Honest Trailers - A Quiet Place


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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  3 months ago +1322

    What kind of movie or franchise do you want to see John Krasinski direct next?

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    • Paper Bear
      Paper Bear Month ago

      Screen Junkies I want him in every movie

    • Dee S
      Dee S Month ago

      Something with a better screenplay not full of holes, that has more fleshed out ideas.

      DAVID SANCHEZ Month ago

      maybe a mask movie

    • Ginanjar Putu Wijaya
      Ginanjar Putu Wijaya 2 months ago +1

      - A sequel of Edge of Tomorrow (even tho tbh, that movie is already good as a stand alone).
      - A time-travel movie with unique concept and more scientific background.
      - An RPG-like movie, but the one that is original (not really based on any established video game franchises, except if the franchise was The Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy).
      - A movie set in a very distant future with very distinct evolving civilization, where the protagonist has to go someplace oasis-like that is hidden from the world.
      - The Last of Us movie adaptation.
      - Uncharted movie adaptation.

      E. JOSEPH BARTSCH 2 months ago

      Romantic comedy.

  • Markó Mihály
    Markó Mihály 3 hours ago

    I'm really glad I waited for it to come out on DVD and watch at home, because this wouldve been a horrible theatre experience with everyone loudly munching around me

  • Zander Pellegrino
    Zander Pellegrino 5 hours ago

    can you do the Office!

  • Dawn Fleming
    Dawn Fleming Day ago

    What if this is a sequel of the office but 20 years later when Dunder mifflen goes out of business and MICHEL,DWIGHT, AND HOLLY are the monsters and try to EAT JIM.

  • Ducks_ DieHard
    Ducks_ DieHard Day ago

    You should do the office

  • Jimmy Le'sabe
    Jimmy Le'sabe 2 days ago

    where everyone always looks like they holding in a fart

  • David Arellano
    David Arellano 2 days ago

    Please do a Honest trailer of “Signs”

  • TrueGritProductions
    TrueGritProductions 6 days ago


  • Shannon F
    Shannon F 6 days ago

    The problems that would come with living next to the waterfall:
    Their hearing would get worse because of the presence of all that super loud white noise, and that is the last thing they want in this situation
    Also, related, they could be lured into a false sense of security and be too loud for the water to cover their noise anymore - the dad and the son could yell while /right under/ the waterfall, but the house would have to be a little bit farther so noise is still risky
    They already have a house with electricity and a farm and such, and building a new one would be so hard (AND LOUD)
    Moving would take so long and there's so many things that could go wrong in the process
    I mean, everything would always be a little wet wouldn't it? This is more comfort than survival but I know I wouldn't want the house to be slightly damp and slimy all the time
    Anyway I love this movie and the waterfall thing is something people call out as a plot hole or whatever, but I think that for these reasons it makes perfect sense why they don't live there.
    (This is totally ripped off from CinemaWins btw. His video on this movie is really good)

  • J R
    J R 6 days ago

    I thought it was the guy from Chuck.

  • Greta M.
    Greta M. 7 days ago

    Wait...did Emily Blunt’s character have to give birth QUIETLY? Q__Q

  • Greta M.
    Greta M. 7 days ago

    1:05 Krasinski and ASL guy did the same gesture LOL

  • Bɑɓɣ ɱɔʂɵʂ
    Bɑɓɣ ɱɔʂɵʂ 8 days ago

    Plot twist.

    The quiet place is just the quiet game with really strict teachers that'll kill you if you make a sound.

  • GamerMassExpert
    GamerMassExpert 8 days ago

    obviously he would have mentioned the office

  • Richard Kev
    Richard Kev 9 days ago

    The director did a fine job. The screenwriters, though...

  • Kelsey Baloney
    Kelsey Baloney 10 days ago

    Anyone who doesn’t have the basic ability to think about movies without criticizing them (or if you’re just curious) should go check out Everything Great About A Quiet Place at the CinemaWins channel. At the end of the video, he explains a lot of different things (like why you don’t want to live next to a waterfall) that make the movie even better. And to all you people who are criticizing the movie: I know this video is a joke and it’s meant to be humorous (which it is). I’m just saying the other video explains a lot of things that “don’t make sense”. The movie isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t deserve the criticism it’s getting.

    Also: I enjoy watching Screen Junkies too. They’re really funny😊

  • Marti
    Marti 11 days ago

    How is the not an EWW this movie yet???

  • Christopher Stutzman
    Christopher Stutzman 12 days ago

    Slumdog Millionaire

  • lets mine
    lets mine 12 days ago

    f*** you for making me over laughing at the name Spaceship spaceship spaceship

  • M. Ryan Vargas
    M. Ryan Vargas 13 days ago

    Ready to form Voltron! Activate interlocks! Dyna-therms connected. Infra-cells up; mega-thrusters are go!
    Let's go, Voltron Force!

  • Gillian Kerruish
    Gillian Kerruish 15 days ago

    Please say: "Antidisestablishmentarianism is an ever bigger word"
    And keep up the good work, guys!

  • Becca Quant
    Becca Quant 15 days ago

    How did you get through this entire honest trailer without mentioning Tremors and Kevin Bacon?

  • Elie Rayess
    Elie Rayess 17 days ago


  • Abby Maddox
    Abby Maddox 17 days ago

    Watch #WynonnaEarp

  • Sybil Collas
    Sybil Collas 18 days ago

    The way he signed that aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo 19 days ago

    Do a MCU honest trailer

  • Dave McKay
    Dave McKay 19 days ago

    FUCK...i meam giggly yeah.

  • Benjamin M
    Benjamin M 19 days ago

    Stranger Things

  • Kytheres37
    Kytheres37 19 days ago


  • Guitarfollower22
    Guitarfollower22 21 day ago

    The silver lining is that this is how to get women to shut up

  • MadDog 1980
    MadDog 1980 22 days ago

    HIGHLY overrated movie.

  • Arina
    Arina 22 days ago

    So... did they have sex in a sound proof room? How’d she get pregnant lol

  • Don Bryson
    Don Bryson 23 days ago

    Nice Winnie the Pooh.

  • Joe Masana
    Joe Masana Month ago

    Let's make some noise for The Dark Crystal so we can get a trailer!

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones Month ago

    Say " Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross!" ...Sellout!
    Haha...Just kidding. Gotta make that paper!

  • CalebS1330
    CalebS1330 Month ago

    You should bring back Epic ASL Guy to sign "the food here is ... weapons grade"

  • frolic flair
    frolic flair Month ago

    *wouldn't every kid born in this environment will have speech difficulty & language delay?* *F@#$%€£¥₩#$^&/$#%$#^!!!!!!* *ssshhhhhhhh*

  • Karen Mooney
    Karen Mooney Month ago

    I wonder if Pam knows his real wife

  • anonymous 765
    anonymous 765 Month ago

    Its foot fetish the movie

  • Charles Young
    Charles Young Month ago


  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson Month ago

    Say: when there's a moon like that, every monkey for 200 miles thinks he's Elvis Presley.

  • Shane Gilliam
    Shane Gilliam Month ago

    "One day there will be dogs outside and you'll beg to come into my office and I will ignore you because you laughed"-dwight

  • Eli Carmona
    Eli Carmona Month ago


  • denijane
    denijane Month ago

    I really disliked this movie. It was so inconsistent. And the ending? Duh.

  • Leslie Howe
    Leslie Howe Month ago

    stir behave alcohol belief daughter cotton accurate prediction execute favor borrow celebrity.

  • Raptor Queen
    Raptor Queen Month ago

    Why are you whispering? *she says in a whisper voice*

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez Month ago +1

    You had the best opportunity to call this movie hush puppies.

  • John Carter
    John Carter Month ago

    "...but in the capable hands of Big Tuna..."
    I'm done. LOL

  • delta 14o6
    delta 14o6 Month ago

    totally thought that was Shia LeBoeuf before you said his name haha

  • Hi Harm
    Hi Harm Month ago

    a fart or cough or sneeze ...equals certain death lol

  • sabret00the
    sabret00the Month ago

    Easily the best honest trailer for a long time.

  • Eduardo Murúa
    Eduardo Murúa Month ago

    As boring as the movie...

  • Muffin Shorts
    Muffin Shorts Month ago


  • Riley Hymas
    Riley Hymas Month ago

    “Rocket NOOO!”

  • Finza Soebiakto
    Finza Soebiakto Month ago


  • Aurora B
    Aurora B Month ago

    do JACK RYAN

  • Honeyluster Alias
    Honeyluster Alias Month ago

    Rad. I love it when you love the film.

  • Jabber 1974
    Jabber 1974 Month ago

    Where’s Burt gummer when you need him?

  • Khalis Syahril
    Khalis Syahril Month ago

    damn that titanic references

  • And Gonline
    And Gonline Month ago

    The monsters have a right to be pissed at any noise they hear, if I lived in a vacuum where there is no sound then I’d be mad to if sound just showed up one day.

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake Month ago

    Am i the only one to think that's shia labeouf in the thumbnail?

  • /Zoe Greene
    /Zoe Greene Month ago

    haha i thought that said "literally turning into 011"

  • /Zoe Greene
    /Zoe Greene Month ago

    was the asl guy actually translating?

  • Fandom Canon
    Fandom Canon Month ago

    Please say "But that was before the war. Before...the machines."

  • SoLongSidekick
    SoLongSidekick Month ago

    "Military-grade sonic weaponry"? What dude? Where did you get that out of "holding a malfunctioning hearing aide up against a microphone"?

  • Dayton K
    Dayton K Month ago

    lock all the aliens in a sound proof room done crisis averted

  • Vandyr MMO
    Vandyr MMO Month ago

    c'mon Honest Trailers...as much as you rip good movies apart, you glorified this crap while ignoring the fact that it's literally loaded with plot holes from the opening scene. I am disappoint.

    • Benjamin Fricke
      Benjamin Fricke 4 days ago

      Name a few. (Seriously, what do you mean, I’m legitimately curious? Also, leave the waterfall out of it)

  • GiulerPowerGamer
    GiulerPowerGamer Month ago

    boring ass movie....

  • Mona Eckle
    Mona Eckle Month ago

    I can't be the only one who noticed the monsters in this movie look EXACTLY like the demorgorgons from Stranger Things

  • Mona Eckle
    Mona Eckle Month ago

    I hated this movie it was just so boring

    • The Troll Killer
      The Troll Killer Month ago

      Obvious troll is obvious. Seriously, you're just pathetic.

  • Dragonball 777
    Dragonball 777 Month ago

    If you fart or snore your done for.


    I wonder if boom mics were even needed in this film

  • agauerm
    agauerm Month ago

    Why Tim isn't with Pam?

  • carlitos puruncajas

    Who else thinks Emily Blunt's feet are so nice?

  • Marit Aurin
    Marit Aurin Month ago


  • Browniebluelue
    Browniebluelue Month ago

    Could you please provide an interpreter for all your videos from now on.

  • Martin Cuyer
    Martin Cuyer Month ago


  • Gus Wright
    Gus Wright Month ago

    Can you do the office?

  • Brian Delach
    Brian Delach Month ago

    Thanks for saying Monopoly sucks. It needed to be said.

  • Stéphane Constant
    Stéphane Constant Month ago +1

    Movies like this really make me realize how lucky I am.... I use boxxy software and I have all movies and all serials ever made

  • HiThereLindsey
    HiThereLindsey Month ago

    In the capable hands of Big Tuna awwwww

  • Kermit’s Mood
    Kermit’s Mood Month ago

    does anyone else think the aliens look like fricking demegorgan😂😂💀💀

  • Allen Albertson
    Allen Albertson Month ago

    Loved the movie but you can easily make or find soundproof rooms. Just saying.

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot Month ago

    RIP Bill "The GOAT" Paxson

  • Srihc Adi
    Srihc Adi Month ago

    First of all Monopoly is awesome. Second, I'm kind of tired of unkillable aliens that later turn out to have a lame weakness (that no one else figured out). Third if Dwight Schrute made a cameo that would have been even more awesome.

  • FisheeC3
    FisheeC3 Month ago

    Pretty sure those aliens are Grendel's offspring.

  • Piecemaker Noalias
    Piecemaker Noalias Month ago

    I watched after earth...kid who gets stuck on some really bad planet, right?

  • Areyousaying idontknowmyname

    I am surprised no one worked out that you could make a noise right next to a tree then move the right or left and watch the hilarity as the monster crashes into the tree. Not to mention you could literally lure them into open ground and bomb the crap out of them.. Because they would be attracted to sound. Problem solved.

  • Alek Lucero
    Alek Lucero Month ago

    the winnie the pooh voice!!!!!

  • Evil Jamie
    Evil Jamie Month ago +1

    God this movie sucked!

  • Fat Al
    Fat Al Month ago +2

    When the honest trailer is better than the movie.

  • Fruzsina Mészáros

    Hi. I think the Cat in the hat deserves an honest trailer... just watched it the first time and I was like WTF.....
    was that

  • Dylan Rowland
    Dylan Rowland Month ago

    "Chekhov's Nail" is kind of a high-level literature joke... and it came from an Honest Trailer video?
    I'm impressed haha

  • Alis Prospero
    Alis Prospero Month ago

    Hey! Monopoly is awesome

  • Jeremy's MusicBook
    Jeremy's MusicBook Month ago

    It’s time. DO THE OFFICE! That’s what she said!

  • Anna Zeigler
    Anna Zeigler Month ago

    Your Thanos voice sounded like Sam Elliott

  • Géne Vare
    Géne Vare Month ago

    Please say: Cheesus Crust our Grate Lord

  • Lilly M
    Lilly M 2 months ago

    Oh my goodness the Winnie the Pooh voice made me laugh so hard I cried

  • Joshua Hauswirth
    Joshua Hauswirth 2 months ago

    missed opportunity to use scrubs - Dr. Cox, worlds longest shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Joshua Blackwood
    Joshua Blackwood 2 months ago

    1:14 THAT'S THE SAME GUY!?