Honest Trailers - A Quiet Place


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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  6 months ago +1415

    What kind of movie or franchise do you want to see John Krasinski direct next?

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  • Howling Burd19
    Howling Burd19 3 hours ago

    “Having to shut the f*ck up!” xD

  • Robin Banks
    Robin Banks 10 hours ago

    I hated the fake-out jump scares! It’s one of the reasons I think this movie is very overrated.

    GBBIII 4 days ago

    No mention of the Mars Attacks type solution?

  • Max Hyatt
    Max Hyatt 4 days ago

    It wasn't John's directorial debut

  • Keenakeen
    Keenakeen 5 days ago

    This Honest Trailer should've been better if Jon Bailey didn't say anything and all we have are subtitles and fitting music.

  • Team Cyborg
    Team Cyborg 7 days ago +1

    Is the ASL guy really saying what is being said? If not, can we get a translation?

  • There Is No Sandwich

    Dunder Mufflin hahahaha well done

  • Brains before BS
    Brains before BS 8 days ago

    And now with “Bird Box” I let my kids watch every night before bed they are quieter than “an 🐜 pissing on cotton “ 😉👍🏿

  • Benazir sohan khan
    Benazir sohan khan 8 days ago

    captain marvel will be lame

  • mepisbest mepisbest
    mepisbest mepisbest 8 days ago +3

    The movie made for people with foot fetishes

  • MegaTimmytommy
    MegaTimmytommy 9 days ago

    Do Bird Box! It’s A Quiet Face for eyes!

  • California Brotherhood

    They could use the same tactic like in Mars Attack they killed aliens with an old song..

  • Isa8 matos
    Isa8 matos 9 days ago +1


  • Tereza Kovačić
    Tereza Kovačić 9 days ago

    Big tuna

  • Daygo Sunny
    Daygo Sunny 11 days ago

    I wanted to watch the movie but there was no subtitles lol what a stupid movie anyways. Who makes a movie in complete sign language?

  • Kynn Kysil
    Kynn Kysil 11 days ago


  • Epic Girl
    Epic Girl 11 days ago

    "shhhhcario" lol

  • Curious_ Pizza
    Curious_ Pizza 12 days ago

    That stepping on the nail part gives me so much anxiety, I can’t even watch it.

  • Faith Castillo
    Faith Castillo 12 days ago

    Love the Pooh laugh!

  • Hemant Goel
    Hemant Goel 12 days ago

    Do BIRDBOX!!!

  • Jaraakhai Boldbaatar
    Jaraakhai Boldbaatar 12 days ago

    say shamalama mumu

  • Ronnie Pumpkin
    Ronnie Pumpkin 12 days ago

    Dunder mufflin

  • The Food Nomads A.K.A The Fomads

    honestly the food scene was the best shot in the film. allllll organic baby

  • awais ahmed
    awais ahmed 13 days ago

    Should jsve called it "silence of the mans"

  • _セクシーな獣
    _セクシーな獣 14 days ago

    the movie would be more enjoyable if i understood sign language

  • astilove
    astilove 14 days ago

    i like that movie

  • maxrockpro
    maxrockpro 14 days ago

    This honest trailer is really honest and LOL. Oh crap, I'm dead.

  • Luca Puglia
    Luca Puglia 14 days ago

    Do bird box

  • Abhishek Ghosh
    Abhishek Ghosh 14 days ago

    You forgot to refer Jurassic park references!! 😂😂

  • James Zumhagen
    James Zumhagen 15 days ago

    I love that the ASL guy ended the video by signing “F**k you” 😂😂😂😂

  • Sarah Suzanne
    Sarah Suzanne 15 days ago

    Okay I just have to say that I never knew I needed Pooh until I listened to the last bit.

  • Max/Matthew Fu
    Max/Matthew Fu 16 days ago

    Please say: this doesn't fit my macros

  • Rosie Johnson
    Rosie Johnson 16 days ago

    Whether or not the onscreen family are THE last humans on earth, they are the last humans for several miles around.If they intend to repopulate or at least have an ongoing human race on the planet (they have to assume they're the only ones left), then those of reproductive age would definitely try to reproduce a lot. The adults, therefore, are the most important resource because they can make more people. I get the idea of a movie treating kids as important in general, but in this case, the remnants of a human race in A Quiet Place would be better off as a whole if Reagan and her little brother died than if Lee the dad died in the scene with the axe and the truck. He sacrificed himself for the kids, thus leaving Mom (did she have a name?), Reagan, the little boy, and the baby behind. None of those people are males of reproductive age, making further human population impossible until the boy reaches puberty. If the baby was a girl, that means there's only ONE human male left alive in a very large area. And even if it was a boy, he and his older brother would eventually have to choose between their mom or their sister as potential mates.

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 16 days ago

    That Pooh voice 😂

  • Tâm Lê
    Tâm Lê 16 days ago

    Wait a damn sec, they are husband and wife in real life?

  • Therry Rodrigues
    Therry Rodrigues 17 days ago

    part 2 will be the real alien attack coming from space.
    Wait to see aliens wearing ear protectors.

  • Katie Tran
    Katie Tran 17 days ago +1

    *looks into camera with a Jim expression*

  • مبارك الزريق

    That Quiet Tone of Voice Should be in a Willow Teaser Trailer.

  • rahul nathan
    rahul nathan 18 days ago

    Do birdbox next, I didn't understand that movie

  • Surya Y
    Surya Y 18 days ago

    The quiet game😂

  • zact lee
    zact lee 18 days ago

    Shhhhhhhhh wat are u doing shut up!!! Shhhh

  • stuff4ever
    stuff4ever 19 days ago

    Well, epic ASL guys is epic!

  • prathmesh X
    prathmesh X 19 days ago

    Even he can't make fun of this good movie

  • Yasmine Mekhlouf
    Yasmine Mekhlouf 20 days ago

    Sshhicario 😂😂😂

  • Deidra Key
    Deidra Key 20 days ago

    Do Bird Box please!!

  • Varun Muttur
    Varun Muttur 20 days ago +3

    Bears. Beets. Battle star gallactica.

  • LeMe 69
    LeMe 69 20 days ago

    I knew youre going to jumpscare us with that forking nail scene I HATE THAT NAIL SCENE ARRGGGHHHH

  • Tychios Gaming
    Tychios Gaming 20 days ago +1

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like Diego Costa

  • Sean
    Sean 20 days ago

    This is a very boring watch for me.

  • megaman5125
    megaman5125 21 day ago +3

    *Ohhhh Yeeeeah!*
    - Kevin Malone, RIP

  • Ikhram Fadhil
    Ikhram Fadhil 21 day ago

    do bird boxx!!!

  • William Nichols
    William Nichols 21 day ago +1

    This is barely even a movie, and you haven't done Free Willy yet.

  • Tashiko Weinstein
    Tashiko Weinstein 21 day ago

    Please do galaxy quest and the dark crystal

  • Lifeispain99
    Lifeispain99 21 day ago

    That Poo voice was legit

  • Marcos Smith
    Marcos Smith 22 days ago


  • Soul King Brook
    Soul King Brook 23 days ago +1

    This movie sucks

  • Holy Lemon
    Holy Lemon 24 days ago +9

    Pls do the Bird box next!!!

  • Triceratops
    Triceratops 24 days ago

    what's an after earth?

  • Jim Garrity
    Jim Garrity 26 days ago +1

    Good movie as long as you don't think about it....

  • Kajanan Sriharan
    Kajanan Sriharan 26 days ago

    Man Sam Elliot should have been Thanos. (4:00)

  • Nuul tv
    Nuul tv 27 days ago

    Say: schoom baloom coomb baloom

  • Titan Killer
    Titan Killer Month ago

    This is already a joke but you missed out on the one about the silent streak from the office

  • Spiny Norman
    Spiny Norman Month ago

    I know, I'm super late to the party but that wasn't John Krasinski's directing debut. According to his filmography he's also directed Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (2009) and The Hollars (2016).

  • SOXCAL_13
    SOXCAL_13 Month ago +1


  • Nicole Stankov
    Nicole Stankov Month ago

    “Where everyone looks like they’re holding in a fart”

  • Nicole Love
    Nicole Love Month ago

    “Spaceship spaceship spaceship“ 😂😂😂 LMAO

  • Cirus Gorjestani
    Cirus Gorjestani Month ago

    did anyone else think instead of making and repairing hearing aids, why not build some bombs or landmines with egg timers attached to them and kill those things ? Set traps for them maybe ? No ? Just me ? Ok.

  • Joe Crew
    Joe Crew Month ago

    Who saw after earth?

  • avinash balu
    avinash balu Month ago

    This is my favourite honest trailer.

  • Cole Halford
    Cole Halford Month ago +2

    I love the Sterling Holloway Winnie the Pooh voice. 👍 More please. 🙏

  • xenilihpx
    xenilihpx Month ago


  • Milzhin
    Milzhin Month ago

    lol. i'm kind of late watching these videos. But i'm on for that raptor hunting. "ALAN!"

  • JP
    JP Month ago

    Big Tuna hahahaha

  • Snail The Lost Cow
    Snail The Lost Cow Month ago

    This movie is good
    If i don't know Last of Us and those one hit kill Clickers...

  • Daniela Capobianco
    Daniela Capobianco Month ago

    The Quiet Game also sounds like a pretty good real movie title.

  • Jade Shepherd
    Jade Shepherd Month ago

    Give him the beard and bam, people like me mistake him for Shia LaBeouf

  • Grace K
    Grace K Month ago

    You need to do one of the office

  • Noémie Stéphane
    Noémie Stéphane Month ago

    so it's a silent movie, a charlie chaplin's rip off

  • Matilda Muller
    Matilda Muller Month ago

    I honestly thought that the main guy in this film was Shia LeBeauf for a very lomng time lol

  • no use for a name
    no use for a name Month ago

    This movie sucked massive balls

  • pulin singh
    pulin singh Month ago

    song at 1.50?

  • Lightning
    Lightning Month ago

    so damn funny

  • Hi
    Hi Month ago

    You would think Shia Labeouf would be able to take out all the monsters

  • samuel rodriguez
    samuel rodriguez Month ago

    "barefoot, pregnant and not aloud to speak" uh Hillbilly customs?

  • Random NEET
    Random NEET Month ago

    Rocket, noooo !
    I sympathized

  • KingJustice98
    KingJustice98 Month ago

    It's virtually impossible not to sneeze, but I still love this movie.

  • Joshua Luna
    Joshua Luna Month ago

    wow, that foot shots from Kill Bill was for Iconic than i thought it would be

    SHADOW FREDBER Month ago

    It a vulpamen

  • Luca Nikolewski
    Luca Nikolewski Month ago

    Do a Tailer of the TV Transformers Prime

  • Pojitha Sri
    Pojitha Sri Month ago

    Imitation game .... Imitation game ..... Imitation game ....

  • Dom Shaheen
    Dom Shaheen Month ago +1

    Hello bearish sign language translator...

  • Shlomi Levi
    Shlomi Levi Month ago

    Disappointed. Nothing to say about the girl? She so stupid. She makes troubles.. And she had the power to kill the aliens from the start. How take her so much time to understand that device will kill them????

  • Shazra Tano
    Shazra Tano Month ago

    The beginning was freaking hilarious.😂

  • G.I. Geno
    G.I. Geno Month ago

    Say: I am making sweet Barry Manilow love to ur eardrums! Ur welcome!

  • Kurby Pinky
    Kurby Pinky 2 months ago

    I can't handle scary anything so, I just watch the honest Trailers instead, so I'll know what's up. So far, The Meg, A Quiet Place....

  • Shot in the Heart
    Shot in the Heart 2 months ago

    This movie felt like playing The Last of Us

  • Final Incept
    Final Incept 2 months ago

    1:41-1:55 That wasn't Pump It Up: what was that song?

  • Pheobe JCP Skuncc
    Pheobe JCP Skuncc 2 months ago

    would this movie have been as notable without jim from the office and alternate universe his wife pam from sicario? will a quiet place 2 be good at all without big tuna? i suspect if they do another movie, another character will have a token disability as well. prolly not hearing again tho

  • Richard Joyce
    Richard Joyce 2 months ago

    A world where everyone uses sign language but deaf people have all certainly been killed off due to not being able to hear how loud they are being, creatures and humans alike would want you dead.