ArmA 3 - Zombies & Demons: Kastro Citadel II - Onslaught

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • A quest for desperately needed supplies has attracted the dull attention of an immense swarm of undead.
    With no alternative option, the survivors of Kastro have no choice but to defend the fort, despite an alarming lack of firepower.
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  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union 2 hours ago

    Where is the 3rd part?More than a month has passed

  • David C
    David C 13 hours ago

    I say we nuke the facility from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  • 丁明羽
    丁明羽 15 hours ago

    Zombie marathon??

  • Soviett Union
    Soviett Union 15 hours ago

    I wonder how your computer doesn't die when you have that many zombies

  • Metallic
    Metallic 2 days ago

    I'm assuming you use a Japanese super computer to run this? My brand new RX580 can't run 20 zombies smoothly...

  • Mathieu Hugonnet
    Mathieu Hugonnet 3 days ago

    Thanks for this great job. Can you put new vidéos concerning thé follow if kastro, please?

  • ghostshaman Burleson

    Shit man run!!!!

  • Occult Investigations

    Since when were rabid zombies afraid of heights ? And why when wading out into a body of water to escape a zombie horde would you maintain a slow pace holding your gun in a firing position not even pointed at the zombies ? All of those people deserved to get bitten just for being stupid !

  • brayan777 garcia
    brayan777 garcia 4 days ago

    Has más vídeos de zombies y demonios

  • John Loyd Romero
    John Loyd Romero 5 days ago

    I ken wait to se part 3 they man go to dead or survival and they have help army

  • Diego Jose Bate
    Diego Jose Bate 7 days ago

    Marvel fans trying to get to endgame be like: 0:10

  • Israel Dosal
    Israel Dosal 7 days ago

    Damn, that sheriff was gonna leave them behind! That's so messed up!

  • Agustin Miño
    Agustin Miño 11 days ago


  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union 11 days ago

    When will be next part?

  • весёлый бурундук

    Лайк за видос

  • TheDeadZik
    TheDeadZik 12 days ago

    everything is fine, but many situations are illogical, and people sometimes behave like degradants, stand still trying to show the fight just waiting for their death. And also logical errors in the script, for example: how did they end up in that tower? The shooting is just wonderful. (I'm Russian, sorry for the mistakes)

  • Virtus Proxa
    Virtus Proxa 12 days ago

    Where buy/download this scenario?

  • Mandy's TOP 10
    Mandy's TOP 10 13 days ago

    When you can't take them all
    Don't fight them.
    Just run

  • Orson in charge
    Orson in charge 14 days ago

    1 day after the events depicted ...... you have mail .
    "Hi , thanks for shopping with us . We are pleased that you ordered the Mini-Gun from us , unfortunately stock is currently out of that particular model and delivery will now take an extra 2-3 working days .
    Thanks again for your custom."

  • milbio ismare chiripua


  • Mr. Coastalon
    Mr. Coastalon 15 days ago

    i use this exact location to try and make something similar in eden but the zombies just stand still ,run a few meters and then stand still again

  • Bernardo Portugal
    Bernardo Portugal 15 days ago

    Please, i'd like start to play ARMA 3 but i heard that it is discontinued. Can anyone help me? I'm using MAC.

  • Tiurlan Limbong
    Tiurlan Limbong 16 days ago

    oke gays ini zombie ada berapa gays

  • ゆうきまさき
    ゆうきまさき 16 days ago

    Pc spec?

  • Infested Dakka
    Infested Dakka 18 days ago

    Well fuck.

  • Serious punch tv
    Serious punch tv 20 days ago

    What da hell was that sniper doing walking so slow to get to the boat it's like he wanted to die

  • Mr Jifri
    Mr Jifri 20 days ago

  • Not bot
    Not bot 21 day ago

    I love your videos pls. Don't stop

  • Борец Заправду


  • Timothy Warren
    Timothy Warren 22 days ago

    Why didn't dude put the gun up and get on the boat the gun was slowing him down

  • Kenneth Otano
    Kenneth Otano 23 days ago

    Just incase this happens, always bring doomsday rounds for your shotgun ;-)

  • heror sans
    heror sans 23 days ago


  • The Fennec Fox
    The Fennec Fox 24 days ago

    is it end or it will have more episodes?

  • Mardie Bucjan
    Mardie Bucjan 27 days ago

    That yellow tshirt guy is just standing there and not killing zombies

    • Porgle
      Porgle 26 days ago +1

      no gun was available for him

  • Callsign: Reach
    Callsign: Reach 27 days ago

    ‘‘Twas a valiant effort. Alas...

  • Никита Петров


  • Elva Campero
    Elva Campero 27 days ago +1

    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo is a great place

  • Matilde Esparza
    Matilde Esparza 28 days ago

    no que malos

  • Weynand Tuanakotta
    Weynand Tuanakotta 28 days ago +1


  • Olde Grunt
    Olde Grunt 28 days ago

    oh the suckage was vast on this one

  • Atomic delusion
    Atomic delusion 29 days ago +4

    Imagine someone falls of the building...

    U know what it is going to be like

  • Nicholas Kurtzworth
    Nicholas Kurtzworth 29 days ago +1

    Great job dude! Looking forward to more content!

  • ExpertMemeGamer
    ExpertMemeGamer Month ago +1

    i watch his videos since 2010...

    Still good

  • crazy gamer funny gamer/or katarantaduhan na laro

    how many zombies did u creata dude it wont evev hang

  • Riama Aritra
    Riama Aritra Month ago +1

    Hahaha mission filed

    • Wehraboo 2000
      Wehraboo 2000 Month ago +1

      Yeah he sure put that mission into a big file!

  • Ace Rookie
    Ace Rookie Month ago +1

    They should have bait and shot them from the deep waters

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago +1

    Where was his FAK at? ;-;

  • Film Trailer Movie
    Film Trailer Movie Month ago +2

    Subcribe chanel me

  • T O'
    T O' Month ago +1

    My man in the yellow shirt puttin in some real effort

  • Reza Jibrantino
    Reza Jibrantino Month ago

    Zombie apocalypse

  • lantismannen
    lantismannen Month ago +2

    if i was one of the guys in the tower i would jump.. they are dead anyway.. noway to have any rescue know they are there without letting all the zombs know.. just end it on my own terms

    • Filip Dokoza
      Filip Dokoza Month ago +1

      Pozdrav Filip snialica instari igre. Zombi dokozafilip244 099 829 9981

  • SeaJay Oceans
    SeaJay Oceans Month ago +1

    Exactly why you use an Area of Effect defense... 5G Directed Energy Weapons would blast them with radiation, setting the zombies on fire...
    Now you have a fire problem, but nothing escapes the beams. Contrary to the Movies, any area would have a finite amount of zombies.
    Eventually they would be all destroyed, given enough time, energy, and ammo. That was a problem in the Aliens vs Predators games too -
    You could post up near a spawn point and just endlessly eliminate aliens popping into existence, until your finite ammo ran out.
    Game designers should take this into consideration, and create say, 1,000,000 zombies, etc.. or near the maps original population (LA map has LA sized zombie count, etc.) Eventually they will run out. If their are 300 million zombies in a game, the players need access to energy weapons or lots of ammo.
    But locally - in a town map like this, maybe 100,000 zombies ? The best option for the players, don't fight - go get in the boats and leave.
    Find a small island with few or no zombies. Live off of fishing and supply raids to small isolated places with few or no zombies.
    If they do have unlimited supplies, post up along the water at Scope distance and just start clearing the zombies along the shore.
    The Zombies have no self defense and no self awareness, so they will just get dropped. It would take a proper military to clean up that many zombies.
    In any Zombie vs Humans movie / game / TV show: The humans have to use their smarts, it's their one advantage over Zombie hordes.
    The Counter for Zerg Rush is Area of Effect defenses, making large numbers meaningless. 5G towers would cook all the zombies before they even knew they were in range...

    • chibani
      chibani Month ago

      well i don't think isolated civilians have a 100 MW generator nor does the fuel for it

      however they could have done a better thing with that chokepoint(2:11) , two lmg could have severly delayed that horde as they have to get trough the bodies of dead Z's meanwhile you could throw molotov cocktails,rocks,grenades from above

  • TDR 271204
    TDR 271204 Month ago

    Why that man isn't walking, not running ?

  • isabella cov
    isabella cov Month ago +1

    The guy in orange ran away

  • ꧁HightyRoss French Motovlog꧂

    2:58 ????? wtf , not dead ?

  • Vampire Count
    Vampire Count Month ago +8

    When you get teabagged hard by a zombie horde

  • Neo Politan
    Neo Politan Month ago +9

    The fact they didn't run away sooner baffles me

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  • Alexander Tams
    Alexander Tams Month ago +1

    These are always awesome, keep up the good work

  • Asyhari Ishfahani
    Asyhari Ishfahani Month ago +1

    Wow the zombie use brain