• Published on Jul 21, 2019
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Comments • 386

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma Rivas 17 days ago +2

    Love ur channel and I love ur laugh and ur the best and u and zoe are beautiful couple

  • Lou ease
    Lou ease 18 days ago +2

    If you have a back like that it’s called lumbar lordosis

  • Alice's World Of Imagination !!!

    I love crocs I wear them all the time ligit I wore them today around town lol our family own about 10 paires from ages ago but still wear them all the time

  • Kiri Trengrove
    Kiri Trengrove 20 days ago +1

    the book was called the story of my life

  • Mn David
    Mn David 21 day ago +4

    Its normal to have a back S shape spine is the best. So dont worry Alfie ! Seriously

  • Kiri Trengrove
    Kiri Trengrove 21 day ago +1

    hey Alfie! I am nine years old from Tas and I have read your book

  • Nirvana Reddy
    Nirvana Reddy 23 days ago +4

    Thats normal spine curvature! Its called lumbar lordosis! It helps ur spine cushion the impact when u walk! 🙃🙂ily btw

  • Meg May
    Meg May 23 days ago


  • Ruby Mcewan
    Ruby Mcewan 24 days ago +2

    Everyone’s back is like that

  • Emelie Magnusson
    Emelie Magnusson Month ago +42

    Having a back like that is normal 😂😂

  • Maisie Woods
    Maisie Woods Month ago +17

    You need to tighten your core

  • Abbie Baldwin
    Abbie Baldwin Month ago +16

    Go to a chiropractor

  • Roxy McAvoy
    Roxy McAvoy Month ago +8

    your have a slight lordosis of the spine, massage and exercise can help straighten your spine. you need to straighten the lumber region of your spine, sitting pelvic tilts on a ball, hip and core exercises are best for what your looking to do :) i wouldn't worry to much about it as its not too bad of a curve some cases can be extremely curved, its only when it becomes painful or the curve becomes worse in that area you will need to start the hip and core exercises :) hope this helps :)

    • Roxy McAvoy
      Roxy McAvoy Month ago +1

      you should have a slight curve at your lumbar region as it helps with shock absorbing and movement, if your worried about it see a doctor, try some stretching as well

  • mariam cisse
    mariam cisse Month ago +9

    I have the samee fucking problem with my back😭

  • Chelsea Jane
    Chelsea Jane Month ago +12

    Everyone has an S bend in their back, it’s normal. Some peoples are more pronounced some are less,

  • Miss Michelle
    Miss Michelle Month ago +21

    #shitmyboyfriendbuys will def be happening 😆

  • karenportilloify
    karenportilloify Month ago +21

    Love the new camera Alfie, the color palete looks really cool. Hands down my favorite you've had.

  • Katie K
    Katie K Month ago +3

    Daily yoga regimen can fix posture.

  • Zoe
    Zoe Month ago +6

    You’re back is fine but I had the exact same problem and my physio told me to tilt my pelvis forwards like you were saying and need to strengthen glutes and abs like Zoe said!

  • Zoe
    Zoe Month ago +22

    “Is it gonna look bad if I get this lens out and there’s topless women?” “yeaaah”
    **zooms in on said women** 😂🙈

  • Zoe
    Zoe Month ago +19

    Quality is much better and sound is so good!!!😍😍 love the new camera Alf

  • H Leary
    H Leary Month ago +1

    Hope you enjoy my city Glasgow and sorry I see you around, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 will look after you Alfie😉.

  • Anna Coty
    Anna Coty Month ago +1

    That's exactly how your back should be ahah

  • Amaia Brooksbank
    Amaia Brooksbank Month ago +1

    My back is worse than Alfie’s!! 😂😂

  • buffalobillbuffalove
    buffalobillbuffalove Month ago +1

    The more I watch Alfie, the more I hear Russell Brand...

  • Charlie Mini
    Charlie Mini Month ago

    yeah Alfie it’s normal. it’s called a Lordosis with a posterior pelvic tilt. You can try and correct it but if its not painful then i wouldnt worry. You can try loosening your erector spinae muscles which run along your spine. And try just working on your overall posture. but honestly i wouldn’t worry

  • Yee haw Cowboy
    Yee haw Cowboy Month ago +48

    when he said “bro”... i felt that ✊😔 🤠💅

  • Jxy
    Jxy Month ago +34

    my back goes in like that lol

  • Trushi Jethva
    Trushi Jethva Month ago +79

    The crocs are 100% gonna be in Zoe’s ‘shitmyboyfriendbuys’!!
    Hope you read this comment!!
    Love you lots❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jaia Gibbons
    Jaia Gibbons Month ago +11

    My mum did that run in Spain

  • Kayleigh Pads
    Kayleigh Pads Month ago +36

    What lenses is that? Great quality

  • Lottie Cox
    Lottie Cox Month ago +50

    Omg the quality is insane!

  • isidora reyes
    isidora reyes Month ago +12

    try with putting your back against a wall to know how its supposed to be, although I'm not a doctor, you should see one if anything is wrong :-(

  • Sophia Trout
    Sophia Trout Month ago +28

    The camera is SO sick!!

  • Alicia Cutts
    Alicia Cutts Month ago +8

    Loving the Velcro wallet. I just bought one too but different brand

  • Maria Larsen
    Maria Larsen Month ago +11

    Such a great video - love the camera!

  • Jenna Rae
    Jenna Rae Month ago +23

    Alfie your back is completely fine 😂

  • umbra
    umbra Month ago +14

    Love the new camera!

  • Jane Krauss
    Jane Krauss Month ago +41

    What camera are you using?

  • Life According To Rachy

    🙈 Your back is normal.

  • Fanny Njo
    Fanny Njo Month ago +22

    Loving the new camera, Alfie! I really enjoy the quality of this new video :)

  • Megan Norton
    Megan Norton Month ago +12

    My back is the same too 😂😬

  • Elodie G-P
    Elodie G-P Month ago +19

    Your spine should be fine. If anything it could be mild lordosis in your lower back causing more of a curve but not as extreme as the picture! You may have a tight lower back so stretch it out to help release tension.

  • Jules Parker
    Jules Parker Month ago +13

    My husbands back is the same. The Physio said it's partly down to hamstrings being tight so getting some more stretching in might help Alfie

  • Georgia Higgs
    Georgia Higgs Month ago +3

    my back is the exact same!!!

  • Adele - personal Rooney

    camera looks great!!

  • Zeina
    Zeina Month ago +12

    You should have a curve in your back!
    Check out Dr Rahim’s channel. He’s a chiropractor

  • Gina Athanasiou
    Gina Athanasiou Month ago +9

    The spine has a natural curvature! That’s completely normal 🥰

  • Equine Cody
    Equine Cody Month ago +6

    💀😂💀😂”they’ve got there boobs out” 😂 I’m dying

  • Niall's Cupcake
    Niall's Cupcake Month ago +2

    Your new camera is amazing😍

  • Ciara
    Ciara Month ago +19

    My back is exactly like alfies😂😂

  • Lydia Muir
    Lydia Muir Month ago +2

    What is the secrets out website?

  • Lydia Muir
    Lydia Muir Month ago +21

    Alfie’s back didn’t look as bad as the picture. I don’t think you should be to worried. I think my back is like that.

  • Signe Dukan
    Signe Dukan Month ago +18

    Your back is totally normal, but if you straighten your back you will relieve some of the tension which can cause pain. For me it really helped doing ballet cause it focuses on right posture. It would be really entertaining watching you try it!😂 If you want to have a better posture you can focus on closing your rib cage, activate your core, head high and your shoulders should be back and down (haha it’s hard to explain but you could always google) anyways if you don’t have a problem with pain in your lower back, then the posture isn’t really anything you need to change☺️☺️

  • sweetheartx13
    sweetheartx13 Month ago +8

    As someone who has done ballet their whole life the straight back discourse and them trying to straighten their backs was so funny to me 😂

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith Month ago +12

    Goddamn Morgan is so f ing hot

  • Student Vlogs - Dylan
    Student Vlogs - Dylan Month ago +4

    i feel like this vlog should be in 2015 haha

  • Amelia Wells
    Amelia Wells Month ago +7

    Your back is normal, mine is like that and I'm a 15 year old girl. If you want to do something about it I highly suggest pilates xx

  • Natasya IA
    Natasya IA Month ago +1

    The music and style of filming in the beginning reminds me of Departures (the best travel show in the world).

  • Jessica Rae
    Jessica Rae Month ago +4

    Not boyfriend is a physio and he said your back posture isn't bad at all. Nothing to worry about.

  • Katie Hart
    Katie Hart Month ago +3

    I have that in my back and I'm only 15 years old xx

  • Camille Juan
    Camille Juan Month ago +9

    the quality of this new camera is insane!!!

  • Rein
    Rein Month ago +7

    I immediately noticed the difference when the video started. Camera is 💯

  • Mariam El Hawari
    Mariam El Hawari Month ago +5

    The quality on this camera is AMAZING + I love the editing style!!

  • Faye
    Faye Month ago +7

    And the new camera is....?????

  • Ivana Golubovic
    Ivana Golubovic Month ago +3

    u have a normal back, that is how it's supost to look like

  • Kitty Rose
    Kitty Rose Month ago +4

    Lol Alfie has the same wallet as my brother did when he was 10

  • Sarah Skinner
    Sarah Skinner Month ago +2

    I teach Pilates to strengthen core, glutes, help flexibility, control, balance and importantly promote great posture.

  • Miley Quigg
    Miley Quigg Month ago

    Omg I’m in Glasgow! How long are u there till?

  • peacedogdesigns
    peacedogdesigns Month ago

    I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to have a sway back (I've got one, too). But I have heard that you can help correct it by strengthening your core muscles (abdominals). ;)

  • Sam Matthews
    Sam Matthews Month ago +13

    I can’t be the only one who’s obsessed with Morgan?! There’s just something about him.. 🥰


    Camras looking good mate. Thanks for uploading and your merch is very stylish I have my own merch but I need more ideas 💡. Thanks from Freddie

  • pete luscombe
    pete luscombe Month ago

    The back is meant to be a slightly s shape and it's normal for a females back to be more arched than the males

  • Claudia Andreea Iordache

    I am not a pro at this but I can say for sure that the footage is a lot more steady than your previous cameras. Nice!

  • Sally Boebally
    Sally Boebally Month ago +3

    Hi Alfie, I think you need a dead cat for your mic, you can hear the wind in the mic constantly throughout the vid - though I’m sure you’re already on top of this!