OpenGL Tutorial 28 - Parallax Occlusion Mapping

  • Published on Aug 5, 2021
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    Last updated on 19/Jan/2022 at 19:56 UTC

    In this tutorial I'll show you what parallax mapping is and how you can use it to add depth to your surfaces.

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    0:00 Introduction
    0:10 Desired Effect
    0:41 Theory
    03:07 Displacement Map
    03:29 Algorithm
    4:23 Ending

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  • RGB Guy

    Simple, Precise, Easy to understand. What else does a tutorial need!? Please keep going. Huge thank you.

  • se gamer

    your videos are very nice, please do one about sketal animation

  • Jason Whitworth

    Was scrolling through reddit and saw this thumbnail and thought "no way can they explain that in under 5 minutes"....I was wrong...O_O. You're awesome!!!

  • Gokul Pranesh

    Awesome tutorial!

  • NitroGhost

    water with reflection and refraction, it's pretty interesting topics, to look at

  • Starklosch

    I can't do magic but at least I'll be able to say I do it with OpenGL or even a God of my own world.

  • B Rumm
    B Rumm  +1

    Imagine people in the future laughing at such hacks and just throwing in thousands and millions of vertices... (this has already happened to a number of techniques in 3D graphics world).

  • silver takana
    silver takana 28 days ago

    You’re a wizard Victor

  • Akri Min Soe

    But how to load 3D parallax models?. Is it hard?

  • Mitchell Kelly

    Juicy Stuff! 😋