FULL FIGHT: Street Brawl At Texas Relays 2019

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • Everything is BIGGER in Texas even street brawls... This video contains ALL excerpts of the wild street brawl that happened at the Texas Relays in Austin, TX, April 1, 2019.
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  • Harlem Silk
    Harlem Silk Hour ago

    Him putting away his gun does not make him real. In his case, the gun is for show. It just means he doesn't wanna risk his life or that pretty little car.

  • The Williams family

    Real g shit put the guns down and throw dem hands FAYETTEVILLE stand up. You win sum .. you lose sum but you live to fight another day

  • Jesus Medina
    Jesus Medina Day ago

    Pinche mayate the one in red all from behind

  • souldragon121
    souldragon121 2 days ago

    Ok god damn this camera crew needs to go on the road and just film fights fuck they are pretty good decently steady and
    multiple angles

  • G
    G 2 days ago

    Why he hit his car tho

  • Chris Henicke
    Chris Henicke 4 days ago

    Glad nobody got shot! I still haven’t figured out why they can’t just let the two drivers involved get they paper! Everybody got to jump in! WTF??? Dude in the white car need an ass whoopin! Dude outside his mind running in to another dude car on purpose.

    OAK CLIFF 5 days ago

    These bitch ass motherfuckers swinging, slipping and falling, stealing niggas and running and shit. All them motherfuckers need to go home.

  • Åûštöñęr TM
    Åûštöñęr TM 6 days ago

    Wtf is the dude in the white car trying to accomplish

  • Ash Llewz
    Ash Llewz 7 days ago

    Children are more grown up than these fools

  • Blue Cricket
    Blue Cricket 7 days ago

    why do they punch, then run?

  • Robert Contreras
    Robert Contreras 7 days ago

    Texas sure has some ugly looking cars .

  • David Dorman-Kelly
    David Dorman-Kelly 8 days ago

    Entertaining as fuck

  • Tj Hanna
    Tj Hanna 8 days ago

    He should of got shot for hitting the glass like that

    BR SALT 10 days ago

    The word "NIGGA"was said at least a 1000 times in this video

  • ThePresentation010
    ThePresentation010 10 days ago

    No weak ass punks there. None ofm was afraid to get down instead of being a scared pssy and pulling out a gun. Lol @ dude in orange sliding everyone then running away.

  • sheed izi
    sheed izi 12 days ago

    best og fight video , best quality

  • Bryan A.Cal
    Bryan A.Cal 18 days ago

    they should have just pulled that gun and start killing each other

  • Eric Casillas
    Eric Casillas 18 days ago

    Boy in all red ran for his LIFE after he sucker punched both of them

  • Hamdane Bechtarzi
    Hamdane Bechtarzi 19 days ago

    What a great culture!

  • X1area51 II
    X1area51 II 21 day ago

    You want to be the boss? Easy crab your keys and run all over them niggaz.. no punches required.

  • 256 bradley
    256 bradley 21 day ago

    I mean come on black dude u hit that dude car like 5 times u had to expect some smoke when he got out shid the mexican even put his gun down to spare your life also why was he even tryna stunt so hard bcuz his homeboy parked next to him was in was in a Challenger just like but instead of mountain it on eights he put spokes on in it which is the real thing I noticed in this vid....... like who TF put spokes on a Challenger

  • JJ Anthony
    JJ Anthony 24 days ago +1

    I was expecting at least one of those dudes to be able to fight. I was wrong.

  • Dedik Subiyanto
    Dedik Subiyanto 24 days ago


  • Jefferson Benitez
    Jefferson Benitez 25 days ago +1

    Punch and then run same us mayweather!lol

  • king kong
    king kong 26 days ago


  • Culley Dakid
    Culley Dakid 27 days ago

    After tht u ain't tryna shoot...u shld wanna put hands on uh mf tx style...which is y he handed over tha thooka...my man got out tha maro like it's sweet...nah u finna beat TF up

  • zion riley
    zion riley 27 days ago

    no guns

  • Jeremiah Hill
    Jeremiah Hill 28 days ago

    Towards the end of the vid that guy in all red blind sides 2 guys then runs off😂

  • Allen Jones
    Allen Jones 28 days ago

    Hell yeah. It was edited like street fighter lol. But I'm curious. Did they have beef before. Whyd dude just hit his shit like that?

  • King boss911
    King boss911 28 days ago

    Good editing

    JEPH XO 28 days ago

    The way how bape boi ran in and dipped he wasn’t having that shit😂😂

  • Jovan Cook
    Jovan Cook 28 days ago

    I heard Austin is dangerous smfh

  • YouTube Died
    YouTube Died 29 days ago

    The nigga in the red clocking niggas nd ran lmao

  • Thedead1
    Thedead1 Month ago

    Bro nobody fight one on one nomore like nowadays its 17 on 1

  • Kanyon Bair
    Kanyon Bair Month ago

    THE SIMPSONS S01-S30 E01-E24 1989-2019 TV FOX ANIMATION SERIES 0:00

  • Concrete Jungle
    Concrete Jungle Month ago

    Was dis on the souf side 😂🤣🤣

  • dndub25
    dndub25 Month ago

    That’s real shit right there. Put your gun down and handle it like a real one. No words exchanged

  • Julian Rojas
    Julian Rojas Month ago +1

    We need a real purge

  • Rico Aguilar
    Rico Aguilar Month ago

    Great fucking video. Major props

  • Destiny Nicole Alcala
    Destiny Nicole Alcala Month ago +1

    why that tiny lil dude hit that low rider man ?

  • Josiah Yanes
    Josiah Yanes Month ago

    That was the coolest fight I'd ever seen

  • John Jacob
    John Jacob Month ago

    Fuckin pussy in the red.Sucker punch somebody then run his bitch ass away. Fuck that punk

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith Month ago

    i dont understand, we had the fair 1 and then dude came out of nowhere smh man, respect for dude for handing off his gun too

  • Lucy And Op
    Lucy And Op Month ago

    Dam this is probably y ppl on the outside think we lowriders are asshole trouble markers. 🤨 But no one has the right to touch another person car. Respect I thought that's what Lowridering was about... 🤔

  • APMuzik
    APMuzik Month ago

    this is a Boondocks nigga moment hahahahaha

    /SMASHED LEGENDS Month ago +1

    It was on propose?

  • Diggz11
    Diggz11 Month ago

    There ya go black community

    • Arnez Willis
      Arnez Willis 29 days ago

      Look at the bright side. These are grown men throwing hands, not kids shooting up schools

  • unique gamer24466
    unique gamer24466 Month ago

    Nawf side slab sundays

  • UnknownUzer
    UnknownUzer Month ago +2

    They have to settle it that way because none of them have insurance, and they can't call the police because they all have warrants.

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago

    N***** fight like b****** jumping in s*** can't f*** with my clit

  • Tupac Hussle
    Tupac Hussle Month ago +1

    Oh nigga don't run 😂😂😂😂😂

  • keeblertex
    keeblertex Month ago

    Bunch of sucker punches

  • Agent Orange
    Agent Orange Month ago

    LOL was the car even hit? It sure as hell didn't look like it, no damage atleast. Plus, real ppl would have said sorry or my bad, instead of immediately resorting to violence. Handing the gun over, wasn't to show peace, it was handed over because WHEN the cops came, had he had a gun it would have been assault with a deadly weapon. WHICH IS A SERIOUS CRIME!

  • jungle bunny
    jungle bunny Month ago

    why did the monkey in the white car try to ram the other monkeys car in the first place

  • jungle bunny
    jungle bunny Month ago

    black people

  • Vakavelli Da don
    Vakavelli Da don Month ago

    Is it me or the dude in da red at the end free punched both parties???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Jack Wertz
    Jack Wertz Month ago

    18" knock-offs? Hahahahahahahahahaha....

  • Jane Bang
    Jane Bang Month ago

    Didn’t their daddies teach them to fight like men? Oh, never mind.

    • Jane Bang
      Jane Bang Month ago

      Is that what you learned in community college Chantel?

    • Chantel Beltran
      Chantel Beltran Month ago

      Meanwhile you’re probably the one with an absent parent and projecting insecurities to make yourself feel better. Get your mind and soul right... stop being hateful towards others for no reason other than selfish ones.

  • Jane Bang
    Jane Bang Month ago

    Buncha cold cocking pussies..

  • Langston Bonner
    Langston Bonner Month ago

    How pause in the thin air

  • Hollister Evans
    Hollister Evans Month ago

    Piece of shit.

  • Paul Lodrigue
    Paul Lodrigue Month ago

    It would not work in home LA😵

  • Kandi Thomas
    Kandi Thomas Month ago

    This wasn't a brawl to me...#ijs

  • KushHouseGaming
    KushHouseGaming Month ago

    Why dude in the red drop two niggas then take off like that 😂😂😂

  • Mark Tubbs
    Mark Tubbs Month ago +1

    Still trying to figure out what was dude thinking

  • Unknown Boy
    Unknown Boy Month ago

    Where is the gun part? Am I blind or something?

  • B Mdx
    B Mdx Month ago

    "Boyz N The Hood" reference....
    "Can't we have one night without no fights and nobody getting shot? "
    Ice Cube replies,"Shut up, Bitch"

  • The Same Same
    The Same Same Month ago

    They cant fight at all wtf.

  • MindGem
    MindGem Month ago

    Look at this. And you wonder why things are the way things are?

    • Arnez Willis
      Arnez Willis 29 days ago

      Yeah, I guess they're the cause of school shooters too

  • Colechamdiceman
    Colechamdiceman Month ago

    You want to fight, fuggin fight, those punks that threw a punch into a crowd then fckin ran are deserving of a car wreck

  • neil kelsey
    neil kelsey Month ago

    That big nigga in the red went in hard and left fast😂😂🤙💯

  • w•k
    w•k Month ago

    pussy asf had to jump

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith Month ago

    It’s funny everyone had guns but choose to fight. Couldn’t be in Htown or Dallas it would of been gun fire exchange from everyone

  • ewedonutfaysmi
    ewedonutfaysmi Month ago

    Bunch of sucker punches... lol that's all i ever see from these thug fights.

  • ViralOne
    ViralOne Month ago

    Non civilized. Don't belong.