How It's Made: Watermelon Hard Candy

  • Published on May 31, 2019
  • Now you know how watermelon hard candy is made.
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    ***WARNING***This video is made for educational and entertainment purposes only, if you attempt to make this at home you do so at your own risk and we can not be held responsible for any injuries. Making hard candy is a dangerous process since such high temperature are used to make it. With that said, for those that are curious and want specifics this is how we make it.
    For one full size batch we combine into a copper kettle 7 pounds of corn syrup, 14 pounds of sugar, 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar and 2 quarts of water. We heat it up to 310°F, then add the flavoring oil before removing it from the stove and pouring it onto the marble table to cool down. Here we add in color and flavoring oil before stretching it on the hook. We stretch it to add in air bubbles which turns it white. We combine the stripes into the body and put it through our fancy candy cutter, then we just wait for it to cool down and bag it up for you to buy!
    Please pick second day air with a cold pack, if you don't we will have to call you and tell you that you need it. Although we love talking to our customers we just don't have the time to do that. So please help us help you get your order as quickly and painlessly as possible.
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  • Hercules Candy
    Hercules Candy  6 months ago +10855

    For the people wondering why we use our hands to put the corn syrup into the kettle it would stick to gloves or a ladle too much if we did that, trust us we've tried. Also the health code regulations that we abide by have determined that it is more than safe for us to do so without gloves because we then heat the candy up to 310ºF or 154ºC. As for the people worrying that Max didn't use soap when "washing his hands," he actually wasn't washing his hands, corn syrup isn't unsanitary or pathogenic, he was just rinsing the corn syrup off of his hands. And the reason he was rinsing his hands in between grabbing the corn syrup is because if you rinse your hands under cold water then corn syrup won't stick to your hands very much. The more you know 🌈🌠

    • dollie nelson
      dollie nelson Day ago

      @Nadeya Baby the corn syrup is not hot just super sticky

    • Nadeya Baby
      Nadeya Baby Day ago

      Hercules Candy dont it burn

    • dollie nelson
      dollie nelson 15 days ago

      @Instrument Hoarder refer to my answer.

    • Instrument Hoarder
      Instrument Hoarder 15 days ago

      This may be really dumb, but couldn't you just pour it in?

    • dollie nelson
      dollie nelson 23 days ago

      @Lawryn Bautista bc they won't be able to stop it in time and thus will still have to use there hands to scoop it back out they are saving time and extra steps by doing it like this

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