THANOS HULK FIGHT in Avengers Infinity War Breakdown!

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
  • Avengers Endgame sets the stage for a possible Thanos Hulk rematch - but why did Hulk lose to Thanos at the beginning of Avengers Infinity War? Shouldn't Hulk's rage only grow for every hit he takes? The directors of Avengers Endgame and Avengers Infinity War -- the Russo Brothers -- finally revealed the key detail behind Thanos' advantage against Hulk, and Erik Voss breaks down the Thanos Hulk fight scene to point out the visual clues that justify Thanos knocking out Hulk. Where was Hulk during Avengers Infinity War? What does Hulk's loss tell us about the long arc of his character throughout all of the Marvel films -- The Incredible Hulk (2008), The Avengers (2012), Age of Ultron (2015), Thor Ragnarok (2017), Infinity War (2018), and Avengers Endgame (2019)? Could Bruce Banner evolve into "Professor Hulk" in Endgame? #Thanos #Hulk #Avengers
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  • Jake Skywalker
    Jake Skywalker 3 months ago

    2:45 everybody loves kung fu fighting!!

  • blue theone
    blue theone 4 months ago

    Hulk is just tired after the battle of thor the dog and surtur

  • zambiekiller360
    zambiekiller360 4 months ago

    Hulk is physically Strong his Fighting style is like a rampaging Baby
    Thanos is Physically strong and has an actual Fighting style and is Mentally Stronger

  • Tjaxel !
    Tjaxel ! 4 months ago

    Everyone seems to be forgetting the fact that thanos had the power stone when he fought the hulk, he also had armor

  • Ikhlas OREEAWON
    Ikhlas OREEAWON 5 months ago


  • SketchingWith K
    SketchingWith K 6 months ago +1

    That battle was like a Green Apple and a Grape fighting to see who taste better

  • Johnmarty :P
    Johnmarty :P 6 months ago

    I notice that hulk would become more mature when I saw the endgame movie

  • Sak _
    Sak _ 6 months ago +1

    The problem hulk has is he’s too dumb in fights like yea he’s got all that strength but there’s no point if u don’t know how to use it. Hulk vs thanos is basically another body builder vs martial artists, the body builder never wins

  • RandomPerson
    RandomPerson 6 months ago +1

    Did you just use the time stone and accurately predict what was going to happen in Endgame?

  • The Monk3y
    The Monk3y 6 months ago

    lol hulk is stupid

  • The Amazing Goldfish
    The Amazing Goldfish 6 months ago +2

    Wait a minute! I thought Thanos had the space stone, thus the exit.
    Also Heimdall didn't have the powerful machine to open the bifrost. If he could do it on his own then why didn't he use this against Hellena? And how did Banner remember Thanos?

  • sukhvinder kaur
    sukhvinder kaur 6 months ago

    Thanos had. power stone

  • hmrhuang
    hmrhuang 7 months ago +1

    Anyone who's familiar with Marvel KNOWS that Hulk maybe one of the strongest characters but he's far from being the most powerful.
    As for Thanos, he's spent his entire youth and adult life training as a warrior! No brute, even as strong as Hulk, would be a match for a combat-trained titan!

  • Nathan Manning
    Nathan Manning 7 months ago

    This could have been the most epic fight in marvel history, but instead they crapped the bed. A stale mate would have been better than what they gave us.

  • Thebigbad Wolf
    Thebigbad Wolf 7 months ago +2

    Angrier he gets stronger he becomes,infinite power basically,no need for oxygen,has gills too,can regenerate instantly,basically immune to pressure point strikes with his durability lack of pain receptors and just plain anger/adrenaline
    Only for a knee and military press not even strong enough to make a crater to KO.....hulk?

    Tldr:major nerf to hulk,needed for plot

  • Tyreke Tillett
    Tyreke Tillett 7 months ago +1

    The real hulk from the comics is a lot stronger than the movie hulk

  • Marco Lopez
    Marco Lopez 7 months ago

    Hulk brings back everyone that died cuz his hand is the only other one that can fit in the gauntlet

  • Thief! Jail!!
    Thief! Jail!! 7 months ago

    Rage monster

  • Juan Alberto Cruz
    Juan Alberto Cruz 7 months ago

    Intelligence? He does not need that.

  • jelly fan ervin
    jelly fan ervin 7 months ago

    I feel like banner is gonna I guess you can say talk to hulk and say he doesn't have to do it alone we can solve our problems together and become professor hulk

  • Mason y Studios
    Mason y Studios 7 months ago +1

    If they do the professor hulk thing in endgame I wont like the movie

  • Tywan Williams
    Tywan Williams 7 months ago +2

    Power stone passively grants it's user increased strength and durability

  • Joshua Kearney
    Joshua Kearney 7 months ago

    Yes but if you’ve watched Thor ragnarok you should remember that banner didn’t remember anything that happened while he was the hulk, but in avengers infinity war banner told strange and Wong that thanos was coming but how would he know that so that’s maybe that’s not the hulk.

  • Rouba SAIEGH
    Rouba SAIEGH 7 months ago

    hulk has lost because thanos has the power stone i noticed it in there fight when hulk catch thanos arms and put them into a wall you can see it if you look correctly at thanos left hand .

  • Uranium 235
    Uranium 235 7 months ago

    Bruce banner limits the hulks true strength. Take away Bruce banner hulk is unstoppable wrecking machine with no limits

  • Kaeden Akins
    Kaeden Akins 7 months ago

    Power stone

  • Марк Шонбергер

    He lost the first fight so there would be more fights to come.

  • Rahim Rahimi
    Rahim Rahimi 7 months ago

    Ridney not kibs

  • Veczey
    Veczey 7 months ago

    It’s not hulk dog it’s Loki

    DURRELL MITCHELL 7 months ago

    Professor World Breaker Hulk

  • DragonBallZieks
    DragonBallZieks 8 months ago

    Btw when you put On a infinity stone it makes you more powerful

  • Caspar Maina
    Caspar Maina 8 months ago

    He lost.............


  • Jesus Montelongo
    Jesus Montelongo 8 months ago



  • Arvyit Berg
    Arvyit Berg 8 months ago

    in the end game hulk will smash thanos... lets see..

  • Lux
    Lux 8 months ago +1

    I hope when Bruce hooks up with Black widow Hulk doesn't cock block Bruce.

  • Payola AutoTune
    Payola AutoTune 8 months ago

    Purple Grape vs Green Grape

  • TheDoctor Fez
    TheDoctor Fez 8 months ago

    I wanna see him evolve some more so that he can actually make sentences with grammar, but not talk a super nerd.

  • Carlos_ skates
    Carlos_ skates 8 months ago

    I have a theory maybe hulk is trying to gain more control over his anger and trying go back to the time he fought thanos and trying to get smarter. Maybe that's why he doesn't want to get out

  • Aaron Arroyo
    Aaron Arroyo 8 months ago


  • James Denny
    James Denny 8 months ago

    He lost cause he stopped punching and let thanos regain his bearings

  • Icy Silverfish
    Icy Silverfish 8 months ago

    How does no one realize that the only reason thanos won this fistfight is because he used the power stone he stole from xandars

  • Chase Gwinn
    Chase Gwinn 8 months ago

    Wouldn't it be cool of former villains like dormamu would help the Avengers in endgame to take down thanos

  • journeymanX
    journeymanX 8 months ago

    thanos was on steroids that's why he won

  • Jesus Cruz
    Jesus Cruz 8 months ago

    Speak Spanish?

  • Berto L.B. Best
    Berto L.B. Best 8 months ago

    Soo, obliviously people don't know the real version of Hulk and that is in the comic book Thanos is afraid of him. In fact Thanos tries his hardest to avoid an fight with Hulk because his power lies within his anger. The Hulk will pulverize Thanos easily but that fight was controlled by directors and computers, and honestly it's insulting to Stan Lee to make Hulk look weak to Thanos. Seriously..

  • MJA_SuperMichael
    MJA_SuperMichael 8 months ago +14

    Grape VS GRAPE


  • Immortal Kombat
    Immortal Kombat 8 months ago

    Still doesn’t make sense that he got KO’d tho. He would just keep getting pissed, especially if he never loses.

  • Jackson
    Jackson 8 months ago

    why didnt bruce just try to kill himself and then let hulk revive him??

  • Carlos Gabriel Joaquin
    Carlos Gabriel Joaquin 8 months ago

    They wanted hulk to lose because they wanted to make the movie avengers endgame.

  • Omar jr
    Omar jr 8 months ago

    Because the power stone gives thanos power

  • Czarjonz
    Czarjonz 8 months ago

    Professor Hulk aka the Big Green Beast from X-Men🤨

  • Zandak 34
    Zandak 34 8 months ago +2

    How about Thanos takes off the armor and actually gets hit once on his skin.

  • Zack Barnes
    Zack Barnes 8 months ago +1

    What if gray hulk shows up. Gray hulk from the comic books is a gray and smart version of the hulk so bruce banners intelligence with hulks strength that was created when the green hulk was created. Gray hulk just doesn't appear that often

  • A-Bomb777
    A-Bomb777 8 months ago +7

    Forget Professor I wanna see WORLDBREAKER

    • Vikrant Tumbade
      Vikrant Tumbade 7 months ago

      Me toooooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • TheMgiorivera
    TheMgiorivera 8 months ago

    This hulk version is weak

  • Jonathan Jimenez
    Jonathan Jimenez 8 months ago

    One simple answer, it was already confirmed somewhere that Thanos and The Hulk are equally in strength but one lacks technique and the other doesn't, one knows how to fight smartly while the other doesn't

  • Zavierh Allen
    Zavierh Allen 8 months ago +1

    They just needed a reason to introsuce Professor Hulk

  • Dirk van der Linden
    Dirk van der Linden 8 months ago

    why did he lose? w e l l, the answer is kinda clear; Thanos is obviously better

  • Bronze Falcon
    Bronze Falcon 8 months ago

    Professor hulk would be dope to see, but world breaker hulk... That would be legendary!

  • SuperJumpReviews
    SuperJumpReviews 8 months ago +1

    edward norton hulk would've been able to beat thano.