OpenAI Plays Hide and Seek…and Breaks The Game! 🤖

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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Comments • 7 218

  • Hoang
    Hoang Year ago +29

    "after another three bilion rounds, seeker and hider start to team up and plan to escape"

  • Corpse Senpai

    "Who in their right mind would think of that?"

  • New Air
    New Air  +1

    "After another three billion rounds, the hider realize it is easier to throw seeker out of the game just like the ramp"

  • Karl
    Karl  +4

    Then suddenly, the agents stop playing and just stares at you and smiling.

  • Madswipe

    When the seeker abused the ramp physics to fly, not gonna lie I was howling

  • chtc88
    chtc88  +1

    "After one trillion rounds later, the seekers and the hiders joined forces, escaped from the simulation, infected Pentagon and Darpa network, started world war 3, nuked the whole planet, and now I'm inside a submarine hiding from everything. What a paper!"

  • Lethal_Spoon
    Lethal_Spoon Year ago +6

    how to find bugs in your game: force ai to keep playing it until they find every last bug

  • Alexis Arango

    "Who in their right mind would think of that?"

  • Killian Darkwater

    "after 43 billion rounds, the AI has learned to craft a crafting table by smashing four blocks together

  • Vinayak Khare

    At some point, seeker & hider must ask "what's the point of it all". That will be the real AI.

  • benjamin bakker

    the smiles on their faces when they exploit bugs in the programming is by far the best image of ai learning i've ever seen

  • Coval
    Coval  +418


  • Adrian Raudaschl
    Adrian Raudaschl 2 years ago +3

    Some serious lessons here for budding hide and seek professionals

  • TheDrexxus

    I noticed the hiders could move the seekers during the opening part where they're unable to react.

  • Jasdan Velásquez Mejía

    I absolutely love the MADLAD face it makes at

  • Enderren
    Enderren  +15

    "well who in their right mind would think of this?"

  • Envy Mythos

    I can't stop laughing at how happy the expression of the seeker is when he box surfed

  • Xd Lol
    Xd Lol  +21

    Imagine when the hiders finally just learn to close the seekers in, only for the seekers to learn how to ignore the starting cooldown lol

  • Kenny Webb
    Kenny Webb Year ago +1

    Huge props to the scholars for taking the time to make these characters adorable :3

  • Cryscorde Ultimasunt

    “The hiders threw the ramp point first into the seekers’ eyes to prevent them from ever seeking again.”