Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Singing

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Singing Sing A Happy Song The Voices, Tomorrow, My Heart Will Go On, I Swear
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Comments • 211

  • DH_Artist
    DH_Artist 18 days ago

    4:54 A true highlight in his career...

  • LivanaFaolan
    LivanaFaolan Month ago +1

    WOW! Didn't know he could sing!
    Great job, Ryan!!!! 🎤

  • Lady Deadpool
    Lady Deadpool Month ago

    Lo amo tanto:( ♡

  • poké vlogs
    poké vlogs Month ago +1

    Your to early now we have pikachu singing the pokemon themesong

  • Sophia Hamilton
    Sophia Hamilton Month ago +1

    okay but ryan reynolds actually sings REALLY good like im shook

  • Yasmin_Mimi
    Yasmin_Mimi 2 months ago +2

    Every time the unicorn comes in I just laugh KKKKKKKKKKKK he sang so well on The King Of Masked Singer, it could be a Deadpool ost KKKKKKKKKKKK Would have been comical and beautiful!

  • Geo: Gamer, Artist, Vlogger

    Ok but why the fuck is Ryan on Sesame Street

  • Jacob Young
    Jacob Young 3 months ago

    He did a low rated kid show that sucks

  • All Thebass
    All Thebass 4 months ago +1

    When’s the album droppin

  • Seth Winters
    Seth Winters 4 months ago

    He's so gonna fuck Colossus.

  • Nutsa Zurabauli
    Nutsa Zurabauli 5 months ago

    Whats the movie at 0:58 ?

  • Your friendly Neighbourhood pool boy

    Ha silly Ryan

  • vidalialucy :T
    vidalialucy :T 5 months ago

    Why couldnt he sing the sun will come out tommorow in deadpool movie?!

  • Emily RP
    Emily RP 7 months ago +1


  • Little miss want it all

    Why the hell is he dressed as a unicorn career low

  • Banana Attack
    Banana Attack 8 months ago +1

    Who let Ryan Reynolds be on Sesame Street?! And why haven't I seen this until now?!!!!

  • Lockmelon
    Lockmelon 8 months ago +1

    You heard right folks deadpool 3 is a musical. True story

  • Entertainment Sausage
    Entertainment Sausage 8 months ago

    Fat Ryan is my spirit animal

  • Random Rae
    Random Rae 8 months ago +1

    Honestly I could never picture the guy who plays Deadpool was in Sesame Street but hErE wE aRe (But no joke, Ryan can sing very well!)

  • Reed Nightbringer
    Reed Nightbringer 8 months ago

    Deadpool in sesame Street.... Someone's going to go missing.

  • eh.
    eh. 8 months ago

    I can’t take him seriously with that mask.

  • misfit danzig
    misfit danzig 9 months ago +1

    Yes I swear by the moon and the sky Damm right.

  • froggy
    froggy 10 months ago +2

    Is that HuGH JacKMAN! w/ Ryan Reynolds??!!?

  • Crazy Girlie
    Crazy Girlie 10 months ago +1

    What's the name of the song of the outro?

    • Ammar Kil
      Ammar Kil 8 months ago

      Kame House - Mellow $oul

  • Stephen Chow
    Stephen Chow 11 months ago +4

    Oh boy, Ant Man & The Wasp foreshadow!

  • Be Shines
    Be Shines 11 months ago +2

    Kudos for putting this song list together perfectly! With a unicorn singing, The 🌞 Will Come out Tomorrow, interspersed throughout, bookended with Just Friends! If anyone has not seen Just Fiends, do it.

  • Kacie Hogarth
    Kacie Hogarth 11 months ago +4

    0:52 - I don’t even know why I am laughing so much at that

  • I PH
    I PH Year ago +1

    He doesn't suck at singing. He's hot.

  • Nutritive
    Nutritive Year ago +1

    Just Friends is underrated imo

  • r.s.b 1997
    r.s.b 1997 Year ago +2

    i wanna see him in a damn musical

  • Welhu Ash
    Welhu Ash Year ago +1

    Já viu rico namorar pobre?

  • Sandra Bunch
    Sandra Bunch Year ago +1

    I couldn't stop laughing when he was singing it's just so funny

  • Ezra
    Ezra Year ago +1

    he needs to sing 'shall never surrender' can this be a thing??

  • XTC Gaming
    XTC Gaming Year ago +1

    The fucking elmo one

  • roses.mp4
    roses.mp4 Year ago +1

    Ryan singing signs made my day

  • Deadpool Musical
    Deadpool Musical Year ago +1

    We heard someone wants some Deadpool singing?! CHECK OUT OUR DEADPOOL MUSICALS! Links in profile!

  • Jack Rose
    Jack Rose Year ago +1

    You got to force your kids to eat. You got make them clean there room. You the being little shitzcoffs.

  • P.Z. Arnott
    P.Z. Arnott Year ago +1

    Coming soon...Deadpool: The Musical

  • ShowDown Channel
    ShowDown Channel Year ago +1


  • JanDuchovni Ugale
    JanDuchovni Ugale Year ago +1

    Hahahahaha 😂

  • Nils Rohlfs
    Nils Rohlfs Year ago +1

    What is the Song in the Outro? It was great!

  • PlayDead
    PlayDead Year ago +1

    Wanna see a Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman musical

  • torben van poucke
    torben van poucke Year ago +1

    Ooooo god hes fat

  • DeployTheDRS
    DeployTheDRS Year ago +46

    The Hitman's Bodyguard is such a great film, but so underrated.

  • Allen McKinney
    Allen McKinney Year ago +5

    3:00 must've been when he was working on getting his own movie.

  • Anabella Mielke
    Anabella Mielke Year ago +1


  • rezhawa jumamichi
    rezhawa jumamichi Year ago +1

    Crazy deadpool XD

  • cherry noodles
    cherry noodles Year ago +1

    What was the unicorn thing JDBDUDBDHDBBSBDDBHS

  • Hectorthesir
    Hectorthesir Year ago +3

    Slightly above mediocre

  • xAR-iesx
    xAR-iesx Year ago +1

    God I love him so much xD

  • r.s.b 1997
    r.s.b 1997 Year ago +7


  • uppercut grandma
    uppercut grandma Year ago +1

    Dane Cook 2.0 amiright?

  • ChillbyPlayz
    ChillbyPlayz Year ago +1

    Ryan is hot lol

  • Sał Ata
    Sał Ata Year ago +1

    Where Van?

  • AnyHope
    AnyHope Year ago +1

    Ufff The voices ❤️

  • Nickmaster 3000
    Nickmaster 3000 Year ago +1

    Ryan Reynolds is the best

  • Payton Collins
    Payton Collins Year ago +1

    the really quick face zoom of him smiling is so fucking terrifying

  • CoffeeTeaBiscuit Gaming

    so Ryan had his head in an A-hole....

  • Sub To Pewdiepie
    Sub To Pewdiepie Year ago +1


  • Allie Boykin
    Allie Boykin Year ago +3

    He’s in so many Asian tv shows