TIKTOK Trying To Laugh Challenge ft. ETHAN

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Me and Ethan are becoming TikTokers...
    ETHAN: thexvid.com/user/Behzinga
    CLOTHING - www.luxlike.co.uk
    MY PO BOX !!!
    PO Box 511
    TW1 9NX
    Website: www.afterparty.studio
    TWITTER: AfterPartyLDN
    CORRECT INSTA: afterpartystudios
    If you see this comment saying ' more taktok '
    Business email: business @ callux.co.uk
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  • Bignigboi Init
    Bignigboi Init 19 hours ago

    more tik tok

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 9 days ago

    think he was doing something with the bat if you know what i mean 7:30

  • Pokemon Bill
    Pokemon Bill 11 days ago

    Is that the same girls from the candy ken guy

  • huseyin adier
    huseyin adier 12 days ago

    More tiktok... blinks twice

  • Rachel Weir
    Rachel Weir 15 days ago

    React to the hype house tiktoks😂

  • Brenanas
    Brenanas 15 days ago

    If my boyfriend walked around like a slutty unicorn I'd literally punch him in the kidney and steal his liver.

  • alex zervos
    alex zervos 15 days ago

    when they were doing that balancing thing it shoulda bin big boi ethan on the other side

  • Septere8
    Septere8 15 days ago

    Hi, is Ethans favourite word??? Shitaus

  • samaya azam
    samaya azam 17 days ago

    12:38 it didn't work cuz ethen is bigger than calux

  • Ian Vazquez
    Ian Vazquez 17 days ago

    All these girls in tik tok are gold diggers

  • ROADHOG yt
    ROADHOG yt 17 days ago

    What song is this? 3:18

    2JZ AUDIO 18 days ago

    Music at 3:19 please

  • Ya Yeet_
    Ya Yeet_ 18 days ago +1

    I know the girl at 9:07 she is a popular girl at my school hahaha.

  • Carina Trevino
    Carina Trevino 19 days ago +1

    ethan goes if i had 3.5 mil and more i would do that... charli entered the chat

  • Joe mama
    Joe mama 19 days ago

    When it’s try to laugh and there’s a woman in the thumbnail...

  • FKR 5
    FKR 5 20 days ago

    change the title to "try not to cringe" and then I'll leave a like

  • ki wheeler
    ki wheeler 21 day ago

    Ethan 11:30 new misses ???? Kayla ???????

  • Anti Classy
    Anti Classy 21 day ago

    Ethan after every tik tok: shes not into you lad.

  • Tarnia Moles
    Tarnia Moles 22 days ago

    Ethan looking good

  • Dentoid
    Dentoid 22 days ago

    7:19 im sorry but am i the only one who doesn’t understand why Ethan was surprised then

  • T V V A
    T V V A 22 days ago

    The washing machine girl broke up with him a couple days ago

  • TheSaltKing
    TheSaltKing 23 days ago

    Well this didn't age well....

  • Cringe Cringy
    Cringe Cringy 23 days ago +1

    What's the music at 3:19??

    YM3 EDITZ 23 days ago

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • Leon Goodman
    Leon Goodman 23 days ago +1

    “Hell ladies” 🤣🤣🤣😂😭

  • Bryce Brown
    Bryce Brown 23 days ago +3

    Ethans done flexing with losing weight, now it’s how many time he can show his hand tattoos.

  • Scorpi
    Scorpi 24 days ago

    when Ethan says Class

  • Kane M
    Kane M 24 days ago

    Ethan scratching is chopper in the last 5 seconds of the video 😂😂

  • Oliver Abnett
    Oliver Abnett 25 days ago +1

    2 people with a lot of money sit there with earphones that have wires do they know what AirPods are tho

  • Dean Johnson
    Dean Johnson 25 days ago +2

    Is that a safety cable on them AirPods

  • NeonButterfly
    NeonButterfly 25 days ago

    9:00 Alissa violet

  • Skye Fay
    Skye Fay 26 days ago +2

    washing machine couple broke up😂💀

  • Niamh Stupple
    Niamh Stupple 26 days ago

    are ethan and kayla dating ?

  • Hunter Doyle
    Hunter Doyle 26 days ago

    Try not to laugh more like try not to cringe

  • Denis Anghel
    Denis Anghel 27 days ago

    U need to have the heavy one (Ethan) on the top

  • bo johnson
    bo johnson 28 days ago

    American TikTok >>> British TikTok

  • Jody Van Neel
    Jody Van Neel 28 days ago +1

    16:23 and this children is what a donkey with astma sounds like

  • Peeper
    Peeper 28 days ago +1

    Yo these were shit ngl Ben

  • Rosie Khan
    Rosie Khan 29 days ago

    in the tik tok at 12:30 the lighter person has to be on bottom so the heavier one pul the lighter one up

  • DanBLFC
    DanBLFC 29 days ago +4

    I love Ethan’s posture when he gets told he’s not getting a tenner

  • YZ7L
    YZ7L 29 days ago +1

    Do more videos with Ethan hes fuckin hilarious

  • Boss Monkey123
    Boss Monkey123 29 days ago

    Your vid title is 'try to laugh challenge'

  • Erik Samuelsson
    Erik Samuelsson Month ago +1

    10:53 look at their toilet hahaha

  • kartik tyagi
    kartik tyagi Month ago

    Tiktok likes don't work as yt likes lol....

  • will is an angle
    will is an angle Month ago +1

    ethan is so fit

  • Doctor Batman
    Doctor Batman Month ago

    Oh I miss vine…

  • Doctor Batman
    Doctor Batman Month ago

    Ethan: Actors…
    How dare you call them actors! 😂😂

  • wannabe fdv Hazbruuuh

    More taktok

  • eshrat jahan
    eshrat jahan Month ago +1

    I want the old Ethan back once day

  • The county’s Finest

    Oi callux id just like you to be aware that I’m watching this video for Ethan and doing my best to forget your even in it.

  • Lowkii
    Lowkii Month ago

    Boys the heavier one needs to be on top not the taller one

  • Giacomo Molica
    Giacomo Molica Month ago +2

    What would u call them ?


  • lucid clan
    lucid clan Month ago +1

    Candyken his lass cheating on him

  • FROGY the frog
    FROGY the frog Month ago

    Change the title to try not to cringe!

    ANGEL LUCIFER Month ago


  • philippe Kwasi
    philippe Kwasi Month ago +1

    The guy doesn't want to kiss you

  • philippe Kwasi
    philippe Kwasi Month ago +2


  • Salem AL-ansari
    Salem AL-ansari Month ago

    When will this nigga make good content again

  • Lilyrose Knight
    Lilyrose Knight Month ago

    Ethan is so fit

  • desert end
    desert end Month ago +2

    12:30 Ethan is heavier so he need to be the one on top