I Made A Giant 50-Pound Pizza For Two Little Kids • Tasty

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
  • "This is the world's largest deliverable pizza. It's pretty heavy."
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  • Alvin Zhou
    Alvin Zhou 25 days ago +3783

    Thank you all for tuning in the for finale! We had such an amazing time making giant foods this season, and we're so grateful to our wonderful team behind the cameras that made it happen. Huge shoutout to Tiko from Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Glendale to making this happen, as well as Hannah Williams for being such a great and hilarious mother.

    Who should we invite in next?

    • roaa_ ak
      roaa_ ak 4 hours ago


    • hicksm94
      hicksm94 Day ago

      I dont know who to invite but you should make a giant burrito

    • XxdracoXx 1214
      XxdracoXx 1214 Day ago

      Alvin Zhou u should name this channel u commented in 50k with no videos?

    • Creez grl
      Creez grl Day ago

      Make a giant German chocolate cake please!

    • Ane Rushia Ballaran
      Ane Rushia Ballaran 2 days ago

      Pls. Make a giant cookie next 🍪😊

  • Megan McKenzie
    Megan McKenzie 15 minutes ago

    Make a big cinnamon bun

  • Born2 Play
    Born2 Play 3 hours ago

    Alvin: *Pizza time*

  • Patricia Lapira
    Patricia Lapira 12 hours ago

    Giant Mac and Cheese!!!!!!

  • Marcus Brown
    Marcus Brown 16 hours ago

    Can't wait to see what you have up next for oversized food

  • jared alvarado
    jared alvarado 16 hours ago

    hey alvin can you make giant wings

  • cyril reymond
    cyril reymond 18 hours ago

    Hey Alvin, are you good enought to make giant raviolis Di Manzo? And If is it possible, with the italian fashion style? :D
    I love to see this show, it's amazing!!! ;)

    MOONWATCHER 404 20 hours ago

    I just discovered this channel today and I love these vids where he makes giant versions of food! I’m in the hospital right now and I have not eaten anything aside from a small bit of grilled cheese yesterday. And I probably won’t be allowed to eat until tomorrow.😭 So watching these vids is probably a bad idea... but idc XD.

  • Felicity Palos
    Felicity Palos 22 hours ago

    I love how both of them are super respectful of each other's knowledge of food.

  • KID A
    KID A 23 hours ago +1

    Mac N Cheese

  • Foosh Stick
    Foosh Stick Day ago

    Are you gonna make more vids

    ALBERT Day ago

    16:05 thank me later.

  • Maria Arce
    Maria Arce Day ago

    How mocha times did he say workout???

  • Mathaithai Productions


  • partizan death
    partizan death 2 days ago

    Yooo. My name is Tiko too lol...

  • Kujo Jotaro
    Kujo Jotaro 2 days ago

    Tiko salamanka

  • RvW X
    RvW X 2 days ago +1

    No one:
    Literally No one:


    *Matt stonie Joined the server*

  • audrei arguelles
    audrei arguelles 2 days ago

    16:05 that kid is a madlad

  • Hamza Ali shaikh
    Hamza Ali shaikh 2 days ago

    You should make a giant chocolate chip cookie
    Day 1 of asking

    Dav AMADEUS 2 days ago

    Get matt stonie on this show

  • DefaulT ARMY
    DefaulT ARMY 2 days ago

    This guy looks like ZHC

  • LJ McDowell
    LJ McDowell 2 days ago

    Still not bigger than Raven Baxter’s pizza.

  • Macy Parker
    Macy Parker 2 days ago

    i ship them as a couple

  • Prathamesh Vyas
    Prathamesh Vyas 2 days ago

    That guy the pizza bob ross

  • Susanna Aguilar
    Susanna Aguilar 2 days ago

    "This is better than New York pizza." Those ARE fighting words. I live in NY, and I'm offended. lolll

    BOB KAVANAGH 3 days ago

    I’m eating pizza watching this

  • -KID- -
    -KID- - 3 days ago

    Bruh this could feed a whole Africa but you decided to give it too a kid.
    Now this is what I call madlad

  • Killster 33
    Killster 33 3 days ago

    He should make a giant stake and cheese sub

  • DTB Albert-VEVO Official

    He said it’s better than New York pizza 🍕 it’s probably not

  • Sunny Island
    Sunny Island 3 days ago

    Are you trying to drive those kids raving crazy

  • Candy Pandy
    Candy Pandy 3 days ago

    Why not make giant foods for the hungry and homeless shelters?

  • Mason Chen
    Mason Chen 3 days ago

    Matt stonie could easily eat this

  • David Stämbel
    David Stämbel 3 days ago +1

    Alvin: wOrKoUt

  • Tal Reuven Zada
    Tal Reuven Zada 3 days ago +1

    Make a giant avocado toast.

  • koo chie
    koo chie 4 days ago +1

    This would've ben perfect if Pizza time was playing

  • Tiffonie Forbes
    Tiffonie Forbes 4 days ago

    Please make a grant cup cake🥰

  • Manya Pandey
    Manya Pandey 4 days ago

    He should give this pizza🍕 to Matt Stonie

  • Dragon Blade
    Dragon Blade 4 days ago

    Make a big marshmallow

  • Adrian Moreno
    Adrian Moreno 4 days ago

    @15:55 this is what you hear when u open the special ed class in elementary school

  • troy Hernández
    troy Hernández 4 days ago +1

    And can you make a big taco 😘

  • troy Hernández
    troy Hernández 4 days ago +1

    My bitty day is Dec 15

  • Rowan Barbera
    Rowan Barbera 4 days ago

    It’s ending already. it’s TO EARLY Alvin!! 😰😰

  • Kristy Vialva
    Kristy Vialva 4 days ago +1

    wyatt:Digs Nose

    Mom:wyatt NO i saw that

    Wyatt:puts boogies on the chair :P

  • Derrick derrick
    Derrick derrick 4 days ago +1

    Ho else likes pizza with rach
    And is this pizza in the va

  • Shane von Bruck
    Shane von Bruck 4 days ago

    the pizza looks like the american flag

  • Shane von Bruck
    Shane von Bruck 4 days ago

    i was watching this while eating pizza 🍕🍕🍕

  • Simon Galloway
    Simon Galloway 4 days ago

    Jackson this is better than new york pizza me in new york those are fighting words

  • smileyhappyLuna
    smileyhappyLuna 4 days ago

    dang, they couldve used that spiky rolly thing they used on the pizza for the graham crackers in the smores instead of poking it

  • Actaem Azantor
    Actaem Azantor 4 days ago

    Why the fuck do they even put sugar in the flour mixture?!? #'muricathings

  • Eva Mårtensson
    Eva Mårtensson 4 days ago


  • Jessica V.
    Jessica V. 4 days ago

    The interactions with the kids was so cute!!! 🥰😁👍

  • Jessica V.
    Jessica V. 4 days ago

    Alvin is so handsome I love watching him on TheXvid. 🥰😁👍

  • P1nkPumpkin
    P1nkPumpkin 5 days ago

    You know that John Mulaney joke were he’s like ‘and I could have listen to Ice-T name different addictions all day’ well I’m the same but with Tiko I could listen to him name different kind of cheeses this entire video

  • Tenshi
    Tenshi 5 days ago

    You should make a giant gingerbread man next season.

  • USE CODE Ramen
    USE CODE Ramen 5 days ago

    16:04 Chill Man!

  • Allie Marie
    Allie Marie 5 days ago

    You should make a giant cinnamon roll!
    Not trying to fish for likes but if they look, the most liked comments will be on top, so please like if you agree so they’ll see it!!

  • acool_the_cool
    acool_the_cool 5 days ago

    Can you make a giant m&m? That would be awesome!

  • Joshua Phillips
    Joshua Phillips 5 days ago

    Imagine if they dropped it when they turned it around hahah

  • Mary Haverland
    Mary Haverland 5 days ago

    Please make a giant seafood plater!!