Omicron good news

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • Omicron, Guess work so far

    More transmissibility

    Some vaccine escape

    Some natural infection escape

    Causing reinfections in SA in people that had had infection and vaccination

    Mostly mild symptoms in the vaccinated

    Effecting younger people

    Sinovac recipients may do well

    Global within the week

    Lateral flow tests still work

    Every vaccinated and unvaccinated person will encounter this variant

    Tiredness, headache, body aches, scratchy throat, dry cough


    Omicron present at least a week

    Before 13 (out of 61) passengers from South Africa found to be omicron positive

    National Institute for Public Health (RIVM)

    November 19th and 23rd

    Omicron variant in two test samples

    (South Africa announced they had identified omicron November 26th)

    (First Belgium case, 24th November)

    (Botswana on November 11th)

    It is not yet clear whether the people concerned (in the earlier cases) had also been to southern Africa

    Tracking down some 5,000 passengers from South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe

    Michael Hoelscher, Department for Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, Munich University Hospital

    We're finding an increasing number of variant cases all around Europe, and in fact we believe that the introduction of those variants has been ongoing for a few weeks already

    What we are also seeing is that there are now first cases of community transmission, so it's within Europe, and the travel bans will probably delay the spread of the disease a little bit but will not be able to hold it up


    President Biden

    Cause for concern not a cause for panic

    Get boosted

    No new US lockdown

    Sequencing 80,000 samples per week


    No tweaked vaccine until 2022

    Endemic with yearly vaccines


    13 England, 9 Scotland omicron cases

    All 5 English cases linked to southern Africa


    Nine omicron cases so far

    Scotland Chief Medical Officer Gregor Smith

    Not aware of anyone dying of the omicron variant as of yet

    Boosting boosters

    Prime Minister, throw everything at it

    Next Thursday

    Finished by end of Jan, next 2 months

    Sites all over the place

    Boosters to all over 18

    Gap between 2nd dose and boosters, cut to three months

    From December 1, doctors, £15 per jab

    £20 for Sunday and Bank Holiday

    400 soldiers will help

    The best thing to happen?

    Professor Karl Lauterbach, clinical epidemiologist

    (Germany's next health minister)

    Could mean omicron it is optimised to infect, in line with how most respiratory viruses evolve

    Professor Paul Hunter

    The theory may prove to be true

    ? levels of protection from previous infection in SA

    High levels of previous infection and vaccination, offering protection
    Franco Locatelli, president of Italy's Higher Health Council

    Not overly concerned by the new variant

    May be more contagious but it is not more dangerous than other strains

    The time it took to become predominant was much less compared to other variants

    But we don't have any evidence to suggest it can provoke more serious illness or evade the protective effect of vaccines in a major way

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  • Abbie Roberts

    John I wouldn’t have made it through this whole thing without your level headed, calm and reliable information. You truly deserve recognition for all your help and effort.

  • Lord Clown
    Lord Clown  +103

    "Stay healthy, exercise, think about your vitamin D levels" That's something we need to hear a lot more. Hopefully this is a message that goes through. It's a healthier message than "Do whatever the government says"

  • evanofelipe

    You’ve been a siren of common sense and reason throughout this pandemic even before ‘the world’ was willing to admit it. Stay with us Dr Campbell.

  • SpecialK6685

    The WHO needs to hire this man to be the public liaison. he has done more for disseminating actual information than anyone else

  • Prome3us
    Prome3us  +287

    This is so weird. I hear someone whose opinion i value say "we're not exactly sure" so many times in a row and that makes me very happy. It's amazing to hear someone have the integrity to state facts as they are, even when that is not what you want to say or what we want to hear necessarily. Thank you daily!

  • Awale Ahmed

    I am glad that i followed Dr. Campbell since the start of the pandemic last year. You were always a reliable and objective source and voice in this sea of misinformation and state of panic in this world. I am happy to see the channel grow and more people find the information they need. Thanks Dr. Campbell, with love from Melbourne, Australia.


    Please don't give up the pod cast as mentioned in this video .

  • Pat Comyns

    Thank you Dr John, you remain the voice of the people. I saw a video yesterday in which an expert of some sort pointed out that you had a few things wrong in your interpretation of certain papers. You have become important enough for people to make videos about you, that’s very telling. We know that interpretation can varied but we are comforted by you and your words are understandable by us all. You have helped so many of us and continue to do so, we appreciate you very much.

  • M St. Clair

    You are funny, John. We will ALWAYS be wanting to watch YOU, no matter what happens with the pandemic. You could lecture on many other topics, just as you did before the pandemic. We love you.

  • JP
    JP  +63

    I think youtube would be complete once you and Dr Mubeen Sayed have a live stream together. You two have really put my mind at ease about the whole thing.

  • Cat Neko Kotyonok

    Thank you, Dr. Campbell. You're indeed a calming voice in a noisy & disorganised world.

  • StreamingEagle

    Thanks Doc! Incredible service you are doing to humanity

  • Tobias Holtet

    One of the few sincere and honest voices during this whole pandemic. You're a good man! Thank you!

  • Lucy
    Lucy  +26

    Just coming here to say thank you. I trust you more than any government official or government health advisor right now. You truly deserve to be recognised for all of your hard work. I would happily contribute if you set up a PayPal account. Thanks again Dr John 🙏🏻

  • Victoria Connolly

    Been listening to your calm thorough amazing breakdowns of covid and all of its counterparts since last year. I was terrified and you helped inform me and explain everything in a most sensitive and sensible way thankyou soooo much.

  • Carol N
    Carol N  +43

    Thank you Dr John for yet another informative video. On the subject of vaccinations, I thought you’d like to know that when I went for my booster on Monday I asked the vaccinator if he aspirates the needle. He looked at me quizzically and said he wasn’t sure what I meant. I explained it all to him and he said: “OK, I’m happy to do that for you”. He put the needle into my arm, pulled back the plunger and said “There’s no blood so I’m happy to go ahead if you are?” I said “Great, go ahead”. I was over the moon and he did the same for my husband who followed me. Isn’t that good news!

  • TheGrooveMaster10

    Thank you Dr Campbell, for your diligence and tireless work. A voice of reason and open discussion that is so vitally needed in these strange times.

  • Greg Zaks
    Greg Zaks  +36

    We will always watch your podcasts as long as you will continue to make them, because you became a fixture in our lives, like a dear friend. Thank you for everything you have done for us😀😀😀😀

  • Louisiana Lady

    Please do not discontinue your fabulous podcast series! As a PhD Nurse Practitioner in the USA, I greatly enjoy your productions. You bring a rational and balanced approach to reporting on a variety of health topics. Thank you Dr. John Campbell!

  • Delia Lee

    Thank Dr John Campbell for an honest opinion, but most of all thank you for a spark of hope that the world might actually be able to get out of this terrible nightmare. We’ve been praying everyday for an end of this pandemic.