My Babysitter Lie


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  • Dominic Sumera
    Dominic Sumera 13 days ago +4670

    This series is going out so well it's so interesting to watch what's the best series of your channel EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Corn
      Corn 5 hours ago

      Dominic Sumera no

    • Dominic Sumera
      Dominic Sumera 5 hours ago

      +Sierra Levitt i also love is Channel

    • Sierra Levitt
      Sierra Levitt 15 hours ago

      Dominic Sumera me to I can not stop watching it

    • da bird
      da bird 21 hour ago

      I bet it was for revenge

    • Dillon Reilly
      Dillon Reilly 23 hours ago

      it has been so long since I have seen this series but was the bullys name bobby? because i now it was him

  • Monica Miranda
    Monica Miranda 10 minutes ago


  • Dusan xd
    Dusan xd 11 minutes ago

    that nipple

  • noir amour {^_^}
    noir amour {^_^} 19 minutes ago


  • 3ND4
    3ND4 31 minute ago

    New sub. Pretty neat story. Greetings from Bogotá, Colombia. Keep them coming!

  • bessy pap
    bessy pap 33 minutes ago

    She was with the bully

  • Darrion Mickles
    Darrion Mickles 37 minutes ago

    It was either a friend or her dad

  • MyNameIs Jeff
    MyNameIs Jeff 39 minutes ago

    Who else realised at 7:04 he’s going to wakanda lol

  • Lego Tube 224
    Lego Tube 224 45 minutes ago

    If the girl is Pam that will be a big twist

  • baddrdavid 123
    baddrdavid 123 49 minutes ago

    Umm a boy i guess a boy that like her and i have a ? I have a gf and i don't know if i am a good bf

  • baddrdavid 123
    baddrdavid 123 55 minutes ago

    I know u might not read it but I would love to meet u but u live in a america i think and i live in England but love your vids ( not in a creepy way)🙃

  • Jayro Martinez
    Jayro Martinez 58 minutes ago

    She was with Bobby

  • goofybro JR
    goofybro JR Hour ago


  • Dustin Kenyon
    Dustin Kenyon Hour ago

    The series is awesome

  • Eddie Bravo
    Eddie Bravo Hour ago

    U might have to break up with her

  • Eddie Bravo
    Eddie Bravo Hour ago

    She was probably with dillen or in i dont know any more😭😭😭😢😭

  • Lil Rosi-E
    Lil Rosi-E Hour ago

    in think with uh Bobby

  • OakleyGacha YT
    OakleyGacha YT Hour ago

    She is cheating on you

  • goofybro JR
    goofybro JR Hour ago

    You KISS HER

  • Mikael Salakari
    Mikael Salakari Hour ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • fled dylan 8640
    fled dylan 8640 2 hours ago

    I think it was BOBBY the guy who bouth 200 flowers for you for your girlfriend

  • Mister Crafter
    Mister Crafter 2 hours ago

    I think it'll be your step brother

  • El_ Vato210
    El_ Vato210 2 hours ago

    Wit Darryl

    MLG VENOM 2 hours ago

    Is there more?

  • StickMan Raps
    StickMan Raps 2 hours ago

    U got into the school because thats how u make theses animated videos. The babysitter cheated or dumped you because of the lie.

  • Jarcos y Los Argonautas

    I'll report your channel :)

    'Cuz those silly adds

  • Lennon Gill
    Lennon Gill 2 hours ago

    I think the babysitter is with Darryl

  • Minde eee
    Minde eee 3 hours ago

    She was with me ;)

  • Aaron Velez
    Aaron Velez 3 hours ago

    Alex can u comment on my comment hi

  • Maxwell Voss
    Maxwell Voss 3 hours ago

    What was in the letter again?

  • Xit
    Xit 3 hours ago

    Who do you main in smash?

  • Joel Tejada
    Joel Tejada 3 hours ago

    The baby sister is with Darin

  • Madden Ross
    Madden Ross 3 hours ago

    I think shes cheatin. oWo

  • Reuben Cole
    Reuben Cole 3 hours ago

    Reckon it’s that bully guy

  • Dusk Knight
    Dusk Knight 3 hours ago


  • King San San
    King San San 3 hours ago

    Judging by the fact that he's actually asking us who we think it is, and by the amount of attention he's putting towards the other boy, I deduce that this is a relative of the babysitter.

  • Fnaf gaming900
    Fnaf gaming900 4 hours ago

    Your freind

  • Fnaf gaming900
    Fnaf gaming900 4 hours ago

    Your wierd

  • H_GamerYT
    H_GamerYT 4 hours ago +1

    Babysitter and other girl soooooo seeexxy

  • W Abc
    W Abc 4 hours ago

    baby sitter was with the guy who was stocking the hot teacher. he wrote the letter right?

  • W Abc
    W Abc 4 hours ago

    See ya on your tour on March 6

  • lilserin ondeck
    lilserin ondeck 4 hours ago

    U need to drop the next video I love this series ❤️😂😂

  • insane Phantom
    insane Phantom 4 hours ago

    Who care at this point

  • Kreen с вами
    Kreen с вами 4 hours ago

    Кто ждёт перевод на русский?

  • Corn
    Corn 4 hours ago

    Kids are so stupid sometimes this series is SUPER FAKE

  • Lincon Medlock
    Lincon Medlock 5 hours ago

    Everyone else: has meaningful comment.
    Me: REEeeeEeEEeeEeEE!

  • Corbin Herold
    Corbin Herold 5 hours ago

    It was the bully

  • Andrew Buck
    Andrew Buck 5 hours ago

    It is Bobby

    NICK DA DICK 5 hours ago

    With the bully

  • Maya Ben-Ami
    Maya Ben-Ami 5 hours ago

    I think Daryl is with her,and I think he wrote that letter.