Dear White People Volume 2 Ultimate Recap | Netflix

  • Published on Jul 26, 2019
  • Need a Volume 2 refresh? This recap will tell you everything you need to know. Volume 3 drops August 2nd!
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    Dear White People | Volume 2 Ultimate Recap | Netflix
    Students of color navigate the daily slights and slippery politics of life at an Ivy League college that's not nearly as "post-racial" as it thinks.
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Comments • 733

  • Robert balibrera
    Robert balibrera 4 months ago

    they would not need a safe place if their heads were up each other's asses alphasonik to portray these people as something intelligent and creative complete fantasy of unsuccessful ignorant people

  • Robert balibrera
    Robert balibrera 4 months ago

    a total fantasy of an ignorant person ignorant people portrayed as intelligent and successful it is hilarious the last time I seen something this funny is when they put Danny Glover as president and a Hollywood movie I laughed my ass off

  • dorothy hall
    dorothy hall 5 months ago

    Wow when did hotep become a bad thing this showit's starting to get on my nerves you sit through a whole lot of gay s***a whole lot of black men f****** white women whole Lotta disrespectful white people I know what I can do is just give that look like that's going to change like that's going to change it's so cringy but when the so call hotep Trevor black men here is another black man punching him out wowbut yet the white student says all types of off-the-wall stuff and nobody gets punched out it's like be sitting at room all together as black people and really do not go nowhere the show is a damn trip again I see Lila waif so I'm just going to look at this show as comedy and that's it hell that's if I can make it through this damn season hopefully season 3 of get better

  • Peter Kazavis
    Peter Kazavis 5 months ago

    Get the ropes

  • Canadian Spawn
    Canadian Spawn 5 months ago


  • Delan Charlemagne
    Delan Charlemagne 5 months ago

    Fuck off, you white people think that you’re better off than us. You guys see A black family and immediately cross the street “ahh, I’m in fear of my life” you’re the guys who shoot up schools, rape little babies, cut of women’s feet and have sex with it, pedophiles, have sex with family members. But you think your kind is better? Get a fucking reality check. When you fucking white people stop behaving like you better off than everyone. I guess we’ll see the change.

  • Redeemer
    Redeemer 5 months ago +2

    I flagged this video for Racism but its still up
    What the hell TheXvid

    • Junaid Iqbal
      Junaid Iqbal Month ago

      Redeemer Because its not racist, white boy tryna act like he’s oppressed??

  • Sexy Beast
    Sexy Beast 5 months ago

    This stupid

  • Scomany
    Scomany 5 months ago

    With all this shit Even i am becoming a white nationalist and i am fucking brown middle eastern guy lol.

  • Aja Wilson
    Aja Wilson 5 months ago +4

    I’m glad they toned Sam way down

    • Yuki James
      Yuki James 5 months ago +5

      She was doing way too much in the first two seasons and truly was arrogant rude and angry. But S3 could have calmed her down without her losing interest in bsu.

  • Shelton Daal
    Shelton Daal 5 months ago

    Anyone know the song in the background?

  • Dylan T
    Dylan T 5 months ago

    Says the girl with the blue eyes smh

  • finns bitch
    finns bitch 5 months ago +1

    why was this show made? like this is so stereotypical.

  • sigh face
    sigh face 5 months ago

    Black people are racist and cry victimhood over even "implicit racism". If there was a show called "dear black people" about white characters, you guys would faint and demand reparations and complain that you are afraid to live in this country because of the racism. You make such a big deal about racism and are openly racist and applauded for it by the media and you are so eager to be racist yourselves as you feel it is somehow deserved by all white people and will make things better.

    • Sequoya B
      Sequoya B 5 months ago

      you clearly haven’t watched the show lmaooo

  • Planet Goddess
    Planet Goddess 5 months ago +21

    Half of y'all haven't seen this show past the title and it shows.

  • Malcolm 1097
    Malcolm 1097 5 months ago +15

    I low key wanted them to bring travor the hotep back for the third season

  • Sequoya B
    Sequoya B 5 months ago +27

    whew, these comments. who knew white people hated being called white so much? lmaooo

    • Junaid Iqbal
      Junaid Iqbal Month ago +1

      Redeemer Imagine being proud of white.. look at history and ur proud of it? Disgusting

    • Junaid Iqbal
      Junaid Iqbal Month ago

      Sequoya B Factsss hunny😂😂

    • Sweetbutter Cupcakes
      Sweetbutter Cupcakes 5 months ago +2

      @Sequoya B sorry but we arent "white" that is offensive okay? We prefer to be called "people of light"

    • Sequoya B
      Sequoya B 5 months ago +2

      Redeemer and yet you still felt the need to call me the n-word? lol okay...but congrats on your whiteness, dude

  • Schlomo -Holocaust survivor- Silverstein

    Dear WHITE people
    Why are you guys always RUBBING your hands?
    Why are you always telling others to OPEN BORDERS but keep yours closed?
    Why have you guys been kicked out of so many COUNTRIES?

  • Gordon Peebles
    Gordon Peebles 5 months ago

    STFU Netflix.

  • Shamil Mammadov
    Shamil Mammadov 5 months ago +2


  • Meeko Kyjat
    Meeko Kyjat 5 months ago

    another virtue signaling peice of shite

  • Petty Labelle
    Petty Labelle 5 months ago

    This show is so hypocritical. If the roles were reversed in every way, like whites wanting their "own space" and shit like that people would be TRIPPING.

  • Daniel Southern
    Daniel Southern 5 months ago +65

    For some reason, I can’t remember half of this... did I actually watch volume 2 or...
    Edit: Just checked, I only made it halfway through

  • KalvinEllis
    KalvinEllis 5 months ago +9

    Some people here don't seem to understand that It's irrelevant what the context of the show is. Whether it's meant to be satirical or not, it doesn't matter, when you name a TV show that way, you simply can't expect the group it's targeting to not overreact to it, let alone blame them for doing so. Every group throughout history has engaged in conquest, every group has done vile and despicable things to themselves and other groups, yet only one keeps being shamed or satirized for it today. This isn't right, that's why people hate on the show, regardless if they've actually watched it or not.

    • Rainbow Snail
      Rainbow Snail 5 months ago +2

      @Bayo106 "If you have not watched the show then stfu" He just explained why the content of the show don't matter, when they deliberately use a title meant to provoke a reaction.

    • Bayo106
      Bayo106 5 months ago +3

      its not targeting anybody. If you have not watched the show then stfu. The main character is a mixed race girl with a white boyfriend; she has a radio show called ' Dear white people'. I'ts a good show

  • Beef Stu
    Beef Stu 5 months ago +1

    I like the questions that are being asked. Getting arguments from both sides. Ultimately, don't be a liberal victim kids.

  • Ermhs Parasoidis
    Ermhs Parasoidis 5 months ago +3

    Wow that So so Racist show !

  • Bowen
    Bowen 5 months ago +41

    Judge by character, not by race. - MLK

    • Bowen
      Bowen 5 months ago

      GPadre Nope that’s accurate.

    • GPadre
      GPadre 5 months ago

      You might want to revisit that quote.

    • Uncle Lester
      Uncle Lester 5 months ago

      Ooga booga give me rights

    • James Saunders
      James Saunders 5 months ago

      @Jartyom I don't think you have met any far left people at college then if you think that

  • Baylor Smith
    Baylor Smith 5 months ago +2

    “We need to stop blaming our problems on white people.” MLK

  • Bowen
    Bowen 5 months ago +4


  • Tiffanny Bailey
    Tiffanny Bailey 5 months ago

    to be honest i would love to see a show that did show the world from a racist pov. honestly i just don't understand why some white people feel better than or what ever. or even better a show that showed how normal reagular non racist white people feel about race relation and the things they have to deal with when trying to understand or talk about it. cause bruh... that would actually be interesting....

    • magnumxlpi
      magnumxlpi 5 months ago +2

      Or how about a show where black people take responsibility for their actions, and dont blame all their wrongdoings and misfortunes on white people

  • CJ Patt
    CJ Patt 5 months ago


    • Bowen
      Bowen 5 months ago


  • Stephanie Hyde
    Stephanie Hyde 5 months ago +109

    This recap is greatly appreciated

    WORKOUT MADNESS 5 months ago +3

    Garbage. Season 3 is only happening because Netflix doesn't want to admit they were wrong. No SJW snowflake wants to admit they are wrong

  • kjdnyhmghfvb
    kjdnyhmghfvb 5 months ago +26

    "I think it's because we ran."

  • Sanka Perera
    Sanka Perera 5 months ago +19

    Orange Man Bad!

  • Ricardo Herrera
    Ricardo Herrera 5 months ago +17

    White people are so angry with this. Can't stop laughing

    • Marissa Payne
      Marissa Payne 5 months ago +1

      SerpenT in the show they are literally degrading the racist whites on their campus. If you’re claiming racist whites then you deserve to be grouped with them.

    • Anthony Perez
      Anthony Perez 5 months ago +3

      SerpenT the show doesn’t degrade white people. Try watching an episode before u talk your shit.

    • happypandas
      happypandas 5 months ago

      They really are 😂

    • ProdigY
      ProdigY 5 months ago +5

      wouldnt you be angry if a show was called "Dear Hispanic People" or "Dear Black People"? especially if the show just degrades our race

  • Andreus Triant
    Andreus Triant 5 months ago +23

    -makes show called “dear black people”
    -The entire state of California

  • Joselle
    Joselle 5 months ago +4

    Maybe y'all should actually watch the show first🤔???????

  • Shrub
    Shrub 5 months ago +83

    The show isn't racist. It's satirical and the title was on purpose to catch attention. Though, people don't understand it, and have never even seen the show. They're just triggered by the title (which is somewhat understandable if they've never seen the show, though you should always watch before criticizing something.)

    • GreenMan1986x
      GreenMan1986x 3 months ago +1

      I don't think they are triggered by the title. I think they watch the show and see how racist, bigoted and non-satirical it is and don't want to be a supporter of it.

    • askeet ann
      askeet ann 5 months ago +1

      Scrub maybe if your black. i can really see how people can be upset by it, white people cant make a show- "dear black people" or it'll be racist, but somehow this is fine

    • Bayo106
      Bayo106 5 months ago +4

      @Whatswhat bullshit. There is a popular show called BLACKISH. Nobody gives a shit. If it was called WHITEish, you jobless people will be triggered once again

    • PFilmsStuff
      PFilmsStuff 5 months ago

      @Whatswhat who cares? Fund it and upload the episodes to your own website. Problem solved.

    • Whatswhat
      Whatswhat 5 months ago +1

      PFilmsStuff uhmm the media??? I would instantly be labeled a racist if I ever did that

  • James Dashwood
    James Dashwood 5 months ago +3

    This crap got a third season?...I guess they haven't had enough of telling white people how much they hate them.
    Seriously can black people make a show or movie that isn't based on their hatred of white people?

    • James Dashwood
      James Dashwood 5 months ago +1

      @Shelby M. all I see Is a "conversation" if you can call it that, occuring on one side.
      More like,
      "shut up white people and take everything we accuse you of. Give us more. Make everything we do and say ok....if you don't you are a racist...scarch that all white people are racist. everything Is racist."
      That is the conversation that you want more of...
      What you don't realize is that individual people are sick and tired of this race-baiting propaganda.
      This show is a pretentious, one-sided mocking of white people...sure it pokes fun at blackcultral thoughts, but with a tounge in cheek smile.
      Whites are the other hand are treated with a sacastic mockery, stupidity and distain. Very mean spirited.
      So no I reject your views and your thinking that these kinds of shows represent real life in any way.
      Understand my Chick?

    • minneva buh
      minneva buh 5 months ago

      @Shelby M. You are correct. Reverse racism isn't a thing. Racism is racism, whether it's whites hating on blacks, blacks hating on whites, Mexicans hating on Indians, Asians hating on blacks, or whatever. One version of racism is not more worthy of attention compared to another. It's all wrong.

    • Shelby M.
      Shelby M. 5 months ago +1

      literally the show handles racism, oppression, the experiences of living as a black person in america, not about “black people hating white people”. you are describing reverse racism and that is not real and you know that. you must be delusion or perhaps too dense to at least acknowledge that fact but go off. you are just a living example of why content such as these should be created to create conversations such as these and so we as a society can become better.

    • James Dashwood
      James Dashwood 5 months ago +1

      @Shelby M. first off, I'm not your dude...
      Second I watched the first season and it was garbage.
      Ok my Chick. Lol

    • Shelby M.
      Shelby M. 5 months ago

      James Dashwood you should watch the show before making assumptions of what the show is about, my dude

  • Updated8SecondsAgo
    Updated8SecondsAgo 5 months ago +9

    Netflix trying to create barriers between races while making profits 🔥 💰

    • Sage Fortei
      Sage Fortei 5 months ago +4

      James Dashwood They never said you shouldn’t be offended. They said the show isn’t anti white, which it is not. It’s anti extreme and satire. Read before you start crying next, jeez.

    • James Dashwood
      James Dashwood 5 months ago +2

      @Slim C as a white person I disagree.
      Please don't tell white people what we are should and shouldn't be offended by.

    • Slim C
      Slim C 5 months ago +5

      Nope, this isn't a anti white show at all. If you actually watched it, you would know that.

  • A M A T E U R W A V E
    A M A T E U R W A V E 5 months ago

    Ironically a German show with all white people called Dark is way better than a show with mostly black ppl called Dear White People 😂 love it

  • thechinaboy
    thechinaboy 5 months ago +8

    I still waiting a new show called "PRO Victims"

  • sᴇʀᴇɴᴀ
    sᴇʀᴇɴᴀ 5 months ago

    Dear black people why y’all always want to fight with white people let’s embrace each other no roast.

  • Jocielio Sousa
    Jocielio Sousa 5 months ago +1

    I love this show

  • corey kevin
    corey kevin 5 months ago

    I love being white. I love blonde hair blue eyed girls. We are just amazing, shame some whites hate themselves:/

  • Tim Magnus
    Tim Magnus 5 months ago +7

    *RACISM 100%*

  • skinflutey
    skinflutey 5 months ago +3

    Didn’t laugh once.

    • skinflutey
      skinflutey 5 months ago

      PFilmsStuff you’re welcome

    • PFilmsStuff
      PFilmsStuff 5 months ago

      Thanks for the input, Mr. Skinflute.

  • I hate this.
    I hate this. 5 months ago +8

    Hey Netflix! I got a better idea.. Let's make a show called "Dear Racist People" I think that would be better.

  • King Raven
    King Raven 5 months ago

    All of the fragile, ignorant trump supporting, racist are giving this show allot of attention...keep it coming, its hilarious😂🤣

  • Cesar 502
    Cesar 502 5 months ago

    Dear black people,
    Did you feel that? That little feeling of anger or hatred rushing through your veins as you read those 3 words?
    Did you feel like just those 3 words singled you out and made you feel different? Like you aren’t wanted?
    Like you’re unappreciated? Or just straight up shouldn’t deserve to be outcasted because of something you had no choice over?
    That’s how it feels when you target any damn race, you absolute imbeciles. You’re trying to send the message that to be equal in society classes that once struggled must now be placed on a higher pedestal, and the class that fucked up now has to be punished, you’re doing the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve, it’s annoying, frustrating, and makes you look like you have a brain deformity causing you to think slower than an autistic kid.
    This show is trash and so has Netflix been for a while, fix your shit man

    • Cesar 502
      Cesar 502 5 months ago

      King Raven so now we’re saying racism is ok since we’ve used it so much? Because people have fought for decades for equal rights and I’m pretty sure no slave or black motivational speaker just said fuck it let’s just take it since it’ll never go away

    • MISTA
      MISTA 5 months ago

      Shut up nerd.

    • King Raven
      King Raven 5 months ago +1

      As a black guy...that title isn’t offensive at all(the dear black people title you just made up) Im not a sensitive snowflake. Beside we’re used to the racism in this country, wouldn’t surprise me at all. If there was a show with that title...I’d actually watch it. Right on the couch sitting next to my white wife😂

  • Cun Linguist
    Cun Linguist 5 months ago

    What a big load of crap holy fuck is this for real?

  • Juju Maldonado
    Juju Maldonado 5 months ago

    Ight yk what every fucking race are all fucking equally bad white,black,Mexican,Indian you fucking name it god damn everyone struggles the same but yk we decide to blame it on each other when all we really fucking need is piece

  • Rob Vespa
    Rob Vespa 5 months ago +8

    Two wrongs don't make a right.

    • Tiffanny Bailey
      Tiffanny Bailey 5 months ago

      That's funny. because the point of the show is Sam learning that very concept.
      Two wrongs don't make a right!

  • brave hunter 9
    brave hunter 9 5 months ago

    What is instrumental name ?

  • TheArkhamSpider
    TheArkhamSpider 5 months ago +6

    I never watched this show but I'm sure by the name that it has racist elements. If the show was called Dear Black People, there would be SO MUCH BACKLASH. I hate when people say "I'm black and I feel like blah blah blah" but I am black and I feel this show should just be cancelled. When people say keep away from politics, they don't want to watch movies and shows about race or sexuality. Just make good content Netflix, your originals are usually good but this is unnecessary.

    • Tiffanny Bailey
      Tiffanny Bailey 5 months ago +1

      i don't think so i feel like if you are black, then you know there are problems in this country in regards to racial relations. media like this stirs conversation and if people stopped pointing fingers and calling each other racist and tried to be empathetic to each other on both sides, then the conversations can lead to change. it does start off a bit strong ill give you that. but its relatable to most people experiences as black person honestly. and if you take the time to watch and pay attention to the themes i think you'll be surprised by how fair the show is.

    • anyways
      anyways 5 months ago +1


  • Artemis Sharp
    Artemis Sharp 5 months ago +15

    I might rewatch the whole series tbh

  • bonparadiso
    bonparadiso 5 months ago +15

    Its funny how the first thing some people ask is "when Netflix will release Dear Black People?" and is one of first jokes of the episode one of the entire series.

  • roninbudo
    roninbudo 5 months ago


  • socomao3
    socomao3 5 months ago +3

    When's Dear Black People coming out?