The Murders That Haunt The Lizzie Borden House

  • Published on May 12, 2017
  • We investigated the house of a hundred-year-old murder mystery
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    Lizzie Bordenís spirit still hovers over Fall River
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    The Union Savings Bank Building at the corner of Colorado Street and Raymond Avenue, ca. 1880-1910
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    Lizzie Borden
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  • Heart
    Heart 49 minutes ago

    Don't they have hidden passages or something.... 👀👀 I think that would've give a clue....

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney 2 hours ago

    Lizzie and Maggie had the time to do it Lickaty Split 👅

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney 2 hours ago

    The only sign they’d be bi ing with them heads is tapping or stamping there feet haha

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney 2 hours ago

    My misses was struck with an axe but I love it

  • Leatile Sejoe
    Leatile Sejoe 5 hours ago

    I love how they are so cool and not freaking out. 😂😂

  • Sara Katherine
    Sara Katherine 5 hours ago

    Anyone remember the TV movie/show based off this case starring Christina Ricci as Lizzie?

  • little cake
    little cake 22 hours ago

    "Why does someone who choked on a peanut not get a ghost"😂

  • Catharine Yoder
    Catharine Yoder Day ago +1


  • Clara Lamott
    Clara Lamott Day ago

    when it got gay my heart jumped lmao I'm so homo

    FART IS MUSIC 2 days ago

    My theory is that Lizzie bordon bribed her maid to cover up for her

  • Crime Wave
    Crime Wave 2 days ago

    Shane could literally sleep anywhere 😂

  • czxvictoria
    czxvictoria 2 days ago

    My step mother is the devil incarnate sooooooOo uHh.

  • Olivia Coulter
    Olivia Coulter 2 days ago

    can you do one on walt Disney and his frozen head

  • Widya Puspa Lestari
    Widya Puspa Lestari 3 days ago +2

    ugh all these 'ghosts' dont bother to show themselves to ryan & shane because they have very low level of consciousness. and they also keep making fun of the 'ghosts' and the tragedies that happened to them. if it were me, i dont want to have anything to do with people who want to engage with me just for youtube views and cheap thrills, not becasue they truly care about whether or not these spirits are at peace

  • SwearWolf Lupin
    SwearWolf Lupin 4 days ago +2

    Wait. Wait. So.!
    There's fanfiction? I can actually read about a lesbian, murder romance? Sweet, but..
    That should be a actual fucking book.! That'd be sweet!

  • Taitertot 219
    Taitertot 219 4 days ago +2

    Shane is always so mean to the ghosts

  • capedcrusader gaming
    capedcrusader gaming 4 days ago +2

    My theory(i have multiple theories supporting each outcome)Maggie was the killer.Ok,so.When lizze was outside maggie was just pretending to sleep.she got up and went downstairs where mr.borden was sleeping.she hacked him to death so that mrs.borden could hear.maybe it was a mistake that mrs.borden heard the sounds and maggie had to kill all witnesses(wheeze)or she did that to get the attention of mrs.borden and because lizze was outside even though she could've called lizze she still ran to maggie's room where maggie was pretending to sleep while waiting for mrs.borden and killed her too.As a cover up maggie might have tried to frame lizze by a)painting the dress or b) using the actual blood or c) some other method.but it still isnt clear to me that why would she do something like that i mean, she isnt being used like a slave yet only a maid.

  • C G I M O N
    C G I M O N 4 days ago +1

    Without the spirit box, voices are even more scary 😢

  • axolixor.
    axolixor. 5 days ago +3

    _Lizzie Borden took an axe,_
    _And gave her mother forty whacks;_
    _When she saw what she had done,_
    _She gave her father forty-one._

  • Ebony Helen
    Ebony Helen 5 days ago +1

    I think Lizzie killed her father, called for the maid, told her not to say anything otherwise she’ll kill her too, stepmother came in and saw her husband dead and Lizzie in a bloody dress, ran upstairs Lizzie chased her and killed her, then got the maid to help her change her dress, then told the maid to go get a doctor... but if she came back with the neighbour then that means John Morse really was with the doctor..... maybe, I’m not sure

  • Kimberly Cervantes
    Kimberly Cervantes 5 days ago +1

    American poltergeist who?
    (That movie was so bad)

  • KittyCherry PlaysROBLOX

    Ryan: (hears silence)
    Me: blasts Barney theme song

  • Alyson McCuin
    Alyson McCuin 6 days ago

    I know Lizzie Borden's great great neice

  • Alyson McCuin
    Alyson McCuin 6 days ago


  • Beatrice Ladouce
    Beatrice Ladouce 6 days ago

    Well.... I'd actually like to bury an axe in her face 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • rebma
    rebma 6 days ago

    "why's it not someone who choked on a peanut"
    bruh if i choked on a peanut and came back as a ghost do you know how friggin upset i would be that would be the lamest death ever and you bet the other ghosts would tease me about it for eternity forget that

  • Madi fanfics YAY!
    Madi fanfics YAY! 7 days ago +1

    that was a nice rhyme kids jeez tall are getting smarter (also love the video)

  • SpringGaming
    SpringGaming 7 days ago

    BDC from the taping is bed dead couch

  • Perry F.
    Perry F. 7 days ago

    I’m actually related to Lizzie Borden. Like not even super distantly. She was one of my great grandparent’s sisters I️ think.

  • Desiree Nunez
    Desiree Nunez 7 days ago


  • Artist Korra
    Artist Korra 7 days ago +1

    Shout out to all the people from Fall River remembering the conspiracy of this murder.

  • Alexa Silva
    Alexa Silva 7 days ago

    I'm confused with "Mr. Borden, who killed you?" Umm weren't he asleep at the time when he was stabbed?

  • Sparkles
    Sparkles 8 days ago

    Ryan: "This week we investigate the Lizzie Borden House as part of our ongoing investigation into the question; 'Are ghosts real?'"
    Shane: *shakes his head and looks into the camera like he's on The Office*

  • John ATF
    John ATF 8 days ago

    I used live in fall river a couple months back

  • Isabella Chantrill
    Isabella Chantrill 9 days ago

    The creepiest part of this was you two doing that rhyme lmaooo

  • Hector Mata
    Hector Mata 9 days ago

    Do overnight stay !

  • BrodieBoards
    BrodieBoards 9 days ago +1

    Add me on snap "sidehits" trying to have a bet with my friend for who
    can get there map full before the other! Great video by the way!

  • Israfel Stein
    Israfel Stein 9 days ago

    Well, well, WELL, Female Killers say a different story. Rival of the TheXvid Channels.

  • ZippyCoast
    ZippyCoast 10 days ago

    Why is this a supernatural when it was crime ?

  • Leah loves Unicorns
    Leah loves Unicorns 10 days ago

    The way it just said “bump” 😂😂😂

  • HimaniAK 4ever ARMY
    HimaniAK 4ever ARMY 10 days ago

    18:41 am I the only one who heard Ryan say
    “I feel like I’m on Ed Sheeran?”
    Only me? Okay

  • HimaniAK 4ever ARMY
    HimaniAK 4ever ARMY 10 days ago

    Wait the children used to sing that? Who allowed them and who the weird heck made that?!

  • Zambie Sniper 8
    Zambie Sniper 8 10 days ago

    My dog is names after Lizzie Borden

  • HimaniAK 4ever ARMY
    HimaniAK 4ever ARMY 10 days ago

    I’m hiding in the comments

  • HimaniAK 4ever ARMY
    HimaniAK 4ever ARMY 10 days ago

    I think the ghosts aren’t attacking because of the camera... like

  • Anmar Alardati
    Anmar Alardati 10 days ago

    there was no voice after he said good lord

  • Beautiful Dreams
    Beautiful Dreams 11 days ago

    I don't think it was Lizzie...

  • Leonna Joubert
    Leonna Joubert 11 days ago

    I like my stepmom

  • Yan yi Felicia Wong
    Yan yi Felicia Wong 11 days ago

    "Lizzie borden took an axe ...." That was creepy 😶😶😶😱😱😱

  • crazynirvanalover
    crazynirvanalover 11 days ago

    Anyone else freakin stoked for the film coming out with KStew and Chloe Sevigny??

  • Stolen Memes
    Stolen Memes 12 days ago

    thats sure a fucked up skull

  • Wolfie GamerMCR
    Wolfie GamerMCR 12 days ago

    I think that People who died either naturally or by choking on something etc... don’t have as prominent ghosts because if your murdered you have unfinished business with your murderer but if you choked or something you have no reason to stay haunting these people you are free to leave if you were murdered revenge is wanted/needed to move on

  • sinead jackson
    sinead jackson 12 days ago

    I'm late but who cares
    My theory is that Lizzie killed Abby, Mr Morse killed Andrew and the Maid helped to cover it all up.

  • JAYZAY 123
    JAYZAY 123 12 days ago

    Shane maybe is really scared but is trying not to be least maybe when this event started...I can see him gulping at certain times.

  • Kayee Xiong
    Kayee Xiong 12 days ago

    Not last I mean laugh

  • Kayee Xiong
    Kayee Xiong 12 days ago

    Oh my God that last from the baby totally scared me and baby doll not real baby

  • Kayee Xiong
    Kayee Xiong 12 days ago


  • My Øbsessiøn
    My Øbsessiøn 12 days ago

    i love me some chaotic sapphics

  • Seras
    Seras 12 days ago

    Probably my favorite unsolved murder mystery of all time. Though imo I feel like this case would been much better as a True Crime episode rather than a Supernatural. The trial/aquittal that came afterward is half of what makes this case so interesting

  • Ari Rose04
    Ari Rose04 12 days ago

    Noo😂 i do have a stepmother and well for me the is an amazing person i really love her to peaces, but that is just me.

  • Nina Oliveira
    Nina Oliveira 12 days ago

    Who else got the Lizzie Borden Rhyme in their head

  • Vivi Fischer
    Vivi Fischer 13 days ago +1

    WAIT. Maybe The girl who found the father dead removed the handle so her fingerprints or something wouldn’t be on it. But also in this case why wouldn’t she just dispose of the whole axe? Maybe wanted some evidence that an axe was involved? Was the handle already lose? Did it come off in her parents head because the axe stuck in it. In this last case she hit them with the axe and the metal part got stuck in the head. She tried pulling but it wouldn’t come out. With one last tug the handle came off. She disposed of it and tried to remove the metal part of the axe. When she did she realized she didn’t know what to do with it and tried to hide it downstairs. So maybe this is a possible case?
    Just saying

  • Ciara Hamlin's art
    Ciara Hamlin's art 13 days ago

    I have a step mom and she is a cool person

  • Jadyn Marshall
    Jadyn Marshall 13 days ago

    Y’all should do a part 2 here!!

  • Annalyn Bui
    Annalyn Bui 13 days ago

    “Johnny Johnny, yes papa, eating sugar? No papa. Telling lies?no papa. Open your mouth, hahaha”(whispering)

  • Some Lightwood
    Some Lightwood 13 days ago

    They call me clean-shaven Bergara

  • Angels or Angles
    Angels or Angles 13 days ago

    There's a theory that suggests Lizzie Borden's father physically abused her and she killed her parents because of the abuse she experienced. I think this theory is much more likely than the idea that she killed them because she wanted money. If going by the theory that she was abused, I can't imagine the pain she felt that was so unbearable she had to kill her parents to keep herself safe, but I firmly believe this was the case. I really don't like how Lizzie Borden is portrayed as a cold hearted demon and doesn't have any human emotion. Idk, this is just my personal take on it...

  • Wiinter
    Wiinter 13 days ago

    My dad (im adopted) is related to lizzie borden, his great grandmother on his fathers side was a Borden, and his mom (my grandma) remembers them talking about their relation.

  • Liza Tananbaum
    Liza Tananbaum 14 days ago

    Aayyy my friend's related to Lizzie Borden

  • John Kenneth Peria
    John Kenneth Peria 14 days ago

    Sometimes the stepmothers are in familystroke.

  • anu mohite
    anu mohite 14 days ago +3

    The "help me" voice kind of scared the hell out of me

  • Marey Stevens
    Marey Stevens 14 days ago

    I went there for a school trip once and I used to live in the area

  • Nathan Lelyushkin
    Nathan Lelyushkin 14 days ago

    Who the hell will someone say that rhyme?

  • Chickenman702
    Chickenman702 14 days ago

    The chemistry between these two is fantastic

  • Lee
    Lee 14 days ago +11

    so uhhh,, where exactly did you find this fanfiction?? asking for a friend.

    • Lee
      Lee Day ago

      +Elisa T oh no its fine thanks tho 😅

    • Elisa T
      Elisa T Day ago

      here's one: haven't read it but according to the tags it doesn't seem sfw at all so tread carefully lmao

    • Elisa T
      Elisa T Day ago

      +Lee oh i'm sorry! i pretty much refer to everyone including my gender neutral or guy friends as girl so i'm p sorry :)

    • Lee
      Lee Day ago

      +Elisa T not a girl but mkay! :)

    • Elisa T
      Elisa T Day ago

      girl just search maggie/lizzie

  • hczel bee
    hczel bee 14 days ago

    When they zoomed In picture of the father it looked liked he had a boner X3

  • Mystery 1nvader
    Mystery 1nvader 15 days ago

    0:58 it was at this moment Ryan knew, he fucked up

  • JadeOfFire
    JadeOfFire 15 days ago

    !!! L E S B I A N M U R D E R E R S !!!

  • Erin McKenna
    Erin McKenna 16 days ago

    Shane needs to stop stealing from ghosts

  • Akme 019
    Akme 019 16 days ago

    they were being so disrespectful some times

  • Lizzie Johnson
    Lizzie Johnson 16 days ago

    Y’know it’s real trippy to hear them say my name so much while watching this lol

  • Kasper Aaron
    Kasper Aaron 16 days ago

    0:57 Yeetus the fetus

  • Elizabeth Hare
    Elizabeth Hare 17 days ago

    back then women were not privy to the goings on of the men's work business. very unlikely he would have told her about his bad business deal with the uncle. i reckon she used that to try to set him up for what she had done.

  • panda _gurl2K18
    panda _gurl2K18 17 days ago

    Plot twist emma borden didn't sctually leave town but instead she was the murderer

  • Rafael Regalado
    Rafael Regalado 17 days ago +2

    Now I have to watch Pete Davidson on Weekend Update as some mind bleach...

  • Faith Bernaden
    Faith Bernaden 18 days ago

    When I was eight my parents taught me the rhyme among other things...
    Maybe that’s why I’m kind of around the bend?

  • Drewnation07
    Drewnation07 18 days ago +1

    Lizzie Borden took an axe
    And gave her mother 18 whacks.
    When she had seen what she had done
    She gave her father 10 plus 1.
    Kids used to sing this while jumping rope at my school lmao

  • Vincent Lez Gogh
    Vincent Lez Gogh 18 days ago +2

    "Lizzie and Maggie might have been romantically involved"
    Let's get on with the INVESTI-GAY-TION

  • Lawrence Chen
    Lawrence Chen 18 days ago


  • Trevor L
    Trevor L 19 days ago +1

    Lizzie Borden took an axe.
    She gave her mother forty whacks.
    When she saw what she had done,
    She gave her father forty-one.

  • The Night Mother
    The Night Mother 19 days ago +1

    Ah, I want to visit the Lizzie Borden house so much! I live near Fall River and I honestly have no idea why I haven’t visited haha

  • The best Gacha stuido girl

    I have a book of Lizze Borden

  • Mike Goebel
    Mike Goebel 19 days ago +1

    Oh my god this is the best video of my hole intire life

  • Brian MacIntyre
    Brian MacIntyre 19 days ago

    I love my step mother im only 11 by the way

  • Laj xD
    Laj xD 19 days ago

    Help me gave me CHILLZ

  • Cherisse Fernandes
    Cherisse Fernandes 19 days ago

    A mix of true crime and supernatural!

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    I recommend a place in Claremont, NH. Topstone mill was a shoe mill in which time out, Americana grill was built. Workers have reported invisible teeth biting their arms. Just a recommendation but hope you can check it out.

  • Ayline Damian
    Ayline Damian 19 days ago

    I tried solveing this myself anyway when shane said no more mutten for me father i was laughing so hard

  • Nicolas Wyatt
    Nicolas Wyatt 20 days ago

    Lizzie Borden has an axe,
    Gave her father a couple wacks
    When she saw what she had done...
    Gave her mother even more.

  • Jay M
    Jay M 20 days ago

    What if all 3 were in on it? Lizzie was outside keeping watch (her dad was a wealthy businessman and probably always expecting a guess). I mean, how exactly does someone slip pass her in daylight while she’s outside? The uncle uses his meat cleaver to kill the two parents. Who was the sick family member, and did no one ask questions about the doctor that was supposed to be with him but was actually looking over the 2 parents? The maid cleans up and/or makes a convenient eyewitness clearing Lizzie’s name. Maybe they had a fling, but I think her being a witness that exonerates Lizzie is the more important aspect of the story. Lastly, the sister is out of town during the murders, thereby exonerating her of the charged. Then they all get what they want: money and a steak dinner. There’s way too many inconsistencies and coincidences in all their stories for them to be innocent.