My dream car. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dhruv Patil
    Dhruv Patil 12 days ago +2

    What a amazing car 😍

  • Wildbon
    Wildbon 17 days ago

    beautiful, cant wait to buy one and drive it

  • Akhil Pillay
    Akhil Pillay 17 days ago +15

    Man that looks so aggressive. It's amazing

    • Trill Sam
      Trill Sam 13 days ago

      More smooth than aggressive

  • Shahzad Alam
    Shahzad Alam 6 days ago +1

    Best SUV and this challenge was amazing.

  • King Karthick
    King Karthick 13 days ago +1

    Such a great driving skills 😊😊 Amazing Monster in the look of Car 👌🏻

  • Anirban Dutta
    Anirban Dutta 14 days ago

    the beast, I love it all the time ❤️

  • Happy Beluga
    Happy Beluga 14 days ago

    my family got 3 range rover‘s in the time and i think its one of the best car when not the best i love the new design it’s amazing

  • AS Creations
    AS Creations 17 days ago +1

    Absolutely stunning looking car...

  • Ishan Gupta
    Ishan Gupta 7 days ago +1

    Love it killed it really amazing ❤

  • Ayushi Agrawal
    Ayushi Agrawal 18 days ago +217

    Its my dream car hope i can buy this one day
    The new version is breath taking❤❤❤❤
    Thanks to team land rocer for making just a beautiful car

    • extendo
      extendo 11 days ago +1

      @harhsan 💙 character development! That's nice to see

    • harhsan 💙
      harhsan 💙 11 days ago

      @extendo thank you so much brother! 🙌 ❤️ And yeah i was not negative.. I meant to say that she can't buy it because she's just wasting her time on the internet and saying I hope i can buy this one day.. So i don't think so from just hoping you can buy it.. Without doing hustle

    • extendo
      extendo 11 days ago +1

      @harhsan 💙 yeh i totally believe you

    • harhsan 💙
      harhsan 💙 11 days ago

      @extendo it is not registered yet. I'm starting my job from tomorrow for the starting funding from myself

    • extendo
      extendo 11 days ago

      @harhsan 💙 what's your startup called?

  • Brad Burness Luxury Vehicle Sales

    Fantastic video ! Very excited to see and drive this new Sport. Land Rover have hit a home run!

  • kévin ENEMBE
    kévin ENEMBE 17 days ago +2

    beautiful and already powerful I hope the SVR has some nice surprises in store for us🤩🤩

  • Vikas Singh
    Vikas Singh 4 days ago +2

    Superb quality fantastic experience majestic looks awesome design love the car ..this is called a Brand launch after 2005 range rover sport comes in 2022 the 17years times and 5years manufacturing hard work worth it...i wanna definitely buy this and explore the Indian roads...woww... gussbumb...

  • BossIN Studios
    BossIN Studios 17 days ago +9

    Hey Range Rover Team, your cars are great we all know but you guys have even mastered the art of making advertisements. This was an awesome launch presentation.

  • Wanye Kest
    Wanye Kest 13 days ago +2

    Whoever is on the production team for Land Rover needs a raise.

  • Ronarck Enterprises
    Ronarck Enterprises 2 days ago +2

    Just identified my dream car... I must drive.

  • OtherSideOfAwi
    OtherSideOfAwi 10 days ago +1

    When I see james corden I like it and pair with the launch of new range rover sport, double absolute like !!!

  • Honest Joe
    Honest Joe 17 days ago

    Looks incredible and then still capable…

  • Amit Kar
    Amit Kar 16 days ago

    Gorgeous! I have to seriously think about swapping in my Jaguar F-Pace (which I absolutely love already!)

  • OfficialYoungKingSA
    OfficialYoungKingSA 17 days ago +5

    I love the Range Rover Sport SVR but this is something else.👑❤

    • James Johnson
      James Johnson 17 days ago +1

      Wait until the SVR version of this..

  • Masum Ahmed Hridoy
    Masum Ahmed Hridoy 13 days ago +1

    I just wanna say it’s amazing 🥰

  • M Shah
    M Shah 14 days ago +2

    Amazing 🤩
    Dream car
    One day hopefully 🙏

  • Shiv Tripathi
    Shiv Tripathi 17 days ago +6

    A big 🫡 salute to the cameraman and editing team 🫶🏻❤️ #beastRANGEROVERRRRRR

  • MKIqbal
    MKIqbal 5 days ago +1

    Dream car😍

  • Good Man
    Good Man 13 days ago +1

    Very nice refresh both exterior and interior. The red is stunning. Hoping one day I can own this beauty.

  • Abidan Anish
    Abidan Anish 13 days ago +1

    Absolutely sensational 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • അറക്കൽ മാധവനുണ്ണി

    This is exactly what i needed thank u landrover ❤😊😍 perfect offroader💪😍

  • Sunder Sharma
    Sunder Sharma 17 days ago +2

    2:46 rear lights are much more amazing than previous one !

  • Samuel Gonçalves
    Samuel Gonçalves 17 hours ago +1

    Um dia vou ter um Land Rover se Deus quiser 🙏🙌

  • Ahtsham Ul Haq
    Ahtsham Ul Haq 13 days ago +29

    We know we all can't afford it. But still our love for Range Rover or it's technology has made us watch this video.❤️❤️

    • Ahtsham Ul Haq
      Ahtsham Ul Haq 12 days ago

      @GURU VIGNESH May be you can. But not everyone na. Unless someday Ratan Tata gift it to us... 😉😉

      GURU VIGNESH 12 days ago +1

      WE CAN

  • Lightning
    Lightning 17 days ago

    FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for this day to come!! I think this car is already my favorite!

  • Aziza Brzk
    Aziza Brzk 10 days ago +1

    It's sooo amazing I veeery love it this is the first car touched me i want it and I got it after 7 months inchallah😍😍❤❤❤❤❤

  • Rohan Kadam
    Rohan Kadam 14 days ago +2

    Dream car 😍

  • Moreno Munoz
    Moreno Munoz 16 days ago +23

    Your videos are always the best💯 I do receive a notification each time you post a new video.. We'll have regrets for things we did not participate in...Investment should always be on any creative man's heart for success in life.

    • Hugo Lourdes
      Hugo Lourdes 16 days ago

      Seeing Alot of success stories, he's must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him.

    • Charles
      Charles 16 days ago

      😮Wow! I invest and buy cryptocurrencies but Mostly waiting for the rise to sell. This is a great opportunity to start trading my crypto to start earning right away.

    • Samuel Jackson
      Samuel Jackson 16 days ago

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    • Brigitte Eichel
      Brigitte Eichel 16 days ago

      @Blanco Sanz Thank you, I have contacted him on fac bok and he responded

  • Clive Souffe
    Clive Souffe 10 days ago +1

    Damn Range Rover launching video is freaking off the chart n the vehicle itself is stunning ❤️❤️❤️👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • Brayton
    Brayton 17 days ago +1

    The SVR gonna look insane

  • ランドローバー好きな人

    I love Land Rover the most in the car, and I like Range Rover Sport SVR among them.

  • lemba sharma
    lemba sharma 13 days ago

    Just in love with this beast.. wish #landRover come up with some lucky draw and I be the winner to take away this beast😅

  • Daniel Ronald Manyanga

    The new Range Rover Sport is a beast in a tuxedo, magnificent!

    STAR BOY 17 days ago +1

    These guy's always makes impossible to possible. 🔥 😎

  • Bobsmithinson20
    Bobsmithinson20 16 days ago

    Funny how the launch version has wheels that are spaced out 2:37 , sitting slightly outside the body work, but the production version 9:52 has wheels that sit much further into the body. It’s like they didn’t feel it was aggressive looking enough with the DOT approved wheel offsets. To me, the production version looks perfect, no need to push out the wheels

  • Quadelia C
    Quadelia C 9 days ago

    I know i can't afford these cars but i still love them and as they say dreams do come true, 🤫 sometimes.

  • Chandan Acharya
    Chandan Acharya 17 days ago +1

    Great job Range Rover ❤️🔥🔥🔥💪

  • Raj Rajan
    Raj Rajan 14 days ago +1

    This is my lifetime dream, but I am in Sri Lanka🥺, and I haven't been able to buy this. But one day I will definitely buy this. DEFINITELY......... 🙏

  • scan 360
    scan 360 3 hours ago

    Lots of love & best wishes to land Rover, from a TATA owner ✌✌

  • Scotsboy49
    Scotsboy49 17 days ago

    Well done driver, love to have been sitting in passenger seat.

  • Turbo макларен r8

    Absolutely amazing, bueatiful car. Land Rover - best off-road cars

  • Mr. Beans
    Mr. Beans 13 days ago

    Yup I seen like 4 of these on the freeway 2 weeks ago they were hauling ass they look amazing

  • Ndivho Rambau
    Ndivho Rambau 17 days ago +2

    Personally, I think it has lost its touch with the 4.4L V8 from BMW... Hopefully the 5.0 comes back on a faster version of the Range Rover... But overall this looks beautiful

  • Inderjeet Singh
    Inderjeet Singh 9 days ago +1

    My dream car Range Rover ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😎

  • August Carter Jr
    August Carter Jr 14 days ago +2

    Quickly tapping to watch like imma purchase it as soon it's on the market 😂.. But that's the goal!

  • Bryn Kinsey
    Bryn Kinsey 17 days ago +2

    Great performance display. But no one will buy a Range Rover and use it for off-roading

  • Uche Obijindu
    Uche Obijindu 17 days ago

    Love it ❤💯🕊

  • Muhammed Shanif
    Muhammed Shanif 17 days ago

    That look is so majestic 🔥

  • Youssef Joe
    Youssef Joe 18 days ago +33

    An absolute iconic automobile . From design to performance ✨️.

    • Kam Man
      Kam Man 17 days ago +1

      @Dr Weirdgloves just say u can't afford need to talk smack.

    • Dr Weirdgloves
      Dr Weirdgloves 18 days ago +4

      to time spent in the dealership getting fixed, yeah, iconic heaps of overpriced crud

  • Divyanshu Yadav
    Divyanshu Yadav 7 days ago +2

    That's legendary!!

  • Giao Colette
    Giao Colette 2 days ago +1

    Freaking awesome!

  • acs
    acs 17 days ago

    Love the new design