Stephen A. gets heated talking about Carson Wentz and Eagles’ receivers | First Take

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • Stephen A. Smith and Damien Woody get into a heated debate about Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz’s struggles this season, along with their wide receivers dropping passes and DeSean Jackson being out with an injury.
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Comments • 1 036

  • WrOnG TaRgeT
    WrOnG TaRgeT 15 days ago

    IF Nelson Agolor catches the ball.........

    Eagles would have been 8-0 by now.

  • Yacan Son of Israel

    he will never be a Philly Hood Legend like Foles

  • dildo akbar
    dildo akbar Month ago

    Thank you Steven a

  • LKC TV
    LKC TV Month ago

    Yeah deshawn played 1 game junk stupid

  • John Craig
    John Craig Month ago

    Stephen A, now you know we don’t judge MVP probability on would’ve, should’ve and could’ve! If the his receivers don’t catch the ball that’s all part of the game and how you rate them as an MVP candidate or not!

  • joe smith
    joe smith Month ago

    GASE IS A PSYCHOPATH.... like in the movie internal affairs. Geres character

  • Sandy Gan
    Sandy Gan Month ago

    Wentz’ fumbling had nothing to do with anyone else.

  • Godz Gift
    Godz Gift Month ago

    Why nobody wanna play for Wentz... I’m starting to look at him

  • Greg Sieracki
    Greg Sieracki Month ago

    The Eagles secondary and defense is mostly to blame for losing this year! Wentz has been playing good!

  • ATL 1
    ATL 1 Month ago

    Oh, blame Philly receivers when they don't catch but Blame Lamar when The Ravens receivers don't catch. That is that brand new energy.

  • Bee
    Bee Month ago

    Shoutout kop 💪🏾

  • Zach Raimy
    Zach Raimy Month ago

    Dallas beat them. I mean, *Dallas beat them*

  • Timothy Allen
    Timothy Allen Month ago +1

    Nick Foles won a super bowl with the same receivers.

  • Lisa Canada
    Lisa Canada Month ago

    😂😂😂 Stephen A been around Michael Irvin too long. He starting to sound like him. Somebody hand him a towel.

    BEN GHANA Month ago

    Every single team in the NFL, shouldda, couldda or wouldda been better if every mistake, they or the rest of the team, made went right for them. Foles was simply a better fit for the Eagles, because he had no picks in getting the ball where it needed to be for the best results in achieving the main goal. Wentz wants to do things his way, with whom he favors most.

  • 2223Tonyboy
    2223Tonyboy Month ago

    It’s not a leadership issue completely. The guys on his defense just don’t like how he plays the game .

  • lemmy999
    lemmy999 Month ago +1

    What a joke. In what Bizarro world can Wentz be considered MVP material? Like the man says, Wilson carries his entire team.

  • Whiskey Mick
    Whiskey Mick Month ago

    1st in NFL in dropped passes and nobody can say they would've been tough catches because Wentz's passes were on the money. And now the pass protection is really starting to break down and Wentz is running for his life consistantly on passing downs. Not sure what he can do at this point. Plus there is zero creativity in the play calling. Just a bad situation with the Birds right now.

  • Gene Spight
    Gene Spight Month ago

    Nick Foles is better than Carson Wentz

  • Stereo Stigma
    Stereo Stigma Month ago

    Lol I think SAS's hairline Is running from his voice. Jeeeeez he drives me crazy.

  • James Cramutola
    James Cramutola Month ago

    Dallas beats the Eagles takes over first place in the division Dallas blowout win 37 to 10 over the Eagles Dak now 4 an 2 AGAINST the Eagles.

  • Chris Campos
    Chris Campos Month ago

    Max Kellerman Rules.

  • Chris Campos
    Chris Campos Month ago +1

    Eagles have suffered after losing Nick. Its in Black and White.

  • dsscam
    dsscam Month ago

    Carson Wentz is the most pathetic quarterback in the league. Eagles are so poorly coached

  • remymafia remyma
    remymafia remyma Month ago

    Now they losing to dallas 27 to 7😳😏😂😂

  • Butt Head
    Butt Head Month ago +1

    Cry eagle cry

  • Jose Aponte
    Jose Aponte Month ago

    Max stick to boxing commentating!!!

  • Shaun Cobb
    Shaun Cobb Month ago

    Cant beat Dallas

  • Shaun Cobb
    Shaun Cobb Month ago

    Eagles will fail

  • Brenden Hendrix
    Brenden Hendrix Month ago +1

    Dak has a higher completion percentage and his receivers have 17 drops...

  • Kevin Stone
    Kevin Stone Month ago

    At what point do we stop saying what should be and analyze what is? He's not accurate deep down the field or mid. He's late on a lot of throws which causes the drops. Not playing ELITE at all. My squad my team my analysis.

  • Jack Scholl
    Jack Scholl Month ago

    I love Stevens passion

  • Uzi Bambino
    Uzi Bambino Month ago

    How can you compare Chiefs offense to Eagles offense, they are clearly way more explosive than the Eagles lol

  • Greg Keener
    Greg Keener Month ago

    I love it. Before the season all everybody was saying was,” Wentz just has to spread the ball around... Wentz just has to not try to do too much... Wentz just has to be a point guard”. Now Wentz is doing what everybody said he had to do and everybody’s dropping passes, they don’t run the ball, the defense can’t cover a corpse, and it’s wentzs fault for not elevating everybody else!?!???!!?

  • Tony Ryder
    Tony Ryder Month ago

    King of Prussia is in NJ.... Franklin Mills should have been said, or Philadelphia Mills lol. Just saying

  • John Meragias
    John Meragias Month ago

    U can’t blame Dak one minute and then have this discussion in the next. Not a chance he’s even close to being in the conversation unless half the qb’s in the league are. Dak’s receivers haven’t been good either!!!

  • ethan farrow
    ethan farrow Month ago

    Plus we have came back and won a game from behind by 10 or more points for a win in 2 games this year and one was in green bay

  • Jordan Lanphear
    Jordan Lanphear Month ago

    Stephen A said it best... mahomes receivers caught the ball... wentz is getting killed by the drops

  • Anthony Ciancio
    Anthony Ciancio Month ago

    I feel bad Wentz

  • ebeeebee1
    ebeeebee1 Month ago +1

    Eagles are not making the playoff they gonna finish 9-7

  • Seth Rose
    Seth Rose Month ago

    This max guy hasn’t watched one eagles game. I’m sure of it

  • Speakerboxx j
    Speakerboxx j Month ago

    Let's be honest... When it comes to Wentz all I hear are excuses... especially when you compare Wentz to Foles. Stop me if you've heard these before... The offense was called differently for Foles than Wentz, receivers who look good with Foles (won a Superbowl mvp with them) can't catch when Wentz is in the game... The offensive line that didn't give up a bunch of sacks with Foles can't block when Wentz is in the game and gets him hit to much... On and on and on.... Excuses, excuses, excuses... Maybe Wentz is just overrated...

  • Lyric X
    Lyric X Month ago

    I wasnt a big fan of Carson Wentz last year but to be fair he was coming off of a injury but at this point of the season I have to say I feel sorry for Wentz because this receiving Corp sucks! Wentz will make a play out of nothing and guys drop the ball or dont get open. Our top receiver is a te whose numbers are a 2nd option wr(not taking anything away from ertz because his numbers are great for a te) our actual number 1 receivers stats are of a non superstar slot receiver(been like that for years now) DJax is beyond injured agholor had one fluke season and other than that we have no one oh besides that one running back who should be a receiver because he catches and runs better than he rushes. Oh and stop talking about leadership because at the end of the day we swore up and down nick was a better leader and last time I checked his career and the eagles season ended on a drop. We'd most likely be 5-1 if it weren't for drops.

  • Mack Peters
    Mack Peters Month ago

    Qbs do not overcome dropped passes. Tom brady once had this problem

  • yuniverse
    yuniverse Month ago

    MVP conversation? With that stats? That’s a middling stats

  • Quan Henry
    Quan Henry Month ago

    How many drops does Deshaun Watson have? Will Fuller dropped 3 last week and Nuk dropped 1. Yet he found a way to get the ball in the endzone and win. Hes the MVP and Im an Eagles fan from Philly.

  • cajenner10
    cajenner10 Month ago

    I remember watching the Lions game thinking, if Wentz had any other receiving corps in the league they win by 2 TD's.

  • Jun’s Gaming
    Jun’s Gaming Month ago +1

    Dallas Sucks 🦅

  • Joe Truth
    Joe Truth Month ago

    Seahawks run the ball more then they pass.

  • Zerpician
    Zerpician Month ago

    Biggest plays in offense this year have been Agholor's drop in ATL, Arcega-Whiteside's drop vs. DET

  • Donny Martin
    Donny Martin Month ago

    Most sports commentating is about as reasonable as voodoo

  • Mohamoud Mohamed
    Mohamoud Mohamed Month ago

    Me too Stephen A, me too. For once I feel you homie.

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission Month ago

    2:47 Green Bay game sir

  • Mory Gbane
    Mory Gbane Month ago

    Damien is hypocrite. This is the same guy who sat on Get Up and said that he would rather have Carson Wentz than Dak Prescott, because Carson Wentz can elevate his team and Dak Prescott can't. Now, he's sitting on First Take and saying Carson Wentz doesn't deserve to be in the MVP conversation because he's not elevating his teammates to catch the football. SMH. The media is never consistent with their takes. One analyst will go on one show and say one thing about someone. The same analyst will go on another show and say another thing about someone.

  • G Bell
    G Bell Month ago

    No one likes Damian woody 👎

  • Tori Temple
    Tori Temple Month ago

    I love Stephen A. but man he presents a bad look in a doctors office. He just looks crazy yelling out random stats. He has done well financially but man the stuff they make you do for money and fame.

  • Shadrach Gaming
    Shadrach Gaming Month ago

    Max got to be a hater

  • Dre Lemon
    Dre Lemon Month ago +1

    As an Eagles fan, I completely agree with Stephen A. About everything he says and when Damien compared Carson’s situation to Patrick Mahomes’ last year I couldn’t stand it. I had my Birds going 12:4 but now it looks more like 10:6 and possibly missing the playoffs. Can’t believe how underwhelmed I am with this Eagles team. Carson Wentz is not the problem.
    Key Problems for the Eagles right now (Week 7)
    -Not good pass rush/quarterback pressure
    - inexcusable secondary
    - Dropped passes by wide receivers

  • Mike Mehallic
    Mike Mehallic Month ago

    I nevwr knew someone could have wrong opinions but here we are.

  • heekomogwin
    heekomogwin Month ago

    Maybe if he threw the ball with a bit of touch and lead the receivers...