IHOP vs. Denny's Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

  • Published on Nov 7, 2019
  • This battle has been raging on for decades.... but today, we are settling the score between IHOP and DENNY'S!! Which is the best breakfast centric diner? Find out on today's FOOD FEUDS! GMM #1633
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Comments • 3 765

  • billygowhoop
    billygowhoop 18 hours ago

    Denny's is so much better imo.

  • live EZ
    live EZ Day ago

    no link its ok because when i was young i use to only put jelly on my pancakes

  • Damon Willard
    Damon Willard Day ago

    Denny’s service is so bad though that’s my problem

  • Nemanja Savic
    Nemanja Savic 2 days ago

    maaaan, link can be sooo weird sometimes.....often

  • Pac-Man Jones
    Pac-Man Jones 2 days ago

    Ima man and I like to handle 😳

  • Andrew Brumagin
    Andrew Brumagin 2 days ago

    Denny’s >>> iHop

  • Rachel Fajardo
    Rachel Fajardo 2 days ago

    I personally like Denny’s more

  • TexasRigged
    TexasRigged 2 days ago +1

    Ihops chocolate chip pancakes are fire though

  • maddie noveh
    maddie noveh 3 days ago

    these should be blind taste tests tbh

  • PhoneMeldoyMadness
    PhoneMeldoyMadness 3 days ago

    the ihop i live near is disgusting, tastes like it was made in a dishwasher XD

  • DARK Youtuber
    DARK Youtuber 4 days ago

    You guys eat a lot of raw food and strange food DO YOU GUYS EVER GET SICK ? And why ?

  • iPod 97
    iPod 97 4 days ago

    iHop is the superior

  • Chloe Fletcher
    Chloe Fletcher 6 days ago

    IHOP is way better! Hands down!

  • Jessica Trotter
    Jessica Trotter 7 days ago

    Lol, when I'm feeling frisky, I call Denny's.. Danny's. Haha!

  • John Paul Camingawan

    I thought rhett was allergic to syrup 🤔

  • ThisIsaGuy
    ThisIsaGuy 7 days ago

    Why is the Denny's waitress thing kinda accurate

  • uhh sk8
    uhh sk8 7 days ago

    Ihop is better %100. Change my mind

  • Jim Waldron
    Jim Waldron 7 days ago

    Waffle House restaurants have offered the unbeatable combination of good food with outstanding service since 1955. Waffles are better then pancakes

  • Matthew Langley
    Matthew Langley 7 days ago

    Not sure why you didn't do the IHOP steak omelette vs the Dennys steak one, the IHOP steak omelette is actually pretty good.

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez 8 days ago

    Hold up! You didnt like syrup as a kid??? You must of had a sad childhood :(

  • Niggie Biggie
    Niggie Biggie 8 days ago +1

    Based on my location I like Denny’s better because it seems like they put more effort into the food where the food in I hop for example just seems plain

  • sstbmadsen
    sstbmadsen 8 days ago

    IHOP like Denny’s comment

  • fate_clotho
    fate_clotho 8 days ago

    IHOP uses their buttermilk pancake batter in their scrambled egg and omelette mixture. They also start their bacon on the griddle top, cooking a massive amount during prep and keeping them warm in a metal buffet type container in the far corner of the griddle. Then, when ordered, they toss the amount needed into the deep fryer until desired crispness.
    They also should've chosen the Big Steak Omelette from IHOP to go against Danny's steak omelette, instead of the Chicken Fajita Omelette.
    My ex be was a server then manager there for several years. He received his food handler's permit before even applying, which is funny because only two other people had them there 💀

  • Whiskey Golfer
    Whiskey Golfer 8 days ago

    As a Vermonter I do not know how someone eats pancakes without real Maple Syrup.

  • BrainGame
    BrainGame 8 days ago

    I think IHOP is gonna win even though I didn’t watch the video fully!

  • Sakrysta
    Sakrysta 9 days ago


  • Brice kelly
    Brice kelly 9 days ago

    We gotta panhandle in Oklahoma too

  • Teresa Luong
    Teresa Luong 9 days ago

    raising canes vs chick fil a

  • jordan johnson
    jordan johnson 9 days ago +1

    Waffle House is the OG change my mind 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Tiffany Matthews
    Tiffany Matthews 9 days ago

    The one thing that Denny's has that IHOP doesn't is the option to smother and cover their grand slam

  • cindernies67
    cindernies67 10 days ago

    I got food poisoning from a Denny’s burger. 🤮🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Lizanne Whitlow
    Lizanne Whitlow 10 days ago

    IHOP burgers are yummy.

  • Lizanne Whitlow
    Lizanne Whitlow 10 days ago

    IHOP best.

  • slimsalamander
    slimsalamander 11 days ago +2

    Every single time Link takes a bit of anything, he looks like he is in extreme pain.

    • rugxulo
      rugxulo 8 days ago

      Sensitive teeth.

  • gamer721
    gamer721 11 days ago

    3rd food feud, all 3 lost by the restaurant that has the girl waiter.

  • utterback utterback
    utterback utterback 12 days ago

    erjiogbviorkm tviowef

  • Kristian_N
    Kristian_N 12 days ago

    Why did they even bother to put a knife on the table - it’s not like they know how to use it except for putting butter on the pancake.

  • mm mm
    mm mm 12 days ago

    Chic fila chicken biscuits? Grandys? Golden corral?

  • OpticRambo70
    OpticRambo70 12 days ago

    Never had dennys because it’s not international like IHOP

  • Jonesyful10
    Jonesyful10 13 days ago

    I thought it was ihoB now

  • Hunter B
    Hunter B 13 days ago

    But like bojangles though

  • Stephen Dale
    Stephen Dale 13 days ago

    rhett: "dont manhandle the pancakes"

    me: thats what she said

  • Slagg CS
    Slagg CS 13 days ago

    Inconclusive... It all depends on the cook at the time.. sorry.

  • Slagg CS
    Slagg CS 13 days ago

    Denny's > ihob. Nuff said.

  • Anigurl28
    Anigurl28 13 days ago +1

    Here’s how I measure-
    I had IHOP and hade a good time
    I once had Denny’s n got the runs

  • pardn
    pardn 13 days ago

    They should've tried a Grand Slamwich. They're very popular.

  • matthew pete
    matthew pete 13 days ago

    Dennys super bird should have been tested imo, best item on there menu

  • andruchuk
    andruchuk 14 days ago

    You should have rated the shakes too!

  • Tee Rose
    Tee Rose 14 days ago

    Denny’s pancakes >

  • Smoked Messias
    Smoked Messias 14 days ago

    Here in Denmark, our pancakes are paper thin but as wide as the pan..

  • awesomejasonsel 1
    awesomejasonsel 1 14 days ago

    Weird that the actual best breakfast chain isn't in here. Oh well I guess Perkins is too sophisticated.

  • Emiliano Diaz del Castillo Rosique

    Best breakfast place is Waffle House

  • Micah Philson
    Micah Philson 15 days ago +1

    6:28 Don't worry, Link, I'm right there with you.
    As a kid, I ate so many pancakes with so much syrup that it made me sick of syrup. So now I only eat pancakes with butter and occasionally a bit of syrup, but never enough to soak into the pancake. It just makes me feel sick again, like I still remember eating 10+ pancakes laden with equal parts syrup...

  • Micah Philson
    Micah Philson 15 days ago +4

    5:07 "You like to Panhandle? Only in Florida."
    *sobs in Nebraska Panhandle.*

  • Rachel Carter
    Rachel Carter 15 days ago

    Watching this at 1:30 in the morning was a very bad idea bc now I just want pancakes and I’m sad

  • Vickie Shen
    Vickie Shen 15 days ago

    It’s so funny when Rhett said he didn’t enjoy the taste of something and then finished the whole thing , like the 🍔

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 16 days ago

    idk man I'm not really a fan of either but this was entertaining lol

  • E
    E 16 days ago

    It’s Denny’s . IHOP has like 3 things on the menu . No thx

  • Strawbérry Milk
    Strawbérry Milk 16 days ago +1

    Woohoo! Thats awesome ! Time to go get me some Denny's! Thnx bois!

  • Creative Pony Productions!

    I eat at neither of these places.