Top 10 MINECON Earth 2018 Moments!

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
  • How do you condense ninety minutes of Minecraft magic into just ten highlights? With tremendous difficulty, that's how! Here's our top ten MINECON Earth 2018 moments!
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  • G-Hive
    G-Hive 3 years ago +12

    Minecon Earth was so fun, can't wait to see if we get a Minecon Earth 2019 or something!

    • Sedew
      Sedew 3 years ago

      Better is just MineCon 2019

    • Ethan Hawksley
      Ethan Hawksley 3 years ago

      Meowz why wouldn’t we

  • Arcana
    Arcana 3 years ago +2

    I love this game uncountable things you can do and this new updates I can’t wait for them to make survival mode more attractive!

  • HorrorVex !
    HorrorVex ! 3 years ago

    That looks so fun! I'm so excited for more cats and pandas. In my opinion in an update you should add sideways slabs it would be awesome if you did

  • Thisismyname
    Thisismyname 3 years ago +1

    I love Minecraft the time and effort put into the game is superb.It shows you what time and effort can give you.

  • Jurn
    Jurn 3 years ago +50

    Thank you notch for making this great game😋

    • skycloud
      skycloud 7 months ago

      @Bluedoge and that's not what happend too notch's ego just boilded and he didn't want to stay around the game anymore because he almost killed it

    • skycloud
      skycloud 7 months ago

      @Bluedoge "Mine soft" ??

    • Bluedoge
      Bluedoge Year ago

      Mine soft bought Minecraft and kick notch out because he was geting mad

    • Gunilla Marklund
      Gunilla Marklund 2 years ago

      @Good lovely but Minecraft wouldn't exist if Notch didn't make it

    • Good lovely
      Good lovely 2 years ago

      Jurn he’s not in the team anymore

  • Scarecrow Master
    Scarecrow Master 3 years ago

    I Watched the whole show and it was just awesome! Can’t wait for the new update :D

  • Shahee
    Shahee 3 years ago +2

    Minecon Earth 2018 was truly Amazing!!😺

  • _.CottonCandyy._
    _.CottonCandyy._ 3 years ago

    Queria pássaros na próxima atualização! Pra deixar o céu mais colorido!

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 3 years ago

    The pillage update will make minecraft more exciting! Hope tl see it soon on Xbox 360.

  • закрыто закрыто

    Спасибо модженг за версию 1.14

  • Trip's Toons
    Trip's Toons 3 years ago

    Yea, I’d say Minecraft Dungeons was my favorite part too. I just wish there was more things we could see to get a better idea of how this game will play out.

  • GarryLarry890
    GarryLarry890 7 months ago

    I remember Inspiration island! That was the first map I ever downloaded. Nostalgia 100

  • PlayGames BR
    PlayGames BR  3 years ago +1

    Adoro minecraft. Minha vida!!! Beijos ao criador 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Unknown Fox
    Unknown Fox 3 years ago

    I feel Nostalgic whenever i see Jeb!

  • iliutza
    iliutza 3 years ago +4

    my favorite childhood game..

  • Peter Azul
    Peter Azul 3 years ago

    Never quit playing Minecraft they will just keep adding new things

  • Quincy StarFox
    Quincy StarFox 3 years ago

    Yay foxes I hope they are tame able and can be kept as pets :D

  • LuukieLuuk
    LuukieLuuk 3 years ago

    I like all the New content except for the marketplace, i think the maps are cool don’t get me wrong but just the whole in-game currency and all that You have to pay... But the good the updates are getting better every time!

  • kye_101yt
    kye_101yt 3 years ago

    We need more tameable mobs in minecraft

  • CarL
    CarL 3 years ago +62

    I hope someday mincraft add some volcanoes 😁😁😁

    • Banana Fone
      Banana Fone Year ago

      @•M x r y C h a n• obviously a game can't have infinite bosses that's why they will add more

    • scottyCZ
      scottyCZ 2 years ago


    • BoxCast
      BoxCast 2 years ago +3


    • Maoilios
      Maoilios 2 years ago

      that would be awesome

    • •M x r y C h a n•
      •M x r y C h a n• 3 years ago

      @wakz i meant after all of those

  • Malarkyn Productions
    Malarkyn Productions 3 years ago

    So are campfires just gonna be a normal light? Or will it have special abilities?

  • Canarinho Pistola
    Canarinho Pistola 3 years ago

    Essa próxima atualização vai ser gigante se não a maior de todas

  • Froggy
    Froggy 3 years ago

    Aww its so sweet of Mojang to help people with disabilities! And probably loads of you voted for taiga yes? So did I vote... But WE WON!

  • Oofitooted
    Oofitooted 3 years ago +1

    It just warms my heart how in 0:53 that person with paralylisis got to play minecraft :D

  • C-Lansky
    C-Lansky 3 years ago +19

    The only best moment was the Hermitcraft panel. Love my bby hermits. ❤

    • Admissive 2
      Admissive 2 3 years ago

      @Mumbo Jumbo hey bumbo cactoni

    • TONI K
      TONI K 3 years ago

      @Mumbo Jumbo omg hiiii mumbooo

    • W-Lad
      W-Lad 3 years ago +1


    • Mumbo Jumbo
      Mumbo Jumbo 3 years ago +10


  • Alan Howard
    Alan Howard 3 years ago

    You should add barrier blocks that are blocks and they get crafted by putting a crafting table then putting it in the middle surrounded with that block

  • Jenn Li
    Jenn Li 3 years ago

    And also make a lot of items during 1.15 update. Thanks Mojang!

    • Jenn Li
      Jenn Li 3 years ago

      For more players to enjoy playing minecraft.

  • raphaelf03200
    raphaelf03200 3 years ago +6

    Finally a new range weapon!!! (Snowball is the best lol)

  • Trap Legend
    Trap Legend 3 years ago

    Id love to try minecraft dungeons. hopefully minecraft and minecraft dungeons will be updated both alot.

  • Aurostice
    Aurostice 3 years ago

    mojang about the illager beast it need to be spawn called a mob "Bull" and if a vindicator is near they can actually turn it into the illager beast
    note: The bull has only two colors black and brown
    it can actually be tamed
    add a bull armor and sadle to it so it can be ridden by players
    if a vindicator is near they can turn a normal bull into a pillage bull
    and thats all
    hoping you will add this to the next update and on minecraft p.e and pc

  • SomeGayTrash
    SomeGayTrash 3 years ago

    Can’t wait for more variations of cats in Minecraft!!!

  • Alexito oficial
    Alexito oficial 2 years ago +1

    Me encantaría estar ahí🎮.

  • Rocks
    Rocks 3 years ago +40

    Minecraft just gets better and better every year

  • ඞmong us
    ඞmong us Year ago

    truly great moments

  • TheBazzterd U'r Average Gamer

    Dungeons should have been the cave update we all waiting for.

  • Molly O'Kami
    Molly O'Kami 3 years ago

    The main events were such a "beaver party" that it pulled me out of the experience.

  • MalarkeyMan
    MalarkeyMan 3 years ago

    I miss real MineCon

  • 섬혁[light Studio]
    섬혁[light Studio] 3 years ago +422

    Minecraft is my favorite game!!

    • Blue Wolf Themes
      Blue Wolf Themes 3 years ago

      Minecraft it's my Life MINECRAAAAAAAAAAAAFT

    • ierwytt
      ierwytt 3 years ago

      And fornite me second

    • Traffic Cones Up My Tight Ass
      Traffic Cones Up My Tight Ass 3 years ago

      Hungry Pumpkin is better

    • SupremeTax
      SupremeTax 3 years ago +1

      Fortnite will never overcome Minecraft!!

    • Firas Chokr
      Firas Chokr 3 years ago +1

      You know,you can add a furniture update to make minecraft more realistic with a sitting animation,im not saying that minecraft is lame

  • stxr
    stxr 3 years ago

    It’s sad hytale is finally gonna kill this masterpiece but I’ve got high hopes for hytale

  • HDavid Eu
    HDavid Eu 3 years ago

    you could put some weapons in there What would be made of gunpowder,Iron and redstone .
    But it's up to you.

  • Unknown Bunny
    Unknown Bunny 3 years ago

    Amazing, I love Minecraft, this is a late comment though, but I am so excited for the new Minecraft things! Now who here is also excited for Hytale, and maybe there will be a Hycon?! :)

  • Elven AL
    Elven AL 3 years ago

    Can we get Notch cameo on Minecon Earth 2019?

  • Unknown
    Unknown 3 years ago +356

    game that doesn't need guns to be better than fortnite.. minecraft is the best

    • Intended Glitch
      Intended Glitch 3 years ago


    • JohnTheReposter
      JohnTheReposter 3 years ago

      @MacNWheeze yep

    • Tyler Jong2
      Tyler Jong2 3 years ago

      CtGuy yes

    • MacNWheeze
      MacNWheeze 3 years ago +1

      Ashfaque Ahmed calling me a non-gamer when you know nothing of me is a dumb move. Also, hit boxes are the same for every skin because they use the same default model.

  • Alessandro Andrea Garau

    Minecraft + Minecon = ❤️

  • ΦYour_Alternative_BoyΦ

    That's why we love minecraft they just don't care about money
    And they care about the world

  • itsjustjocyy
    itsjustjocyy 3 years ago


    FOXYZINN 3 years ago

    Coloquem uma tabela no education edition para agente saber fazer os itens

  • c. rb
    c. rb 3 years ago +47

    i loved minecraft very much.

    • SlySean44
      SlySean44 3 years ago


    • Pestilence Curse
      Pestilence Curse 3 years ago

      @Bulat Isaev Your english is very broken lol

    • PhantomChaser09
      PhantomChaser09 3 years ago +2

      Loved? You must still love it or I will find you ;)

    • gavin beacom
      gavin beacom 3 years ago +1

      yeah it got ruined. 2010 days were always the best. nostalgia...

    • Spooky_Boi
      Spooky_Boi 3 years ago +1

      New Update

  • Simon Larsen
    Simon Larsen 3 years ago

    When comes the first snapshot to 1.14? I'am soooooooooooo exited

  • Shockwave
    Shockwave 3 years ago


  • PotionMaster21
    PotionMaster21 3 years ago

    Basically all the moments, Super duper graphics would’ve been on top 10 if it wasn’t delayed so long, over a year now. I’m not waiting anymore

  • Quandalope
    Quandalope 3 years ago

    i think Minecraft should still have herobrin because it creates a story to Minecraft mostly for new players but i agree it was extremeley scary

  • Stanisław Rusiłowicz
    Stanisław Rusiłowicz 3 years ago +12

    If hermitcraft panel isnt the Best, What is?

  • Randomness Animation
    Randomness Animation 3 years ago

    Minecraft would be incomplete without them
    And this is the perfect opportunity to add them!!🙏🏽

  • JTbrine
    JTbrine 3 years ago

    Hey quick question will all the updates come to console ( Aquatic Version ) and mobile?

  • TankMcHavoc Productions

    villager update?! going on 6 years all ive ever wanted you to add is emerald tools.

  • Adrian Luna Chacon
    Adrian Luna Chacon 3 years ago

    Hey can you add in Minecraft 1.14 new sticks like oak stick, birch sitck,spruce stick,savanna stick,dark oak stick, can you add those.

  • Blox Gaming
    Blox Gaming 3 years ago +66

    My mom rages when I say Minecraft is a knowledge full game ;-;

    • Lydia Angeh
      Lydia Angeh 3 years ago


    • Lydia Angeh
      Lydia Angeh 3 years ago

      Min craft

    • Kaazle Dazzle
      Kaazle Dazzle 3 years ago

      Blox Gaming it is knowledge it is accurate to life well except blocks and FLAT EARTH NOT A THING! But yeah I love Minecraft

    • Miriam
      Miriam 3 years ago +4

      I have learned alot from minecraft

    • ThobiasTutorials
      ThobiasTutorials 3 years ago +4


  • andre hernan justiniano mayta

    Esto es hermoso

  • foxy world
    foxy world 3 years ago

    и так следующий предмет это подзорная труба,и бинокль.да это может быть безполезным,но это добавляет изюминку в игру.они должны при использовании приближать обзор,чтобы кого-то выследить или наблюдать красоту ландшавта.должнен быть добавлена подставка для подзорной трубы.так же если в зоне видимости разбойника,поборника,и вредины,то они должны ломать её.следующий предмет будет в следующем коментарии.

  • Germina 🧡
    Germina 🧡 3 years ago

    I hate how ill have to wait a whole year again till i see this..

  • Alexandria
    Alexandria Year ago

    Me: *hits villager infront of the iron golem*
    Me: where's the iron golem?
    Iron golem: *SMASH DOOR IRL*

  • TheMarioManiac
    TheMarioManiac 3 years ago +83

    Next year needs a lot less filler.

    • Meganbubble
      Meganbubble 3 years ago +1

      What is wrong with feminism

    • Admissive 2
      Admissive 2 3 years ago +1

      @Molly O'Kami wait how was there feminism....

    • Admissive 2
      Admissive 2 3 years ago


    • PepicWalrus
      PepicWalrus 3 years ago

      I didn't watch but the last few years it just seems like the are doing this event with out much purpose when the actual information in their plans for the game could probably be done in a 20 minute dev vlog. Since they don't do it in person anymore and it's just an online show.

    • Peacy
      Peacy 3 years ago +1

      Molly O'Kami how was there feminism?

  • Ben Boy
    Ben Boy 3 years ago

    im pretty sure this top 10 covered all of minecon, maybe missing one or two things

  • Ataya Fadilla
    Ataya Fadilla 3 years ago

    Hey mojang can you please remove phantom's it's pretty annoying,and witches they both are annoying

  • MrBorixon
    MrBorixon 3 years ago

    *Crying in Minecraftian language* These updates will probably bring back many people to Minecraft ❤❤

  • Bukari Rascal
    Bukari Rascal 3 years ago +159

    Who's hype for Panda?!
    Edit : lol that's too many likes!

    • Zemsaney
      Zemsaney 3 years ago

      Not me cus minecraft s7cks

    • Al-amin Mutalip
      Al-amin Mutalip 3 years ago


    • Zemsaney
      Zemsaney 3 years ago

      Roblox is better than minesbit

    • lxghtning
      lxghtning 3 years ago

      Blue Josh Gaming lol but what If it’s not

    • Mcgaming300
      Mcgaming300 3 years ago

      I like panda i wish can tame him ahhhh🐼😚

  • shubha
    shubha 3 years ago

    Well, now there needs to be more types of dogs!

    WEDER SRB 3 years ago

    Thx soo much Minecraft.Minecraft was my childhood and it steal is.I play it already 7years and i just want to thank you Marcus for your BEST game that exists.

  • RimWulf
    RimWulf 3 years ago

    Mojang refuses to add sharks because there endangered and miss understood but they add pandas that are not endangered and misunderstood. They with their reasoning they are encouraging poaching.

  • Icyhot
    Icyhot 3 years ago

    This game is my childhood ;)

  • Shafat vivo
    Shafat vivo 3 years ago +3

    Awesome love it

    • Shafat vivo
      Shafat vivo 3 years ago +1

      Awesome Thank you My friend have a really good day

    • Shafat vivo
      Shafat vivo 3 years ago +1

      I have subscribed you My friend.

  • nuke
    nuke 3 years ago

    Make it possible to make a large chest out of wonder chests please So many people would Love that to happen in Minecraft

  • Sonicice 24
    Sonicice 24 3 years ago +2

    Good moments ^^

  • Lee Anne
    Lee Anne 3 years ago

    Are these available on PS4??!! I *NEED* these!!

  • Rico
    Rico 3 years ago

    When is 1.1.4 coming out? Give a clue man! I want to one day get the notification that there's an update in Minecraft!
    (Edit: I love Minecraft!)

  • LegoAxel
    LegoAxel 3 years ago +3

    Minecraft starts be a mod

  • Fly T
    Fly T 3 years ago

    The best Minecon!!

  • AxelPantoja
    AxelPantoja 3 years ago

    Buen trabajo por nueva versión

  • JusTinnyIdk is my main rn.

    Thanks for releasing Minecraft
    But can you have PE updates as fast as the PC version

  • Jin
    Jin 3 years ago

    I hope Minecraft Would like to add changing seasons

  • Hiro Truong
    Hiro Truong 3 years ago +5

    OMG the panda meme I LOVE IT!!!

  • The Fire Dragon
    The Fire Dragon 3 years ago

    Minecraft is just... So much more than a simple game.

  • Savoy Boy
    Savoy Boy 3 years ago

    You need to make Minecraft Dungeons for consoles (both of them) instead of just PC

  • VP gaming
    VP gaming 3 years ago

    I love the game but why don't thay add more sea life like Wales
    Or more animals like birds or insects
    Or new dimension and portals
    And more challenging things and adventures things to the game

  • Prisma
    Prisma 3 years ago

    Crossbows? This is too much,thank you.

  • Always Wright
    Always Wright 3 years ago +47

    0: Steve in smash

  • Alolan Raichu weeb
    Alolan Raichu weeb 3 years ago

    Anyway, please do not change villages from old maps too if you change them...

  • XDG Bittersweet ÙwÚ
    XDG Bittersweet ÙwÚ 3 years ago +2


  • Humongous Brain Man
    Humongous Brain Man 3 years ago

    when's the village and pillage update coming out?

  • James Hernandez
    James Hernandez 3 years ago

    In this update you should put when ur cutting down tress from the bottom it all breaks down

  • My Kentang
    My Kentang 3 years ago +20


    • Chustine Quiell
      Chustine Quiell 2 years ago

      how did you know? I also bought that from the marketplace

  • DatToastBoy
    DatToastBoy 3 years ago

    Please add vertical slabs, thats all I want.

  • Sbjdare1
    Sbjdare1 3 years ago

    I love Minecraft and it took them 6 days it’s amazing

  • Zquiove193
    Zquiove193 3 years ago

    A ore update wpuld be great!

  • RoeiRiderz Channel
    RoeiRiderz Channel 3 years ago

    Just tell us when Steve is gonna be in smash!

  • Dan Y.
    Dan Y. 3 years ago +23

    Minecraft is slowly becoming Skyrim

  • preston chavez
    preston chavez 3 years ago

    Can you guys release the minecon 2016 skin pack one more time?

  • OnlyMusics
    OnlyMusics 3 years ago +1

    i cried when the guy in the deficient chair make a smile!!!

  • Флэрни
    Флэрни 3 years ago

    Верните нам нашего Нотча!